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UWComm Marketing Plan


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Here, I lay out a marketing plan for the University of Washington Department of Communication. This plan zeroes in on changes that can be made within the physical building and enhancements that can be made in the social media realm in order to reinforce the perception of community among UWComm's primary audience: students.

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UWComm Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Connecting our COMMunity Amanda Ma Laura Zuber Linda Jacobson March14, 2013
  2. 2. CLIENT OVERVIEWe UW Department of Communication has a lot to be proud of:•  Student population: 1,021 registered undergraduate and graduate students•  Diversity: Nearly half of all majors are students of color•  NRC Assessment: •  #2 in fully-integrated communication programs •  High “impact score” of 5, of ten institutions with the most publications in the NRC database•  Scholarships: Over $100k awarded annually•  Alumni integration: Educational and outreach activities•  Events & Opportunities: Many advantages for students•  Faculty recognition: National and international accolades
  3. 3. Unfortunately, the majority of people who visitthe Communications Building are unaware of these highlights and accomplishments, which is a big shame. UWComm is committing a disservice against itself by not promoting these things in the place where relationships - among students, alumni, and faculty - and the reputation of UWCommare built and maintained: within the confines of the brick and mortar building.
  4. 4. THAT VISCERAL CONNECTION When one enters some of the buildings on the UW campus, they know exactly where they are because that building and the physical details inside communicate what’s important to that department, and what it has to offer to each visitor. •  Alumni: Individuals’ careers and donor contributions •  Students: Quality work and helpful materials •  Room to hang out •  General signage
  5. 5. BUT HOW DO WE ACCOMPLISH THIS WITHIN UWCOMM? UWComm has the opportunity to practice what it teaches. rough traditional branding techniques in the physical space of the building and digital engagement techniques through our owned social properties, well reinforce the perception that the Department of Communication has a lot to offer its students, alumni and prospective students. Marketing objectives: •  Promote departmental events and opportunities •  Build students’ sense of COMMunity •  Employ low-cost, high-yield marketing strategies with an emphasis on digital
  6. 6. ENVIRONMENTAL SCANComparisons research: UW campus•  Mary Gates Hall: Rhodes Scholars•  Business & Law: Donor displays•  Student input & helpful materials•  Common areas•  General signage
  7. 7. FIVE C’SUWComm,David Domke Competitors Customers Collaborators ClimateEducation, place UW Career Over 1000 Faculty Competition forto grow Center students, and social and growing Alumni career eventsWell-respected Graduate interest in the School department Students & UWCommTech use, but student clubs needs facelift &room for growth Want to see (AWC, PRSSA) provide more tech as information inResearch part of Grad student more rich wayculture education TA’sGoal: Increase Partnersawareness
  8. 8. Limited financial resources Strong reputation Small staff Global recognition for academic Lack of response to survey excellence Lack of time, resources, or Large number of undergrads incentive Captive audience Faculty resistant to social media SWOT Constant growth & faculty expansion Random content that distractsCo-branding w/corporate partners Competing communications for Mentor programs student attention Internships Ability to target pool of existing students
  9. 9. TARGET AUDIENCE•  Undergraduate Students•  Graduate Students Size of Segments PhD Undergraduates MCDM Master of Arts 1% 3% 13% 83%
  10. 10. PERSONASDigital Diane •  Loves to shop at the mall (54.9% vs 45.1%) •  More likely to own a credit card (53% vs 47%) •  More likely to own an investment (57% to 43%) •  More likely to visit websites while watching TVTechie Trent•  Trails Digital Diane in educational achievement (28% vs 36%)•  More likely to live at home•  Has more earning power (aggregate income $525,757 mil vs $399,105 mil)•  More likely to shop for home electronics (63.7% vs 36.3%)
