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Medman vol1.iss1


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MedicinMan - India's 1st magazine for Field Force Excellence

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Medman vol1.iss1

  1. 1. A BroadSpektrum Healthcare Business Media’s Corporate Social Responsibility InitiativeMedicinMan ~ FIELD FORCE E XCE L LE N CE ~ TM PHARMA | MEDICAL DE VICES | DIAGNOSTICS | SURGICALSVol. 1 Issue 1 August 2011Editorial Featured Thought LeaderFostering Thought-leadership in HealthcareEvery profession needs a MedicinMan is the first-of-its- MedicinMan invites contribu-forum that will espouse the kind effort to foster a culture tions from healthcare sectorcause of its members and of excellence among the of professionals in the L & D,contribute to their profession- field sales professionals in sales, marketing, HR andal growth and person satis- Pharma, Medical Devices, other domains includingfaction: a forum that recog- Diagnostics, Disposables and advertising, PR, social medianizes, respects and rewards Surgicals. MedicinMan will for the forthcoming issues. ▌the contribution of the mem- publish articles from achievers (Click tobers to foster a culture of that will inspire, direct and Inside MedicinMan Navigate)achievement and excellence. empower customer-facing WOMEN IN HEALTHCARE FIELD 4 healthcare field sales profes- SALES BY SANDHYA PRAMANIKThe outstanding contribution sionals to strive for profes- FRONT-LINE LEADERSHIP IN 5 K. Hariram, MD, Galdermaof pharma field sales profes- sional excellence. TURBULENT TIMESsionals to the phenomenal BY SALIL KALLIANPUR Read Mr. Hariram’s fascinatinggrowth of the Indian Pharma MedicinMan will also function FIELD SALES WORK AS A COACH- 6 rise From Medical Rep toindustry is yet to be recog- as a forum where thought ING TOOL BY ANUP SOANS leaders from the healthcare Managing Director on Page 8.nized much less rewarded. industry will seek to analyze MEDICAL REP TO MANAGING DIREC- 8MedicinMan is a long TOR BY K. HARIRAMcherished dream come true to and address issues concerning customer-facing healthcare PHARMA SELLING: AN EXCITING 10recognize and reward the CAREER OPTION BY PROF. VIVEK About MedicinMancontribution of pharma field field sales professionals. HATTANGADI MedicinMan may be freelysales professionals. So, whether a customer-facing SELF-IMAGE: THE KEY TO CALL 11 shared and distributed in elec- EFFECTIVENESSMedicinMan envisages show- healthcare field sales profes- tronic and print form as long ascasing the achievements of sional or a thought leader Social Media in Pharma Mar- 12 the integrity of the entire issueveterans in the industry whose seeking to contribute to the keting by Dinesh Chindarkar is strictly story should inspire the creation of a learning and Career by Choice 13 MedicinMan seeks to fostercurrent and future generation development ecosystem, by Jitendra Singh MedicinMan is your forum. Field Force Excellence amongof pharma field sales Law of the Instrument 14 customer-facing executives inprofessionals. Pharma, Medical Devices, Di- agnostics and Surgicals through stimulating contribu- Send in your contributions and queries tions from healthcare industry leaders. - Executive Editor to:
  2. 2. MedicinMan Special Offer on Bulk Purchase “If you haven’t read it, you’re missing something important in your Learning and Development Curve”“SuperVision for the SuperWiser Manager is a must for front-line managers ofevery pharma company. It is tailor-made to transform Medical Reps toleadership positions.” - Akshya Mahapatra, Head–Sales and Marketing, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Discount on bulk purchase for SuperVision for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager and HardKnocks for the GreenHorn starting at 10 copies and range from 30% to 45% off retail price based on quantity“If you are willing to read HardKnocks for the GreenHorn, it means you are willing to dowhatever it takes to build your career.” - K. Hariram, Managing Director, Galderma To place your orders or make an inquiry: +91 934 2232 949 +91 855 3030 949
  3. 3. MedicinMan Women in Healthcare Field Sales — Sandhya Pramanik Being a line manager for five Making sick people disease years gave me an enormous free is a very noble vision chance to expand my learn- indeed. Being a small wave ―DO JUSTICE TO ing and understand in-depth of this tremendous ocean, the pharma business in vari- makes me feel that I have THE JOB IN ous therapy areas like Antibi- been bestowed with huge otics, Oncology, Respiratory responsibility. HAND AND THIS care, Cardio Vascular and A message for all the new Maternal Health care. The entrants to the industry: don‘t INDUSTRY WILL journey enriched me im- ever think that you are here mensely. by chance, because You and GIVE YOU ALL I continued to give my best to me actually are the chosen the task in hand, and kept ones. THAT YOUI grew up with a dream to getting recognized and Do justice to the job in hand WANT:become a pilot. Little did I awarded for the efforts.know then that it was the and this industry will give you Then somebody suggested, all that you want: Purpose,pharma industry which had a ―Why don‘t you join the Direction, Money, Promotion PURPOSE,place reserved for me. Training Department?