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Group 16 presentation


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Group 16 presentation

  1. 1. Topic :
  2. 2. By :Group 16Name Roll no Seat noYashika Bajaj 53 975Suhani Rathi 69 991Madhura Satao 72 994Anamica Ukirde 76 998
  3. 3. IntroductionJesus clearly taught withouthumility we cannot enter thekingdom of God. Humility is beingmodest and humble. Humility isobedience to God above everythingelse. It is said by Saint Augustine -
  4. 4. “It was pride that changedangels into devils and it ishumility, that makes men asangels.”
  5. 5. A wrong attitude when you have afight with your best friend.
  6. 6. How to react if we are at fault orwe do mistake. (A fight betweentwo best friends)
  7. 7. Gandhiji, Lal Bahadur Shastri andmany other great leaders of ourcountry India were shiningexamples of humility. Gandhijimade humility a ‘national fashion’.
  8. 8. StoryThe Proud Crow
  9. 9. Just look at those stupid birds. Ha! Ha! Long ago there was a proud crow.One day he saw a flock of geese flyingover a river. He laughed at them andsaid that they did not know how to fly
  10. 10. The goose were very angry . But theykept quite. Still the crow did not stoptalking. He then challenged the goose for aflying competition. The goose accepted thechallenge. Ha! Ha! You don’t fly properly. I think you should learn from me
  11. 11. I was right. You cannot fly. But don’t worry, my friend ,I’ll teach you.The goose then started flying fast, ignoring thenasty remarks made by the crow. They flew so farover the river that they could not see a speck ofland below. Soon the crow got tired and startedloosing his strength.
  12. 12. He requested the goose to help him orelse he will drown. The goose felt sorryfor him and carried him on his back tothe bank of the river. The grateful crowthanked the goose for saving his lifeand apologized for being rude. Poor crow. I should save him. Oh! I am fainting. Somebody please help me.
  13. 13. The goose said that he will forgive thecrow only if he promised to be humble. Moral of the story: Humility shows gratitude. So to be humble, you have to be grateful.
  14. 14. A saying on Humilityby Thomas Merton
  15. 15. Conclusion Humility is a strange thing. Theminute you think you have got it,you have lost it. Giving of ourselves with humility is an act of selflessness , but when done so grudgingly it is an act of selfishness.