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New final report

  2. 2. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT1.1GENERAL INTRODUCTION This report is based on the ‗‘organization study ‗conducted at IQRAAinternational hospital and research center Calicut. An organization is a planned coordination of a numberof people and there activities for the achievement of some specific goals through division of labour‘s andhierarchy of authority.IQRAA, a charity endeavor established by JDT Islam in 2000 under aid from IQRAA for humanrelation, Jeddah, was envisioned as a centre of excellence where committed professionals deliverhealth care service at affordable cost. The venture aimed to provide quality medical care ataffordable rates, to the poor in particular and the society at large, also to utilize the incomegenerated for up bringing the orphanage and destitute of JWT Islam orphanage and otherorphanages. This 250-bedded hospital with senior consultants including retired specialists versedin this respective field of medicine is well equipped with state of the art facilities to deliver thebest services. By now the hospital has carved art a niche for itself amongst the health industry ofthe region. An organization planned co-ordination of people and their activities for theachievement of the organizational goals through division of labor specialization and hierarchy ofthe .it is an essential part of human life. An organization the structural is very important for itsproper functioning and growth. Organizational structure is the structured frame work with inwhich the efforts of different people are coordinate and relate each other. It is a blue print of howmanagement will take the various activities and function to be performed. It is the process of determine arranging for the acquirement of objectives. Allorganization are collection of people linked together a formal and informal relationship and havehierarchal order that are engaged incorporation activities and they are have identified theboundaries. So organizational hierarchal l and structure and functioning is very important. 2
  3. 3. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT1.2 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The study is undertaken with following objectives1.2.1 Primary objective The primary objective of this study is to understand the various activities of various departments in the organization and its functions1.2.2 Secondary objectives  To study the structure of the organization  To analyze the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats faced by the company  To propose suggestions to the management on the basis of study  To gain the practical knowledge and experience about the company  To know the financial position of the company  To know the practical problems and what are the measures taken to solve those problems.To fulfill the requirement for the award of master degree, in master of business administration(MBA) of bangalore university. 3
  4. 4. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT1.3 METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY The obvious function of research methodology is to add new knowledge to the existing store. Research is a search for knowledge .One can also define research as scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic. Input research is an art of scientific investigation. The quality and verity of findings in a study will always spend on the methodology adopted to conduct the study.1.4 SCOPE OF THE STUDY This study was about the organization structure of the company. From theorganization structure we can understand the various positions of the employees and we canunderstand various departments in the organization.1.4.1 Self Development  I understood the importance of completing the work in time.  It gave me insight for better co-ordination with others.  The punctuality impressed me most and this enabled me to understand the secret of achieving the goal.  I understood the importance of attending the phone call immediately and the response to be give to the superiors and equals.  I understood the importance concentration in work.  I understood the importance of dress code, communication skill and regularity in attendance.  It developed the self -confidence in me to meet the high officials and to interact with them.  The study has molded me with leadership quality, as each problem should be solved with interest at more case.  Lastly it helped me to get a practical exposure and to update my know. 4
  5. 5. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT 1.5 REASON FOR SELECTING THE COMPANY There are some reason for selecting the company there are mainly Powerful brand name in Malabar area of Kerala Reputed organization ISO certified organization Good transportation facility Excellent professionals Good location 1.6 DATA COLLECTION1.6.1 Primary data collection Primary data‘s were collected from internally. That is these data‘s were collected from the organization mainly from the officials of the organization through the interaction1.6.2 Secondary data collectionThese data‘s were collected mainly from outside the organization. Journals, hospital booklet ofthe hospital, hospital website etc1.7 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY  The time was very low for the study  We can‘t get data‘s directly from all the employees because always they were busy  Inconvenience of the managers has been a major limitation.  Lack of co-operation from certain departments due to their work load. 5
  7. 7. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT2.1 Growing healthcare sector Healthcare is one of India‘s largest sectors, in terms of revenue and employment,and the sector is expanding rapidly. During the 1990s, Indian healthcare grew at a compoundannual rate of 16%. Today the total value of the sector is more than $34 billion. This translates to$34 per capita, or roughly 6% of GDP. By 2012, India‘s healthcare sector is projected to grow tonearly $40 billion. The private sector accounts for more than 80% of total healthcare spending inIndia. Unless there is a decline in the combined federal and state government deficit, whichcurrently stands at roughly 9%, the opportunity for significantly higher public health spendingwill be limited. The Indian healthcare industry is seen to be growing at a rapid pace and is expectedto become a US$280 billion industry by 2020. The Indian healthcare market was estimated atUS$35 billion in 2007 and is expected to reach over US$70 billion by 2012 and US$145 billionby 2017. According to the Investment Commission of India the healthcare sector has experiencedphenomenal growth of 12 percent per annum in the last 4 years. Rising income levels and agrowing elderly population are all factors that are driving this growth. In addition, changingdemographics, disease profiles and the shift from chronic to lifestyle diseases in the country hasled to increased spending on healthcare delivery. Even so, the vast majority of the country suffers from a poor standard of healthcareinfrastructure which has not kept up with the growing economy. Despite having centers ofexcellence in healthcare delivery, these facilities are limited and are inadequate in meeting thecurrent healthcare demands. Nearly one million Indians die every year due to inadequatehealthcare facilities and 700 million people have no access to specialist care and 80% ofspecialists live in urban areas. In order to meet manpower shortages and reach world standards India would requireinvestments of up to $20 billion over the next 5 years. Forty percent of the primary health centersin India are understaffed. According to WHO statistics there are over 250 medical colleges in the 7