‖. and a very meaningful life.I joined the industry way Seeing a vacancy, I applied DIRECTION, This is the only industry whereback in 1992 as a Medical and accepted the responsibil-Representative with FDC Ltd ity of Zonal Training Manag- an individual can grow from MONEY,after a short stint as a Sales the basic level of a Repre- er in 2008. This is when IRepresentative with Eureka realized that it was time to sentative to the uppermost PROMOTIONForbes Ltd, selling water pu- share my experience with the crust level of a CEO! ▌rifiers door to door. new entrants, which can be AND A VERY Sandhya Pramanik is Regional achieved through training.Soon after, I become one ofthe first women to join Phar- What a wonderful chance it Training Manager at Merck MEANINGFULma giant Pfizer Ltd., where I was to give away what I hadenjoyed working and ex- got while receiving that what LIFE.‖celled in selling for a span of was in store at the same time.3.5 years. Seeking wider horizons, IDuring this period I met my Joined Merck India Ltd as alife partner and got married Regional Training Manager into Debarshi Pramanik, and in Cardio Metabolic Care divi-Dec 1997 left the industry to sion in June 2010 and amdo justice to motherhood and working here till day.played the role of as a fulltime home maker till 2001. A fact that dawned on me, which endowed me with theI re-entered the industry as courage to venture out, is theTerritory Business Manager realization, that the entirewith AstraZeneca Pharma Pharma Industry is One BigIndia Ltd in 2002, and soon Company, dedicated andwas promoted as a First Line committed towards givingSales Manager in 2003. relief to people in distress and improving their QoL. Page 3
  4. 4. MedicinMan Learning and Development Programs for Front-line Sales Professionals“SuperVision for the SuperWiser Manager is a unique self-starter kit, usefulfor any line manager who is starting his journey in his new role” -Pankaj N. Gursahani, Assoc. Director—Sales Training, AstraZeneca India Empower your front-lines with L & D programs based on SuperVision for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager & HardKnocks for the GreenHorn delivered by Anup Soans“HardKnocks for the GreenHorn provides invaluable tips for PharmaceuticalSales Representatives. It is definitely a Prescription for Success” - Agnelo D’silva, Director Sales, UCB India To find out more: +91 934 2232 949 +91 855 3030 949
  5. 5. MedicinManFront-line Leadership in Turbulent Times - Salil Kallianpur Will management decide to These forecasts can include lay off people as profits great strides in better custom- erode? er service models, up- gradation of personal skills Changes like these create fear and competencies and may and distrust which often leads even venture into areas such to flight of talent and signifi- as better personal care and cantly erodes productivity and healthy lifestyles. growth in the industry. Field managers can work on While often fueled by a lack strengthening the psyche of of transparency by manage- field colleagues in stressful ment, fear and distrust are times. This preparation can also created either by igno-Despite conventional wisdom help create tough teams thatexhorting that change is con- rance or an inability to look thrive in chaos. A clear com- ―STRONG into the future. And lack of petitive advantage in trou-stant, industry veterans panic transparency leads to conspir- bled times. LEADERS CANupon confronting it. That‘s be- acy theories, rumors and per-cause they are unprepared – ceptions that are often way On a radical note, imagine INSPIRE THEeither entirely or shaken by off target. This is where strong the corporate equity that canthe sheer velocity with which it leadership makes a differ- be amassed if you have teams FIELD FORCE TOarrives. ence. that are trained to operate inThe pharmaceutical industry – a stressed system that is worse RECOGNIZE When the conversation isboth globally and in India - is than we have now and vulner-passing through its most turbu- about change and uncertainty, able to events such as earth- THAT strong leaders can inspire thelent times in recent memory. field force to recognize that quakes, terrorist attacks etc. UNCERTAINTYGlobal challenges such as the uncertainty creates opportuni- Full consideration of the futurepatent cliff, declining produc- ty and that change can bring demands that we are pre- CREATEStivity in R&D, regulatory and the results they wanted and pared for both high as well aspricing pressure and yearned for. low points that business cycles OPPORTUNITYhealthcare reforms while ruf- bring with them.fling traditional MNC business Field managers interact daily AND THATmodels, have thrown open with the field force and this Keeping images of both suc-productive markets to Indian familiarity works best in diffi- cess and failure in mind helps CHANGE CANbranded generics players. cult and uncertain situations. In us to focus on the key deci- the face of uncertainty, front sions and actions that will BRING THEIn India, developments such as line managers must encourage make the difference betweenMNC takeovers of leading the field force to explore the what we want and what we RESULTS THEYIndian businesses have caused uncertainty to find opportunity fear. Helping the field forcethe government and other and capitalize. prepare for demanding times WANTED ANDstakeholders to be jolted out is where the role of managersof inaction and scramble to Managers can work with their becomes most relevant. ▌ YEARNED FOR.‖search for a method in the teams to create a range ofperceived madness. forecasts for: an expectable Salil Kallianpur is Marketing Manager future, a future they most fear, at Medtronic. He blogs on all thingsWill companies - hitherto con- healthcare at and a future that would besidered stable - suddenly get surprisingly successful.taken over? Page 5
