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Nrega Technical Aspects Of Execution Of Works By S.Anwar Hussain


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NREGA Technical Aspects Of Execution Of Works
S.Anwar HussaIn

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Nrega Technical Aspects Of Execution Of Works By S.Anwar Hussain

  1. 1. NREGA Technical Aspects of Execution of Works
  2. 2. Objectives of NREGS • To provide not less than 100 days of Guaranteed Employment in a financial year to every house hold • Creation and maintenance of durable assets • Efforts should be made to utilize local materials and cost effective and disaster resistant technology developed by various institutions and as applicable to the area.
  3. 3. Emphasis while creating Rural Infrastructure • Labour intensive works • Material component not to exceed 40% of the estimate cost. • Material component include wages of skilled/semi- skilled workers
  4. 4. Type of works under the scheme in the order of priority • Water conservation and Water harvesting • Drought proofing (Afforestation and tree plantation) • Irrigation canals • Provision of irrigation facility to land owned by SC/ST/beneficiaries under Indira Aawas Yojana • Renovation of traditional water bodies
  5. 5. Type of works … • Desilting of tanks • Land development • Flood control and protection works including drainage in water logged areas • Rural connectivity to provide all weather access • Other works notified by the Central/State Government
  6. 6. Water conservation and Water harvesting Earthen Bund Stone Bund Continuous Contour Trench Water Absorption Trench Loose Boulder Structure Earthen gully Plug Gabions
  7. 7. Farm pond Sunken Pond Check dam Mini Percolation tank Percolation tank Diversion Drain Feeder channel Sub surface Dam Staggered Trench
  8. 8. Drought proofing (Afforestation and tree plantation) Pasture Development Block Plantation Horticulture plantation Barren Hill Plantation Avenue Plantation
  9. 9. Irrigation canals Feeder Channel Diversion Drain Pick up Anicut Supply Channel Open wells Field Channels Main canal Distributory Canals Lift Irrigation
  10. 10. Renovation of traditional water bodies Desilting of tanks Repairs to tanks Rehabilitation of MI source
  11. 11. Land development Earthern Bund Stone Bund Loose Bolder Structure Earthen gully plugging Land leveling Stone terracing Boulder removal Pebble Bunding
  12. 12. Flood control and protection works including drainage in water logged areas Drains in the open field Filling the low lying areas Revetment to bunds Diversion drains in meandering streams
  13. 13. Rural connectivity to provide all weather access • Roads can be taken up as last priority not exceeding 10% value of all types of works taken up. Earthen Roads WBM Roads
  14. 14. Gully Plugging
  15. 15. Continuous contour
  16. 16. Loose Boulder Structure
  17. 17. Wire gabion structure
  18. 18. Gabion
  19. 19. Check Dam with locally available materials
  20. 20. Earthen bund
  21. 21. Stone Bund
  22. 22. Water Absorption Trench
  23. 23. Percolation Tank
  24. 24. Mini Percolation Tank
  25. 25. Sub Surface dams
  26. 26. Sub Surface Dam…contd
  27. 27. Preparation of Projects
  28. 28. Preparation of Projects • Detailed Investigation • Preparation of 1.Detailed Estimate 2.Conveyance Statement 3.Data 4.Location Map and Site Plan 5.Other Drawings, if any 6.Estimate Report 7.Other Tables
  29. 29. Detailed Investigation • Estimate to be prepared in the presence and after discussion with the local people • Location plan to be sketched immediately on arrival at the site • Site plan to be sketched • Lorry approach and head load to be noted • Nature of soil to be noted (whether OS, HS, OR, etc.
  30. 30. …contd • Sources of materials • Level of GWT to be ascertained with the help of local people • Requirement of water for irrigation and no. of days for irrigation • Specific problems and their solutions through rural appraisal
  31. 31. Structural Design
  32. 32. Preparation of Detailed Estimate • Based on structural design • Items to be identified first • Quantities to be worked out
  33. 33. Conveyance Statement Based on Taluk Conveyance approved by the Chief Engineer Sl. addl Total No. Description LL, km 1st 10 km km LL HL Total 1 Rubble and broken stone 15 271.60 12.20 332.60 68.90 401.50 2 Sand 28 168.35 8.40 319.55 50.10 369.65 3 Bricks 23 227.10 11.40 375.30 67.45 442.75 Wire cut bricks, roofing tiles 4 and flooring tiles 29 227.10 11.40 443.70 67.45 511.15 5 Surkhi, lime 29 137.90 7.50 280.40 24.40 304.80 6 Cement, MS rod 5 187.20 187.20 24.70 211.90 7 Timber scantlings 35 137.90 7.50 325.40 24.40 349.80 Crushed broken stone below 8 22mm 62 168.35 8.40 605.15 50.10 655.25 9 Gravelly earth 5 126.50 126.50 50.10 176.60 10 Bitumen 5 187.20 187.20 24.70 211.90
  34. 34. Rate as approved by DC (Add for HL, if required)
  35. 35. Conveyance Certificate • Regarding conveyance charges for materials, a certificate as noted below, from an officer not below the rank of an Assistant Engineer, should be attached with all estimates. “The distances noted in the data for conveyance from quarry or source have been personally verified by me and are found correct. These are the minimum leads required.”
