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Anvil Webinar April 2012 - Advanced Social Media: How to Utilize Top Platforms


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Anvil Webinar April 2012 - Advanced Social Media: How to Utilize Top Platforms

  1. 1. Advanced Social Media:How to Utilize TopPlatformsPresented by:Jason Kane (@jasonjkane)Account ExecutiveAnvil Media, Inc.503.595.6050 ext
  2. 2. About Anvil Media Anvil Media, Inc. is a digital marketing agency specializing in search engine marketin services, including search engine optimization, analytics, pay-per-click management, online reputation management, mobile & social media marketing services.
  3. 3. Some of Our Clients
  4. 4. Anvil Key Differentiators100% of account team Google AdWords & Analyticscertified100% of account team published and spoken in theindustryHigh client & employee retentionFounding member of SEMpdx trade associationSocial Media & PPC Training partner with OMI &WhartonExpertise in technology and entertainmentMajority of clients come from word-of-mouth andreferralsAward winning: PBJ Fastest Growing, Inc 5,000, AMAMAX
  5. 5. Agenda AgendaTimeline Profile OptimizationEdgeRank @MentionsPPC Ads #HashtagsPremium Ads Sponsored ProductsFollow Button Channel OptimizationFeatured Products Video OptimizationUpdates Promoted ProductsPPC AdsPremium Ads
  6. 6. Timeline
  7. 7. Cover Photo 850 x 315 pixels What you can‟t do: • Include price or purchase info • Contact info • Calls to action • References to Facebook feature such as “Like” or “Share” (no arrows pointing)
  8. 8. Above the Fold Information 1 “About” box that will vary by type of business – 150 characters 2. Photos – native application that will always be in first position and shows the most recent photo uploaded 3. Custom apps – photos are 110 3 x 74 pixels and can be1 customized. 4 2 4. The rest of your custom apps which can be rearranged, except for the photos native app
  9. 9. No More Landing Pages
  10. 10. “Like” Insight
  11. 11. Custom Apps Upload custom photo app icon (110x74 pixels) Existing apps are centered in new space • Now 810 pixels wide up from 520 pixels
  12. 12. Private Messaging Great customer service option Brands are not allowed to initiate contact with users Users don‟t have to be fans to message the brand
  13. 13. Tell a Story
  14. 14. Highlight a Story Highlight a post to expand across both columns
  15. 15. Highlight a Story
  16. 16. Pin Posts to Top Only use for content that you want to have high visibility Posts stay expanded at the top of the timeline for 7 days New method to feature content with the demise of custom landing pages
  17. 17. EdgeRank
  18. 18. EdgeRank –How to Maintain Visibility
  19. 19. EdgeRank Explained Based on EdgeRank – Fans see the pages and people they interact with most. Build affinity by encouraging weighted activity through engaging content. The average brand posts are seen by less than 10% of their fans
  20. 20. How to Stay in Feeds Always include a thumbnail or a video Ask open ended questions • Don’t state opinions, use fill in the blank Short, focused posts • Posts with 80 or less characters result in 27% more engagement than posts with 80+ Interact with fans
  21. 21. Facebook PPC Ads
  22. 22. Self-Serve PPC Ads
  23. 23. Creating Ads Step 1: Ad Content
  24. 24. Creating Ads Step 2: Targeting
  25. 25. Creating Ads Step 3: Campaigns, Pricing and Scheduling
  26. 26. Campaign Performance Data
  27. 27. Facebook Premium Ads
  28. 28. New Premium Ads
  29. 29. Examples of Premium Ads $25k/month minimum spend New premium placements on mobile and within news feeds
  30. 30. Placements and Formats New Placements • Newsfeed • Mobile Newsfeed • Logout Screen New Formats • Status • Event • Question • Status • Photo • Video
  31. 31. Mobile Facebook Ads
  32. 32. Reach Generator Reach 75% of fans • Typical posts only reach 10- 15% of fans Additional engagement and greater ROI
  33. 33. Profile Optimization
  34. 34. Existing Best Practices Prominent logo Custom background Cross promoting other social profiles Photos of contributors with Twitter handles
  35. 35. Upcoming Brand Pages New banner space • 835 x 90 pixels Ability to “pin” tweets to the top • Expands photo or video content automatically
  36. 36. @Mentions
  37. 37. Using @Mentions Use the @ and the username when you want to respond to another Twitter user Powerful for customer service Engage with users
  38. 38. #Hashtags
  39. 39. Using #Hashtags A hashtag can be added to posts in order to make them more visible in search and give them the ability to become a „trend‟ Use hashtags to start a new trend or participate in ongoing popular conversations.
