Ledc urban growth


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Ledc urban growth

  1. 1. LEDC Urban Growth<br />Location: Cairo, Egypt<br />Cause: Rapid population growth –rural to urban migration.  13 + million people.<br />Effects:<br />Housing shortages,  80% of people living in self built shanty houses.  People living in tombs (City of Dead).<br />Traffic congestion & air pollution.<br />Lack of jobs & jobs often poorly paid.<br />Water pollution: ground water & the Nile.<br />Solutions<br />New towns being built outside Cairo to accommodate people & provide jobs (10th Ramadan City).<br />Metro line (underground train) has been built, limited lines currently but 1 million commuters/day.<br />Improved sewers and rubbish collection services.<br />Large ring road built around the city. <br />