  6. 6. MedicinMan Field Sales Work as a Coaching Tool Imagine the pleasant surprise The constant use of these emo- But communication is not mere- of a Medical Rep (MR) when tionally toxic words creates an ly speaking skills – it is the he receives the following note environment of pressure and ability to listen and relate to from his Front-line Manager stress that can never produce people and address their after a field visit – great MRs, who can deliver needs and aspirations. Wheth- great results. er customers or team mem- “…working with you was a bers, everyone has an wonderful experience as I innate need to be recog- learnt a lot about the chal- nized and respected. lenges and opportunities in your territory. I believe In today‘s context, coach- that in the months ahead, ing is the best approach your knowledge of the to develop people as it territory and my experi- seeks to understand, rec- ence from working in other ognize and respect peo- territories will give us the ple before attempting to insight to address these transform them into challenges and turn the performers.―AN AMATEUR opportunities into outcomes Performance is an out- that will meet your person-MUST BE al and professional goals.” come of a series of steps taken by the coach toGROOMED INTO The Front-line Manager is transform an amateur intoAN ACHIEVER BY a key link in the chain of an achiever. An amateur pharma business. Yet, he is raw talent; he must beUNDERSTANDING rarely has clarity about groomed into an achiever his role and functions. by understanding hisHIS STRENGTHS Only Front-line Managers who strengths and addressing his Repeated use of words like can foster a supportive envi-AND ADDRESSING ‗targets‘, and ‗reporting‘ add ronment with emotionally needs through a well planned learning and developmentHIS NEEDS to the strain of an already soothing vocabulary and sup- plan. tenuous Manager – MR rela- portive behavior can create,THROUGH A WELL tionship. lead and retain high- Just as children are not ex- performance teams. Given the pected to progress fromPLANNED The Front-line Manager simply generic nature of pharma infancy to adulthood without ‗transfers‘ the ‗sales pressure‘LEARNING AND from his ‗bosses‘ to his markets, people power is the the care and support of only differentiator that gives parents, Medical Reps needDEVELOPMENT ‗subordinates‘. The use of ar- competitive edge to compa- the active SUPPORT of their chaic words like ‗reporting‘PLAN.‖ reflects on the lack of learning nies. Front-line Managers to become achievers. and development in important In most companies, training is areas like emotional intelli- merely about product Learning and development gence among the pharma knowledge and speaking should focus around the Front- field sales managers. skills. line Managers and his devel- opment from an individual performer to a team leader and business manager. (cont...) Page 6
  7. 7. MedicinManField Sales Work as a Coaching Tool (...Cont)Too often this transition is not It is the role of the coach to If pharma companies want tocarefully planned and all that see that the team progresses attract talent, they must beginthe Front-line Manager is to the performing stage with with a clear focus on theasked to do is to focus on minimum hiccups. learning and development‗targets‘ and ‗reporting‘; this is needs of their Front-line Man- Front-line Managers should bewhat makes his bosses happy, agers. With emotionally intel- empowered to play the rolenever mind if it makes the MR ligent Front-line Managers, of a performance coach withmiserable. companies will be able to the support of HR and senior translate the boardroom strat-As a result MRs join a ‗good‘ sales managers. Field sales egies into action on the and leave a ‗bad‘ work is the ideal coachingmanager. This eventually be- occasion for the Front-line The role of a Front-line Man-come a circle of frustration for Manager to repeatedly ager can never be underesti-both the manager and the MR demonstrate through his mated. Just like the parent, heand they keep going through behavior and actions how the must juggle between the multi-the grind because there are MR must perform his work. ple tasks that he has to per-no better options. form and develop the team‘s capabilities to pro- SuperVision for theCareful career planning duce breakthrough perfor-and systematic learning SuperWiser Manager mance. For this the Front-and development of Front — empowers your frontline line Manager must be em--line Managers is the key managers with tools that powered to progress fromto great teamwork and reporting to supporting sharpen managerial skillsoutstanding results. through coaching