Pharma Front-line Manager is the Fulcrum of Field Force Excellence


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Pharma Front-line Manager is the Fulcrum of Field Force Excellence

  1. 1. A BroadSpektrum Healthcare Business Media’ s Corporate Social Responsibility InitiativeVol. 2 lssue 5 May 2012EditorialMEDICAL REPS OR HEALTHCAREADVISORS?MedicinMan has come a good distance managers responsible for FFE to attend pharma companies must pay morefrom Vision to Action. We will be MedicinMan FFE 2012 and share their attention to FFE as well as enhancing thecelebrating our First Anniversary soon. insights. Only steps like this to upgrade role and remuneration of MRs and othersAnd what better way than to conduct the knowledge of Field Force will put in the field who meet doctors every day.a first-of-its-kind event on Field Force them in position to be doctor’s therapyExcellence – FFE 2012. partner. Pharma has the scope of No other channel has the power to developing Field Force into knowledge impact pharma business as much as fieldMedicinMan FFE 2012 will be a unique workers who are experts in their therapy force – improving their knowledge, skillsevent with senior industry leaders areas. It could be from GP disease therapy and motivation can only mean betterincluding CEOs sharing their insights on areas like highly prevalent Malaria and talent and sales leadership pipeline for theFFE. This is an ideal opportunity for SBU TB to super specialty areas like Oncology future.heads, Heads and Senior Mangers in Sales, and Ophthalmology. Field Force mustMarketing, HR, Training, SFE and others create and deliver actionable knowledge to There are a lot of events happeninglike Divisional/Zonal Sales Managers, physicians and paramedics. from June to August and MedicinManwho are responsible and passionate about is partnering with UBM as a MediaFFE in India Pharma. Another excellent article by Prof. Vivek Partner. Our objective is to collaborate on positioning will give Field Force the with others who are adding value to theMedicinMan FFE 2012 will kick-off with marketing knowledge and insight to Pharma FFE ecosystem. Akshata Rao,a CEO Round-table on how to transform position their products accurately and who was spearheading eyeforpharmathe present trend of Low Attraction- ensure brand loyalty. in the US is now in India, looking forHigh Attrition into High Attraction-Low ways to make a positive impact on theAttrition so that Indian Pharma has a Dr. Shalini has written on an extremely Indian Pharma market and so watch thissales leadership pipeline that can meet the important but low awareness area – space for new developments. I also hadchallenges of growing into a $ 50 billion Patient Care. In future Pharma will have a great meeting with Sujit Kumar, anindustry by 2020. to play an increasingly larger role in IIM (A) alumnus, who will be rolling out this vital area. This is the gist of Ernst certification programs for MRs – a stepRamanathan from Ranbaxy has written & Young’s Pharma 3.0 report, which advocated by MedicinMan from the firstan insightful article on this topic in can be downloaded from my LinkedIn issue.this issue. We are also starting a special profile page - for Field Force section s/57575410a691d63838a1. Insights from A lot is happening and it should lead tospearheaded by Dr. Amit Dang of CEO articles and reports like these should an improvement in the overall ecosystemof Geronimo Healthcare Solution. This stimulate new ways of doing business. In of Medical Reps and FLMs or should weis one more step in ensuring FFE and all this we at MedicinMan see the Field now call them Healthcare Advisors?we look forward to ideas from pharma Force as the facilitator and therefore MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 5 Pg 1
