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MedicinMan October 2011

  1. 1. A BroadSpektrum Healthcare Business Media’s Corporate Social Responsibility InitiativeMedicinMan ~ FIELD FORCE E XCE L LE N CE ~ TM PHARMA | MEDICAL DE VICES | DIAGNOSTICS | SURGICALSVol. 1 Issue 3 October 2011Editorial EDITOR’S PICKKAM – Career Growth Opportunity for Field Sales PeopleMedicinMan did an exten- career development oppor- MR TO MDsive survey to get a pulse of tunity for field sales people INSIDE MEDICINMANIndian Pharma‘s under- who understand and imple- HOW TO BE AN EFFECTIVEstanding and use of KAM. ment this Key Customer FRONT-LINE MANAGERTheir collective wisdom can 6 focused strategy. The Sep- HITENDRA KANSALbe summed up in the state- tember MedicinMan, car-ment – ―The Key to KAM ried an article on how MRs GETTING IT RIGHT WITHis that it should be built and FMs can move to PMT. KEY ACCOUNTS 11around customers and Not all MRs can move to RICHARD ILSLEYtheir business needs. PMT or become FLMs. ButThe company’s products many can acquire the skill- INDUSTRY THOUGHTand services should be set required to become Key LEADERS COMMENT ON 12 Shiv Bhasin‘s Story KAM and Tips for Youngaligned with these Account Managers. In the Professionals (P. 8)needs. Key Account future there will be a great SHAHRUKH KHAN MANTRAManagers will play an demand for KAMs and this is DR. HEMANT MITTAL 13 Career Growth Storyincreasingly important an excellent pathway to ca-role in the Indian Phar- reer progression. MUSIC, METRICS ANDma business of the fu- MANAGEMENT 14ture‖ The response Realizing the importance of HANNO WOLFRAMprompted MedicinMan to KAM, MedicinMan will befocus on this important topic conducting special programs INDUSTRY VETERANSbecause in addition to being for MRs and FLMs who as- pire to become Key Account JOIN OUR BOARD OFa strategic tool for Pharmacompanies, KAM is a great Managers (see P. 15). ▌ ADVISORS (P. 16)Clear Objectives & Metrics - Key to Success in KAM Manoj Kumar on hisA new eyeforpharma about how performance in the Yet understanding patient- Journey from a(EFP) report suggests field should be defined and level trends is crucial if com- Reluctant Salesman to a measured. Global Manager (P. 3)pharma still has not transi- panies are to achieve genuinetioned to new measures thatfully reflect the objectives The eyeforpharma report Pharma Key Account Man- synergy between KAM pro- grams and local health system MR Strategyand outcomes of KAM pro- agement Report 2011-2012 needs.grams. shows that pharma still hasn‘t shifted to metrics that can Just 20% of respondents had Insight Shared by: accurately track the outcomes metrics implemented to meas- of KAM programs. ure changes in contact advoca- Surveys of the pharma com- cy ratings, the surveys found,One consequence of the shift munity revealed, for example, while only 33.3% were track-to KAM in pharmaceutical that only 14.3% of respond- ing changes in usage path- Dr. Shalini Ratan on thesales and marketing has been ents were routinely using ways. Knowledge-Driven MRto challenge received wisdom (Cont. on P. 10) patient metrics. (P. 4) Page 1
  2. 2. MedicinMan —— Personal Growth Story —— Reluctant Salesman to Global Manager Becoming a Medical lot of my time with people and I grabbed it with both Representative was who wanted to make it big my hands. Be it my stint in not my first choice of in life. Those were the days Sales, Sales Management, career. I became one be- where I worked extremely Domestic Marketing and cause I was unable to land hard, mentally and physi- now Global Marketing. another so-called better cally. I worked around the This change comes with opportunity. doctors‘ timing, and had a some degree of adjustments However, I realized soon passion to sell the brands needed in our life and life that I had a flair for sales of my company. It was style and one should be pre- and enjoyed interacting tough, catching buses to go pared to work around that. with Health Care Profes- from one call to another. I have relocated to many sionals, stockists, etc. I I had a passion for ethical cities and even this change joined a company which sales - sales through sci- has added value to me. was famous for selling sci- ence. I would ask my boss My mantra has always entifically. to give me challenging in- been – divide the task After a rigorous training stitutions, doctors and out- into small incremental Manoj Kumar for one month—my first station visits. Pharmaceuti- steps, use the team ef-Marketing Manager, MNC cal companies also invest a fectively, lead with pas- time in Mumbai—I com- mitted myself to this job. lot on individual develop- sion and have fun at This was also the first time ment and I made good use work. ▌ I ALWAYS AVOIDED PEOPLE WHO WERENEGATIVE AND I WOULD SPEND A LOTOF TIME WITH PEOPLE WHO that I travelled in an AC of the same. I would always Manoj began his career as WANTED TO compartment of a train. challenge status quo in my an MR with Serdia Phar- When I joined work, I job and would like to add ma. He later moved to No- MAKE IT BIG joined colleagues who were newer dimensions. I felt vartis where he worked as seniors by many years. I proud that my work helped an RBM and in the PMT. IN LIFE. got a mixed bag – Negative patients live longer and Currently he is Marketing and Positive people. I al- better. Manager at an MNC, re- ‖ ways avoided people who It is said that opportunity sponsible for Global mar- would concentrate on neg- knocks only a few times in keting support of Branded atives and I would spend a our lives. I also got a few Generics Launches . Page 2
