Cv Asa May 2008 Compl


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Cv Asa May 2008 Compl

  1. 1. Anwar Shaukat Ansari Name: Anwar Shaukat Ansari, Married, 3 Children Education: Graduation: Mechanical Engineering (Germany), B.Sc (Physics, Chemistry-Pakistan) Post Graduation: Industrial Engineering REFA GR-1, 2 (Germany), Business Administration (Brazil), ISO-9000 (Auditor-Pakistan) Diplomas: Marketing (Brazil), Sales & Purchase Management (Brazil), Harzburger Modell- Management Diplom (Germany).ISO-14000 Certificate Languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Urdu, Arabic (basic) Worked in: Brazil, Germany, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE Professional Experience- (MCES-050508) Companies: M/s Ansaldo Impianti, deutsche Babcock, Davis Energen Ltd, Deurag/Exxon, CBS/Mitsubishi, Voith GmbH, Sharif/Ittefaq Group, Alfahhad Zegwaard Co Oil & Gas: Esso-Oil Refinery (Germany), Haberland-Waste Oil Reprocessing Refinery (Germany). Regeneration of UOP-Catalysts (Germany), Preparation of Alu-Koks (Germany), Benzene Mixing, General: Maintenance/Repairs, Shutdown Power Projects: 2 x 350-MW Coal-fired and 9 & 15 MW Diesel Fired IPP’s-(Florianopolis, Brazil) 12 MW-dual fuel (flare gas/oil)-IPP (Pakistan). 0.5-5 MW Mini-Hydel Study (Brazil) 4/6/10 MW Cogeneration dual fuel (bagasse, oil) for Sugar Mills (Pakistan) Cogen Plants for Textile & Paper Industries. Power & Industrial Boilers manufacture/repairs. Shutdown cleaning. Basic engineering & Proj development Shutdowns/ Desalination plants/Power plants/Boilers/Heat Exchangers/Vessels/Columns/ Reactors/ Turnarounds Steel plants/Petrochemical/Oil and Gas/Bundle pulling/Hydrojetting/Tanks Cleaning/ Waste & Sludge Dumping/Catalyst-Regeneration/Catalyst Handling/dense loading/scalloping Jobs under Inert-Atmosphere-incl Pyrophoric Catalysts-in Saudi Arabia (Aramco Refineries and Gas plants, Sabic, Petroquimia, Kemya, Hadeed, Marafiq, SWCC, Sipchem, Chioda, SPC- Tasnee, Ibn Baytar, IBN Sina, Etc), UAE (Gasco, Habshan, ASAB, BAB, Takreer, TECHNIP,), PIC-Kuwait, GPIC and BAPCO-Bahrain, ENOC (Jebel Ali) Steel Sector: Mini-Steel Projects, Re-Rolling Mills (Saudi Arabia), Foundry & Equipment Manufacture (Pakistan), Manufacture/Maintenance of Waste Heat Recovery boilers, Recuperators, Industrial Gas Cleaning (Brazil), basic project DRI plant for Ittefaq Group Sugar/Alcohol: -Greenfield Projects (Pakistan, Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria, Turkeministan, Sri Lanka). -Designing/cost estimation/proposal management/BMRE/ Debottlenecking/ Privati-sation/ TMC- Agreements/Power Alcohol (Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Turkmenistan, Sri Lanka) Projects Waste oil Refineries, Paper & Board Mills, mini Cement Plants, Rice Mills, Vegetable Oil Mills, Sugar & Alcohol complexes Experience Sum – Up -Over 30 years of Hands-on & In-Staff experience in Contracts & Project Management: Overall Project Management, Liaison with Consultants, Financial Institutes, Contractors, Suppliers, various Authorities. Tendering, Cost Estimation, Proposal Management, Contract Negotiations. Design Vetting, Technology Transfer, Administration of Engineering Contracts, Progress Monitoring of Fabrication in workshops/at Site, Resource planning, Installation and Commissioning, Turnarounds & Shutdowns, BMRE. -C urrent Assignment: Technical Director-MCE-Gulf Contracting Ltd, a Saudi Austrian Joint Venture, engaged in shutdowns and Industrial Services in Oil, Gas, steel and Petrochemical sector.MCE-AG is a leading service group with over 8,000 employees, with a group turnover of over billion US$ 1
