Biz dom mica_biogas gasifier


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Biz dom mica_biogas gasifier

  1. 1. Team Name : BizDom Kunwarbir Singh Abhishek Mandloi Anjali Samir Prakash
  2. 2.  Rural Communities in villages Self Help-Groups Hostels and Hotels in urban areas In future, with subsequent successful implementation of this innovation, urban households can be tapped
  3. 3.  Serves as potential replacement of LPG and traditional chulhas. Form of alternate renewable energy and eco-friendly. Smokeless fuel to a large extent. With current subsidies norms and price hike in LPG, it can be a good replacement. For rural areas, it will take time to change village culture for traditional chulhas.
  4. 4.  Efficient smokeless fuel. Smart alternative for LPG. Eco-friendly. Convenience and leisure to woman especially rural India. Alternate source of energy.
  5. 5.  Though similar attempts are taken abroad and national level. Its different in the sense, that the inputs used are generally waste wooden materials and other bio-degradable products. Moreover the fuel produced is smokeless so it can be adapted well enough in rural areas by women who are exposed to smoke in traditional chulhas. Can replace LPG as it is low cost, sustainable fuel.
  6. 6.  All the spare parts required is available at panchayat level in rural areas. It has a long life and easy maintenance. Low cost innovation so can be implemented to achieve economies of scale. Brings in clean environment. Enables for carbon credit if taken up on a large scale.
  7. 7.  Price-performance parameter is well achieved as it’s a low cost fuel and high performance is delivered. Moreover, smokeless feature is an added advantage. Spare parts are cheap and the whole setup is quite economical for the stakeholders. Certainly a game changer as it will change the face of the basic household and small units energy needs with its unique features and high outputs. Future source of energy.
  8. 8.  As it’s a new setup for generating energy, it requires training beforehand to handle it. Ignition time to generate energy is 10 minutes which can sometimes be cumbersome. It will be difficult to achieve scalability in start as similar type of gasifiers are available with other vendors. More research work is going on to improve the setup in foreign countries. It takes time to cool down. General acceptance level is low in the country.
  9. 9.  Key stakeholders are : Technology supplier(Parts supplier), Financial Institutions, Research Institute, Private Enterprise/ Community Organizations, MNRE For stakeholders, it’s a fair and transparent transactions as it’s less of risk for them as it’s a low investment project and have a long and sustainable life. Financial Institutions can be sensitized through various policies as demonstration projects, technological knowhow etc.
  10. 10.  There are a number of value-adds provided to the stakeholders of this innovation. Technology partners can achieve high sales and profits of margin. Financial Institutions can support the new futuristic source of sustainable energy and help the budding entrepreneurs. Research institutes will get more insights into the new world of ideas of generating low cost smokeless energy. Government Bodies can look for alternative for LPG that’s going to exhaust sooner or later.
  11. 11.  This innovation aims to bring the social equity in rural as well as urban areas especially for the women. Achieving gender equity is an important reason for attention to women and men’s energy needs. It will help in sustainable innovation and development for the society at large. It will bring all the people of the society on the same platform as far as concern for the environment and energy needs are concerned.
  12. 12.  This noble innovation to provide society with the renewable and sustainable source of energy will be fulfilling everyone’s rights. As far as the rule of law is concerned, it should be developed keeping in mind afforestation and biomass gasification. Along with these measures, energy plantation should be taken care of. It will ultimately help in carbon credits. As it doesn’t cause any smoke it doesn’t violate any environmental policies or norms.
  13. 13.  The values generated by this innovation is the sustainable and alternative source of energy for the rural as well as the urban areas. This low cost innovation can serve as a boon as an alternative for LPG. This innovation can be a next big thing or a practice for the society at large as it lets us overcome instability of LPG prices along with that it helps us meet the surging energy demands.
  14. 14. Hope ForGreenerWorld