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Biz dom mica_nvis technologies

  1. 1. Team BizDom MICA Samir PrakashAbhishek Singh Mandloi Anjali Jain Kunwarbir Singh
  2. 2.  NVIS is a leading manufacturer of clean energy products and training equipment It is a relatively cost effective method of providing green and clean energy, it improvises on existing technologies and helps save a lot more than just energy This development is crucial for a country like India because its making more sustainable, reliable and lesser energy consuming devices, which is necessary since there is almost always a power deficit for domestic and commercial usage
  3. 3.  Educational solutions to science students, high end technology equipment manufacturers for commercial clientele Domestic clients include homes for innovative LED lighting solutions and waste waster treatment systems The innovation ideally hopes to strive and bridge the deficit of available energy in India Green innovations can help reduce consumption and hence ensure there is more energy available on the grid
  4. 4.  NVIS tech solves problems by doing innovations at the back-end of the technology spectrum, hence reducing costs and increasing simplicity of device Patented technology techniques, a ready team of brilliant engineers who work day and night to innovate, and tie ups with tech institutes and corporations that use their products, is a robust model of operation Environmental solutions are the need of the hour and being recognized by MNRE is a big plus
  5. 5.  NVIS’s current model seems pretty robust at these levels, however to continue its innovative products it needs to scale up to get more money to put into R&D The lack of constant innovation on their part can hamper their growth as an enterprise, hence they need to scale up, and fast It is necessary for the innovation to be simplistic to have an appeal to its existing set of buyers, because adoption of innovation if it takes time, can mess up the cycle of reinventing products
  6. 6.  So the existing catalog of products should get them a wider client base, ideally. And then they should become more of a solutions based company. Earlier the need to innovate was at a basic technology level The way ahead is to collaborate with as many clients as possible, be it govt enterprises, corporations, educational institutes and look at streamlining their technological infrastructure and requirements using your own knowhow
  7. 7.  So rather than becoming a manufacturer of clean technology devices, they can become a technology solutions company who, at minimal cost of project on their head, will innovate and design solutions for clients on a project to project basis That ensures a more stable business for the innovator, and also reduces risk of technology he is making. Tailor made client solutions are the way ahead This model works out way cheaper than trying to survey the requirements and come up with a technology which is broad based in the hope that some client shall pick it up in the market
  8. 8.  The main stakeholders in this company are the innovators who sit in the labs and brainstorm to create new technology for NVIS The other stakeholders are obviously the clients, whoever NVIS caters to, with their products and solutions, is the major stakeholder The society at large does benefit, and is an indirect stakeholder in this venture, since some domestic use technologies are actually aimed at saving energy and being more frugal in energy consumption
  9. 9.  Global scale- NVIS can scale up based on potential tie ups with clients, if they begin delivering customized solutions to their technology needs Rule of law- MNRE recognized enterprise, dealing in clean energy solutions Social equity- is central to the essence of NVIS tech, since their main aim is to provide sustainable energy solutions Fair transactions- NVIS needs to treat its stakeholders with utmost care because it is these people which are the real wealth of this business practice New price-performance levels- NVIS needs to optimize costs in order to justify high investments made into innovating energy solutions Sustainability- NVIS needs to be cognizant of the fact that it is providing green tech solutions and needs to continue doing that for its clients as much as they can