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Anu Solar Power- Introduction to Solar Water Heaters


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A quick introduction on how to buy a solar water heater in India. Also read up about its tremendous value and why you should invest in one

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Anu Solar Power- Introduction to Solar Water Heaters

  1. 1. QUICK INTRODUCTION TO SOLARWATER HEATERS By Anu Solar Power Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore
  2. 2. SOLAR WATER HEATERS IN INDIA  Did you know, more than 90% of the users found a solar water heating system to be satisfactory, especially in saving fuel costs  Bangalore has the largest density of solar water heaters in the country  India enjoys over 300 days of bright sunshine each year and is a great country for solar water heaters
  3. 3. BENEFITS OF A SOLAR WATER HEATER  One time investment  Reduces your energy bill  Provides 24/7 hot water for domestic use  Get hot water even when the power is out  Environmentally friendly option
  4. 4. TYPES OF SOLAR WATER HEATERS Flat Plate Collector Solar Water Heater  Works well in a country like India that has plenty of sunlight  Costs less than evacuated tube collector solar water heater  Most commonly seen on the roof tops of buildings & houses Evacuated Tube Collector Solar Water Heater  Provides hot water even in limited sunlight, ideal for cold places  Is costlier than flat plate collector solar water heater  Is extremely durable
  5. 5. THINGS TO WATCH FOR WHEN BUYING A SOLARWATER HEATER  Ensure that the company uses quality products to manufacture solar water heaters  Products are BIS approved  Size of the solar water heater is as per your domestic requirement  Company offers good post sales support and maintenance  The company has been around for a while and is trustable
  6. 6. WHY BUY A SOLAR WATER HEATER FROM ANU SOLARPOWER  We are a 25 year old company manufacturing solar water heater  We spend time understanding your need before we suggest the right solar water heater  You can also calculate the size of your solar water heater by using the calculator on our website  All our products are BIS certified
  7. 7. ABOUT ANU SOLAR Anu Solar Power Pvt. Ltd. is a 25 year old company and one of the largest solar water heater manufacturers in the country. We shaped the development of the solar energy sector when we introduced the first solar water heaters with mild steel collectors. We have consistently stood out as innovators with our solar water heaters, LED lights and inverters. Our expertise also extends to green audit solutions and green building consultancy. Anu Solar has a large and growing presence throughout India and have a significant client base of both retail and industrial customers.
  8. 8. CONNECT WITH ANU SOLAR Are you on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ connect with us Twitter:!/anusolar Facebook: Google+:
  9. 9. CONTACT Anu Solar Power Private Service: Limited + 91 80 43550218 No. 248, 8th Main, + 91 80 43550203 3rd Cross, 3rd Phase, + 91 80 43550266 (24/7 IVR Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore - 560 058 INDIA Support) E mail: E mail: Sales: Phone: +91 9742002525 +91 - 80 – 43550200 (24/7 IVR Support) E mail:
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