  8. 8. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUTmodern system of medicine and over 400 in the Indian system of medicine and homeopathy(ISM&H). India produces over 25,000 doctors annually in the modern system of medicine and asimilar number of ISM&H practitioners, nurses and Para professionals. Better policy regulationsand the establishment of public private partnerships are possible solutions to the problem ofmanpower shortage.India faces a huge need gap in terms of availability of number of hospital beds per 1000population. With a world average of 3.96 hospital beds per 1000 population India stands just alittle over 0.7 hospital beds per 1000 population. Moreover, India faces a shortage of doctors,nurses and paramedics that are needed to propel the growing healthcare industry. India is nowlooking at establishing academic medical centers (AMCs) for the delivery of higher quality carewith leading examples of The Manipal Group & All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)already in place.As incomes rise and the number of available financing options in terms of health insurancepolicies increase, consumers become more and more engaged in making informed decisionsabout their health and are well aware of the costs associated with those decisions. In order toremain competitive, healthcare providers are now not only looking at improving operationalefficiency but are also looking at ways of enhancing patient experience overall.India has approximately 600,000 allopathic doctors registered to practice medicine. This numberhowever, is higher than the actual number practicing because it includes doctors who haveemigrated to other countries as well as doctors who have died. India licenses 18,000 new doctors2.2 Growing population and economy One driver of growth in the healthcare sector is India‘s booming population, currently 1.1billion and increasing at a 2% annual rate. By 2030, India is expected to surpass China as theworld‘s most populous nation. By 2050, the population is projected to reach 1.6 billion. 8
  9. 9. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT This population increase is due in part to a decline in infant mortality, the result of betterhealthcare facilities and the government‘s emphasis on eradicating diseases such as hepatitis andpolio among infants. In addition, life expectancy is rapidly approaching the levels of the westernworld. By 2025, an estimated 189 million Indians will be at least 60 years of age—triple thenumber in 2004, thanks to greater affluence and better hygiene. The growing elderly populationwill place an enormous burden on India‘s healthcare infrastructure. The Indian economy, estimated at roughly $1 trillion, is growing in tandem with thepopulation. Goldman Sachs predicts that the Indian economy will expand by at least 5% annuallyfor the next 45 years (see chart), and that it will be the only emerging economy to maintain sucha robust pace of growth.2.3 Expanding middle classIndia traditionally has been a rural, agrarian economy. Nearly three quarters of the populationstill lives in rural areas, and as of 2004, an estimated 27.5% of Indians were living below thenational poverty line. Some 300 million people in India live on less than a dollar a day, and morethan 50% of all children are malnourished.2.4 Rise of disease Another factor driving the growth of India‘s healthcare sector is a rise in both infectiousand chronic degenerative diseases. While ailments such as poliomyelitis, leprosy, and neonataltetanus will soon be eliminated, some communicable diseases once thought to be under control,such as dengue fever, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria, and pneumonia ,have returned inforce or have developed a stubborn resistance to drugs. This troubling trend can be attributed inpart to substandard housing, inadequate water, sewage and waste management systems, acrumbling public health infrastructure, and increased air travel. In addition to battling infectious diseases, India is grappling with the emergence ofdiseases such as AIDS as well as food- and water-borne illnesses. And as Indians live more 9
  10. 10. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUTaffluent lives and adopt unhealthy western diets that are high in fat and sugar, the country isexperiencing a rise in lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, cancer, and diabetes, whichis reaching epidemic proportions. Over the next 5-10 years, lifestyle diseases are expected togrow at a faster rate than infectious diseases in India, and to result in an increase incost per treatment. Wellness programs targeted at the workplace, where many sedentary jobs arecontributing to an erosion of employees‘ health, could help to reduce the rising incidence oflifestyle diseases.2.5 Growth of telemedicine Only 25% of India‘s specialist physicians reside in semi-urban areas, and a mere 3 %live in rural areas. As a result, rural areas, with a population approaching 700 million, continue tobe deprived of proper healthcare facilities. One solution is telemedicine—the remote diagnosis,monitoring and treatment of patients via videoconferencing or the Internet. Telemedicine is afast-emerging trend in India, supported by exponential growth in the country‘s information andcommunications technology (ICT) sector, and plummeting telecom costs. Several major privatehospitals have adopted telemedicine services, and a number of hospitals have developed public-private partnerships (PPPs), among them Apollo, AIIMS, Narayana, Hridayalaya, AravindHospitals and Sankara Nethralaya.2.6 Kerala scenario Kerala the ―God‘s own country‖, is the cradle of Ayurveda and traditional system of medicine. The alternative system of medicine, ayurveda is very well marketed in Kerala in terms of medical tourism. Kerala has the best qualified professionals in each and every field. The state has the most competent doctors and world class medical facilities also. The medical charges in Kerala are also competent so that people from other states, across the borders and from all parts of the world come here for the treatment of various health conditions. 10
