Techacker Magazine March 2012 Edition


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Techacker Magazine March 2012 Edition

  1. 1. Techacker MagazineMarch 2012Techacker Magazine, known as THM, is provided FREEof cost to its subscribers. The magazine is releasedmonthly and it features some of the best articlespublished on in an easy to read format.The magazine includes tips & tricks on Web product &services, Android App Reviews and other technologyrelated things.Anurag Bansal
  2. 2. ©Techacker.com Twitter: @techacker Facebook: techacker 1 Page
  3. 3. ContentWelcome To Techacker! ....................................................................................................... 3How To Receive Regular Techacker Updates? ...................................................................... 4How To Share High Resolution Photos Online? ................................................................... 5Watch Full Length Bollywood Movies Legally On Youtube & Hulu....................................... 71weather : An Exceptionally Gorgeous Weather App For Android ....................................... 8Readability App Comes To Android ...................................................................................... 9How To Organize Online Shopping – Track Packages And Manage Receipts Etc. All In OnePlace? .................................................................................................................................. 11The Best Android App To Monitor And Control Data Usage On Your Phone .......................13 2 Page
  4. 4. Welcome to Techacker!W elcome to Techacker! Another reason to start this blog was Call me a serial blogger or a that Knowliz was not SEO friendly name complete technology geek. But and was hurting the exposure. PeopleI am here with yet another blog aptly were thinking that Knowliz is actuallynamed as Techacker. Know+Liz, a personal blog about Liz. It doesn’t convey the correct message.1. Something about the name: Why Nobody got it right the way I envisionedI picked Techacker and what does it which was Knowledge. Anyway, Imean? – Let me tell you the reason – decided to either rebrand it or create apartly because it’s a technology blog and new one along the same line and withthis is what I wanted in the name too. clear intentions.And partly because, we don’t use anytechnology as it is, we always tweak to 3. Future of Knowliz:suit our purpose and make it better.That means we hack it. Essentially put “I alone cannot change the world, but Ithese two together and you got tech- can cast a stone across the waters tohacker, which are me and you and create many ripples.” - Mother Teresaeveryone else who consumes technologyin day-to-day life. Having said that, the intention ofFrankly, that is fun too. Isn’t it? creating this blog is to transitionFor a better name purpose I actually Knowliz on to a tech and SEO friendlyhacked the name itself by removing domain. Slowly the activities on Knowlizredundancy – the extra ‘h’. This gave me will get reduced and over period,the name Techacker. Techacker will take over Knowliz. AtLike it? I hope so. that time I will either sell it or if there is not much traction, it would cease to2. Why another blog? Well, those of who have been regular readers of Earlier my intention was to move all theKnowliz know how much I love articles over from Knowliz to Techacker,technology, gadgets, android and all the but I don’t want Google to penalizeother platforms we have been fortunate Techacker for duplicate content andenough to experience in our lives and remove from its search results.continue to do so as new technology That’s why I will selectively repost someadvancements bring in better and better really important and popular articlesproducts. To continue the tradition here on this blog from Knowliz.from Knowliz, I created this blog. 3 4. Connect with Techacker: As Page usual, there is probably not a single blog
  5. 5. that doesn’t have the social presence. It 5. Suggestions: It’s for sure, withoutis nearly impossible to grow an audience your suggestions and feedback, it iswithout the help from various social impossible for me to grow this blog. Soplatforms. never hesitate to offer any suggestionKeeping that in mind, I would ask you to you have using the link above or sendingplease connect with Techacker on these an email to I willsocial networks. always appreciate your recommendation and the continued love.Facebook: @techackr With that, I present to you all,Google+: Techacker on Google+RSS: Techacker – A tech blog catered to technology, android, software, web apps,Also if you like reading Techacker, don’t gadgets and other related things.forget to share articles with your friendsin whichever social networks you prefer.How to receive regular Techackerupdates?T echacker being a new blog I am form”. Just enter not sure if every reader know how your email id and hit to receive regular updates from a subscribe. ORblog you like. That’s why this article will 2. Click on thistry to explain couple of things. link and enter your email id to requestThere are various ways you can the Techacker subscription.subscribe to Techacker or any otherblog. Email newsletter is essentially one 3. Now checkof them. As a one-time activity, you your email inbox – there will be an emailwould have to request and confirm your fromemail subscription. ‘’ asking you to confirm yourBelow is a step by step process: subscription. 1. When you are on Techacker home 4. Click on the link in your email to page or any other article page, confirm. look in the right sidebar. There is 5. That’s it. You will start receiving 4 a “Subscribe by Email Techacker newsletter from now Page on. Isn’t it easy?