skills. ▌ and develop leadershipThe HR along with senior qualities. Anup Soans is a Learning andsales managers must be- Development facilitator withcome the drivers of Front- two books – HardKnocks forline Manager‘s develop- the GreenHorn and SuperVision Limited Period Offer:ment. for the SuperWiser Front-line Discounts start at only 10 Manager to his credit. They areThe Indian cricket team‘s de- The skills needed for this are copies and range from 30% first-of-its kind Learning and De-bacle under Greg Chappell the ability to observe without velopment tools crafted to address to 45% off retail price basedand subsequent world beating judgment and provide feed- the needs of Pharma Front-line on quantity.performance under Gary back without criticism. Not an Sales professionals. He can beKirsten is instructive in learning easy task, considering that contacted atthe importance of the Coach, most Front-line Managers Send your orders to:Captain and team members rely only on the logic ofbeing in alignment. their left brain. Without the magic of the rightA team does not begin to or call brain field sales workperform as soon as it is put becomes a grinding +91 934 2232 949together. It goes through a stone instead of the step-process of Forming, Storming, +91 855 3030 949 ping stone it is supposedNorming and finally Perform- to Page 7
  8. 8. MedicinMan Featured Thought Leader K. Hariram: Medical Rep to Managing Director When I was 20 years old, Manager and was posted to cess, but a financial failure. my father had to take Kochi, in-charge of Kerala. premature retirement. At As a DM, I started learning that time I was about to join a With all humility I should say the nuances of man- Master‘s degree. I was torn that it resulted in a setback in management skills and human between wanting to pursue my my career. Still, my experi- relationships through intuition Masters and having to shoul- ence in that company taught and instinct and reading of der family responsibility. It me a lot which came handy in books on managerial skills was a tough decision for me to my later years. and interpersonal relation- forego my studies. ships. Opportunity came knocking at―IN THE After trying in three pharma Again after 4 years, I was the right time and I went back companies, I finally got a job to Croslands (Glat division) asBEGINNING, IT promoted and transferred to Sales Manager of South, with Searle India (now part of Mumbai as Area Sales Man-WAS AN UPHILL RPG group) in Vijayawada as proved my credentials again ager. Here I managed to find a Medical Representative. I by successfully restructuringTASK FOR ME TO time to do a PG Diploma in was sent onto the field after 3 the division. Within a year, I Marketing from a night col- got promoted as NationalFOCUS ON MY weeks of good training. I was lege. As an Area Sales Man- an introvert. In the beginning, Sales Manager for Glat divi- ager, I was given the oppor-JOB, BECAUSE IT it was an uphill task for me to tunity to train medical reps sion of Croslands and shifted focus on my job, because it back to Mumbai. After Cros-WAS NOWHERE and DSMs and I was able to lands was taken over by was nowhere close to my line teach a lot from personal ex-CLOSE TO MY of interest or to my personali- perience. Now my reading Ranbaxy in 1997, I became ty. But at the same time, I had General Manager – sales forLINE OF INTEREST also included books on train- it at the back of my mind that the entire Croslands division. ing and marketing. I hadOR TO MY I had a family to support. good friends from the industry In March 1999, I joined Gal- Finally I managed to accept who were equally industrious derma India, a French MNC,PERSONALITY… reality. and there was mutual profes- as General Manager- sales.ONCE I Once I overcame my conflict, I sional encouragement and Here I got the opportunity to started focusing on learning learning. launch a company. Overnight,OVERCAME MY the necessary skills. I trained After completion of 15 years I moved from general pharmaCONFLICT, I myself to be regular, methodi- in Searle, in 1988, I changed selling, to niche marketing. cal and systematic in doctors‘ to Croslands Research Labora-STARTED calls and sending reports on tories (now part of Ranbaxy) New challenges gave oppor-FOCUSING ON time. At this stage, regular as a Sales Manager. I learned tunities to learn new things. As reading of books relating to lot of marketing techniques luck would have it, the expatLEARNING THE selling and marketing sharp- and tools and got excellent country head left after a yearNECESSARY ened my abilities in analyzing exposure to new training and half and I was made the situations from a correct per- methods.SKILLS.‖ Country Manager in 2000 spective. Between 1993 and 1997, I October and was designated After 4 years as a medical shifted base to Chennai and as Managing Director in rep, I was promoted as District joined a new pharma venture, 2005. ▌ which was a marketing suc- Page 8
