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Apc plan

  1. 1. Albion PC Care India Internet Marketing Plan Prepared by Anupma Yadav
  2. 2. Contents Agenda ◦ Introduction to Albion PC Care ◦ What we want to achieve?  Visibility in SERP  Targeted Buyers Where are we today? Blogs SERP Ranking Table Keywords In Process Future Plan For Albion PC Care Queries…. Thank you Prepared by Anupma Yadav
  3. 3. Agenda Introduction to Albion PC care q q What we want to achieve? Visibility in SERP Targeted Buyers Prepared by Anupma Yadav
  4. 4. Introduction to Albion PC Care● Albion PC Care provides EXPERT tech support services. We are the first in PROACTIVE management services of PC and Laptops● We offer technical help on Live call & Chat through Remote assistance. We Rescue, Restore and Monitor your devices● We have a expertise Apps ,Email integration, Backup & SmartPhone support. We offer Cloud Instant Backup and support services for open wares. An ISO 9001 and ISO 27000(undergoing) data security and incident proof organization More than a decade experience and expertise of managing Organizations IT Infrastructure. Prepared by Anupma Yadav
  5. 5. What we want to achieve? q Visibility in SERP ü Make http://www.albionpccare.in/ q Targeted Buyers ü Convince people to buy product Prepared by Anupma Yadav
  6. 6. Where are we today? Alexa Traffic Rank Now. Early Global Rank 22,37507 42,98.709 Indian Rank 167,357 Not showing Prepared by Anupma Yadav
  7. 7. Alexa Ranka
  8. 8. Blogs Albion PC Care :http://www.albion2000.com/blog/ Albion PC Care :http://albionpccare-india.blogspot.in/ Albion PC Care :http://albionpccare4u.wordpress.com/Albion PC Care :http://albionpccare4u.livejournal.com/ Albion PC care :http://albionpccare-india.tumblr.com Prepared by Anupma Yadav
  9. 9. Google Result Keywords Rank Cloud instant backup #1 Instant tech support #1 Instant Technical Support #1 Computer Technical Support #1 Computer Tech Support #1 Instant PC Support #1 PC Care Support #7 Prepared by Anupma Yadav
  10. 10. Cloud Instant Backup
  11. 11. Instant Tech Support
  12. 12. Instant Technical Support
  13. 13. Computer Technical Support
  14. 14. Computer Tech Support
  15. 15. Instant PC Support
  16. 16. PC Care Support
  17. 17. Keywords in Process Keywords PC Support Desktop Support 24/7 Tech Support Computer Support Technical Support Virus Removal Printer Support Online Computer Support Prepared by Anupma Yadav
  18. 18. Future PlanSite RestructureTo make Albion PC Care visible in first page of SERP in coming next 2 months Make Albion PC Care more visible in local business search Promotion on twitter for business Promotion on FB Promotion on SMO Email Marketing Site Interior Increase Google Page rank
  19. 19. Any Queries???
  20. 20. Thank You Prepared by Anupma Yadav