  6. 6. Other ways to you can follow Techacker discussions. Facebook fans getnews: some exclusive offers first which regular visitors on the site don’t.Besides receiving email newsletter you 4. Add Techacker to Google+can also subscribe to Techacker through circle – Similar to Facebook andfollowing social mediums: Twitter, Techacker has a Google+ page as well. Please add it to your 1. RSS Subscription- Click link to circles and start following get a Techacker RSS feed in your Techacker on Google+ as well. favorite RSS reader like Feedly or Google Reader etc. With the growing number of social 2. Follow on Twitter – Follow networks, there are various other ways Techacker on Twitter and get as well to get any blog’s updates on new posts, favorite updates. However my experience is that quotes, latest tech news and it is generally the same content which various other occasional tips. gets presented in a different format in Follow @techacker each medium. So depending on which medium you prefer the most, it is 3. Become Facebook fan- Like recommended that you follow your blog Techacker on Facebook and get updates on that social network – be it frequent updates on new posts, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, RSS or participate in polls and even Pinterest.How to Share High ResolutionPhotos Online?P icasa, Flickr and Photobucket etc. Sony 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 5x have made us to believe that if Optical Zoom and Super Steady Shot you share photos online, they Image Stabilization cameras and thatwon’t be available with Full Nikon D90 DX 12.3MP Digital SLRResolution. People will be able to view Camera you bought this Thanksgiving ifthe full picture but not the minute you can’t share the high-resolution highdetails those high-resolution photos of quality photos with your friends.your Bahama and Jamaica tripscontain. And probably we have come to If you don’t know, when you uploadaccept it. your photos on Picasa, Flickr and Photobucket etc. their file size is reducedNow let me ask, what is the use of those to make sure they load faster withoutCanon 10MP Digital Camera with 5x affecting their quality. In this 5 PageWide Angle Optical Stabilized Zoom,
  7. 7. conversion, photos loose the pixels your You must create an account on Closr.ithigh-resolution camera captured. to start with (and that makes sense too). Start uploading the photos andIf you are like me who want to share the share them by sending the URL viabest with friends, then you will love email or embedding them into your etc. Best of all it is is a service which lets your Check out one image I have uploaded:friends see the High resolution photos You can show off your Mzphotography talent to your friends. Nomatter how big is the file and which So go ahead and give it a try. I am surecamera took it. Just go and upload your you will love to this service and share it withyour friends using the simple widgetavailable right on your photo.Your friends can zoom in to every detailyou captured by simply using the small+/- icons and dragging the photo hereand there with mouse. Isn’t it cool? 6 Page
  8. 8. Watch Full Length Bollywoodmovies legally on YouTube & HuluT here are many ways to get access this category. However you can search to the latest Bollywood movies – for ‘Hindi’ or use the link – nearest theater, DVDs from the grocery store and torrent sites You will be able to see some 20-25(ahem…). But you should be happy to Bollywood movies there too. Here is aknow that now you can watch full length screenshot of some of them:Bollywood movies on YouTube, Huluand other similar sites for free.YouTube: On YouTube there is aseparate section now to watch highquality (HQ) Bollywood movies. Toaccess such movies, just visit or > Channels > Movies >Bollywood. You would see a bunch ofHindi movies which you can watch inHigh Quality. Below is a screenshot ofsome of the movies: Fancast Xfinity: Fancast Xfinity we recently covered also has some recent India movies. You can watch full length movies for Free. The link to these movies is available in the sidebar. You should be a Comcast subscriber to use the site though. If you have a address, then you probably have access to Fancast. The movies on Fancast are actually available through various portals like Hulu and all. The movie list can vary time to time andHulu: Similarly Hulu also provides generally there is an end date to thesome recent and some not so old Hindi movies available on these sites. So try tomovies. But there is no direct link to watch them when they are still available. 7 Page
  9. 9. Now, you may also be interested to know about other TV shows and movies as well (Hollywood and Bollywood both) then check out this article we published a while back. I am sure overtime we can see more movies this way. If you happen to know some other resources where you currently watch Hindi movies let us know in comment section so that everyone gets benefited.1Weather : An exceptionallygorgeous weather app for AndroidL ooks like Android developers have 1Weather offers weather information in started to pay special attention on a completely different but beautiful making the apps interface. You can easily access real-beautiful. Recently, many more Android time weather information and forecastsapps have started to appear with great for any location in the world.UI (user interface) , sleek and clutterfree interface and much more attention 1Weather comes with all the powerfulto details. You know when you are using tools you would expect from a weathera high quality app, don’t you? app. It includes real-time animated maps, severe weather alerts and theWell, such an exceptionally gorgeous usual current temperature informationapp I came through is “1Weather”. 8 Page
  10. 10. Unique 1Weather feature set: 1. Real-time weather and forecasts 2. Extreme weather warnings and radar 3. 7-day forecast and precipitation information 4. Sunrise, sunset and Lunar stage 5. Radar, air quality and UV charts 6. Beautifully designed icons offer at-a-glance info 7. Customizable themes 8. Really beautiful Home widget, 2×2 size. Download from Google PlayReadability app comes to AndroidF or those of you who know and use web and mobile devices. It converts the Readability should be happy to pages for easy reading by turning off know that Readability Android unnecessary scripts, ads and other is now available. Once you start using Readability, it is hard to stop using it. It loads pages faster within the app and lets you customize the experience. Earlier Readability was only available on either web as a Browser plug-in or on iPhone. But now it is available on Android too. To download the app in US, you would have to download Readability from Amazon App Store orWhat is Readability? Why do I care? get it from Google Play.Readability is a platform that provides youa simple yet smart, consistent yet 9 Pagecustomizable reading experience on the