  36. 36. Preparation of DATA based on • Schedule of Rates • NREG minimum rate • Market Rates • Forest SOR • Rates of Agricultural Department • Observation (Observed DATA) • Soil Conservation Data
  37. 37. Abstract of Estimate • Provision of Hire Charges for T & P • Provision for Work Site Facilities • Safe drinking water • Shade for children and periods of rest • First-aid Box for emergency treatment and minor injuries • Health hazards connected with work to be provided • One woman worker to look after five or more children below the age of six years Deputed woman shall be paid wage rate
  38. 38. Estimate report 1.Explain the necessity of work 2.Benefits 3.Labour Component
  39. 39. Location Map and Site Plan • Location Map and Site Plan to accompany every estimate • Direction to be noted • Land mark to be noted • A third person should be able to locate the site by seeing the map
  40. 40. Other Tables • Schedule showing Skilled/ Unskilled Labourers for Each and Every Item • Total no. of skilled/semi skilled/unskilled labourers • Percentage of Labour and Material • Programme chart showing the number of days and number of labourers and • Quantities of different materials for each period
  41. 41. Construction of Check Dams and Improvements to Thodu
  42. 42. Sample Estimate - Structural Design
  43. 43. …contd Design of Weir Height of weir, H = 1.5 C3 Height of shutter, S = 0.5 C4 Density of water, w = 1000 C5 Density of material of weir, wd = 2000 C6 Width of crest, a = 1.0625 C7 0.55*((SQRT(C3)+SQRT(C4))) Bottom width, b = 1.2 C8 Overturning Moment, Mo = 1333.3 C9 C5*(C3+C4)^3/6 Overturning Moment adding 50% extra for unexpected eventuality 2000 C10 1.5*C9 Resisting moment, Mr = 2036.3 C11 0.25*C8*C3*C6*(C8+C7)
  44. 44. Detailed Estimate No It.No. Description of items . L B D Quantity 1 Clearing grass and other overgrowth of vegetation and small trees of girth up to 30 cm including rooting out and removal of rubbish up to a distance of 150 m out side the periphery of the area cleared. Base 1 50 3.5 175 Side 2 50 1.75 175 Total 350 m2 2 Putting up ring bund with sand filled bags in two metres in height including filling with hard earth cut and conveyed from outside including dismantling after copletion of work. 1 4.5 4.5 m 3 Bailing out water by engaging man-mazdoors (For 2 days per anicut @2persons ie. 2x2=4 persons) 4 4 Nos. 4 Earth work excavation in ordinary soil with all lead and lift etc. complete including breaking clod, ramming, watering etc. Loose deposited earth 1 4.5 1.5 0.3 2.025 Say 2.1 m3
  45. 45. …contd 5 Earth work excavation in hard soil except hard rock(which requires blasting) and using the spoil for filling the lower portion including all lead and lifts. Foundation 1 4.5 1.5 0.6 4.05 Say 4.1 m3 6 Construction of the anicut using picked up stones conveying and placing in position and neatly completed as directed by the field staff. Foundation 1 4.5 1.5 0.6 4.05 Super structure 1 4.5 1.15 1.5 7.7625 Total 11.8125 Say 11.9 m3 7 Earth work excavation in all classes of soil for desilting the thodu and dumping away the earth far away in order to avoid re-entry of the soil into the thodu. Desilting the thodu 1 700 3.5 0.3 735 Say 735 m3
  46. 46. DATA
  47. 47. …contd
  48. 48. …contd
  50. 50. …contd
  51. 51. …contd
  52. 52. Schedule of Labourers
  53. 53. …contd Unsk/Skil/Mate
  54. 54. …contd
  55. 55. Another Sample Estimate
  56. 56. Schedule of labourers
  57. 57. Technical Sanction Authority issuing TS shall be satisfied 1) about the Structural Safety 2) that the quantities provided are enough to complete the work 3) that the items are as per specification 4) that the rates are reasonable 5) that the TS amount is within AS amount “TS issuing authority may visit the site, if necessary, before according TS”
  58. 58. …contd The TS issuing authority shall verify that every project proposal contains 1.AS 2.Estimate Report 3.Detailed Estimate 4.Data 5.Abstract of Estimate 6.Conveyance Statement 7.Location Map and Site Plan 8.Structural Drawings, if any 9.Other Tables
