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1st round of I-Quiz

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  1. 1. By:-Anurag Mohanty (2011-16)NIT, Rourkela
  2. 2. Rules:This round consists of 12 questions related toApple Company only. Each team gets +10 points for each correctanswer.Questions can be passed onto other teams.Teams answering the passed question will get+5 marks.There is no negative marking in this round.
  3. 3. Who were the founders of Apple Computer Inc.?
  4. 4. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne
  5. 5. Which famous astronomer sued Applefor using his name as a codeword forand upcoming computer?
  6. 6. Carl SaganApple had codenamed its work on thePower Mac 7100 during the early 90’s as “Carl Sagan”.
  7. 7. What was Apples first sales slogan?
  8. 8. Byte Into An Apple
  9. 9. On which date (year not reqd.) was Apple Company established?
  10. 10. 1st April (April Fool’s Day), 1976
  11. 11. Whats the name of Apples new"BlackBerry killer" app that allowsanyone with an iPad, iPhone or iPodtouch send unlimited free text messagesto another iOS device?
  12. 12. iMessage
  13. 13. What game company did Steve Jobs work for prior to Apple?
  14. 14. Atari Inc.
  15. 15. “Open the pod, bay door HAL” isbelieved to the inspiration line fornaming the legendary iPod. Where isthe line adopted from?
  16. 16. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  17. 17. The Powerbook 500 arrived in 1994.What pioneering navigation feature did these laptops introduce?
  18. 18. TrackpadPowerbook 500 is also notable for beingthe first laptops to come equipped with built-in Ethernet.
  19. 19. What ceremony was performed forJosh and Ting Li at an Apple Store in February 2010?
  20. 20. WeddingThe couple was wed by a priest dressed as Apple CEO Steve Jobs at one of the companys Manhattan retail locations.
  21. 21. Which former U.S. presidentialcandidate sits on Apples board of directors?
  22. 22. Al Gore
  23. 23. One reason for Apple’s recent successis that many of its products are made cheaper and of high quality in what country?
  24. 24. China
  25. 25. Which computer manufacturerunsuccessfully attempted to licenseNEXTSTEP from Steve Jobs tobundle with all of their personalcomputers?
  26. 26. IBM
  27. 27. Apple’s first board of directors wanted all employees to have name badges. The badgeswere to show a name and a number in the order employees are hired. Steve Wozniak, Apple II engineer and co-founder, got Employee No.1. What was the badge number that Steve Jobs finally got?
  28. 28. Employee No. 0 (Zero)