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Tech quiz at NIT, Rourkela.

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I Quiz

  1. 1. i-QUIZ By:- Anurag Mohanty (2011-16) NIT, Rourkela
  2. 2. Question - 1Israel banned the imports of thisgadget in their country. After twomonths of the ban, they lifted theban and returned the confiscatedgadgets. Then the PrincetonUniversity and The Yankees Stadiumin New York too banned this gadgetdue to issues with Wi Fi andnetwork. Name this gadget.
  3. 3. And the answer is: Apple iPad
  4. 4. Question - 2What is the Google headquarters called?
  5. 5. And the answer is:Googleplex ( googolplex, the namegiven to the large number 1010100, or10googol).
  6. 6. Question - 3It was started in 1984 with an initialmission of building indigenoussupercomputers in Indiaheadquartered at Pune presently.What am I talking about?
  7. 7. And the answer is:C-DAC (Centre for Development ofAdvanced Computing)
  8. 8. Question - 4Which is the famous video gamecompany whose name when translatedfrom Japanese to English roughly givesthe phrase “leave luck to heaven”?This company was initially started as aproducer of playing cards. Which is thisfamous company?
  9. 9. And the answer is:Nintendo founded by Nintendo Koppai.
  10. 10. Question - 5Which 80s pop star benefited froma global game to trick people intoclicking through to YouTube?
  11. 11. And the answer is: Rick Astley.
  12. 12. Question - 6Amazon’s search engine has afacility which allows users tovirtually walk down the blocks inUS cities. What is the name of thisfacility and the search engine?
  13. 13. And the answer is:Block ViewA9
  14. 14. Question - 7It’s a app. Designedfor iOS. Last year itachieved somethingthat no other apphas achieved in longlong time.Identify the app andthe achievement.
  15. 15. And the answer is:Tiny Wing. Last year it beat angry bird as most downloaded app for two weeks.
  16. 16. Question - 8In 1946 twenty people met in a burned-out department store in Tokyo to form anew company. The TokyoTelecommunication EngineeringCorporation. One of its founders,Masaru Ibuka, wanted to create aproduct that would be useful to thegeneral public. What is the companyknown as today?
  17. 17. And the answer is: Sony Corporation.
  18. 18. Question - 9What was the first email message?
  19. 19. And the answer is: QWERTYUIOPRay Tomlinson was the inventor ofInternet based e-mail in the early1970’s
  20. 20. Question - 10This P2P file sharing service raninto trouble after it circulated thesong I Disappear by Metallicaeven before it was officiallyreleased. Which is that P2P filesharing service?
  21. 21. And the answer is: NAPSTER
  22. 22. Question - 11What is specialabout this book?
  23. 23. And the answer is:It is the first book to be sold on amazon.com
  24. 24. Question - 12Which company was founded in1906 in Rochester , New York asThe Haloid PhotographicCompany, which originallymanufactured photographic paperand equipment.?
  25. 25. And the answer is: Xerox
  26. 26. Question - 13Expand “Yahoo”.
  27. 27. And the answer is:Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle
  28. 28. Question - 14The original iPhones computingpower is equivalent to which oldApple laptop?
  29. 29. And the answer is: PismoG3 Powerbook (400MHz, released Feb 2000)
  30. 30. Question -15Which company delivered thefirst ever Android Phone and the1st 4G phone?
  31. 31. And the answer is:HTC (High Tech Computer Corporation) 1st android phone- HTC Dream 1st 4g phone- HTC EVO 4G
  32. 32. Question - 16Identify the group in the photo.
  33. 33. And the answer is:
  34. 34. Question - 17What was the first iApp to bedeveloped at Apple?
  35. 35. And the answer is: iPhoto
  36. 36. Question - 18Identify the personin the photo.
  37. 37. And the answer is: TIM COOK CEO of Apple
  38. 38. Question - 19Verizon Wireless has released aline of smartphones that go by aname which is a trademark ofLucasfilms Ltd. It was involved in alawsuit with Google with a verypopular OS. Identify this series ofsmartphones?
  39. 39. And the answer is: Droid SmartphonesOS in conflict - Android
  40. 40. Question - 20David Bradley chose this keycombination because it is practicallyimpossible to accidentally pressthese combinations of keys on astandard keyboard. Which keycombination did David Bradleydevise?
  41. 41. And the answer is: Ctrl+Alt+Del