  9. 9. MedicinMan “It has always been WALKING THE TALK”People have often asked me At the same time, I never al- avoid falling prey to the ratabout what led to my career lowed myself to fall victim to race in this industry. Instead,growth even though I was just this changing scenario, instead believe in your company‘s took it up as a challenge by ideals and develop loyaltya graduate. steadfastly adhering to core towards it.When I look back at my 39 values like ethics, honesty andyears of experience in the Lastly, remember to share integrity; people and time your successes and challengespharma industry, I believe the management. In this way, I with people closest to you inanswer to this lies in the fact have been able to make the your family, while at the samethat no matter what, I was most out of these changes and time being discreet aboutalways dedicated and com- drive it to uphold the integrity confidential matters.mitted. I had strong conviction of the company as a whole asin myself Family ―I NEVERand was “I had strong conviction in myself support is ALLOWEDconstantlyupgrading and was constantly upgrading my very espe- ful, help-my knowledge – professional as well as cially dur- MYSELF TOknowledge –professional technological.” ing tough times. ▌ FALL VICTIMas well astechnological. I respected oth- well as inspire my colleagues Mr. K Hariram is Managing TO THE and collaborators by exam-er people‘s ideas and wasable to give correct opportu- ple. So it has always been Director at Galderma CHANGING WALKING THE TALK.nities on recognizing the talent Addressing the youngsters My personal mantras them.Being in the industry for so aspiring to enter this industry, I are: INSTEAD believe that all of you comelong, I have seen it evolvinginto a highly competitive, con- here with a well-founded 1. Take charge ADHERING TO background in the subject andsumer driven environment. can therefore relate to your 2. Change your CORE VALUES on job experiences a lot more easily. Therefore, what will set limiting beliefs LIKE ETHICS, you apart from your col- leagues is belief in your 3. Challenge the HONESTY AND strengths and core values of ethics, honesty and integrity in status-quo INTEGRITY; both personal as well as pro- fessional life. 4. Improve your PEOPLE AND Keep pace with the ever emotional maturity TIME evolving industry by reading, observing and sharing con- 5. Perform with no MANAGEMENT. crete ideas with people compromise. ‖ around you. It is healthy to give your financials the first priority, but at the same time, Page 9
  10. 10. MedicinMan Pharma Selling: An Exciting Career Option ! If you look at the profile of the fence is greener‖ – and I started my career as a the Vice Presidents and Gen- somewhere in the middle of medical representative and eral Managers of the top the last decade, there was a have held all designations – pharmaceutical companies in mass exodus of talent from 1st line and 2nd line manager, India, a great majority have the pharma industry into brand manager, head of started their career at grass banking-insurance industry. brand management team, and root levels – starting as medi- These very people are now finally as the head of sales cal representatives. These are coming back to the pharma and marketing in two top the prospects even today for industry. Need we say more? Indian MNC‘s. Prof. Vivek Hattangadi youngsters taking up this pro- The pharma industry is very In 2004, at the age of 54, I fession. demanding in terms of perfor- left a cushy job to start my The pharmaceutical industry in mance. The ambitious ones can own brand management con- India, at least for the next grow in line function or mar- sultancy firm. I progressed―THERE IS LOT OF 200 years may not see reces- keting function via the brand further into academics. I de- sion – it‘s an evergreen indus- management route. signed the entire curriculum forLOOSE TALK try. The career growth is un- the MBA Course for sales andABOUT limited and the prospects are brand management for even brighter in the coming Vidyasagar University, West‗INSTABILITY‘. years. Bengal. I wrote the entireWELL, IN ANY course material for MBA on The pharmaceutical industry in the subjects of brand manage- India, which is today atINDUSTRY, ment and sales management around Rs.65000 crores is for the MBA course. I am a‗INSTABILITY‘ IS expected to reach Rs. 140000 visiting faculty at many busi- crores by the year 2015. TheTHE NORM FOR field-force is expected to ness schools for sales and brand management in phar-THOSE WHO DO touch around 10 lakhs by maceuticals. then, almost the same size ofNOT PERFORM the Indian army today! This small note is only to re- veal to the youngsters howAND REFUSE TO So you can see the anticipat- There is lot of loose talk about exciting is a career in phar- ed requirements for fieldUPGRADE THEIR ‗instability‘. Well, in any indus- maceutical selling. managers, brand managers try, ‗instability‘ is the norm forSKILLS. AS and of course top level man- those who do not perform and Do not see with your eyes. agers in this industry! The When you see with your eyes,DARWIN SAID ―IT pharmaceutical industry is the refuse to upgrade their skills. you see walls, boundaries and As Darwin said ―It is the sur-IS THE SURVIVAL only industry which grew at a limitations. On the other hand, vival of the fittest in this big, phenomenal rate even during when you see with your openOF THE FITTEST IN bad world‖. the recent period of recession. mind, you will see a boundary When IT companies like In- I ask such people ―What have -less world which will help youTHIS BIG, BAD you done to keep yourself in your career growth. fosys and Wipro were down-WORLD.‖ sizing their staff, the top phar- abreast of the changing skills A very important prerequisite maceutical companies opened and demands of the job? – honesty and integrity! new divisions. Have you taken any steps to continuously develop yourself I wish you all the best! ▌ It is human nature to think that so that you become indispensi- ―the grass on the other side of ble to your organization?‖ Page 10