  11. 11. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT The Kerala hospitals are well equipped of accommodating and treating a multitude of medical tourists at the same time. The state of the art infrastructure and health facilities provided to patients are excellent. The panel of doctors is well experienced and veterans in their fields. Kerala has many Super Specialty Hospitals, multi specialty hospitals, Dental care hospitals, eye care hospitals, Ayurvedic centers. Moreover, economical and effective treatment is assured by the renowned hospitals of Kerala.2.7 Ancient Asia The sin hales (sri Lankans) are perhaps responsible for introducing the concept ofdedicated hospitalto the world. According to the Mahavasma, the ancient chronic of sinhaleseroyalty written in the 6th century A.D, king pandukabhaya (4th century B.C) had lying homes andhospitals had in various part of the country. This is the earliest documentary evidence we haveof institution specifically dedicated to the care of the sick any where in the world mihintalehospital is perhaps the oldest in the world.2.8 Factors affecting corporate in the health care sector In the mid 80‘s the health care sector was recognized as an industry. Hence it became possibleto get long term funding from the financial institutions. The govt also reduces the impact duty onmedical equipments and technology. Socio economic changes Brand development Opening of the insurance sector 11
  13. 13. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT3.1 HISTORY OF IQRAA IQRAA, a charity endeavor established by JDT Islam in 2000 under aid fromIQRAA for human relation, Jeddah, was envisioned as a centre of excellence where committedprofessionals deliver health care service at affordable cost. The venture aimed to provide qualitymedical care at affordable rates, to the poor in particular and the society at large, also to utilizethe income generated for up bringing the orphanage and destitute of JWT Islam orphanage andother orphanages. This 250-bedded hospital with senior consultants including retired specialistsversed in this respective field of medicine is well equipped with state of the art facilities todeliver the best services. By now the hospital has carved art a niche for itself amongst the healthindustry of the region. IQRRA has a panel of doctors specialized in divergent fields. IQRAA hasalmost all the departments to the needs of patients with a wide variety of illness. The hospitalalso runs specialty centers focusing on health and medical conditions that call for great care andattention viz. cardiac care, diabetes centre, diabetic eye clinic, obesity clinic, De-addictioncentre,inferitility clinic, pregnancy care, dialysis centre etc. The operation theatres in the hospitalare fully equipped with up to date facilities. IQRAA provides round the clock service thereby fulfilling its commitment tothe society .IQRAA has set up a host of medical facilities for diagnosing and treating those whosuffer from myriads of diseases.ICU,ICCU,Radient warmer of photo therapy, computerizedpulmonary function test holter monitor, Echo cardiogram-color, Doppler etc, are some of thosefacilities. IQRAA is committed to provide quality medical care to the needy at modestrates.24 hour causality services is available in the hospital. IQRAA is keen to satisfy both inpatients and out patients by providing first-rate diagnosis and treatment. We always keep tabs onthe shift in needs of the community and technological advancement IQRAA offers severalspecial .Health check up, Diabetes check up, pregnancy package, and delivery package. Theseare made available at rates affordable to the common man. This 250-bedded hospital banking on the expertise of senior consultants, highquality nursing staffs, up to date diagnostic facilities and a committed management under the 13
  14. 14. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUTleadership of Dr.PC. ANVER. M.D.Executive Director has taken giants leaps in its growth tomulti-specialty centre of excellence. The commendable service rendered over the years have wonit the trust of masses as the hospital of common man and the management responding to thedemands of the public eyes to upgrade its cardiology department to a specialty centre for cardiactreatment.3.2 Continuous Quality Improvement Program To monitor the quality is maintain in all sector/department in hospital supported bymanagement, are monitor by core duty by regular quality audit, physical checks, data analysis,random sample checks etc. program reviewed at regular interval at opportunity for improvementare identified. Proper awareness to all employees. Internal quality audit twice in a year to ensure all employees are strictly adhering topolicies, program and work instrument.3.3 Hospital administration Management set up the vision and mission of the organization quality objective of theorganization. Proper planning shall be undertaken to locate layout and set up facilities forestablishing. From the administration down the line proper delegation of tasks shall be carried out andactivities monitored. So that the delegation activities are executed with the responsibility ofauthority. Patient feedback and general quality implementation progress shall be properly adhered toand remedial preventive action are to be taken. 14
  15. 15. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT3.4 MISSION o Provide high quality, low cost treatment to the whole community especially the under privileged patients. o In pursuit of our mission, we believe the following statements are essential and timeless:- We recognize and affirm the unique and intrinsic value of each individual. We treat all those we serve with compassion and kindness. We act with honesty, integrity and fairness in the way we conduct our service and in our personal behavior. We trust our colleagues as valuable members of our health care team and pledge to treat each other with loyalty, respect and dignity.3.5 VISION To provide the highest quality clinical care at nominal cost. To achieve the highest levels of patient satisfaction. To provide state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. To innovate in the use of information technology. To invest in the professional growth and development of our people. To manage our recourses prudently. To serve the health care needs of our community. 15
  16. 16. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT3.4 DEPARTMENTS 1. Cardiology 2. General medicine 3. Diabetology and endocrinology 4. Gynecology 5. Pediatrics 6. Psychiatrics 7. De-Addition and counseling 8. Nephrology 9. Neurology 10. Radiology 11. Dental 12. General surgery 13. ENT 14. Dermatology and venereology 15. Ophthalmology 16. Physiotherapy 17. Plastic and reconstructive surgery 18. Pediatric surgery 19. Anesthesiology 20. Medical social work 21. Dietary 22. Laparoscopic surgery 23. Urology 16