  11. 11. STUDENT SURVEYSocial media & UWComm visibilityIncentives = Results •  Most frequent social media: FB (63%), then YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn •  Laptops, 45%; mobile phones, 42% •  iPhone: 69% •  UWComm social media: 74% of respondents •  Mostly via Facebook (76%) and Twitter (37%) •  UWComm visibility: •  Social media: 38% on a weekly basis •  Traditional media: 39% rarely •  Word of mouth/Email: 36% on a weekly basis •  76% would be interested in a UWComm mobile app
  12. 12. General Social Media Usage: Highest Frequency Facebook YouTube Twitter LinkedIn 3% 15% 19% 63%
  13. 13. UWComm Social Media Interaction 80 70 60Percentage of users 50 40 30 20 10 0 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Blog UWComm Social Media 76 37 20 5 20 Interaction
  14. 14. MESSAGE THEME•  Connecting our COMMunity•  Appeals: Humor & Emotion
  15. 15. ACTION PLANP1: Spring ’13 – Summer ‘13•  Social media P2: Summer ’13 – Fall ‘13 expansion research•  Communication •  Social media P3: Winter ’14 – Spring ‘14 expansion expansion launched •  Launch of app discussions •  Comm expansion•  Brainstorm •  Communication additions made complete physical space •  Designs in designs •  Physical space facelift begins physical space•  Poster series complete timeline •  Poster series timeline: begin •  Follow-up survey printing released. Results of improvements studied.
  16. 16. PHASE 1: SPRING ’13 – SUMMER ‘13Decision-making & execution of smaller details:•  Social media: Following increased. YouTube content and advertising of presence increased. Social media scavenger hunt brainstorm. Analytics enacted. Mobile app researched.•  Communication expansion: Tailored emails brought to student audience. Staff trained in Convio. Faculty/staff adding to event calendar monthly.•  Physical space: Hallway paint, benches, identification & directional signs, electronic directory discussed.•  Art: UW School of Art loans and commissioned art discussed.•  Signage: Poster series developed (digital and traditional). Alumni & donor showcases discussed.
  17. 17. PHASE 2: SUMMER ’13 – FALL ‘13Implementation of plans:•  Social media: Scavenger hunt planned. App creator chosen.•  Communication expansion: Staff using Convio for student emails. Calendar updates regular.•  Physical space: Projects and installations begin.•  Art: Installations begin.•  Signage: Poster series in motion for printing and installations (digital and traditional). Alumni and donor installations in design process.
  18. 18. PHASE 3: WINTER ’14 – SPRING ‘14Completion of projects:•  Social media: App ready for launch.•  Communication expansion: Staff using Convio for student emails. Calendar updates regular.•  Physical space & Art: Projects and installations complete.•  Signage: Poster series set. Alumni and donor installations begin, Summer ‘14.
  19. 19. BUDGET Marketing Expenditures Cost EstimateIncreased Signage and installments $40k-$58k(digital, traditional)iPhone App Development $8k-$20,000Hallway Furnishings (1st floor only) $3,200- $17,600Hallway paint job (1st floor only) $20,000 Total Cost Estimate* $76k-$125k*For full cost breakdown, see accompanying document.
  20. 20. SUCCESS METRICSCurrent social media numbers:FB, 953 likes Social media (met by end of Fall, 2013)Twitter, 2965 followers FB:LinkedIn, 1209 members •  5% post increaseYouTube, 7 subscribers •  5% fan increaseMobile App •  3% increase in likes•  40 new users by end of 2014 •  15% use Social Sign-in•  3% use to “check in” at events•  5% start one chat Twitter:•  15% use Social Sign-in •  3% retweets increase •  3% @replies increaseGeneral (met by end of Fall, 2013) •  3% followers increase•  50% increase in event participation LinkedIn:•  5% increase in Convio click- •  3% membership increase throughs•  At least 10 students use signage YouTube QR codes •  25% channel views increase
  21. 21. ank youSOURCES•  1: Data-Based Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States, e National Acadamies Press, cited by Amanda Weber, Department News, October 5, 2010.•  2: Packaged Facts, Millennials in the U.S., April 2012•  3: Infographic: Why Does Gen Y Buy? Azita M, October, 18, 2010, http://