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Leadership & Management the chanakya way


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Leadership & Management the chanakya way.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Leadership & Management the chanakya way

  1. 1. “Leadership & Management the Chanakya way" By, Anusha Chavan Future Robo System
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION to chanakya Chanakya also known as Kautilya & Vishnugupta was the world's first Economist, Master Strategist & Management Guru. – Born in 3 B.C. – Vishugupta – Kautilya – Chanakya – Pulled down Nanda Dynasty – King maker – Chandragupta Maurya – Responsible for the defeat of Alexander in India  His management thoughts and ideas guided Kings and Rulers for Centuries.  He documented his lifelong work in the book  Kautilya's Arthashastra  and his 6000 sutras brought out some of the key principles and strategies for sound governance, which are relevant even today and would be in the future too.
  3. 3. the 7 Pillars for Business success SWAMI – The King (The Leader) AMATYA - The Minister (The Manager) JANAPADA - The Country (Your Market) DURGA - The Fortified City (Infrastructure) KOSHA - The Treasury (Finance) DANDA – The Army (Your Team) MITRA - The Ally (Mentor) (Kautilya Arthashastra)
  4. 4. SWAMI – THE KING (The Leader) The Leader is the visionary, the captain, the man who sets the vision and the direction. In today's corporate world we call him the Director, CEO, etc. Insights from
  5. 5. Leadership Qualities • Intelligent & dynamic – “Plan out your work & work out your plan” • Associates with elders >Vriddhasanyoga • Truthful in speech • Does not break promises > “walk the talk” • Grateful – “ I know all” • Desirous of training • Easily approachable Fundamentals of Leadership : • Economics • Law - patents • Foreign policies – FDI • War
  6. 6. AMATYA – minister (Manager) The Minister is the person who runs the show - the second-in- command. He is an Efficient Manager, who stirs the ship in the right direction and is always in action. Insights from
  7. 7. Manageme nt Chanakya defines the five principles of management: 1)The means of starting undertakings(assignments/project) 2) Excellence of men & materials 3) Suitable place & time 4)Provision against failures 5)Accomplishment of work  Desire to learn  Power of retention  Thorough understanding  Intentness on truth  Ability to lead an army  Sweetness of speech.
  8. 8. JANAPADA - country (market) No business can exist without a Market to serve. It is the area of operation. The place and people you serve and from where you get your revenue and cash flow. Insights from
  9. 9. DURG – ForT (infrastructure) Infrastructure is the nucleus and the center of any organization. It's from here that your central administrative work is done & in today's day & age, it is both physical & digital. Insights from
  10. 10. KOSHA - Treasury (finance) Finance is the backbone of any business. A strong and well-managed treasury is the heart of any organisation. Insights from
  11. 11. DANDA – army (team) The Army consists of your Team members. Those who are ready to fight for the organization. The salesmen, the accountant, the driver, the peon - all of them add to your Team. Irrational Leadership: Private v/s Government sector. Insights from
  12. 12. MITRA - ally (Mentor) The Ally is the friend, philosopher & guide, whom you can depend upon when problems arise. He is the Mentor who sheds light & guides when one is in darkness. Insights from
  13. 13. AANVEEKSHIKEE? • WHAT IS AANVEEKSHIKEE? It is a science of – ‘How to think?’ • It teaches one to think alternative solutions to a problem or situation > Ideation Dept. IIST Bangalore, Silicon Valley. • It is about ‘Intelligence management’ • It is a part of ‘psychology’— “out of box” study of the human mind and intellect • Convert to strategic thinking.. Continuous learning process…
  14. 14. “One arrow may not kill the enemy. But a man using his sharpened intellect can destroy the king along with his kingdom”
  15. 15. Thank you