  2. 2. ffe 2012MedicinMan Field Force ExcellenceAbout the Event at a GlanceMedicinMan presents the first of its kind Field Force Excellence Conference with a CEO Roundtable.Theme - CEOs share their Vision for the Field Force of the FutureK. Hariram, formerly, Managing Director of Galderma is the Chief Mentor of MedicinMan Field Force Excellence India 2012Anup Soans, Editor of MedicinMan is bringing together top talent as faculty to make MedicinMan Field Force Excellence 2012 agreat learning experience Ad Space 1Arvind Nair, Conference Director of Brand Drift will ensure that MedicinMan Field Force Excellence India 2012 will be one moreoutstanding experience for participants and sponsorsWhy Participate in MedicinMan FFE India 2012?• First ever CEO Round-table on Field Force Excellence giving insights from highest level of expertise• Around 100 decision-makers will attend MedicinMan Field Force Excellence India 2012. They will be looking out for strategic solution providers to further their business goals• A never before rare opportunity to listen, interact and learn from pioneers, influencers and trail blazers ensuring that you leave the conference with all the information you need to drive success into your sales model• A wide array of top talent as speakers from across Indian Pharma & MNC will share their insights on some of the key challenges facing the Indian Pharma industry.Speakers / Panel MembersSudarshan Jain – Director, Abbott HealthcareK Hariram – Managing Director, Galderma (Ex)Deepak Naik - Managing Director, H ‘n’ U TherapeuticsGirdhar Balwani – Managing Director, Invida IndiaAparna Sharma - Director HR, Deutsche Bank, India; (formerly, Head of HR at UCB Pharma and Novartis)Rajkumar Arul – Director, HR for India Region, RanbaxyKeith Pinto – Senior GM Training and Management Development; GSKJolly Mathews – Senior Manager Training, Novartis (Ex)Deep Bhandari – GM,Sales and Marketing Service Organization, NovartisS. Vardarajan - GM, Strategy Management & Operational Excellence, MerckHari Krishna – GM, Sales and Marketing, GlenmarkSalil Kallianpur - Head, Commercial Excellence, GSKAmlesh Ranjan - Associate Director, Sanofi AventisB Ramanathan – Senior Manager BU Training, RanbaxyVikram Munshi - Senior Pharma ProfessionalAnup Soans - Editor, MedicinMan
  3. 3. Program Highlights08:30 -09:20 Power Breakfast – Network with Faculty and Decision Maker Participants09:30 -10:00 Introduction – The Future of Field Force - From Vision to Action (Faculty confirmation awaited)10:00-11:15 Session 1 - CEO Roundtable Theme - How to Move Pharma Front-lines from Low Attraction – High Attrition to High Attraction – Low Attrition to Ensure Sales Leadership Pipeline.Tea Break – 11:15 – 11:3011:30-12:45 Session 2 - Field Force Excellence - What Should be the HR Approach to Foster FFE? Followed by Panel DiscussionLunch Break - 12:45 – 13:4513:45-15:00 Session 3 – Can the Second Line Manager Become the Change Agent for FFE? Followed by Panel DiscussionTea Break – 15:00 – 15:1515:15-16:15 Session 4 – Aligning SFE and other Field Force Activities with Commercial Excellence followed by Panel Discussion16:15 -17:00 Session 5 - The Half Time Coach by Anup Soans - Preview of L & D Program for FLMs Enabling the Front-line Manager to Unleash the FORCE in the Field Force’Registration DetailsDelegate Fees for Service Provider Companies - Rs.7500/-Early Bird Offer - Only 10 spots available - Rs.6500/-Send DD/Cheque before 15th May 2012Delegate Fees for Pharma Companies upto 3 delegates - Rs.6500/-Early Bird Offer - Rs.5500/-Send DD/Cheque before 15th May 2012More than 3 Delegates - Special Rates on Early Bird ConfirmationSpot Registration only for Pharma Delegates - Rs.7500/- subject to availability onlyAvoid last minute disappointment. Confirm Today!Prices are inclusive of Power Breakfast with Decision Makers, Networking Lunch and 2 High Tea SlotsBonanza Offer 1 for Early Bird Registration - One FREE copy of ‘SuperVision for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager’ by AnupSoans worth Rs.799/-Bonanza Offer 2 for Early Bird Registration - This initial offer delegate price includes taxes.Contact DetailsArvind Nair, Conference Director at Mumbai on +91-9870201422 or andAnup Soans, Editor MedicinMan at Bangalore on +91-9342232949 or Conceptualized & OrganizedKnowledge Partner Branding & MarCom Partners