  17. 17. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT3.5 FACILITIES ICU.ICCU Surgical ICU Operation theatre complex 24 hour trauma care unit NICU 24 hour IP & OP pharmacy Air conditioned labour suit Emergency operation theatre Physiotherapy centre Ambulance service3.6 DIAGNOSTIC FACILITIES Computerized Hi-Tech lab Spiral C.T scan ECG 12 channel computerized Ultra sonogram Echo cardiogram – color Doppler Computerized tread mill test Computerized pulmonary function test Holter monitor X-Ray Neuro lab with EEG & EMG 17
  19. 19. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT4. ORGANISATIONAL CHART JDT Governing Body Executive Director(ED) NURSING Supdt ADDMINISTRATIVE OFFICERMEDICAL Supdt H.R Department Deputy Nursing Supdt Operation DepartmentConsultants Nursing Supervisors Finance DepartmentSenior Doctors Ward in charge Purchase DepartmentResidents Staff Nurses Material Department Nursing Assistant I.T Department Class Four workers Maintenance Department Service and social work Department Marketing Department 19
  22. 22. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT IQRAA hospital mainly looking for the common man. The service and social workdepartment is control by Mr.Shaji and Mr. Faisal Joint venture of IQRAA for human relation, Jeddah and JDT Islam orphanage, Calicut. Quality care at affordable rate. Charitable clinic and health care for poor and needy patient. Income generated is utilized for the hospital development and for the upliftment of orphans and destitute. Free treatment for the inmates of orphanages in Malabar. 20% discount for the hospital neighbors. Poor patients have minimum 10% to 30% discount criteria (social organization letter or ration card). Every Friday have ortho charity clinic 25% to 50% discount for poor people (criteria Hospital director‘s recommendation letter). Dialysis charge only 400rs (outside 700rs). Hospital has community dental clinic charge only 10rs. The service under each department is provided round the clock with senior consultant and specialists offering the best services at affordable cost. Our main focus is patient satisfaction through quality services. It‘s rewarding to see that our patients bestowed us with their trust and have retained us for future services. The diagnostic facilities are done at minimal cost compared to other private sectors. Cardiac Care Specialty provides cardiac health care of international standards. Our main focus is patient satisfaction through quality services. 22
  23. 23. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.1.2 Role of PRO/ Social Worker Guidance and counseling to patients (Indoor as well as outdoor patients) Making the disabled aware of the services and provision available for them (Govt. & Voluntary sector) Issuance of disability certificate to physically disabled, deaf & dump, M.R, Children and Burn Patients. Provision of Railway concession to cases suffering from physically disabled, cancer, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Deaf & Dump, Kidney patients etc. Networking with Govt. Department, N.G.O‘s and individual donor to enlist their help for the disabled poor and needy patients of the hospital. Making the patients aware the health services and facilities available for patients at IQRAA Hospital. Including the services offered by Hospital welfare society. Counseling services for patients and their families. Motivation for family planning and blood donation. Mediation between the patients/their families and the health personnel of the hospital facilities effective medical care to the patients. To attend the referral services from the doctors for indoor patients. Restoration for unknown patients. Providing referral services to patients. Lesion with all the institutions under directorate of Social welfare. To attend unattended/unknown patients. To provide rehabilitation services to the patients. To provide financial medical Aid with the help of ―Hospital Welfare Society‖. Establishing contents and holding consultation for main taing harmonies relation between hospital management and its staff. Looking after grievances/complaints of the patients in the hospital. 23
  25. 25. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.2.2 FUNCTIONS OF MARKETING DEPARTMENT Marketing department is doing some activities IQRAA conducting some of the fever clinic IQRAA conducting some activities like the rural camp .they selecting some of the rural areas and conducting the camp mainly for the free check up, eye check up etc. It should be more help full for the poor peoples. Advertisement is the another one creating some of the notices and browsers including all details of the hospital, photos etc. Starting new department they creating advertisement and give all the news peppers, local channel etc. 25
  27. 27. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.3.2 FUNCTIONS OF HR DEPARTMENT It is a matter of common knowledge that every business organization depends forits effective functioning on its pool of able and willing human resources. It is man alone whowith his ability to feel, think and grow shows satisfaction and dissatisfaction. The industrialprogress of any country would depend on its committed labor force. The personnel department is headed by the personnel officer Mr. Abdul Vahab(MBA).The department looks after the following functions.5.3.3 Working hours - 8 hours5.3.4 Wages and salary - based on the performance appraisal. Evaluating theperformance of the employee they are mainly follow the ranking method.5.3.5 Recruitment - Recruitment mainly the qualification, experience,evaluation1. Form (the candidate fill up the application form with full details)2. Advertisement (The HR department give the advertisement to the staff details)3. Reference (internal reference of the employee)4.Bio Data update(Already get some of the bio data its updating)5.3.6 Selection:The purpose of selection process is to choose right type of candidate to various positions in theorganization. Administrative department is responsible for the selection of staffs but medicalsuprendent is responsible for the selection of doctors. Nursing suprendent will conduct staffselection test for the selection of nurses. 27
  28. 28. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.3.7 Interview - The recruitment mainly through interview it have some steps1.Pre interview form (collect all the personal information of the applicant .And also have the databank collect the information of the applicant friends who are all interested to join anyorganization)2. Interview Evaluation (a).Personal traits (The interviewer evaluating the personality, family background and thengive the mark to the candidate 1 to 5). (b).Job related traits (In this step evaluating the subject and the technical knowledge of thecandidateAfter that selecting the right person to the right jobRecruitment procedures (man power planning-Right person right job right place recruiting)5.3.8 Induction Training :Training:Training is the act of increasing the knowledge of an employee for doing a particular job. Itspurpose is to achieve a change in the behavior of those trained to enable them to do their jobsbetter.Induction program under the control of HR department around 3 month to get the training to theemployeeIt should be mainly understanding the organization its mainly focus on the company vision andmission, about the organizational details then all the department and the facilities of the hospital.5.3.9 Performance appraisal:It is a method evaluating the behavior of employee in the work spot, includes both qualitativeand quantitative aspects of job performance. It is a continuous process from the date of joining. 28