  59. 59. Technical Sanction to be issued by TS Committee GO(Rt)No. 2107/2006/LSGD dt.26.08.2006 GLTC • TS Committee to contain Chairman, Convenor and Members • Chairman- LSGD Assistant Engineer • Convenor-Accredited Assistant Engineer
  60. 60. Technical Sanction Power • By GLTC for works upto Rs.3,00,000/- • By BLTC for works beyond Rs.3,00,000/-
  61. 61. •Peoples’ Estimate •Local Language for Estimates
  62. 62. A new work under the Scheme shall be commenced only if;- a) at least fifty labourers become available for such work; and b) the labourers cannot be absorbed in the ongoing works; A period of employment shall ordinarily be at least fourteen days continuously with not more than six days in a week.
  63. 63. Measurement Book
  64. 64. Risk up to 15 years after retirement Do not erase/tamper measurements No over writing Measurements can be scored Measurements shall be easily traceable at site Page Certificate Date
  65. 65. Level Field Book Issued Page Certificate Name of Officer taking Levels/Check Levels Date TBM Closed at Starting TBM
  66. 66. FORMS KPW FORM 21- Measurement Book KPW FORM 22- First and Final KPW FORM 23- Running Account Bill KPW FORM 24- Hand Receipt
  67. 67. Technical Management of Works in NREGS • Selection of Workers • Meeting of the workers and Awareness Class on the nature of work, cost of work, out turn of each work per day and wage rate and unit rate • Awareness Class to the Kudumbasree ADS (Area Development Societies) Volunteer • Role of Kudumbasree ADS volunteer • Discussion with Agricultural Labourers and Agriculturists to chalk out the programme without affecting the routine agriculture activity
  68. 68. In the meeting with workers explain • explain the provisions of the Act • the system of payment of wages • SOR • information on worksite facilities • entitlements in the event of their injury by accidents or death or injury or death of any child accompanying the worker • that no discrimination in payment of wages will be done only on the basis of gender
  69. 69. Responsibilities of Technical Staff • See that the Estimates are displayed at site • Supervision of Overseer/Assistant Engineer daily • Supervision of Assistant Executive Engineers once in a week • Weekly measurements/check measurements • Measurements in the presence of a group of workers • Worksite management - Work out turn and wages • Part bill every fortnightly
  70. 70. Measurements/Check measurements • For work costing upto Rs.50,000/- Measurement and preparation of bill- Overseers Check measurement- Assistant Engineers • For work costing more than Rs.50,000/- Measurement and preparation of bill- Assistant Engineers Check measurement- Assistant Executive Engineers
  71. 71. Muster roll • Muster roll Maintenance/verification • One Muster Roll for 25 to 50 persons for 14 days period • Period of Muster Roll, name of work and name of Grama Panchayat on top
  72. 72. Muster roll • Custody and maintenance of Muster Roll - Issue/receipt of Muster Roll through Muster Roll register - by Kudumbasree ADS Volunteer - attendance to be marked at 9 am and 4 pm - total no. of workers should be shown at the bottom on each day
  73. 73. Muster roll • on the 14th day evening or after completion of the work, Muster Roll to be closed and abstract prepared (skilled, unskilled, men women, SC/ST etc. to be shown at the bottom) • Muster Roll to be returned to the GP Secretary • Muster Roll to be cross checked with bills • Verification of Muster Rolls and attendance by Overseers/AE/AEE/Block Program Officer/GP Secretary
  74. 74. Pre measurements for Jungle Clearance, Foundation, Reinforcement, Stack Measurements, etc. Depth/size/initial levels of existing tank/well/canal before improvement Initial levels of the existing ground before land development Level measurements for earth work for more than 600m3/km Verification certificate after completion of the pre measured items
  75. 75. Documentation before and after the work
  76. 76. The services staff connected with NREGA can be audited for quality of service.
  77. 77. NREGA