  40. 40. Danger of Hashtags Be careful using hashtags that are too general
  41. 41. Twitter Chats Twitter chats use a predetermined schedule and hashtag to create a trended conversation among a niche audience • Usually moderated by 1 or more users • Large list of Twitter Chats:
  42. 42. Twitter Sponsored Products
  43. 43. Promoted Accounts Targeted by existing users interests and follows • Can refine further with keywords • Can geographically target users Cost per follow (CPF) auction • Competitive bid is $2-3
  44. 44. Promoted Tweets Targeted by search keywords • Can geographically target users • Average engagement rates at 1-3% Cost per engagement (CPE) auction • Engagement defined as a click, favorite, retweet, or reply • Competitive bid is $0.50
  45. 45. Promoted Trends Reserved on first come, first serve basis • One advertiser per day • Fixed price of $120k for 24 hours Average engagement rate is 0.20% on the Trend For large advertisers looking for awareness building
  46. 46. Promoted Tweet & Account Analytics
  47. 47. Promoted Trend Analytics
  48. 48. Follow Button
  49. 49. Install a Follow Button 1. Make sure you‟re an admin of your company page 2. Visit: plugins/follow-company 3. Select button format 4. Generate code an install on site
  50. 50. Featured Products
  51. 51. Featured Products Update your products / services page with images Completely free Add up to 3 banners to any outside destination URL • 640 x 220 pixels each
  52. 52. Featured Products
  53. 53. Updates
  54. 54. Brand Page Updates Company Twitter integration is gone • Still available for individual profiles though Posts need to be made on LinkedIn as page admin Updates will appear in individual LinkedIn newsfeeds
  55. 55. LinkedIn PPC Ads
  56. 56. Self Serve PPC Ads
  57. 57. Creating Ads Step 1: Create Campaign
  58. 58. Creating Ads Step 2: Targeting
  59. 59. Creating Ads Step 3: Campaign Options
  60. 60. PPC Ad Performance Data
  61. 61. LinkedIn Premium Ads
  62. 62. Display Ads $20-25k minimum spend Only available through LinkedIn ad network IAB standard units
  63. 63. Content Ads Share video, tweets, blogs, etc. • Available in 300 x 250 pixels or 160 x 600 pixels Use existing RSS feeds
  64. 64. Partner Messages Delivered to the LinkedIn inbox of targeted users One 1 delivered every 60 days to any one member
  65. 65. Polls Engage users questions that also gain valuable market data Results are updated dynamically to reflect new answers as they come in
  66. 66. Channel Optimization
  67. 67. Channel Homepage Welcome video Custom background Prominent logo
  68. 68. Video Optimization
  69. 69. Optimizing Individual Videos Conduct keyword research using YouTube keyword tool: Descriptive, catchy titles with keywords included Optimize Tags • Relevant tags that describe the video • Use as many tags as possible, while staying relevant • Most important tags should match keywords from title and description • Avoid usage of “and, “or”, and similar words
  70. 70. Include Call-to-Action End each video with a call-to-action
  71. 71. YouTube Promoted Products
  72. 72. Video Targeting Tools Select the type of advertisement on YouTube • Type of ad • Geographic targeting • Placements This tool then automatically generates the campaigns in AdWords
  73. 73. Promoted Videos Similar to PPC ads, but with video content Bid on specific keywords and only pay for clicks
  74. 74. Display Ads Managed placements through Google AdWords Ads as side banners or video overlays during playback
  75. 75. In-Stream Ads Play prior to requested video content being loaded 0:30 in length
  76. 76. 24 Hour Homepage Takeover Full creative freedom 60 million daily impressions Custom tracking & measurement
  77. 77. Wrap Up
  78. 78. ResourcesArticlesSocial Media Metrics That Matter to be a Rock Star on 8 Social Media Platforms Tips To Keep Your Social Media Content Calendar Full to Become a Social Media Guru in 3 Easy Steps PapersThe Marketer’s Guide to Getting Started with Social Media Marketing
  79. 79. Q&A and Next Steps Read Anvil’s blog, articles & white papers – Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter - @anvilmedia Contact us with questions about today’s webinar or Anvil services Nick Footer Business Development Executive Anvil Media, Inc. 310 NE Failing Street Portland, OR 97212 503.595.6050 x228 office 503.481.6629 cell Twitter: @nickfooter LinkedIn: nickfooter
  80. 80. Upcoming Anvil WebinarsMay 16th, 2012 – 10am PSTAdvanced AnalyticsJune 20th, 2012 – 10am PSTSite SearchFind Out More and Register