  29. 29. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.3.10 Management development program Its mainly give to the Nursing staffs to improve the personality development and theskill development of the staff.5.3.11 Employee welfare and benefit The employees of IQRAA hospital can get lot of welfare facilitiesCanteen facility (10rs for meals), Uniform, Festival allowances, bonus, Free medical allowance,Free hostel allowances for employees.5.3.12 Total employees557 employees5.3.13 Leave12 casual leave per year12 medical leaveAfter one year the employees can get the earn leave5.3.14 GrievancesAdministrative officer department head+HR officer handling the grievancesMostly everyone is satisfied.5.3.15 Provident fundBased on the salary 29
  31. 31. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.4.2 FUNCTIONS OF FINANCE DEPARTMENT Financial management is the activity which is concerned with planning andcontrolling for the firm‘s financial resources. Finance is the life blood of business firm, thereforeplanning of finance and control is required for achievement of goal. A systematic recording of daily transaction of the business leads to presentation ofcomplete financial picture, which help to know about the business position. The department isheaded by Mr. Gafoor (Bcom, Mcom).IQRAA hospital for under the control of JDT trust so the sources of finance is mainly for charitydonations like that. All the accounting activities going through computer with the help HISsoftware (Hospital Information system).The last year IQRAA was profitable.5.4.3 VARIOUS ACTIVITIES To check all vouchers, bills, adjustment receipts and push up for orders to the special officer. To check all the registers relating to the accounts section.ion. To prepare monthly, quarterly, half yearly, and annual accounting information. To arrange for the timely collection of dues from the sundry debtors and payment to the sundry creditors. The finance department maintains the following books of accounts.5.4.4 Purchase Journals The purchase manager enters vouchers and materials inward notes through thecomputer. Its mainly two type of purchase A. Pharmacy Purchase The pharmacy they transfer the details directly to the account department and the chief accountant approve the list after that the administration officer approved the settlement the list. 31
  32. 32. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT B. General Store Purchase The general store persons they transfer the details directly to the purchase Department and they transfer to the account department the chief accountant approved and the n the administrative officer approved and the settled.5.4.5 Sales Journals IQRAA have mainly pharmacy sales 1. Pharmacy Sales The pharmacy they are mainly selling the medicines. 2. Cash Collections Discharge collection Reception Revisit OP pharmacy IP pharmacy Diabetic center Lab Dialysis center Annex 32
  33. 33. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.4.6 Payments IQRAA have mainly two types of payments Cash PaymentsCash VouchersApproved By Accountant Create VoucherApproved From Administrative officerTake Voucher PrintFinal Payment (With payee Sign) 33
  34. 34. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT Bank Payment Bank Voucher Approved By Accountant Create Voucher Approved From Administrative Officer Take Voucher Print Print Cheque Final Payment (With payee Sign)5.4.7 Other Books Are Maintain Payment Voucher (It‘s For Auditing purpose) Pharmacy Files Insurance Files Bank Statement Files 34
  36. 36. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.5.2 FUNCTIONS OF OPERATION DEPARTMENT The operation department is control by the operation manager Mr.Faisal (MHM). The operation management mainly looking for the quality + operating executive. Operation department is control by each and every department for the smooth functioning. In the case of IQRAA hospital operation are mainly for the Registration to Discharge of patients. It‘s mainly for two types of patients. 1. OP patients (a).New patients (b).Old patients 2. Casualty There are some activities are I. Registration Form(New patients) It‘s mainly for the patients full details. It‘s a unique registration also the form have one token number. And then create one op card with patient full details and also have one op number after collect the registration fee and consultation charge and create the op ticket and then distribute the consent department. 36
  37. 37. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.5.3 DESCRIPTION OF THE PROCESS1. Registration of New Patient:Patients intending to consult the OPD clinic of any consultant of the hospital are required toregister prior to the consultations.Patient will attend the OPD registration desk for new patient registration and wait in queue fortheir respective turnAs their turn comes patient will fill the new registration formPatient‘s details are fed into the hospital information system and a registration fee of Rs.10.00and consultation fee are collected from the patient. All staffs and charity patients are exemptedfrom paying the registration charges and consultation charges. From dental and emergencydepartment (casualty) patients only registration fee is collected. 30 percentage reductions isgiven for close relatives (father, mother, spouses, and children) of hospital staffPatient is allotted an OPD registration number which is valid for lifelong. The consultation fee isvalid for 13 days in case of general OPD (for dental OPD cases- 5 days and for emergencydepartment cases-7 days) and OP card is generated.The payment receipt is handed to the patient and is directed them to concerned OPD. Mean whilethe OPD case sheet is generated and is issued to concerned OPD by Attender 37
  38. 38. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT2.Old RegistrationThe patients come with the op card, and revisit the counter3. Follow Up Patient:Patients visiting the OPD of the hospital for follow up will attend the ―re visit patient registrationcounter‖ and would wait in queue.As their turn come, the patient will hand over the OP card or previous OP case sheet to theregistration clerk.The registration clerk will enter in to HIS. No fee is charged for such patients if the validity isnot over.Patient is asked to move to concerned OPD. New OP case sheet is generated and dispatched toconcerned OPD.If the patient arrives after thirteen days of the prior date of OP consultation, he/she has to payconsultation fee. 38
