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Anvil Webinar May 2012: Advanced Analytics


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Albert Einstein once said “Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.” In this webinar, we’ll try to decrease the gap between those two concepts to identify metrics that count and turn them into actionable insights for your business. Make sure to bring your analyst hat as we’ll take a look at the power of cross-channel analytics, attribution modeling and deep dive data analysis.

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Anvil Webinar May 2012: Advanced Analytics

  1. 1. Advanced AnalyticsPresented by:KimToomey(@kimtoomey)Senior Account ExecutiveAnvil Media, Inc.503.595.6050 ext
  2. 2. About Anvil MediaAnvil Media, Inc. is a digital marketing agency specializing in search enginemarketing services, including search engine optimization, analytics, pay-per-click management, online reputation management, mobile & social mediamarketing services.
  3. 3. Some of Our Clients
  4. 4. Anvil Key Differentiators100% of account team Google AdWords & Analyticscertified100% of account team published and spoken in theindustryHigh client & employee retentionFounding member of SEMpdx trade associationSocial Media & PPC Training partner with OMI &WhartonExpertise in technology and entertainmentMajority of clients come from word-of-mouth andreferralsAward winning: PBJ Fastest Growing, Inc 5,000, AMAMAX
  5. 5. AgendaWhat Do You Need to Know?Set Yourself up for SuccessData Discovery Under-appreciated metrics Segmenting Data Flow Visualization Cross-Channel Analysis Attribution Modeling Cool new GA UpdatesResources & Q&A
  6. 6. Identify Your Needs
  7. 7. Getting Started with Analytics“Everything that can be counteddoesn’t necessarily count,everything that counts cannotnecessarily be counted.” - Albert Einstein
  8. 8. An Analytics FrameworkWeb Analytics 101: Definitions: Goals, Metrics, KPIs, Dimensions, Targets—Avinash Kaushik
  9. 9. Think Outside the Box• Call Tracking• Google Places – Get Directions• Mobile App interactions
  10. 10. Setting Up For Success
  11. 11. Goal Tracking
  12. 12. E-Commerce Tracking • More than just e-commerce… • Track variables passed through a customer’s interaction for greater business insights.
  13. 13. Additional Kinds of Tracking• Event Tracking• Download Links• Outbound Links• Customized Visitor Tracking• Internal Links (Banners, on-site promos)
  14. 14. Data Discovery
  15. 15. Vanity Metrics• Vanity metrics are data points that make us feel good when they go up but don’t help us make business decisions. – Pages/Visit – Visitors – Time on Site
  16. 16. Rockstar Metrics – Per Visit Value
  17. 17. Rockstar Metrics – Organic Landing Pages & Keywords
  18. 18. Rockstar Metrics – Impressions by Google Property
  19. 19. Rockstar Metrics – Anything Conversion Related
  20. 20. Rockstar Metrics – More Conversions!•Funnel-level conversion rates by individual traffic sources help identify problemswith your shopping cart by visitor type.• What traffic sources are most likely to generate a final sale?
  21. 21. Segment by Days and Hours
  22. 22. Data Segmentation
  23. 23. Data Segmentation
  24. 24. Flow Visualization
  25. 25. Flow Visualization for Mobile
  26. 26. Cross Channel AnalysisThe larger the overlap between circles – the more those channels influence the other’sconversions.
  27. 27. Cross Channel AnalysisThe higher the Assisted/Last Interaction Conversions value, the more likely it is thatchannel is not getting the full credit it deserves towards a sale.
  28. 28. The Move Away from Last Click
  29. 29. Attribution Modeling• Display is almost always under- represented with last-click attribution modeling.
  30. 30. How to Attribute?
  31. 31. Top Conversion PathsShould organic search get full credit for those sales?
  32. 32. Tools for Attribution Modeling
  33. 33. Tools for Attribution Modeling
  34. 34. New Cool Reports!
  35. 35. Google Analytics Social Reporting
  36. 36. Time Lag for Social Visitors* Which social sites are driving impulse purchases vs. nurturing fans through a longerbuying cycle.
  37. 37. Google Analytics Social Reporting* How valuable are your social efforts in relation to your total site value?
  38. 38. SummaryStart with identifying the goals for your site based on what really matters for your businessDetermine the best ways to track all of those critical metricsLook past vanity metrics and focus on actionable dataSegment!Give credit where credit is dueKeep trying to measure social – it continues to evolve
  39. 39. ResourcesArticlesMarketing Attribution: Valuing the Customer Journey you need to know about measuring social media’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik, Metrics on the wall, Who’s the vainest of them all? Nissan uses Ecommerce Tracking Without Directly Selling Online PapersThe Marketer’s Guide to Getting Started with Social Media Marketing Marketer’s Guide to Location-Based Social Networking Marketer’s Guide to Optimizing Your Web Content for Search Engines Advanced Guide to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing
  40. 40. Q&A and Next Steps Read Anvil’s blog, articles & white papers – Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter - @anvilmedia Contact us with questions about today’s webinar or Anvil services Nick Footer Business Development Executive Anvil Media, Inc. 310 NE Failing Street Portland, OR 97212 503.595.6050 x228 office 503.481.6629 cell Twitter: @nickfooter LinkedIn: nickfooter
  41. 41. Upcoming Anvil WebinarsJune 20th, 2012 – 10am PSTSite Search – Your Secret WeaponFind Out More and Register