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Plan about subject pronoun grade 3


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plan subj.pron.grade3

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Plan about subject pronoun grade 3

  1. 1. LESSON PLAN IN ENGLISH 3 I. Objectives 1. Use personal pronouns( Subject Pronoun) 2. Read and write phrases or sentences with ei and ie digraph 3. Respond actively to different activities 4. Show cooperation in group activities II. Subject Matter Using Personal Pronouns ( Subject Pronoun) Reading and writing phrases and sentences with ei and ie digraph References: English TG 67-68, LM Activity 258 A and B Material: LED TV/DLP, charts, activity worksheets, improvised cabbage, Strategies: Cabbage relay, cooperative learning (corner) Link: Art, ESP Values: cooperation, helpfulness DepEd Thrust: Moral Transformation III. Procedure A. Preliminary Activities 1. Drill Read the sentences. Pick out the subject in each sentence. 1. Mother prepares breakfast everyday. 2. Pupils learned a new lesson from the video “ Turbo”. 3. Christian sent a letter to Ms. Agudo yesterday. 4. Dog is Xedrick’s favourite pet. 2. Review ( through cabbage relay) Say: This time, you are going to do the cabbage relay. Everybody will stand and form a big circle. As the music plays, try to pass this improvised cabbage to your classmate. When the music stops, the pupil holding the cabbage will get a strip of paper and try to pick out the noun in the given sentence. Ask: What is a noun?
  2. 2. B. Presentation 1. Say: Children do you still remember our story last time? Now I have here sentences about our story last time. A. Mateo is a boy. He is helpful. B. Mother gets the old clothes from the cabinet. She wants to give them to the victims of typhoon. C. Children stay in the evacuation center. They need clothes and foods. D. The shirt is old. It is red. 2. Modeling and Teaching Whom are we talking on the first sentence on set A ? Underline it. What can you say about him? Who is helpful? Encircle it. How about in the second set of sentences, who gets the old clothes? Underline it. Is mother a girl or a boy? Who wants to give the old clothes to the victims of typhoon? Encircle it. Who stay in the evacuation center? Underline it How many are we talking about? Who need clothes and food? Encircle it What is old in the fourth set of sentences? Underline it. How can you describe it? What is red in the last sentence? Encircle it. Say: Now, read the underlined words children? How do you call them? ( noun) How are they use in each sentence? ( subject) Read the encircled words? How do we call them? (pronoun) What is pronoun? Say: When a pronoun is use to replace a subject, we call them subject pronoun?
  3. 3. This time lets us try to illustrate them through a chart. Subject Referring to Pronoun Mateo a boy/male He Mother A girl/female She Children persons/things They Shirt a thing It I Myself I Maria and I A person including yourself We Ace directly talking to ace You 3. Generalization What is a pronoun? When do we say that it is a subject pronoun? What are different subject pronouns? 4. Application ( Corners) Team 1- Sing “Its I Who Build Community” then encircle the pronoun ( The Voice) Team 2- Replace the noun in each sentence with appropriate pronoun. ( The Replica) Team 3- Arrange the jumbled words to make a good sentence then illustrate it. Team 4- Match the picture with the phrase and make a sentence about it using personal pronouns 5. Evaluation Write in your notebook the appropriate pronoun t for the subject in each sentence. 1. Noel waits for his turn. ___ behaves well in class. 2. Uncle Tano and I are tired. _____ worked hard . 3. Xedrick Loise, JD and Chalet play a lot. _____ ride on their bike everyday. 4. An old woman was standing near the seashore._____ was holding a wooden cane. 5. The dog guards the house. _____ barks to strangers. 6. Assignment Journal Writing Tell pupils that they are going write a journal and they should start with the personal pronoun I in their sentences. I learned about _______________ today. I feel happy that __________________. I want to ________________________. Additional Activity Use the following personal pronoun in a sentence: He, She It They We