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Anvil Media InnoTech eMarketing Summit SEO Fail Panel


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Anvil Media's SEO Fail panel presentation for the eMarketing Summit @ InnoTech Panel

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Anvil Media InnoTech eMarketing Summit SEO Fail Panel

  1. 1. SEO #FAILS – Tales From the Darkside That Might Be Affecting You @KentLewis President & Founder
  2. 2. About Me
  3. 3. 3C’s of SEO Content Code Credibility
  4. 4. Content #FAILContent (duplicate, recycled, useless)
  5. 5. More Content #FAILSAdvertising (above the fold)Affiliates (thin sites)
  6. 6. Code #FAILSKeyword-stuffing domains (EMD) & navigationKeyword-stuffing title, META & anchor textCloaking, redirects & doorway pages
  7. 7. Credibility #FAILSLow quality links and uniform anchor textLink farms, paid links & blog spam
  8. 8. Best PracticesGood design & experience = rankingsContent = unique, timely, compelling, relevantMultimedia experience = images & videoDon’t forget social media = trust & authority
  9. 9. Thank YouRead articles & white papers in Anvil Resources sectionSign up for our monthly email newsletter & webinarsRead our blog or follow us on Twitter (@AnvilMedia)Ask questions about search, social media or mobilemarketing@KentLewisPresident & FounderAnvil Media,