  3. 3. MedicinManHot onTrending Discussion on Indian Pharma Connection*“What is the Role, Function and Operational Difference between FLM and SLM in Pharma?” DAVID EDGE: ―I would HARIRAM KRISHNAN: ―Here is an example from Stephen Covey which could fit in with suggest that a key aspect to regard to FLM and SLM. In a jungle, let us take we have a set of people who are busy bear in mind here is that 1 st cutting and clearing the bush. If given the task to slash through the brush and clear a Line Managers manage path, these amazing people would wield their machetes valiantly. They would cut Sales People. Whereas 2nd through the flora no matter what problems came up to face them. The FLMs are there to line Managers manage Sales ensure that these guys cut through the bush and are kept busy, the blades are sharp- Managers. ened, they are influenced to keep going etc. These managers don‘t care about the big So the key competencies picture; they just ensure that their people accomplish the task at hand. you are developing with Meanwhile, the leaders (SLMs) are doing something quite different. Leadership is all each role are different ac- about making sure that the direction the solution is going in is the right one for the fu- cording to the 1st or 2nd ture. The leaders are up high in the sky surveying the jungle. They are the ones who are line relationship you have. willing to say, ―This is the wrong jungle! Let‘s move on.‖ A manager (FLM) might re- The 1st line Manager devel- spond to the leader (SLM) by saying, ―But we‘re doing so well!‖ ops the Reps performance to be the best it can be. The manager (FLM) doesn‘t care about the bigger picture. He‘ll chop whatever jungle is put in front of him. The 2nd line Manager de- velops the Managers to be Let us take India. The market is always like a jungle. So many doctors, so many generics, the best people managers so many calls, so many pharmacies etc. The SLM should always be getting on top of a they can be.‖ big ladder and direct the team towards the RIGHT JUNGLE.‖ PRABHAKAR SHETTY Effective Territory Sales Management ―The hierarchy works fairly Lagging Numbers or Leading Indicators? well in MNCs where the roles are clearly defined. In There are reams of business insights hidden in the routine sales activity. Unfortunately, desi companies, even the VP these insights often stay there, neither discovered nor acted upon. This inaction can is assessed on the basis of affect bottom line and loss of market share for your brand. the number Dr. Calls and Conversions (if the Owner is Sales Managers should Ask the Right Questions a little bit smarter). In many Do you spend your time looking at history, at lagging indicators? … Or actively companies training is con- seek leading indicators of what is coming? sidered a waste of field working time. The trainer is Do you spend your time asking, why did we lose market share in our key ac- told to go to the field and counts? …or Which of our top accounts are at risk and what needs to be done convert Doctors !! ‖ to avoid losing them? Do you ask why have we lost market share in a particular geography? …or, What Visit Indian Pharma is changing in the marketplace? Connection (IPC) Do you spend time debating whether it’s marketing tactics or sales execution thaton Linkedin to view more have caused problems in a region …or identifying significant new sales oppor-discussions and connect tunities?with like-minded peers. MD SADIQUE AKHTER Note: Click on the commenters‘ name to see Linkedin Profile*Indian Pharma Connection is a leading Pharma Linkedin Group. MedicinMan encourages its readers to actively partici-pate in the online Pharma-sphere to learn and share valuable professional insights. Join MedicinMan on Linkedin here. Page 3
  4. 4. MedicinMan Patient-Centric Approach in MR Sales Strategy ―Well-educated medical insulin dependence. The the medications they are representatives are valu- result is non-compliance taking, the implications of able contributors to the with the prescribed regi- the dosing schedule, com- broad body of knowledge men. mon medication errors, that impacts healthcare Thus at present, dialogue common drug interactions, decisions.‖1 between Medical Reps and do‘s and don‘ts of the pre- The selling environment in physicians do not always scription, understanding healthcare has become in- translate into effective com- prescribing information etc. creasingly complex in re- munication between physi- The message should be cent years. cian and patients. meaningful, compelling, and motivate patients to Today patients are taking a A 2004 International Jour- adhere to the prescribed more proactive role with nal of Medical Marketing Dr. Shalini Ratan regimen. physicians in determining article states thatFounder, Nirvan Life Sciences the best course of therapy. ―compliance could get a MRs can be a key link be- Reasons for this are: easy significant boost if doc- tween healthcare compa- access to information on tors explained more nies, medical professionals5 POINTERS FOR A the Internet, looking for often and more thor- and patients. They can be a second opinion, becoming oughly the prescribed more valuable resource forK NO W LE D G E -B A S E D aware of the healthcare medications, their val- physicians if they move theAPPROACH: conversation beyond medi- costs, mental blocks to vari- ue, how best to manage ous treatment methodolo- side effects, and the im- cal and clinical aspects.1. DEVELOP A SCIENTIFI- gies, less awareness about portance of compli- This can even be from latestCALLY FOCUSED FIELD disease consequences etc. ance.