  2. 2. Anwar Shaukat Ansari -Last Assignment: Head of Engineering & Operations (hired as Technical Director): encompassing Basic Engineering, Business Development, Estimation, Procurement, Stores, Workshop, and Industrial Operations. Arrangement of JV’s & Collaboration Agreements, Contract Negotiations. Direct/indirect Monitoring of Shutdown/ Turnaround/Maintenance Projects in Oil/gas/petrochemical and process-industry sector. Projects executed in Saudi Arabia/Bahrain/Qatar/Kuwait/UAE/Oman. -Technical Advisor: Technical Advisor to Government of Jigawa State-Nigeria: development of Grassroots Projects in Sugar, Solar Energy and Textile Sector. Setting up of mini steel plant/Manufacturing Workshop & Foundry. -Technical Director : Sharif Group of Industries and CEO of Hudaibiya Engg: one of the largest private sector Engineering & Manufacturing Conglomerate of Pakistan (more than 20,000 employees, Steel Foundry, Manufacturing Workshop, Sugar & Textile Mills, Paper & Board plants).Design Engineering, Planning, Maintenance/BMR/Shutdown/TA Projects in and outside Pakistan, Supply of complete plants/Machinery/Equipment. BMRE and manufacture of Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Evaporators, Exchangers, Vacuum pans, Columns, Reactors, Burners, Furnaces, Tanks, Centrifugals, Gears, Pumps, Industrial Fans etc Overseas Assignments Troubleshooting in Plants/TMC Agreements in Africa, BMR&E/, Maintenance Contracts, Business Development in Africa, Middle East, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan. Workshop Activities: Shop floor Administration, Monitoring Manufacturing Facilities (Foundry, Smithery, Fabrication, Machinery & Tool shop, pre-assembly of Maintenance & Repair Goods -C hief Executive of Shamin Enterprisers and AECON Engg: Engg Projects, Technology Transfer, Contract Manufacturing, Machinery supply. Manufactured a 40 bar water tube boiler for ICI- Shaihkupura project in DEW workshop, Pakistan. Manufactured 22 t water tube boiler for SANPAK Paper Mills -Successfully achieved Financial Close as Project Director of an IPP in Pakistan that included Power Supply, Fuel Supply, EPC, O&M Contracts and the Implementation Agreements with Govt of Pakistan -Satisfactory Working knowledge of JV’s, Consortium formation, Liaison with Financing Agencies, Interfacing with Ministries and -Dealings at Diplomatic level: Audience with Presidents, Ministers and Ambassadors of different countries regarding new Projects and Transfer of Technology -Knowledge in Dimensioning of Process Equipment: Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Air Heaters, Economizers, Recuperators, LPG tanks, API-Tanks, Sugar Mills Machinery Extra Curricular Activities -Co-Convener Standing Committee-“Transfer of Technology-LCCI-Govt of Pakistan -Over 22 Technical Publications (winning Gold Medal & Best Paper Awards) -Keynote Speaker (Promoting FDI in Africa), in a World Bank/MIGA/UNDP sponsored Workshop -Vastly traveled: North and Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, CAS Special Achievements - Designed the pioneering waste heat recovery boiler for the 8-MW Hispano Suica( France) Gas- Turbines for the Petrobras’s Offshore Platforms in Brazil-1979 - Won a Gold Medal for the presentation of a paper on Boiler Engineering-1988 - Introduced the Concept of a Power Plant (Elektrohol) based on the main, auxiliary and waste product of Sugar Cane and Beet in the PSST international seminar-1992. The study was recommended to Rockefeller Foundation-USA and a 110-MW plant was envisaged by Dadabhai Group in Pakistan -1994 - Produced a comprehensive Technical Study/Master Plan for the industrial development of Jigawa State-Nigeria, which lead to the appointment as the Technical Advisor to the Jigawa State Government.-2001 2
