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Sk pp#2

  1. 1. Simeratpal KaurDr. James WilliamsPosition Paper 2Feb 16th , 2011 EMPLOYEES GLOBAL STRATEGY Employees have many challenges in today’s world business. They need security, friendlyenvironment, extra rewards and wages, cooperative environment etc. Business is a world ofcompetition. When employees are hired for jobs they have to suffer a very hard time ofinterviews, training, and hiring. Managers evaluate employees on the basis of their workingefficiency. So, if employees are ready to accept all those challenges then they also demand forgood salary and extra benefits. Employees demand allowances and pensions to make secure theirjobs in any type of bad condition like when economy goes down, recession, other naturaldisasters. Communication is an essential part of an organization. Employees want to know that thecompany they work for has a clear strategy. So, those employees can come to know that in whichdirection the business is going and what are the important priorities and challenges can be appearin the future. Organizations that dont communicate strategy to employees are actually lackinga clear direction for their employees. Salary is the top most area in which employees seek change. So, organization shouldfoster a work environment in which employees feel comfortable asking for a raise. Employeesfind pay systems in which all employees receive the same pay increase annually. Organizations’future situation is unpredictable. So, employees should know about their rights. In case ifemployees lose their jobs, organization has to make some efforts Employees are concerned
  2. 2. particularly with pay incremental, the differential in pay between new and longer termemployees. Motivation is also another strategy which every organization should follow for theiremployees. Some people work to utilize their free time, others work for personal fulfillment.Some people are passionate they want to do more what they can actually. They are those peopletoo who have personal missions which they accomplish through by doing meaningful work. Butwe all know that these reasons are at the second level, firstly we all preferred more money whichcan satisfy all regular needs and wants. Respect is the right of every employee in the organization. If people feel as if they aretreated with respect and dignity they will respond with respect and dignified actions. Ifemployees are not treated with dignity it may affect organization’s condition. So, if managerswill behave rudely with their employees then those employees can quit those jobs. Employee wants to have an impact on decisions which are made for them. Employeeinvolvement is very necessary and all people want to make contribution in the organization. Iforganization will support employee’s decisions it makes a difference in the workplace. For everyoutcome which employees make should be welcome by the managers but if they are not in thecompany’s favor they should be respond them that why their reaction is not counted. Every employee needs security and safety in the workplace. As Ginsburg said that thereare also few other ways employees can stay safe at work. When offices are about to close orother dangerous times, they have to hold their phones in their hands or at least they should keeptheir phones near to their hands so that in the hard times they can contact with somebody or they
  3. 3. can come to know about the danger through phone calls. Employers may also want to considerusing wireless which is more convenient than other phone systems. So, the most important thingemployers can do to help employees stay safe at work is to alert employees about strange andunusual things which are going on in the organization. Before organization’s safety and security,employees’ security is more important. Employees want an alcoholic free environment wherethey can work in a fresh environment. There are some employees who don’t drink and smoke soif they have to work with smokers or drinkers and where drink and alcohol is not prohibitedduring office hours then they will surely quit the job. So, employees always demand to work in afresh environment where they can enjoy their work. Employees want to get more and more money. Every employee loves a cash bonus or araise. Organization should provide extra rewards to employees for their extra activities. Ifemployees will get rewards it will fulfill their money needs as well as they will get motivationfrom their managers. Providing rewards to employees is a way of demonstrating them so thatthey can value their work more than anything. It allows employees to gain experience andknowledge, and providing workers with a measure of familiarity and stability. Employees whofeel valued tend to work harder in order to get more rewards in the future because if they willcontribute more then they will get more rewards. So, employees also demand for their facilities ifthey have to work properly. This situation is ultimate because there is a give and take relationbetween employees and organization.Completely off the mark. This has nothing to do with the globalstrategy of a specific organization.25
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