  11. 11.  When you open the link added to your Readability app, you see a clutter or distraction free view of the web page. At the top of every reading article, there is also a link that will take you to the original web view if you want.“Readability” Feature Highlights:  Once you have created an account on Readability, you can save any web page on the web to your Android device for reading  Within the app, you can change anytime, anywhere. the font style, text size and light or dark background based on  Since the account is synced with your preference. your online account, so anything you add to your account from any  You can also share what you are device or browser will be reading by linking your Twitter instantly available everywhere. and Facebook accounts to Readability.  Readability app includes a browser within the app, so you For complete details with various other will never leave the app while screen shots, check out this post on reading the web page. Readability blog.  You can archive, delete or add as favorite the links added to One thing I can tell you that since I Readability by swiping to the started using Readability, I have become right. addicted to it because of its magic to create a clutter free reading experience. Check it out yourself and let me know how you find it. Download from Google Play 10 Page
  12. 12. How to organize online shopping –track packages and managereceipts etc. all in one place?W e all buy things online. We buy it from various places – eBay, Newegg, Groupon,, Amazon, iTunes and GooglePlay. We buy music, apps and books etc.from Google Play, Amazon or iTunes;electronics, clothes etc. from Amazon,Gap or etc. But ultimately thething is we lose track of what we havepurchased. What is Slice? In short, Slice can pull up your entire shopping history in seconds If you want to get a bit organized, the using your email inbox (Gmail and Slice is here to help you with that. Yahoo, as of now) and organize it in various categories with the price tag on it. Slice would let you know How to get started with Slice? what you purchased, when, from which store and for how much.  To start with, you will need to add Gmail or Yahoo email accounts to If there are open orders, it can keep which you send your merchant track of the shipping and alert you about status. If the price on the notifications. item purchased drops, it can alert you about that. Finally, Slice can  Slice will process your emails for back up all your receipts in one shopping related emails such as place irrespective of from where order confirmation and shipping you purchased the item. notification.  Slice will automatically organize your 11 purchases and keep tracking for Page future purchases as well.
  13. 13. Slice has apps available for iPhone andAndroid both. So try it out on whicheverphone you are using.Get Slice for iPhoneGet Slice for Android Download from Google Play 12 Page
  14. 14. The Best Android App to Monitorand control data usage on yourphoneH ave you ever wondered which much data you have used so far in app is using most of your the month. data? Which app you should 3. You can restrict specific apps tominimize using so that you don’t go over run on Wi-Fi, or block your 3Gyour data limit? data altogether once you exceed your data cap to avoid anyWill it be a good idea if there was some additional costs.way to check which app is a data 4. Put a pre-defined limit when ithogger? should alert you to slow down on your data usage. 5. Very simple to set up. Set your monthly cap, billing cycle and cost – and you’re good to go! 6. Great UI which makes it a charm to actually use the app. 7. When you install or update an app from Google Play, it scan the app for its data friendliness and alerts you it the app is a dataOnavo for Android is the answer to all hogger.these question. It continuously 8. I haven’t noticed any impact onmonitors your data and puts in control battery that you decide which app runs on3G/4G and which one runs on Wi-Fi.I recently started using this app myselfand I can confidently say that Onavo is Onavo doesn’t pull any data fromone app you wouldn’t want to remove your cellphone company. It veryfrom your phone ever. efficiently keeps a watch on data usage by calculating actual dataFeatures of Onavo: consumption in your phone. So if you start in the mid of the week, the 1. Receive status notifications about data usage in the app and in your apps that are hogging your data. cell phone company database 13 might be different. Once the new 2. When you drop down the month starts, it will be same in both Page notification bar, it shows you how places. Download from Google Play
  15. 15. Did you check out TED for Android yet?T ED brings talks from the world’s most fascinating people, technology geniuses, business gurus and other educational masters. TEDTalks videos and audios are among the most sophisticated and amazingly superior content on the web.Now you can find these more than 1200 TED talks on your Android phone and tablettoo. With this app for Android you can check out recent, popular and new TED talkvideos. Archives are a good place to search for old talks. Just use the inbuilt searchfeature to find specific talks by title or the author.Click on the ‘Radio’ or ‘Listen’ button on the top right corner to listen (no video) to arandom talk. Try it out. If you have been a TED fan, you would be happy to take it withyou on your Android devices. Download from Google Play 14 Page
  16. 16. Thank you! I hope you like Techacker Magazine. Please share if you have any suggestions toimprove the format, content and would like to see any specific type of content in thismagazine that I can include in next month release.Stay tuned for nextmonth release and keep reading Techacker. 15 Page