‖ news updates to giving tipsFORCE. to help them build their It has been reported that Though patient education patient pool and practice.2. TRAIN THE SALES 78% of the patients leave about the prescribed medi- the doctor‘s consultation cation can be given most Knowledge driven MRsFORCE ON PHYSICIAN & room without understand- effectively by the doctor, it with patient-centric ap-PATIENT PSYCHOLOGY ing the treatment. should also be supplement- proach can become aAND BEHAVIOR. trusted consultant to Busy physicians are not ed and reinforced by the3. DEVELOP PATIENT pharma companies. They the physician and have always prepared to have anEDUCATION TOOLS TO BE need to expand their positive impact on pa- effective conversation with ―service‖ to help physicians tient outcomes.USED BY PHYSICIANS. patients about managing a treatment. Doctors are better engage patients in Further, knowledgeable4. EDUCATE PHYSICIANS comfortable with scientific the appropriate therapeutic MRs will increase their val-ON ―PATIENT RELATION- aspects of drugs and treat- option. ue to the doctors allowingSHIP WITH EASY–TO– ment, but have difficulty The traditional mode of them to increase their num-UNDERSTAND COMMUNI- translating the science into communication of the ber of calls and spend qual-CATION‖ THROUGH SEMI- simple yet compelling com- pharmaceutical companies ity time with doctors. This munication for patients. with their client physicians ‗Pull‘ approach of ensuringNARS, WORKSHOPS AND has been to provide them that the patient takes theOTHER TOOLS. This leads to poor patient with the clinical and scien- prescribed dosage and ex- compliance - such as cut-5..REGULAR NEWSLET- tific aspects of their prod- periences better outcomes ting pills in half, skippingTER FOR FIELD FORCE ucts. Now they should also will lead to an increased doses, failing to refill a pre-KNOWLEDGE AND MOTI- ENHANCE- prepare them to have an uptake of medicines and scription, postponing doc-MENT AND MOTIVATION.VATION CEMENT. effective engagement with sustainable higher sales tor visits, and relying on the patients. growth. ▌ home remedies or OTC drugs. For example, a doc- This can be done by devel-Contact Dr. Shalini Ratan tor is unable to convince a oping tools which can help REF: Patient compliance patient to stay on insulin in making the patients un- point adapted from a whitepaper therapy as the patient fears derstand the basics about by a USA based Marketing firm. Page 4 1CMR Institute for Medical Representatives Education
  5. 5. 3 FACTORS IMPACT MR – DOCTOR INTERACTION IN THE CURRENT MARKET SCENARIO 1. SCARCITY OF ATTENTION ! 2. SCARCITY OF TIME ! 3. SCARCITY OF INTEREST ! ENHANCING PHARMA-DOCTOR-PATIENT ENGAGEMENT Medical Rep—Doctor interaction should address these 3 scarcities to be effective. Promedik Algorithms are based on current research and simplifies diagnosis and treatment. Promedik Algorithms are very effective in engaging the doctor‘s attention in the shortest possible time by conveying clinically relevant scientific research. Promedik Algorithms also make the task of a Medical Rep easier and interesting by giving him a clear picture of the disease management sequence and where his product fits in. Promedik Algorithms enhance the MR-Dr. interaction and takes it from the level of mere product detailing to the delivery of actionable research based Rx information. EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICAL ALGORITHMS CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR SCIENTIFIC COMMUNICATION NEEDS PL E] [S AM MedicinMan Creatives featured in: To find out more call: Dr. Vishal Bansal : +91 97172 18558 Rahul Mishra : +91 96118 76767
  6. 6. MedicinMan— Career Growth Focus — How to be an Effective Front-line Manager ―An outstanding value addition from you; team members achieve what Medical Rep does not be it improvement of their they are expected to, that too necessarily become a knowledge or in-clinic willingly. effectiveness. Every individual is different, successful First Line Manager, while an aver- Problem Solving: Your you can‘t measure team age Medical Rep can be- MRs will come to you first members with one parame- come a successful First whenever they have prob- ter. As a First Line Manager Line Manager (FLM).‖ This lems. As a leader and you represent the company paradox sounds ridiculous teacher, ask them to come to them, a teacher, a friend but true because as Medical up with two-three alternate an elder brother and much Rep you are responsible for solutions. Sit and discuss more. your own work and success all the options and ask The Pharmaceutical Indus- Hitendra Kansal whereas as FLM you will them to logically select the try is a very rewarding in- have to get the job done by best one. This will give dustry. I started my career your team members, that them a sense of belonging in 1989 as Medical Rep and too willingly. and will enhance their before starting my place- YOU CAN‘T Some very important skills thinking power. ment consultancy in 2008, I a Medical Rep should de- Listening: As a marketing was overall in charge of sales MANAGE velop to become a success- professional you should be operations. First Line Man- a very good listener and ager is the first step to di- PEOPLE BUT ful FLM are: your colleagues will often rectly lead a group of people Communication Skills: (5-7 team members) and is YOU MUST Selling is basically a profes- like to share their views an on going process. Learn- sion of communication and with you. A patient listen- LEAD THEM; as FLM your first customer ing will make them feel ing happens every day. No- body is perfect. Practice important. The day theySO THAT EVEN is your team member with whom you will be com- discuss even their personal makes man more intelligent. Never ever be afraid of fail- IN YOUR municating on a regular problems with you, you have built rapport with ure because failure is not basis. The most important when you fall down but is ABSENCE, aspect of communication is them and established your when you do not get up what to say, how to say leadership. YOUR TEAM and where to say. While Objective: Your objectives again. Plan your career to become a successful First MEMBERS speaking, your verbal com- munication must match should be clear to you as a Line Manager and start FLM; accordingly you will working on it. ▌ ACHIEVE your body language. People be able to tell and sell it to are intelligent, and if there your team members. At the Hitendra began his career as WHAT THEY is a mismatch between same time you must show an MR and rose to the position your verbal communication the path to ACHIEVE the of Manager Sales—Overall in- ARE and body language, people objective. charge of Sales Operation.EXPECTED TO. will not trust you. Man Management: This He has worked at Sun Pharma, Intas, Wallace and Organic Product Knowledge: As is the prime responsibility ‖ India. He is MD at Jag Kamal FLM you are the FIRST of any FLM. You cannot Placements. TEACHER to your Medical manage people but you Reps. While working with Write to him at: must lead them so that you, Medical Reps will seek even in your absence, your Page 6
