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Future continuous


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This is a presentation by Katia Martins about the use of the Future Continuous, Future Perfect and Future Perfect Continuous.

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Future continuous

  1. 1. FutureFuture Continuous &Continuous & PerfectPerfect
  2. 2. Future ContinuousFuture Continuous will + be + verb-ingwill + be + verb-ing This time next week we’ll be sitting on the beach. A: Where do I meet you? B: I’ll be waiting for you outside the cinema.
  3. 3. to talk about an action thatto talk about an action that will be inwill be in progressprogress at aat a specific point in thespecific point in the future.future. UseUse Future ContinuousFuture Continuous At seven o’clock tomorrow I will be playing soccer.
  4. 4. to talk aboutto talk about planned eventsplanned events, or, or events that weevents that we expect to happenexpect to happen.. (Similar to the(Similar to the present continuouspresent continuous forfor arrangements)arrangements) UseUse Future ContinuousFuture Continuous I’ll be going to the mall later. Is there anything you need?
  5. 5. toto predictpredict what iswhat is happening nowhappening now.. UseUse Future ContinuousFuture Continuous Try phoning the school. He’ll probably still be having lunch.
  6. 6. Can you let me know what time you will be arriving? Use WILL to ask extremely politely about future plans.
  7. 7. By the time we get to the movies, the film will have already started. Future PerfectFuture Perfect will + have + verbwill + have + verb (past participle)(past participle)
  8. 8. to talk about a completed action orto talk about a completed action or event in the future / to look back fromevent in the future / to look back from the future to an earlier event, oftenthe future to an earlier event, often withwith BYBY oror BY THE TIMEBY THE TIME.. UseUse Future PerfectFuture Perfect By June, he will have payed his debt.
  9. 9. By May, she will have bought a car. She’ll have looked at a lot of cars by then.
  10. 10. The party started early. So, by midnight we will have been celebrating for many hours. Future Perfect ContinuousFuture Perfect Continuous will + have + been verb-ingwill + have + been verb-ing
  11. 11. By the time he isBy the time he is eighteen, heeighteen, he will havewill have been learningbeen learning French forFrench for ten years.ten years. UseUse Future Perfect ContinuousFuture Perfect Continuous to say how long an action or eventto say how long an action or event will have been in progresswill have been in progress at aat a specific timespecific time in the futurein the future..
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  13. 13. Developed by Kátia Martins PereiraDeveloped by Kátia Martins Pereira