iPad Apps For Education


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A list of some useful iPad and iPhone apps for teachers and students. View this presentation by: http://allaboutyouripad.com

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iPad Apps For Education

  1. 1. Learning Can Be Fun With Apple iPad Incredible iPad Apps for Education
  2. 2. Learning Has Become Fun  iPad is increasingly being used in the education sector and is having a very strong impact on both students and teachers.  Both the students and the teachers are loving it.  Learning has become fun now.
  3. 3. iPad Apps Suitable for All Ages  Let us see some apps for iPad which make learning easy and fun.  There are hundreds of incredible apps which make learning enjoyable.  These apps are for people of all ages from 3 years to 50 years and above.
  4. 4. Evernote App  With the evernote app, you can easily do the following: – create and edit text notes, to-dos and task lists – Record voice and audio notes – Search for text inside images – Organize notes by notebooks and tag – Share your notes with others – Create sticky notes – And do a lot more… Very Useful App for Students for note-taking
  5. 5. VideoScience App  A growing library of over 80 hands-on Science lessons that are great for home and the classroom. These short videos demonstrate inexpensive and easy to recreate experiments that are designed to inspire and excite kids of all ages.
  6. 6. SimpleMind App  This is an incredible mind mapping app that turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device.  It has got many exciting features. You can even share your mind map as JPEG image, or store it on the cloud server.  You can also export to Dropbox
  7. 7. Flashcards  Create your own flascards on any subject or topic with this handy iPad app  Students can create cards to help them study for the upcoming tests  Students can also create quizzes
  8. 8. My Incredible Body App  This is A Kid's App to Learn about the Human Body  Zoom inside a skeleton, muscles, organs, nerves, and blood vessels  Learn how the skull bones fit together, what the busiest muscle in your body is, and other cool facts  Watch short movies that show you how you breathe, how your muscles work together
  9. 9. Prezi App  Create and present beautiful presentations with Prezi for iPad  You can choose from dozens of beautiful and visually stunning templates  Pinch to zoom on topics, retouch your prezis and adjust your presentations on the move.  And do much much more on your way to creating astounding presentations
  10. 10. End  Hope you liked this short presentation.  There are many ways you can use your iPad. Learn how to get the most out of this amazing device. Visit our website: http://allaboutyouripad.com