  7. 7. MedicinMan Career Development Resources for Medical Reps and Front-line Managers“SuperVision for the SuperWiser Manager is a must for front-line managers of everypharma company. It is tailor-made to transform Medical Reps to leadership positions.”Akshya Mahapatra, Head–Sales and Marketing, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Rs. 599/- Discount on bulk purchase for SuperVision for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager and HardKnocks for the GreenHorn starting at 10 copies and range from 30% to 45% off retail price Rs. 799/- based on quantity. To place your orders or make an inquiry: +91 934 2232 949 +91 855 3030 949 To find out more about the programs email:“If you are willing to read HardKnocks for the GreenHorn, it means you are willing to dowhatever it takes to build your career.” - K. Hariram, Managing Director, Galderma Logos used are the property of the respective companies
  8. 8. MedicinMan Featured Thought Leader Shiv Bhasin: Medical Rep to Managing Director I wanted to become a doctor but family circumstances did not allow me to; hence I completed my graduation in science. Somewhere in my final year I became aware of the Pharma Sales Professional and used to watch medical reps in doctors‘ clinics and in the market as the smart Shiv Bhasin guys wearing a necktie.‖ I got selected with Ethnor good habit of reading very important to for Bhopal headquarters. business magazines build a strong team. and management The team observes you THE PROUD The company training was books. closely to see whether very helpful to understand MOMENT OF the job and its require- By now, I had spent four you can command, years and the feeling of solve their problemsMY BECOMING ments. The initial field personal growth became and give them direc- induction with seniorAN AREA MAN- colleagues and my Area very prominent. I started tion. In 1988, I was pro- focusing on self devel- moted as Overall-In- Manager took off my AGER CAME fright and gave me confi- opment, giving feed- Charge and given the charge of Gujarat state.AFTER 7 YEARS. dence. It was good going back to marketing and After a good performance, for a year and then I was participating meaning-I BECAME THE offered a job with Bur- fully in company meet- the promotion as Zone ings. Luckily, a change in Sales Manager came at YOUNGEST roughs Wellcome, a bigger Area Manager and good Indore headquarters, my MNC with better salary in PERSON IN the same place (Bhopal). relations with the Zone hometown, with M.P. and Manager helped me to get Maharashtra as my area. BURROUGHS I joined Burroughs during proper direction. This position exposed to a very exciting period me to the nuances of man- WELLCOME when their antibacterial The proud moment of my aging a large geographic SEPTRAN was launched. becoming an Area Manag- AND THE CITY Another three years er came after 7 years. I area and a big field team. One learns the art ofOF BHOPAL TO passed by in perfecting my became the youngest per- problem-solving as a skills and achieving suc- son in Burroughs Well- BECOME AN cesses. I picked up a come and the city of Bho- number of difficult situations are ASM. pal to become an ASM. referred to you. The I moved to Baroda, Ah- focus shifts to manag- ‖ medabad and Jaipur, ing your Area Manag- learning and enjoying the ers and coaching them job of a manager. I learnt to produce the desired that people skills are performance. Page 8
  9. 9. MedicinMan Featured Thought LeaderShiv Bhasin: Medical Rep to Managing DirectorIt takes some time and our senior executives al Sales, looking afterexperience to under- leaving and Glaxo execu- India business and devel-stand and practice the tives filling the positions. oping Bangladesh andart of Coaching. A Glaxo person was ap- Myanmar. I took a lot ofChanges were again in the pointed as ‗Sales Man- help from Training whichoffing as I was transferred ager‘, dashing my hopes of helped to change mindsetto Bombay as in-charge of immediate growth. I left, of people and upgradeMaharashtra. This joining IPCA as their Sales their skills to meet thebrought me closer to head Manager where I learnt to new challenge. Coachingoffice colleagues and sen- handle large sales teams my managers to lead theirior managers. I started and a big portfolio of teams to an overall suc-taking interest in Market- products. I worked there cess led to a faster growthing and would provide for three years. of the company over thefeedback to years. Shiv Bhasinthe marketing ―I started taking interest in Finally, myteam and of- contribu-ten discussMarketing and would provide tions werestrategies recognized WHAT HAS CON-with them. feedback to the marketing and I was STANTLY DRIV-My pursuit forgrowth and team and often discuss offered the coveted po- EN ME ON THEdevelopmenttook a new strategies with them.