  11. 11. MedicinMan Self Image: The Key to Call Effectiveness A HardKnocks Series InsightThere are many obstacles to Salesmen are considered as The example of high achieversachieving call objectives by the drivers of economy but who have traveled the dis-Medical Reps (MR) and other have traditionally never been tance from Medical Rep tocustomer-facing healthcare accorded the status that others senior positions like Mr. Hari-field sales professionals. Some like doctors have been. Very ram, Managing Director ofobstacles are due to genuine few people become doctors Galderma, will build theirlack of knowledge and skills by default; they go through confidence and self esteem. Ifthat add value to the doctor- the rigors of intensive study, one has role models and isMR interaction. challenging entrance exams, clear about career goals; then huge capitation fees that add self image and confidence is aHowever, it is a fact that in an intrinsic value to their pro- natural outcome leading tomost cases the obstacle be- fession. overcoming call reluctancegins in the mind of the MR and facing the doctor witheven before he steps out to By contrast the profession of confidence.make calls. Indeed, pharma an MR is not a consciousselling is 90% psychology and choice; except for a few in- That is the objective of10% pharmacology. Compa- trepid and natural ‗sales‘ type MedicinMan – to publish suc- Medical Reps come fromnies and marketers who don‘t individuals who enjoy being cess stories that inspire and diverse backgrounds ofget this equation correct, on the field meeting people motivate youngsters to choose Knowledge, Skills and Atti-struggle with ROI of training and achieving targets. Even the career of customer-facingtheir field force. MNCs are unable to attract field sales profession as a tude.HardKnocks for talent at the MR level because Stepping Stone instead of the the GreenHorn — is anThe dignity of a profession is the social value of field sales Grinding Stone it is portrayed effective tool to enabledetermined by the value that job has declined steadily. as.society credits it with. On a Front-line Managers to buildscale of 1 to 10, the social Swimming against the social a cohesive teamvalue of doctors would easily current requires self confi-rank above 8 and close to 10. dence in addition toWhereas, the social value of knowledge and skills. Young- Limited Period Offer:the career of MRs has sters today consider a dead-declined steadily and would end ‗call center‘ job as a far Discounts start at only 10rank closer to cipher (zero). ‗cooler‘ option than the career copies and range from 30%This inequality in social status growth opportunities that a to 45% off retail price basedleads to a master – servant healthcare customer-facing on quantity.relationship. career offers. This stigma of lack of social recognition breeds poor self Send your orders to: HardKnocks for the Green- image and zero confidence in Horn is written with the ex- one‘s self and profession. Peo- press purpose of building the ple entering customer-facing or call self image and confidence of field sales should be initiated customer-facing field sales +91 934 2232 949 into to the career with a high professionals. ▌ dose of positive psychology. +91 855 3030 949 Page 11
  12. 12. MedicinMan Social Media in Pharma Marketing GLOBALHealthPR used a program to assess the type and volume of conversations surrounding malaria. Through-Featuring Top Healthcare Discussion Influencers out April, Social Media Listen- Featuring Top Healthcare Discussion Groups ing was done to understand the discussions on Malaria. Dinesh Chindarkar GLOBALHealthPR assessed the The Internet is changing the impact and conversation way business is done in India around malaria to offer in- Amlesh Ranjan in a very big way. Nielsen sight into strategies for using Amit Shekar Sanofi-Aventis. report estimated that 100 social media and digital tools Pharma Trainers Forum million use Internet in benefit pharma and The growth rate is also mind- healthcare companies. boggling: each day 45,000 One key takeaway was - Health Care India users will be added to the higher prevalence markets Social Media community. view contraction of malaria William Fernandes, Social Media is a platform similar to the contraction of Bluecross Labs where users interact, discuss common cold, whereas in low and share professional and prevalence markets, the con- Indian Pharma Connection personal concerns. versation is focused on disease epidemiology and science. LinkedIn is an excellent plat- form for professional matters. India was next only to Mexico It is an excellent networking when it came to the number of tool. blogs and 2nd in the number Indian Healthcare IndustryNarayanadas Upadhyula, of tweets generated.Chief Consultant, Brihas Twitter – a microblogging platform is used by around 13 Anthony LaFauce, Director of million users in India. People Digital Strategy for GLOB- follow Bollywood and cricket ALHealthPR U.S. said, ―We stars apart from professional believe there is the opportuni- Sales Force Effectiveness thinkers in their category. ty to elevate the global con- versation across all markets in The time spent by Indians on order to improve health out- Suresh Rajagopal, social media was more than comes for malaria.