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Hey math

  1. 1. Sankhyaa Learning (P) Ltd Phone: +91 44 43481500Steeple Reach, Ground Floor, Fax: +91 44 4348150825 Cathedral Road www.heymath.comChennai 600086, IndiaBrief description of the programme/project/initiative  HeyMath! is a digital curriculum in Mathematics developed since 2000 in formal collaboration with the University of Cambridge, UK.  HeyMath! has been supporting the work of teachers and helping students build a strong foundation in Mathematics for the last 10 years.  HeyMath! is a leading program in Singapore, a country that has an enviable reputation for proficiency and performance in Maths & Science. Over half the highest performing students in public schools in Singapore use HeyMath!  HeyMath! has been successfully implemented in collaboration with provincial governments in South Africa (Kwa-Zulu Natal, Free State), State Governments in India (New Delhi) and Public School districts in the US.  HeyMath! provides schools with e-lessons and assessment resources mapped to a country’s curriculum backed by hands-on professional development support for teachers.  The program is accessible through a Netbook in the school and can be used in the classroom with the help of a projector (also provided as part of the program).  HeyMath’s pedagogy is unique because it blends all 3 critical components of mathematics learning – conceptual clarity, procedural fluency and problem solving skills. The animated visuals and interactive tools in the program drive the understanding deeper, help in retention of concepts and provide opportunities for discovery based learning.  HeyMath! helps build teaching capacity. By using the program, teachers upgrade their own content knowledge, enrich their teaching methodologies, enhance their productivity and constantly upgrade their professional skills.  The program is regularly updated based on ‘best practices’ from high performing systems and centers of excellence in Mathematics education and hence teachers have access to a range of innovative resources which helps achieve differentiated instruction and timely intervention.HeyMath! programme comprises the following:  HeyMath!Zone, which converts the existing Math Lab or a classroom in the school into an attractive and cheerful informal learning environment  E-Lessons mapped to the Schools curriculum  Orientation & Professional Development Sessions for teachers  Easy to use Hardware (including laptop, projector, pull down screen, UPS, multimedia speakers)  Interactive Posters & elements on various Math concepts Empowering teachers. Sharing best practices. Producing results.
  2. 2. Sankhyaa Learning (P) Ltd Phone: +91 44 43481500Steeple Reach, Ground Floor, Fax: +91 44 4348150825 Cathedral Road www.heymath.comChennai 600086, IndiaWhy was the project started : The project was launched with the aim of supporting schools in the teaching and learning of Mathematics. Key objectives are as follows: Make the teaching & learning process for Maths easy, enjoyable and effective in the class rooms Provide an innovative and creative ICT based learning environment for Maths, in line with the directions given by the Department of Education Raise teacher productivity by providing ICT based teaching tools/aids that support the work of the teacher Positively impact student motivation and performance& dispel the fear of Maths Build teacher capacity within the school’s educational systemObjective :The objective of HeyMath! is to change the manner in which Maths is perceived by students and establisha unique differentiation for the school as a “Center for learning Maths”Target group: Students of Classes 6 to 8 (in Phase 1)Geographical reach: National Capital Territory of DelhiDate from which the project became operational: 1 July 2009Is the project still operational: Yes10 points that make the programme/project innovative 1. Installation of a cheerful learning environment called the HeyMath! Zone that caters to multiple learning abilities. 2. The HeyMath! Zone provides maximum learning value within a confined space through innovative and interactive activities 3. Curriculum specific e-learning resources in Mathematics that are a blend of conceptual understanding, procedural fluency and problem solving skills. 4. Engaging visual explanations & interactive activities in the E-lessons that make it easy for students to learn, retain and apply Maths concepts in everyday life. 5. Digitized Math Lab activities for hands on learning that help enhance student understanding of the subject. 6. Program deployment on easy to use hardware, thus helping integration by teachers with their regular teaching methods 7. A rich and diverse question bank which has assessment items contributed by leading education systems in the world, thus enabling sharing of best practices Empowering teachers. Sharing best practices. Producing results.