‖ sition General of PATH OF SUC-turn when I Manager (Managing Di- CESS IS:enrolled for a diploma in In 1999, I joined Duphar rector) at Solvay Pharma STRONG AMBI-Business Management in Interferan as their General Indonesia based at Jakar-Narsee Monjee Institute Manager – Sales. My as- ta. You enjoy it more TION TO GROW( NMIMS ). I now started signment was to trans- when you are the first In- ACHIEVEMENTgetting a sense of other form the company from dian to make it to the topmanagement functions general selling to a spe- of the company. ORIENTATIONlike HR, Finance, Distri- cialty driven company to I returned back after three DEVELOPINGbution and Production promote the global prod- years, with a treasure of AND UPGRAD-giving me a clear idea of ucts of Solvay. This was a experience in heading anhow the overall business is challenging assignment organization and interna- ING MY SKILLSrun. wherein Solvay India was tional exposure. ▌ PEOPLE MAN-I was progressing well, got built up from very smallnoticed by senior manag- beginnings to a respecta- Shiv Bhasin began his A G E M E N Ters and was tipped to be ble midsized company career as a Medical Rep and rose to the position SKILLS TOone of the contenders for with its key brands occu-Sales Manager‘s job. Then, pying leadership positions of Managing Director BUILD A TEAM based in Jakarta, Indone-a bombshell came by way in their therapeutic seg- sia. COACHINGof Glaxo acquiring BW. ments. In 2005, I was pro-The process of change moted as Vice President – Send Your Feedback to: SKILLSmanagement started with Domestic and Internation- Page 9
  10. 10. MedicinManClear Objectives & Metrics - the Key to Success in KAM (Cont. from P. 1) number of hurdles to ments Lee Gittings, com-INSIGHT SHARED BY The Pharma Key Account measuring KAM value, mercial effectiveness man- Management Report 2011- both practical and tech- ager at Pfizer in the UK. 2012 is based on more than nical. KAM is a more nuanced 50 interviews with KAM They start with instilling approach to executives. attitudinal change compa- than traditional share-of- These include 24 in-depth ny-wide and from the top voice platforms, with their interviews with senior down. emphasis on trumping the pharmaceutical executives That can be particularly competition through sheer A KEY and stakeholders as well as challenging where senior weight of numbers. surveys of the pharma management have been A key account may be lessACCOUNT MAY community involving 956 brought up on a culture of about immediate sales and 100 respondents re- ‗calls per day‘. gains than building a mu-BE LESS ABOUT spectively. ―We are still of the belief tually beneficial relation- that we need a nod and a ship in which a package of IMMEDIATE METRICS NEEDED products and services is handshake to get sales, un- There was general consen- til proved otherwise,‖ com- used to achieve long-term SALES GAINS sus among respondents ments Lars Werner, Leo health outcomes tailored to that metrics are needed to Pharma‘s BU director, der- a local health economy or THAN BUILD- support six key perfor- matology, Denmark and particular disease area. mance areas in KAM pro- Sweden. KAM measurements mustING A MUTUAL- grams: valid direction of As many as 71.4% of survey therefore be able to capture objectives and actions in performance across a wide respondents said theirLY BENEFICIAL account plans; quality of companies continued to range of parameters, con- engagement with cus- sistent with the multiple set, measure and report onRELATIONSHIP tomers; sales progress; strategic aims involved in call rates, while 28.6% tactics that work; value selecting and targeting key measured call rates but IN WHICH A delivered from a custom- customers. generally used the data er perspective; and results Among those highlighted only when a sales issue PACKAGE OF of mutual objectives. in the report are long-term arose. Ultimately, though, a com- health outcomes; key mile-PRODUCTS AND pany‘s ability to measure FLEXIBLE TIMELINES stones in account plans; performance outcomes ac- KAM measures also need value parameters, such as SERVICES IS cording to more complex to be flexible about time- levels of patient education; KAM criteria will depend lines for program/product patient-management ob- jectives, such as drug ad- USED TO on having the right attitude uptake or return on invest- herence; customer, insight, and aims going in. ment. This may be a func- engagement and satisfac-ACHIEVE LONG ―It doesn‘t matter who or tion of different priorities tion; and comparisons what you are, or what you in local health economies,-TERM HEALTH have on your business how mature the product is, among accounts. For exclusive business in- card,‖ comments James or brand objectives, such as OUTCOMES Bailey, UK regional busi- wanting to get a compli- sight into and analysis of ness manager for Astellas. ance program properly KAM, download eyefor- bedded in before driving pharmas Pharma Key Ac- ‖ ―If you have a clear sense of purpose and clear reason sales. count Management Report for being there, which you ―The difficulty with KAM is 2011-2012. ▌ communicate, you will get not predicting the out- Special Thanks to Jon further.‖ come—for example, setting the objective—the difficulty Gwillim and Victoria Stin- The Pharma KAM Report is setting ‗when‘,‖ com- son of eyeforpharma 2011-2012 identifies a Page 10
  11. 11. MedicinManGetting it Right with Key Accounts Richard Ilsley Clears the Air about KAM in this Executive Briefing PaperA survey of senior Failure to engage senior What does it all come down managers from across the to?managers from man- business in Key Accountufacturers, retailers and You have to recognise that strategic planning by as- getting it right with yourdistributors in Europe and suming that Key Account Key Accounts is fundamen-North America in 2009/10 Management means tal to the long term successconsidered their relation- ―selling to big customers‖. of your company.ships with their major sup-pliers. Only around 15% of Failure to understand how the Key Account takes What do we have tosuppliers and their ‗Key do to get it right? decisions, its strategicAccount Managers‘ seem to plans and needs, how itbe getting it right. measures its suppliers and Richard Ilsley, UKYet around 65% of senior to engage at the highestmanagers from those same level. 