‖ Zydus Cadila what they spent on checking emails and other information. The outcomes which came af- ter dissecting and analyzing How are pharmaceutical com- the social media listening con- panies adapting to these de- ducted in each country, out- velopments? lined key opportunities for Internationally, many compa- digital communications to im- Dr. Shalini Ratan, nies have a dedicated digital prove health outcomes. ▌ WHCC Health Innovations Nirvan Life Sciences division working in this space. Page 12
  13. 13. MedicinManCareer By ChoiceFor me, beginning my career There was time, I wanted to with one of the India‘s finestin a pharma was not by choice give up and told my Father, company, I started before I was 20 ―this is not a field for me and I I still have the urge to learnyears old while still pursuing can‘t work here‖. My Father and do better day after graduate studies. said, ―Wherever you will work There is an intense desire to in future, you will still faceInitially the transition to phar- contribute to others‘ success, so difficulties. So why not fightmaceutical sales was tough, that they also can cruise and prove yourself and if youfrom a comfortable routine to ahead and make their career still want to change your pro-toiling on the field in extreme in the pharmaceutical industry, fession I won‘t mind (my fatherweather, detailing to Doctors which is highly rewarding. always wanted me to go forfor prescriptions in fierce com- I owe my success to the civil services, he being one).‖petition, making your product wisdom and strength given by Hence I decided to fight,available, travelling to un- my Father Shri R. K. Singh Jitendra Singh learned the tricks of the tradeknown places and meeting Sales Manager and here I am after 18 years, (Retd, Asst Commissioner). ▌ Biocon Diabetologyunknown business associates. working as a Sales Manager "The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on Leadership Development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as Leaders and continually develops them." ~ MedicinMan Invites Contributions ~ MedicinMan seeks to foster Field Force Excellence. MedicinMan will chronicle the achievements of people who began their career in pharma and allied field sales like medical devices and grew to positions of eminence. This is to motivate the current crop of MRs and other field sales people as well as to market the pharma industry to attract talent. Contributions, contacts, and success stories are welcome. This is also an opportunity for you to market yourself as a thought leader in the healthcare indus- try and enhance your career prospects. MedicinMan has very wide circulation in industry and academia. MedicinMan is targeted at Pharma and other healthcare related companies as well as Pharmacy and science college. Joshua Soans Executive Editor +91 855 3030 949
  14. 14. MedicinMan Law of the Instrument The concept known as the Most field sales managers do Eventually they become law of the instrument, not realize the importance of de-motivated, ineffective and Maslows hammer, or a continuous learning. are responsible for attrition till golden hammer is an over- As a result their people devel- they quit the organization. reliance on a familiar tool. opment skills get worn out; Only senior managers who Abraham Maslow said, "It is armed with yesterday‘s skill- realize the importance of self tempting, if the only tool you set, they are like the carpen- and people development and have is a hammer, to treat ter who has only one tool – take steps to enhance the ca- everything as if it were a hammer; every problem looks pabilities of their team mem- nail.” like a nail and they keep bers will be able to sustain hammering away unmindful of high performance consistently. For most Pharma sales man- the ineffectiveness of their agers operating the business For more… read:If the only tool you have is tools and methods. When Pharma Front-line Manager - and achieving targets takes faced with increasing chal- Gift carrying Manager ora hammer, every problem the priority since these are lenges of operating the busi- Gifted Manager? looks like a nail. activities that have stringent ness and delivering higher deadlines. In the process self targets they rely on yester- and people development day‘s ineffective skills. takes a back seat. Cadaver Organ Donation - The Gift of Life Thousands of people die in India for want of an organ which could give them a new lease of life. Our society is traditional and slow to accept cadaver organ transplantation; we want the last rites of loved ones to be performed without any damage to the bodies. What we need to appreciate is that we can help people with organ failure to lead a normal life again. eMediWrite, in association with YouTurn Films, and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is