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Direct Selling Make Your Own Future


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This presentation will clear the misconceptions about Direct selling....

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Direct Selling Make Your Own Future

  1. 1. The Truth of becoming a business owner
  2. 2. In Today’s Information Age, Lots of media activities are happening to promote products • TV • Internet • Mobile • Print Media Fact is that people don’t believe in Media for accepting a product But Yes……They Do believe when someone they know, recommends a product…….. This is the power of Word of Mouth………..The Basis of Direct Selling…….
  3. 3. • Zero Risk • No Qualification Required • No Experience required • No Territory • No Manpower Expense These attractive features make this business a “Miracle” But it’s a Business like other business - Needs efforts and confidence, as required in other businesses
  4. 4. Some Misconceptions about Direct Selling Business Very Few People earn in this business People who join early can only earn Lower Lines get nothing Isn’t it true for all other Businesses Lets have look about the Similarities between a normal job or business and Direct Selling Business……..
  5. 5. Similarities Job or Normal Business Direct Selling People at Top position of People who do more business companies earn more earn more People at ground level earn People who do less volumes lesser earn less Top people’s earning includes People who support their efforts of ground level people team gain through their Team’s efforts Require continuous efforts Require consistency in work towards your goals to grow So Efforts are Similar…….Now lets see whats the Difference……..
  6. 6. Differences Job or Normal Business Direct Selling You decide when to work You can’t decide, when to work. You have to follow the timing Your working area is definite, You can work from wherever not decided by you you want – even from home You have to work with people You decide with whom you which you can’t decide want to work Less time for family because To work with family is an of high competition added advantage With such positive differences, why people fail? Lets see……..
  7. 7. People fail because they Quit Lets take some examples……………. How much time is required to be an IT professional How much time is required to be at higher position in sales & marketing How much time is required to be doctor How much time is required to be known cricketer Answer is…….You have to learn, take experience and it requires time. What if you quit in between?..........No results……… This is the case with every industry……..You quit and you are not successful. Direct Selling is not a Miracle……It also needs your continuous efforts ……
  8. 8. Why People Quit? Most people don’t take Direct Selling a business People take it as a “Miracle” and so think that this can happen to only a few People don’t follow the rules of business They don’t use products and so lack confidence on their own products to promote People don’t give sufficient time to business People don’t talk about their products This is your own business…….which needs your consistent efforts…..
  9. 9. What to Do? What you have to do to be successful in Direct Selling…. Use the product Wear the business – You should have a consistent entrepreneurial attitude Talk to people about your product These are the 3 key activities to make your business successful You are the business owner……And you have to act accordingly……
  10. 10. Steps to Success Find a reputed company to join business which has World class products which is the need of market With people who know who they are A marketing plan to give you the best rewards in world Use the product yourself – this will give you confidence Talk to people about your products and make them your customers Follow the marketing plan – No need for innovations Bring people in your business who have the desire to be successful and can make efforts Train your team and support them to grow Follow these steps consistently…….And Sky is the Limit……..
  11. 11. Opportunity is knocking What are you waiting for………… If you find this presentation worth and are determined to be successful……….Call the person now Anurag +919873808241