  39. 39. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT4. Booking SystemThe patient can easily book through the telephone or directly come to the booking counter. (Alldetails like name, place etc).5. Enquiry:The hospital does provide facility for telephonic enquiry and prior fixation of appointment overtelephone (only for some consultants).Walk in interview are attended in the registration counter of the hospital.6. Casualty patients The emergency patients only collect the formal details.7. Admission Of The Patients Consent department doctors give the information for the admission counter. And then collectthe full details of the patient. And then find any room vacancy or the ward. The visiting timeonly for 4 to 8 o‘clock. The visitors should get one visitors pass only one person can get the staypass.8. Discharge OF The Patients Discharge SummaryHistory of the patents, Discharge instructions etc.Final Bill Preparation Lab Bill Medicine Bill Radiology Bill 39
  41. 41. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.6.2 FUNCTIONS OF PURCHASE DEPARTMENT The min activities of purchase department Pharmacy shall have an approved list of suppliers. Purchased order issued forprocurement with relevant information like purchase order no, suppliers name and address,manufactures, quality, price, delivery, term and condition like replacement. The purchase ordershall be verified and approved before issued by competent authority. The purchase department control by the Mr. Jabir sulaim.Main activities ofthe purchase department is the order and availability of the materials. Purchasing the qualitygoods without any delay. The agents are give the quotation to the purchase officer after that onlythey purchase the materials the bulk purchase gives some discounts.The daily usage materials are mainly purchasing from Calicut itself some items like Medicinesand Machines are purchase outside Kerala like Chennai, Bangalore etc.The materials are mainly two types of stores.5.6.3 Pharmacy The IQRAA have a central pharmacy and 4 pharmacies in the hospital premises. Thepharmacy in-charge is the under the control of the Medical superintendent. Each sub pharmacyhave a in-charge he is responsible for the head of central pharmacy. Pharmacy in-charge shall be responsible for accurate drug storage, distribution and safeusage of drugs, inventory control, budgeted.. The pharmacy in charge ensure that the drugspurchased based on the state and national standards. Stock position shall be updated after each receipt and issue in relevant register and files. The pharmacy staff have required qualification and trained about the pharmacyfunctioning .the staff shall have the information about the latest medicine and its alternativesrelevant and rules and regulation. 41
  42. 42. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.6.4 Purchase and storage. The HOD shall ensure the availability of right drug having required quality and quantity.Non moving medicine returned to the supplier with in specified time limit. The HOD shallensure right medicine is available and maintained. The minimum stick and issue shall controland monitoring .Expiry date and the date of receiving are recorded.5.6.5 General Store IQRAA have a general store. The store in-charge is the responsible person of the section.The store keep all items excluding medicine and surgical. All office and stationary itemspurchase and kept in general store. Any equipment and costly items are purchased through thestore. It not a part of pharmacy. The in charge is comes under the AO. The clerical staff of thestore is comes under the in charge.5.6.6 Inventory practices. The FIFO (first in first out.) Method is followed by the pharmacy. The issue of the drugsto the sub pharmacy on the basis of their request. Stock register and issue register are maintainedby the central pharmacy. Stock verification and auditing are conducted at regular intervals. 42
  44. 44. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.7.2 FUNCTIONS OF MATERIAL DEPARTMENT Material manager Mr.Muhammed Jamsheer.p is control by the material department.He is directly report to the purchase manager.Main function is the availability of the material.The Duties and Responsibilities of Material manager IQRAA International hospital. Conducting market survey and analysis of material cost and price. Make strong relation and deal with vendors and suppliers. Planning and making budget for acquire materials. Coordinating and negotiating with vendors for price. Organizing and supervising the transporting and receiving of all materials. Managing records of all stock and inventory. Maintaining the standard of goods and materials. Perform data entry of all material details in system for inventory control. Decide and prepare different levels of stock and take reasonable action in each level. Regularly inspect patient care units for proper equipment cleaning and functioning, ensuring that all equipment necessary to patient is in proper working condition. 44
  46. 46. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.8.2 FUNCTIONS OF MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENTMaintenance section in charge is responsible for all maintains activities. He is supported byadequate number of supervisors and skilled tradesmen. Immediate responsible to all call formaintains work is ensured by the department in charge. The maintenance department under the control of the material department. Thedepartment mainly doing the all the maintenance activities inside the hospital Electricity All the electricity inside the hospital control by themaintenance department any problem for the electricity fully repaired within the correct time. Plumbing All the plumbing activities are control by the maintenance department. Mineral All the water problems are control by the maintenance department. Availability of the water is the important factor for hospital.5.8.3 Bio Medical Department Maintaining all the medical equipments and the machines. All the medicalmachines like scanning machines, X-ray machines etc all the damages are maintain by the biomedical department 46
  48. 48. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.9.2 FUNCTIONS OF NURSING DEPARTMENT Nursing department is very important thing in any hospital. The department is headedby Mrs.Syamalakumari (GNM).The nursing department is mainly control the overall nurses in the hospital. And also allocatingthe duties of nurses.Each and every ward has 1 to 8 nursing staffs and also one nursing assistant. The nurses havetwo shift nights have two staff nurses and one nursing assistant.The Nursing staffs are mainly internship students and they also assistant to the doctorsIQRAA have lot of nursing courses like Nursing assistant course Dialysis tecqnition course MRD(Medical record dept) course CSSD(central sterilp supply dept)tecqnition course 48
