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Success And Creativity


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Simple concept, but better way of telling people - How Success kills Creativity.

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Success And Creativity

  1. 1. The Story of Fido
  2. 2. There was once a dog –Fido. Fido was very hungry . As he walked down one day he saw a bone on the other side of a fence. He tried jumping over the fence and failed He tried digging under the fence and failed fence
  3. 3. Finally in desperation he started walking and found a way across to the bone by chance. A happy Fido devours the bone fence
  4. 4. The Next Day Fido walks down the same road and sees another bone at the same spot What will Fido do? Yes !! Fido will take the same route fence
  5. 5. Was there any other way to get the bone ?
  6. 6. fence Will Fido ever look for this shorter simpler route? Never!! Why? Because Fido has tasted success. Yes the simpler route is… This one.. Therefore we learn… SUCCESS KILLS CREATIVITY
  7. 7. The question we need to ask ourselves to be constantly creative therefore, is…… “ Is there a better simpler way to do things?”