6. Selecting very high cali-or similar suppliers claimthey are in the top 25% ofbest practice! FOCUS FEATURE bre individuals as Key Account Managers.Most suppliers equate ‗Key Key Account 7. A never ending drive to add real measurable ManagementAccount Management‘ with value .selling to big customers 8. A ruthless focus on costand a two-day training reduction.course. Most suppliers are Failure to create simple The demands of effec- 9. A short set of simplegetting it wrong. effective Key Account tive key account man- common measures of growth plans that are en- agement in the 21st success (key perfor-How are we getting it dorsed by the Key Account Century are: mance indicators).wrong? itself. 1. A clear simple key ac- 10.Clearly defined roles,The most common er- Risks of getting it count strategy driven by responsibilities and in-rors observed are: wrong: the corporate strategy. centives coupled to sim-Failure to identify the Key Accounts, by defini- 2. A clear competitive ple and accepted pro-few critical success factors tion, are the most im- strategy that defines cesses, tools and skills.– in other words what must portant customers of the exactly where the 11. Enhanced knowledgewe get right with this Key company. If you fail with growth is coming from and understanding (asAccount? your Key Accounts – you and why; along with opposed to collecting fail. and storing data).Failure to define specifi- clarity about how value Companies that fail to ad- is added to the Key Ac- 12. Short simple actionablecally what ―value‖ means dress their Key Account count. key account plans sup-for the Key Account – and strategy properly find that: ported by regular formaltherefore incurring cost 3. Serious attention from - they are increasingly reli- the most senior manag- performance reporting.without any return. ant upon price as the pri- ers across all disciplines. Companies that do thisFailure to measure the mary lever achieve better returns thantrue profitability of the Key 4. A multi-disciplinary - they incur costs that de- companies that do not.Account - and consequent- team approach and not liver little or no value one Key Account Man- ▌This article is a summary. Readly taking poor decisions. the full text here. - they achieve a lower mar- ager working in isola-Failure to adapt to the gin tion. Richard Ilsley is Partner atKey Account that requires a - they struggle to imple- Sales & Marketing 5. Recognition that KAM Consulting Group (SMCG).regional or global manage- ment their growth initia- means so much more E: richard.ilsley@smcg.netment approach. tives than selling. Page 11
  12. 12. MedicinMan THOUGHT LEADERSOur Editor, Anup Soans asked Linkedin Leaders to share their insights on KAM I have worked extensively in the Pharma sector on KAM implementa- tion for the last 10 years and there are some specific challenges in in- troducing KAM within this sector. Firstly to the positives, as Olivier has noted, the Pharma industry really do understand influencers and complex sales environments. Also, it is an industry that invests signif- Sandra Du Cross icantly in training and seeks to take a lead. By and large the account managers are very well educated, often with science degrees, and so have no problems grasping the ideas and thinking. The real challenge is that the ideas and thinking of KAM do not fit very neatly into this Olivier Riviere sector. KAM exists around the assumption that Seller selects Buyers with whom theyIn todays economy the con- have a common/shared strategic goal. The Seller will then apply the appropriate re-cept of KAM can/must be sources to servicing that account such that both parties benefit. This model is easy tomodernized and extended to understand in the world of FMCG where the 2 parties maybe Wal-Mart and Proctorsituations where a vendor and Gamble. We saw in a recently posted example from Richard Ilsley how these com-decides to engage in a pro- panies had worked together to their mutual benefit. In the Pharma sector howev-active way with carefully er, it can be a real challenge to find a common strategic goal - put crudely,selected targets. Sticking to Pharma companies want to make a profit from the often excellent prod-the classic definition mightbe adequate for some com- ucts they have developed and the purchasers of healthcare want to reducepanies or sectors where re- costs. This fundamental difference in overall goal leads to a lack of open-sources can and should be ness and trust and as such any replication of the FMCG model is difficult iffocused on a few opportuni- not impossible.ties at hand. However, us- Does this mean Pharma companies should not employ KAM? Well no, not at all, buting this more aggressive what they must do is be realistic with what can be achieved. There are some excellentdefinition of KAM can help KAM tools which can be selected for the world of Pharma - but selection is the key. Wemany companies define and need to take what works well and adds value and disregard what adds complicationexecute very valid growth and no value. There has been a great deal of time, money and energy expended on try-strategies. This of courserequires a very realistic and ing to bang a square peg into a round hole! ▌ E: sandra@handsassociates.comcontrolled approach but Ibelieve that the future be- KAM is business of patience. It requires more time to understand system,longs to companies able to know key people, develop confidence with key people. KAM is unconven-use this modernized ap- tional selling. Unfortunately not enough guidance is provided to theseproach. ▌ people and in absence of results as expected within time frame fatigueE: olivier.riviere Nitin Nigam settles in fast. This business require a very mature management. ▌ Ive seen companies use KAM as a title vs. a process. The KAMer is the one who should lead the team in the KAM framework, but the process and roles during each stage of the buying cycle needs to be well defined. Additionally, the process needs to be flexible enough to allow the person who has the greatest credibility and relationship with the client to lead the selling effort. This is not saying they lead the team, but lead the con-David Kirsch tact and relationship with the client. If you have someone who has the ability to develop a trusted advisorrelationship with the client, take advantage of it regardless of their role in your company. E: Page 12
