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Dm2 Pledge


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Importance of Pledge donors and using DM

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Dm2 Pledge

  1. 1. Monthly Donors in Your Mail Box
  2. 3. 2 in 3 donors may never give again
  3. 4. Looks like a drop but fills ocean
  4. 5. 2 Give 2 Give 2 Give
  5. 6. Donors
  6. 7. How do you get them?
  7. 8. Co branded mailing
  8. 9. Welcome Package
  9. 10. I am writing to you to thank you for your earlier donation to UNICEF. And as I do so I would like to share with you a story that has just been shared with me. It is the story of Ankita and Neetu who, despite being very intelligent children, simply stopped going to school, one fine day. And to translate this into reality, your contribution on an ongoing basis by joining UNICEF’s Guardians of Hope monthly giving programme is very crucial. Your generous monthly contributions as a Guardian of Hope will ensure that your donation goes not only towards improved teaching methods, but also secures for these children a better and happier future Conversion Mailing
  10. 11. Needed to build case for a long term contribution Slip in a Brochure
  11. 12. Bank ECS Form The best option
  12. 13. The Next Best Option
  13. 14. Monthly donors give more
  14. 15. They stay longer
  15. 16. So start for asking monthly donations today!