Pizza hut presentation copy animate pg3


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Pizza hut presentation copy animate pg3

  1. 1. Delivering MOre. Presented bysHannOn OkinisHi Jay Higa r e ta i l Director of sales manager Business Development
  2. 2. keep tHe DOugH rOlling.Deliveringmoreto pizza Hut ®.com
  3. 3. Delivering MOre. reach market share sales value profits brandawareness cost savings traffic to thru pizza Hut ’s ® ordering website efficiencies .com
  4. 4. Online Delivery. pizza Hut will get MOre thru a ®fixed position on the top left box position of .com
  5. 5. tOppings galOre. - Pizza and fast food category position exclusivity incredible reach: • receive every page view from the site: 20 million per month • receive every unique visitor: 1.2 million per month - run different campaigns throughout the month - clicks to Pizza Hut ’s website for ® online ordering efficiencies - unbelievable cost per thousand .com
  6. 6. satisfactiOn. Oceanic Time Warner has enjoyed the benefits of this position for the past year. they run multiple campaigns throughout the month. Longs Drugs has a fixed position near the navigation bar and has been pleased with the results, as has Prudential Locations. tHe POWer OF reACHInG 1.2 MILLION UNIQUE VISITORS & 21 MILLION PAGE VIEWS Is AWesOMe & InCredIbLe!.com
  7. 7. anOtHer slice please. Just $12,000 –or– 60 cents per thousand per month If only .5% (one-half of a percent) Let’s of all unique look at visitors are new Pizza Hut customers ®Pizza Hut ’s ® and the average ticket is $15, this rOI: plan would generate an additional $1,080,000 annually. But more importantly, pizza Hut ’s ® overall market share will increase. .com
  8. 8. we “like”, wHat yOu’ll like. twice each month, wewill feature pizza Hut®’s deal of the day on ourfacebook page which ® currently has 26,000 friends and growing. more reach which can result in more sales. .com
  9. 9. MaHalO.