  13. 13. MedicinMan Dr. Hemant ki Ek SochThe Shahrukh Khan Mantra And we dont want them How many times have you leaving our company be- quit before giving it a 1000 fore a year or two at least. thoughts??? So please do something!!" Then again I analyzed the One amazing thing about statement and I realized: in freshers is that they are that moment, when he was loaded with energy. A sleeping on a bench, what fresher is the embodiment must be going through is of youth. They put every- mind? Only if you have the thing into work because virtues of perseverance, they feel they can change patience and positivity that the system and also have you can fight those mo- the need to impress every- ments of despair. Dr. Hemant Mittal one with their ability. A Its so important to under- MBBS, PG.DPM, MD fresher is also a great stand only 2% of people are learner. They understand happy with their jobs... theI was recently askedby a company to con- the system and when time comes, might decide to rest fight stress, sadness and worries about the fu- ―IT IS KNOWNduct a "Motivational" make a quick move ture every single day. THATtalk for some of theirfresher Employees. towards a higher plane. My job was to channelize this In such a scenario its im- SHAHRUKH portant to understand youLike in most such cases, energy and youthfulness. cannot be positive all the KHAN HASthe HR (human resource) Give it a direction.department was very clear time and every single MADE IT TO THE Of the 3hr workshop I had ounce of negativity is tak-with their requirements. with them, one part was to ing you closer to your goal.. TOP THE HARDI still remember the HRguy calling me a few days help them find a real life Remember: WAY… example of positive energybefore and saying, channelization and success. Every successful man has SLEEPING ON A"Well Doc, we pride in be- I couldnt think of any bet- thought of quitting at leasting one of the very few once. BENCH FOR A ter example that the HindiMultinational companies film actor Shahrukh Khan. Every successful man has WEEK AND BOR-that like to employ fresh-ers. While the market Its known that Shahrukh lost his patience more than once. ROWING RS. 20 Khan has made it to the topstandard requires 1-2yrs of the tough way. While Every successful man has FROM A FRIENDexperience, we believe inharnessing and cultivating preparing this module, I failed more than once. TO TRAVEL TO stumbled upon a write up Every successful man hastalent from the beginning. on Shahrukh Khan. There encountered more negative FILM CITY‖As you will understand, we was a quote on his struggle. thoughts than positive onesrequire them to be com-pletely motivated to face Shahrukh Khan - "I slept If there is so much nega- Dr. Hemant is a well-knownthe challenges ahead and on a bench for a week and tives, how could they suc- Behavioral, Emotional andbuild a long term relation- borrowed Rs.20/. everyday ceed? Because they perse- Sexual Health Consultant.ship with us". from a friend to travel to vered with a goal in mind, He is the Owner of Mind film city" saw every failure as an op- Mantra Wellness ConceptsTo simplify what he meant and a Leading Blogger at:- "We hire freshers because Then I thought, In that one portunity to fight back and www.themindpath.blogspot.comthey come cheap. We want week he might have focused on achieving their thought of quitting at least goals at all costs. ▌ E: eksoch@gmail.comthem to work as much aswe demand them to. a 1,000 times... Page 13
  14. 14. MedicinMan Music, Metrics and Management How Managers Must Make Sense of Data and Transform it to Actionable Knowledge Not only in music is mation, data need to be information for me or my the harmony of tri- displayed graphically. For company?‖ ads an important ele- the mostly optical people it They say we are living in ment of style, it is im- appears to be easy to ex- the era of knowledge today. portant in improving our tract or make them under- But where is the knowledge well-being and good feel- stand a specific and clear of my company? ings as well. informational message Does it make sense if derived from these data. We find such triads in knowledge is stored in the management studies and in A company‘s product strat- heads of a few or should it our daily lives. One of these egy can easily be displayed be made available for triads is related to figures and supported with such many? How can knowledgeHanno Wolfram, Germany information. Acknowledg- that are regularly used to being in the heads of a few measure results or dedica- ing that the details of a be made accessible to oth- tion. growth strategy vary signif- ers in the same organiza-Lots of Data icantly from others, the tion? At the end the ques- William Hewlett creation of information once said: ―You only tion is left how we handle from data can well be a our individual knowledge can manage what you challenge. Information measure, and what you measure gets done!‖ Questions like: or how we can transfer all this information into ―Does this information knowledge accessible by all Many of the KPIs used in Knowled our companies follow this mirror our strategic objec- concerned. ge sentence, at least the first tives?‖ or ―Will this infor- mation point to the right The n e c e s sa r y pre- conditions, some call that half of it. strategic direction?