  3. 3. Anwar Shaukat Ansari - Meetings with Head of States and Ministers for Special Industrial Projects. Shut downs and Turnaround Experience 1. Signing of 4-years Contract for Catalyst Handling, Bundle pulling, Hydrojetting and Tank Cleaning with Aramco Of Saudi Arabia 2. Long Term Contract with Hadeed Steel Mills for catalyst management and catalyst removal 3. IBNI Sina, Ibn-Baytar, IBN Zahr, Jubail Saudi Arabia, Catalyst Replacement, Feb 2004 4. ARAMCO-Rabigh Refinery, Saudi Arabia, Heat Exchangers, bundle pulling,Columns-March-April 2004 5. ARAMCO-Rastanura, Catalyst change-PSA Absorbers, Linde dense loading- May-2004 6. ARAMCO-Shedgum,Saudi Arabia, Catalyst Screening, Aug 2004 7. SIPCHEM-Chioda-CPL-Japan, Saudi Methanol Convertor,Jubail Saudi Arabia, Hydro generators, desulpherizer A&B and ARC Converters Catalyst unload/load- Sept 2004 8. Sabic-Hadeed Module D Shutdown, Jubail Saudi Arabia, Catalyst replacement Reformer tubes-Sept 2004 9. Sabic-Hadeed Module A&B Shutdown,Jubail,Saudi Arabia, Catalyst replacement Reformer Tubes,-Dec 2004 10. Sabic-Hadeed Module A&B Shutdown,Jubail, Gas scrubber, Clarifier & Bin Silo-Dec 2004 11. Gasco Habshan-Abu Dhabi- Molecular Sieve Replacement –October 2004 12. Gasco-Habshan-Abu Dhabi, CBA-Claus Reactors, SRU- Units catalyst repl-Nov-Dec-Jan-Feb-2004/2005/2006 13. ENOC-Jebel Ali, Hg-removal Vessel and Reactors loading/Unloading-2006 14. PIC-Kuwait, Catalyst and SS-100ton Basket replacement, Topsoe Techn, Nov-Dec. 2004 15. PIC Kuwait, catalyst replacement, NH3 Rector Jan. 2004 16. Takreer-Unit 13-Reformer Catalyst Unloading/AXEN-Catapac-dense loading and Johnsonscreens scallop removal/ re-installation, Ruwais, Abu Dhabi-Jan 2004 17. Takreer-Descon, Ruwais, Abu Dhabi, Unit 11-Piping replacement-2005 18. Takreer-Technip, Ruwais, Abu Dhabi-Kerosene HDS Reactors Unit 14/15-Catalyst unloading/loading 19. ENOC-Jebel Ali, HG-Catalyst replacement-2006 20. Aramco-Juyama,Jubail-Caytlyst(ceramic balls, mole sieves) and sand replacement-2005/2006 21. ARAMCO-Jubail, Saudi Arabia, Berri Gas Plant, activated Carbon replacement-2005 22. Hadeed Steel Mill-Jubail, Saudi Arabia, Upgrading of 15-KM long Conveyor Belt-April-June 2007 23. Sharq-Jubail, Saudi Arabia, 1 & 2 PE Plant,TA-2007, Nov-Dec-2007 24. SASREF-Refinery, Jubail, Saudi Arabia, OPR and OPD Shutdown-Feb-March 2008, with Saudi Bin Laden 25. Saudi Arabia & UAE-Hydrojetting of still mills equipment, Frac-tanks, fin-fans, drill pipes, condensers etc 26. Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia-Africa, Turkmenistan-M&R of Sugar and Ethanol plants Top Management Experience -Technical Director, MCE-Gulf Contracting-Jubail, Saudi Arabia (Shutdown, TA and MNR coy) -Engineering & Operations Manger-Alfahhad Zegwaard Coy, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Shutdown and Industrial Cleaning, Catalyst Loading/unloading/Change, Hydrojetting, Waste Management) -Technical Advisor-Alazizia Steel Co-Bahra-Saudi Arabia: Rerolling Mills, Billets Plant -Technical Advisor-Jigawa State, Nigeria: Setting up of Greenfield Industries: Sugar, Textile Solar & Power Proj -Technical Dir/CEO of Hudabiya Engineering, Pakistan (Foundry & Manufacturing Workshop, 500 Employees) -Technical Director-Sharif Group of Industries-Pakistan: 6,000employees, Manufacturing/Foundry/ Engineering, Shutdowns, MNR -Project Director-Davis Energen Ltd: 18 MW dual fuel, flare gas based Independent Power plant -General Manager (Operations) - Ansaldo Impianti, Brazil: - an Italian Multinational (25,000 employees Hydel, Solar, Thermal Power Plants) -General Manager (Engg)-deutsche Babcock Asvoctec-Brazil (a German Multinational)-Power Plants, Boilers, Electrostatic Precipitators, Pressure Vessels, Turbines, Furnaces, WHR Recuperators -Chief Engineer (Workshop)-ICESA-Oschatz-Brazil: Manufacturer of Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Columns, Pressure Vessels, Recuperators, Air Heaters, Burners, Furnaces. Participation in MNR & Shutdowns. -Chief Engineer (Site)-Pakistan: Installation of Shahamurad sugar mills (2 x35 t Boilers, 4 MW Power plant, Heat exchangers, Evaporators, Vac Pans, Crystallizers, Centrifugals, Clarifiers etc) Manager-Voith Gmbh-Brazil: Design Engg. Power&Hydel plants, Sugar &Paper mills, Waste water treatment -Manager (Referat#1-projects)-Deurag/Exxon Refinery-Germany: Mineral oil /waste oil refinery 3
  4. 4. Anwar Shaukat Ansari -Head of Technical Dept (Operation/Maintenance)-Haberland & Co, Germany: Largest Waste-oil Refinery of Europe (Re-refining of waste and used oils) Anwar Shaukat Ansari 4