  49. 49. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.10 PLANT DEPARTMENT5.10.1 Structure of STP Plant Engineer Operation in Charge Assistant Operation in Charge Cleaning Labour Trainees Operates Trainees Operates5.10.2 Structure of RO Plant Engineer Operation in Charge Assistant Operation in Charge Trainees Operates Trainees Operates 49
  50. 50. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.10.3 FUNCTIONS OF PLANT DEPARTMENT There are mainly two types of activities in plant department. The plantDepartment headed by Mr. Ashraf (B Tech, Diploma in STP).  Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)  Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO) STP The activates of STP mainly for the waste water treatment. For example Basil, Wash basin,Bath rooms, Septic tanks etc. After these activities there are lot of waste water are coming thesewaters are filter and using irrigation purpose and flesh tank purpose etc. RO In hospitals we are using the normal water it should be creating lot of problems. So the normalwater can be filter and using for the dialysis machines etc. This treatment called minutetreatment. 50
  52. 52. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT5.11.2 FUNCTIONS OF I.T DEPARTMENT Today we can‘t think conduct the business practice without the help of computers.The IT administrator is the in-charge of the department. The computers used for billing.Preparing accounts, data typing etc I.T department is the very important department in any organization. All the recordsare storing the computers. The department is headed by Mr.HidamThe information system is mainly working for data record and networking activities each andevery department are using the computers.And also IQRAA have internet facility for each and every departmentAround 140 computers and 2 servers (main server and pack up server)IQRAA have separate hospital server HIS (Hospital Information System) each and every thingrecord using this software eg-Registration, Billing, accounts etc. 52
  53. 53. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT 6.PORTERS FIVE FORCE MODELPORTERS FIVE FORCE MODEL OF IQRAA HOSPITALTHREAT OF C0MPETITORSNow days there are only little effort to get sanction for setting up hospitals. Because there are a lot ofhospitals throughout of the country. When we consider the state Kerala, there are a lot of super specialityhospitals. These hospitals have more contributions from the private sectors than the public sector. So that 53
  54. 54. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUTthe competition is high in this field. So in the case of IQRAA hospital competitors are high from theprivate sector.THREAT OF SUPPLIERSQuality is one of the important things. When we consider the case of hospitals, they must use the qualityproducts only for the treatment of patients. Drugs and equipment‘s (surgical and others) are the mainthings which the hospitals purchase from outside.Now days a lot of suppliers are in the market to supply this type of goods. The material department in theIQRAA hospital consider the quality as well as the price of the products which they purchased. So theypurchase the goods from the suppliers who supply the quality goods in fewer prices.THREAT OF CUSTOMERSPatients are the customers of the hospital. So they provide the services according to their satisfaction.IQRAA hospital is under the IQRAA charitable trust. So that the fees and other expenses for the treatmentare low. So the bargaining powers of the customers are low.THREAT OF NEW ENTRANTSThere are two other hospital just near to IQRAA hospital. (MIMS,BABY MEMORIAL). All thesehospitals are super speciality hospital and just near to national highway. The establishment and set upcosts are high in this place compared to others. So according to IQRAA hospital threat of new entrants arelow.THREAT OF SUBSTITUTESWhen we consider the case of hospital the substitutes(i.e. Alternatives) are homeopathy, allopathic,Ayurveda, and so on. All these hospitals are provide services but in different ways. According to the tasteand preference the customers i.e. the patients select the way of treatment. 54
  57. 57. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUTHere the first 3 S are considered as hard S(strategy, system, structure) and the other 4 S are considered ashard S.(skills, shared values, staffs, and style.).StrategyFor a hospital the customers are the patients. The hospital achieve the goal only by providing serviceaccording to the needs of the patients. For that the hospital must create a trust in the minds of the patients.In the case of IQRAA hospital, they provide reliable service from the last 20 years. And also they havecreated trust among the minds of people.SystemMainly in the hospital they used the system for recording purpose. In IQRAA hospital the financedepartment used the tally software and the record department used the system for recording the patientsdetails and the lab department used the system to record the results. 57
  58. 58. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUTStructureThe IQRAA hospital is run by the trust called IQRAA. So that the overall control of the hospital are in thehands of the trust members and under that there is a director and also each department have separate heads.SkillsFor the development of an organization there must be well experienced and skilled labors are necessary. Inthe case of IQRAA hospital, staffs mainly the nurses and doctors are very talented and experienced. Andthey also provide a 6month training programs to the employees who are newly appointed.Shared valuesThe hospital is under the trust. Because of that the treatment cost are less compared to other hospitals. Andalso they consider the quality than the price for the equipment‘s which they purchased from outside.StaffsEmployees are the resources of the organization. Through them the company can win or lose. In IQRAAhospital there are more than 250 staffs. Hospital treats them equally and also they provide so many facilitiesto them.StyleIQRAA hospital providing services from the last 18years and it is run under a trust. Because of that the costof treatment are low compared to other hospitals. They give importance to the patients than the profit andalso they conduct free medical camps for poor people. 58