‖ should IT-systems, are available, An absolute prerequisite be a mandatory part if you allowing us to intone the for measuring and there- want to achieve and sup- Action ! valuable and value adding fore management, are port a coherent and con- triad of transforming data numbers. sistent strategy. into information and at QUESTIONS LIKE If many of them are collect- The third tone of the triad the end create accessible ed in a table or spread- knowledge. ―DOES THIS INFOR- becoming ever more im- sheet, Microsoft has told us portant reflects the ques-MATION MIRROR OUR Pitifully this triad only can that these are called data. tion ―How can I create rarely be enjoyed. ▌ STRATEGIC OBJEC- To alter data into infor- knowledge out of this TIVES?‖ OR ―WILL THIS INFORMATION Question: Being a medical representative, which of the 5 territories belowPOINT TO THE RIGHT would you chose to work in and why? STRATEGIC DIREC-TION?‖ SHOULD BE A Hanno Wolfram is Managing Director at Innov8 GmbH andMANDATORY PART IF Co-Founder at Pharmainstitut YOU WANT TO with over 30 years of experi- ACHIEVE AND SUP- ence in the German and Inter- PORT A COHERENT national Health Markets. AND CONSISTENT Contact him at : STRATEGY. Page 14
  15. 15. MedicinManANNOUNCING ACADEMYProfessional Development Workshopsfor Pharma Professionals by Top IndustryProfessionals as FacultyBased on MedicinMan‘s extensive interaction with senior industry professionals to understandissues relating to the Healthcare Field Force, the following workshops are planned to address theLearning and Development needs of healthcare industry professionals.1. A Workshop on Creative and Strategic Excellence in Product Management2. A Workshop on the Role of Front-line Managers in Sales Force Effectiveness3. A Workshop on Key Account Management in Pharma4. A Train the Trainer Workshop – Reframing Pharmaceutical Field Sales Training5. A 3 month Certificate Program in Healthcare Communications (part-time, weekends) forMedical Reps and Front-line ManagersThese programs are targeted at enhancing the career prospects of Field Sales People as well asproducing better Product Managers, Training Managers and overall excellence among professionalsconnected with Pharma Sales and Marketing.For more information on attending the workshops, sponsoring participants or partnering withMedicinMan Academy, contact:Arvind Nair: E: M: +91 987 0201 422Anup Soans: E: M: +91 934 2232 949
  16. 16. EXECUTIVE TEAM ADVISORS EDITOR Anup Soans MEDICINMAN INDUCTS VETERANS AND YOUNG BLOODEXECUTIVE EDITOR Prof. Vivek J o l l y Amit Shekhar Joshua Soans Hattangadi Mathews is a is a passion- began as a Learning and ate and high- COO Medical Development ly committed Arvind Nair veteran in the learning and Rep. He true sense of developmentADVISORY BOARD has the the word. professional. rare dis- Prof. Vivek Till recently Senior Manager, Amit has risen from ranks tinction of working at all lev- Hattangadi Training at Novartis India from Business officer (MR) els in sales and brand man- Limited, He has a total work to Area Business Manager to Jolly Mathews agement – from Medical Rep experience of 38 years in Manager Training in the 5th to Head of Sales and Market- Frontline Sales, Field Force largest Pharma Company ofEDITORIAL BOARD ing in leading companies. He Management and HR. India, Cadila Healthcare has developed the curricu- As a Leadership Trainer in Ltd. Shashin lum for MBA in pharma sales Bodawala Novartis, he has trained Amit is founder of & brand management of managers in various parts of LinkedIn‘s influential Phar-Salil Kallianpur Vidyasagar University. the world. ma Trainers Forum.Dr. Shalini Ratan Prof. Hattangadi joins Jolly Mathews joins our Amit Shekhar joins our Board of Advisors Board of Advisors MedicinMan as TrainingPrabhakar Shetty Consultant To receive the latest WHAT THE PHARMA CEO WANTS FROM THE BRAND MANAGERissue of MedicinMan every month in your A New Book by Prof. Vivek Hattangadi mailbox, visit Brand management gurus say the role of the CEO is tied inex- tricably to the brand. They further opine that the most person in the organization i.e. the CEO should be the brand cus- and enter your email todian. However this is easier said than done. Therefore, in this milieu, the brand manager in the Indian pharmaceutical marketID in the ―Subscribe to (IPM) has a key role to play. Although the brand managers have MedicinMan‖ widget been given various nomenclatures – ‗Product Manager‘, below the latest ‗Therapy Manager‘, ‗Product Sales Manager‘ and a few years back they were also called as ‗Sales Promotion Manager‘, the issue. most appropriate one is Brand Manager. What exactly is the role of a brand manager? How does he build a brand? What are the characteristics of an effective brand Send your queries, com- manager in the pharma industry? And most importantly, what ments and feedback to: does the custodian of the brand - the CEO - want from the brand manager? How can the brand manager fulfill the CEO‘s E: Send enquiries to: expectations? What are his worries? WHAT THE PHARMA CEO WANTS FROM THE M: BRAND MANAGER answers all your questions on this important topic. +91 934 2232 949 Although the book is intended for those who have been recently initiated into pharma brand management, many pharma industry leaders recommend this book even for the practicing brand managers who desire to revisit the basics. "What the Pharma CEO Wants from the Brand Manager’ is a must read for new entrants in product management and even useful for all those who wish to revisit the basics of M: pharmaceutical marketing. Chapters/Sections on self analysis, forecasting and brand +91 987 020 1422 plan are good. These can make every brand manager introspect/revisit on his current work." – Satish Dandekar, Sr. Vice President, Ipca Laboratories Ltd. Published and Printed for MedicinMan by Joshua Soans at 22 North Road, Cooke Town, Bangalore—84