  3. 3. Sankhyaa Learning (P) Ltd Phone: +91 44 43481500Steeple Reach, Ground Floor, Fax: +91 44 4348150825 Cathedral Road www.heymath.comChennai 600086, India 8. Structured professional development workshops that provide access to best global practices in the Teaching & Learning of mathematics from high performing school systems around the world (Singapore, top CBSE schools, leading school districts in the US). 9. One page lesson guides that serve as effective lesson planning tools and help to use the various modules of the program 10. Continuous (24*7) support for issue resolution, academic queries & technical issues.List the 5 achievements of the programme/project  The HeyMath! Zone has generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm amongst the students and is helping to dispel the fear associated with the subject  Teachers find it easier to explain concepts that are otherwise difficult to explain in a conventional classroom environment. The use of “ learn while you play” techniques with the aid of various activities and manipulatives in the Math Zone make teaching very engaging.  HeyMath! resources are being regularly used by teachers . Some of the parameters for quantifying the effectiveness of HeyMath! program are listed below: o Approx 90% of the teachers agreed that lesson planning has become easier for teachers by using HeyMath!’s good teaching methodologies o Approx 75% of the teachers agreed that HeyMath! will help students retain their conceptual understanding  Increase in teacher-student interaction as seen in regular classroom observations  The impact of using the HeyMath resources has been very positive in terms of student understanding and motivation as well as for improvement of student performance in regular assessment.List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative and how theywere overcome 1. Teacher participation and acceptance This was an initial challenge that was overcome through regular teacher training sessions where teachers were given enough time to explore the resources at their own pace. There was personalized help available to teachers who were not comfortable using technology. In addition, regular classroom observation sessions created opportunities for HeyMath! team members to interact with teachers, thus creating a healthy & professional rapport. 2. Getting teachers to use the HeyMath! Zone to its full potential & encourage hands on learning This challenge was overcome by conducting training sessions in the HeyMath! Zone rather than in a classroom and by explaining to teachers how the different elements of the HeyMath! Zone can be integrated with regular teaching methods, thus providing a more holistic learning experience for the students. Empowering teachers. Sharing best practices. Producing results.
  4. 4. Sankhyaa Learning (P) Ltd Phone: +91 44 43481500Steeple Reach, Ground Floor, Fax: +91 44 4348150825 Cathedral Road www.heymath.comChennai 600086, India 3. Difficulty in scheduling of classes at HeyMath! Zone (to ensure equitable access to HeyMath! resources) due to inadequate technology infrastructure in the school This was overcome by providing the school help with timetabling in addition to helping teachers manage their classes in such a way that every section of every class visited the HeyMath! Zone at least once every week. Also, the mobile units provided to the school made it easy for the teacher to hold the class in any classroom by projecting the lessons on an empty wall. 4. Changing teachers’ attitude towards adopting a new technology based tool in the classroom Teachers initially complained that they were constantly behind schedule and that they had no time for “additional work”. This attitude changed when teachers understood how technology can make their work simpler and in many cases, it can save them a lot of valuable classroom time.List the 5 points how can the programme serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others 1 This model of implementation has a minimal set-up time and requires negligible technology/infrastructure set-up in the school. 2 The program resources can be aligned to suit any curriculum since the resources are based on concepts rather than topics. 3 Provides an inclusive/ equitable platform to ensure that children with multiple learning abilities are benefited 4 Can cater to all schools irrespective of the teacher/student capacity in the school by simply increasing the number of hardware units given to the school. 5 Focus on teachers rather than students to ensure better streamlining of information and larger coverage.List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative 1 The programme is built on a technology platform that has the required robustness and portability for effective, user-friendly, secure and efficient delivery and hence has been implemented across the globe in a variety of schools. 2 Simple, intuitive design makes the programme easy-to-use for teachers and students. 3 Uncomplicated procedure to enable content upgrades at regular intervals 4 The programme can be scaled up for a school system of any size simply by replicating the HeyMath! Zone – E-learning Modules – Teacher training model. 5 Minimal infrastructure/technology required in the school since the hardware units provided are a complete package. Empowering teachers. Sharing best practices. Producing results.