  60. 60. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT SWOT ANALYSISSwot analysis refers to the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat of an organization. Here strengthand weakness are the internal factors and opportunity and threat are external factors. Through the help ofswot analysis the people or the customers has to compare the organization with the competitor‘sorganization. Through swot analysis the customers has to know the positive as well as the negativeaspects of the business.STRENGTHS• Qualified management teamIn IQRAA hospital the management team are well experienced and qualified one. The members in the toplevel management are post graduated and the director is a PhD holder.• Well experienced doctors and nursesIn IQRAA hospital the doctors as well as the nurses are well experienced one. All most all the nurses arecompleted their masters in nursing and also all the doctors are taking their masters. • 24 hrs. ServiceIQRAA hospital provides 24 hrs. Casualty services in each and every day. • Affordable cost for treatmentThis hospital is under a trust called IQRAA. So that the cost for the treatment are less compared to otherhospitals. So that it is affordable for the common people. • Super speciality hospital 60
  61. 61. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUTIn IQRAA hospital almost all the medical departments are there. (General medicine, neurology,gynaecology, E.N.T etc….) and the services provided by each department are highly good. • Give importance to patients than profitIQRAA hospital is under a trust. So that they give importance to the patients than profit. They providefree treatment to the poor people and provide contribution to charities.WEAKNESSES Infra-structure (i.e. capacity)IQRAA hospital has only 250 bed facilities. So that they can provide service only for limited patients.Canteen facilityIQRAA has their own canteen. But the foods are limited. Sometimes the patients didn‘t get the foodaccording to their needs.Lack of expensive equipment‘sAll we know that for dialysis we need well and expensive machineries. But in the case of IQRAA hospitalexpensive equipment‘s are absent. So that they can‘t provide good services in some fields.Shortage in the strength of staffsFrom the profile we have to know that there are only 31 doctors. When we take the case of superspeciality hospital doctors are necessary. But in the case of IQRAA hospital the strength of doctors arevery less and also in the strength of pharmacy staffs.Lack of departmentsIn IQRAA hospital the departments both managerial and medical are less. When we compare IQRAAhospital with other we can see lack in departments. 61
  62. 62. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUTIn effective use of Medias to provide information about the hospital to the needy peopleIQRAA hospital didn‘t use the Medias in proper ways to provide information to the people.OPPURTUNITIES • Tie up with governmentIQRAA hospital made a tie up with government for starting medical colleges and other medical courses. • New innovationsThe hospital has to provide assistance to the medical students for doing research and other • Appointment of well and qualified staffsThe other opportunity for the hospital is to appoint well and qualified staffs in each and every department. • Provide service to more peopleIQRAA hospital change the way of giving treatment and also provide free medical camps to the poorpeople. • Establishment of research centres and medical collegesThe IQRAA hospital has to establish new medical centres as well as research centres for the furthergrowth. • Hold seminars and conference relating to specific diseases with the doctors in other country.THREATS 62
  63. 63. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT• Competition In the case of IQRAA hospital the competition is high from other hospitals.• High capital cost The establishment cost are high. So that some of their projects are in pending.• Lack and demand for man power Now days the demand for the doctors are high. It is one of the problem faced by almost all the hospitals and it is the main problem faced by hospital.• Lack of financeIQRAA hospital is under a trust 63
  64. 64. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT CHAPTER 9 FINDINGS AND SUGGESTIONS9.1 FINDINGS 1. The organization functions are very systematic, inspections is done to ensure. 2. Provide high quality, low cost treatment to the whole community especially the under privileged patients. 3. Intra-departmental, inter-departmental communications are very effective. 4. Employees are Knowledgeable 5. Committed professionals deliver the health care 6. Multi specialty hospital 64
  65. 65. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT 7. Marketing facilities are not adequate 8. Absendisum of employees 9. Compare to the facilities and patients employees are very few 10. No separate room for all the department 11. Maintenance works are not completed within the time9.2 SUGGESTION Take adequate step to increase the marketing facilities Appoint more nursing staffs in the various departments To give more advertisement in media like T.V, news paper, magazines like that Develop new innovations Appoint well professional doctors more Develop new ideas Take more feedback from patients Give more service to the society 65
  66. 66. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT Adopt new facilities A blood bank can be started. The hospital can hire a patient advocate to handle patient grievances. Supervision at all level can be improved. Proper and regular training program conduct for all staffs.CONCLUSION From the detailed study of function of different department and workingconditions of the organization has revealed that the organization environment is very good. Theinter-departmental communication is found very effective. The IQRAA hospital is mainlylooking for the common man and also gives the service to the society and gives good health careat affordable rate .IQRAA hospital is international and also multi specialty hospital. IQRRA has a panel of doctors specialized in divergent fields. IQRAA has almost all thedepartments to the needs of patients with a wide variety of illness. The hospital also runsspecialty centers focusing on health and medical conditions that call for great care and attention 66
  67. 67. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUTviz. cardiac care, diabetes centre, diabetic eye clinic, obesity clinic,De-addictioncentre,inferitility clinic, pregnancy care, dialysis centre etc. The operation theatres in the hospitalare fully equipped with up to date facilities. Management set up the vision and mission of the organization quality objective of theorganization. Proper planning shall be undertaken to locate layout and set up facilities forestablishing.9.4 BIBLIOGRAPHY TEXT BOOKS VS Ramaswamy and S.Namakumari Marketing Management, 4th edition. MACMILLAN PUBLISHERS INDIA LTD. T.N.CHHABRA (Human Resource Management 2nd edition, 2004, Himalaya publishing house, New Delhi). Business Research Methods,7e William G. Zikmund JOURNALS 67
  68. 68. OS AT IQRAA HOSPITAL, CALICUT Booklet of IQRAA hospital and research center CalicutWEBSITES Web site of IQRAA hospital and research centre Calicut – www.iqraa hospital .com - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia- www.india sector. 68