bringing a revolution through a unique and sensitive approach by making Cadaver organ transplant a viable option through a ‗docu-drama‘ 75 minutes film based on real life incidents. The film aims to highlight the need of cadaver organ donation and create awareness among the masses through the effective media of films to propagate a proactive attitude towards cadaveric organ donation. eMediWrite plans to premiere the film on world organ donation day following which, the film will be open for nationwide social release and distribution. The film shall also be promoted globally through various channels and tie ups for entry into Health Film Festivals. We are looking to partner with like minded people and organizations to lend us logistic support and grant funds for the cause. If you are interested in exploring possible association, please contact us without delay; you can partner with us to save lives. Space Donated by MedicinMan as a Social Responsibility Initiative 26/18, 2nd floor, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi 110008 Tel: +91 011 47234471, +91 9811646864, +91 9811981244 Website: Email:
  15. 15. MedicinMan~ Page 15
  16. 16. Executive Editor FROM THE DESK OF THE EXECUTIVE EDITOR What India’s Changing Demographics means for Healthcare Much has been said the country for the first work, new infrastructure innovation and social about India‘s time. Besides mental re- will have to be put in adeptness to reach the ‗demographic dividend‘ tardation, family mem- place along with higher unreached — such as – the growing bulge in bers were asked ques- investments in R & D. All the Aravind Eye Hospi- ranks of economically tions on anxiety and de- this when we are still tal‘s cross-subsidy productive citizens. By pression. According to fighting old demons like model. Joshua Soans sheer virtue of human one estimate two out of malaria, TB and even Public Private Partner-MA Development capital, many pundits every five Indians suffer leprosy. ships will give the gov-Studies, IIT-Madras have declared the com- from depression – putting What must be done? ernment much needed ing decades to be In- the total count in excessHe can be reached Clearly we don‘t suffer resources while enhanc- dia‘s best. But a closer of 200 million from a lack of innova- ing the scope and reach examination of the facts Another trend is the of the private reveals a dismal picture tion - from Biotech to growing ranks of elderly and if the trends are low cost health technolo- Finally we must adopt a as India moves further accurate, India will soon gy. more holistic and inclu-MedicinMan along its demographic be a very sick country. Increased spending by sive approach to health. transition. The elderly,invites Healthcare the government would Our traditional systems The most worrisome currently at 6.9% of theLeaders to be part definitely go a long must be revitalized and trend is the growth of population is expected toof its way. Current spending is secondary and tertiary non-communicable dis- increase to 11.8% by just under 2%. But even health personnel likeEditorial Board. eases such as diabetes 2025 leading to a rise in more important are sus- nurses and pharmacists and mental health dis- geriatric illnesses.Write to: tainable business models should be given a big- eases. A changing burden of ger role to play after that adopt a The 2011 census, disease means that old tion of technical upgrading their skills. ▌ mapped mental illness in strategies will no longer Editor Breaking News for Healthcare Marketers ! Code of Marketing Practice for Indian Pharmaceutical Industry (CoMPIPI) The Dept of Pharmaceu- Reps, Promotions, Gifts, Visit : Practice for Indian ticals (DoP) has brought Samples, Hospitality, CME Pharmaceutical Indus- out an exhaustive 14 etc; to access the complete try will be published in page Code of Market- Code of Marketing the next issue of These guidelines are ini- ing Practice for Indian Practice for Indian MedicinMan. ▌ Anup Soans tially for voluntary adher- Pharmaceutical Indus- Pharmaceutical Indus- ence. After a review Email : try document that lists try document. Author & Former period of six months, DoP over 100 guidelines will examine making Your comments onExecutive Director covering areas like code CoMPIPI statutory. Code of Marketingand COO of India’s of conduct for Medical leading medico- Breaking News on Pharmacy Education ! marketing and Is Pharma D the Next Big Milestone in Indian Pharmacy Education? CME publisher In the article, year integrated PG pro- Group is a must read for The July 2011 issue “Opportunities in Phar- gram will include one all pharmacy students Careers 360 is a boon ma Sector” Dr. Elan- year internship in hospi- and professionals. Ca- for students aspiring toHave important go, Principal of JSS Col- tals, where students will reers 360 also ranks the make a career in thenews to share ? lege of Pharmacy, Ooty coordinate with doc- top 25 pharmacy colleg- healthcare sector. ▌ writes that Pharma D will tors in treating patients. es in the July 2011 issue.Write to: take Indian pharmacy The July 2011 issue of It features education to internation- Careers 360 published articles on careers in al levels. The new six by the Outlook allied medical sciences.