If you want to have Best performing body, this presentation my help....


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If you want to have Best performing body, this presentation my help....

  1. 1. Know your Body & its Needs Anurag Agrawal +91-90390-99950
  2. 2. Some Statistics • World Health Statistics 2012: One in six adults obese, one in three hypertensive, one in 10 diabetic • Urban India is moving towards obesity-related lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension from infectious diseases due to a sedentary life, poor eating habits and lack of physical activity, Apollo Hospitals cardiologist Girish B. Navasundi told a leading news wire, citing the Marico Ltd study conducted online in 12 cities across the country during the last two fiscal years (2010-12). • Around 74 percent of urban Indians face the risk of heart attack, with their heart age greater than biological age. • Everybody knows that the corporate sector is usually more stressed that other sectors, but according to a recent survey conducted by ASSOCHAM on the occasion of ‘World Heart day’, nearly 72% of the corporate become more prone for the cardiovascular diseases due to high stress levels, strenuous schedules, lack of physical activity and poor eating habits. • Overweight and obesity are important risk factors for cardiovascular disease, which is the number one cause of death and accounts for deaths every year. This is due to a number of factors, including a global shift in diet towards increased energy, fat, salt and sugar intake, and a trend towards decreased physical activity.
  3. 3. The Problem is Diet As per Health Scientists out Plate should look like this, absolutely Raw. Nothing cooked…… Now Is this Possible ? ~ Ofcourse Yes But is this Practical ? ~ Probably Not
  4. 4. Why do we need Food? • For Energy • As Building Blocks • As Catalysts
  5. 5. Excess Vs Deficiency Chart For our Health we need to reverse it…. That’s all.. Salt, Sugar, Fat, Calories, Carbohydrates, Insecticides Vitamins & Minerals, Protein, Fiber, Water Excess Deficiency
  6. 6. What WHO Suggests? Things that we take in Excess • Sugar - No added Sugar • Salt - Not more than 5 gms per day per person • Fats - 5 gms – 20 gms per day • Calorie - 30 Calorie per Kg body weight • Insecticide - No Insecticide Things that our Food lacks • Protein - 1.5 gms – 2 gms per kg of body weight • Water - 1 litre per 20 kg of body weight + Sweat Factor • Vitamins - 3 times a day • Minerals - 3 times a day • Fiber - 3 times a day
  7. 7. Where is the Problem? • India is more or less a country of Vegetarians • The Rich source of protein in Veg are only Milk or Daal, to be taken raw • On an average a 70 kg person need 100 gms to 140 gms of protein to get best performance • The same person need 4 ltrs of water to keep body detoxified This is possible but not practical to have 2 Ltrs of Milk and 3 Ltrs of Daal everyday to satisfy the need of protein The Second challenge will be that how one will satisfy his / her taste buds
  8. 8. So, the Problem is that we need to provide the raw diet to our Body to get the Best performance and keep it immuned and energetic. But if we follow this, we will not be able to satisfy our taste buds and also, it would not be practical enough
  9. 9. Question to ask….. • How can we provide everything that our body needs in right proportion without compromising on our taste? • What is the option we have other than the raw food? For The Option you can connect with me as I am fortunate to have this option since last 3 years…..
  10. 10. Thank You