  4. 4. DOES PHARMA INDUSTRY DO ENOUGH TO ATTRACT FRONTLINE TALENT?B. RamanathanWhen I talked to the B. Pharm graduates Most of the Pharma companies in India Now that brings me to the mostwho joined my team and asked them what can boast about the fact that many in intriguing question… Why don’tmade them join pharma frontline, there the top management have risen from the pharma graduates look at a career inwas a spontaneous response – salary and field. There are numerous examples of pharma field sales as a compellinggrowth opportunities. My next question Pharma companies headed by people who option? Why do professors who shapeto them was how many of your class- have joined and grown along with the up the minds of pharmacy graduatesmates have joined this profession along organization. Today, we can be proud of in colleges discourage students fromwith you. I was perplexed to know that the fact that lots of global positions in top taking up this profession? Have pharmavery few had joined. I asked them if management of many pharma companies companies not done enough to makethis profession is so good, then why is are headed by Indians and many have field sales a compelling option for theseit that many of your classmates have joined the career as a front liner. graduates?not opted to join this profession? Their Pharma industry in India is all set toresponse was startling - their professors The fact that global MNCs as well as become a $ 50 billion industry by 2020.had dissuaded them from joining this Indian Pharmaceutical companies have If we don’t attract good talent now,profession. And if they had dissuaded a trained and motivated sales force in where will the sales leadership pipelinethem from joining field sales, what are India is seen from the fact that the field come from to meet the future growth?the other options recommended by force in this industry has been a great And considering that there are close tothem? Obviously, one can do M. Pharm attraction even from outside the industry. 351 pharmacy colleges at the presentand Phd. Well, not all. Then, what other Banking and insurance industry, when it count, producing over 14,000 pharmacyoptions do they have. was started, looked at professionals from graduates, without taking into account pharma for meeting their requirements. the management and science graduates,This is what I found in Wikipedia about This is a very positive statement about the should there be a dearth of talent inPharmacy Colleges and options for structured training and skill development the industry? Should there be really aPharmacy graduates http://en.wikipedia. seen in Pharma Sales which makes MRs gap between supply and demand? Areorg/wiki/Bachelor_of_Pharmacy and FLMs capable of meeting challenging pharma companies doing enough to career requirements on other industries attract and nurture these resources?As a matter of fact the career of B as well.Pharmacy is still a toddler career in B. Ramanathan is Senior ManagerIndia as there is no good pay scale for The monetary structure for somebody BU Training, Ranbaxy. He began histhe graduates as students lack soft skills. coming to this profession is also very career as a Medical Rep with PfizerEmployers like to import workers from encouraging, especially when you look and his success story is published inchina and Philippines to their Drug at the monetary rewards offered by the December issue of MedicinMan.Firms. However if you take additional Ramanathan is also a faculty at the the others for Pharmacy graduates. So,crash courses in Pharma related sectors MedicinMan FFE 12. To listen to whether you look at the stability, monetarylike Bioinformatics, Clinical Trials & insights from him and other senior rewards, opportunity to learn and growMedical Transcription you’ll get good Job pharma managers including CEOs onPriority in India. Information sharing or long term career options, a career in how to transform the Pharma Fieldbetween B. Pharmacy students is the Pharma Field Sales is very attractive. Sales from a Low Attraction – Highmain bottle-neck for the growth. Still, I hear that when companies expand Attrition to a High Attraction – Low their field operations, they are not able to Attrition career option, register today atWHAT DOES A CAREER IN PHARMA HAVE get the right talent for front liners. early bird delegate fees.IN STORE FOR PHARMA GRADUATES? MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 5 Pg 4
  5. 5. MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 5 Pg 5
  6. 6. CAN FIELD FORCE ADD VALUE TOTHE POSITIONING FOR STRONGERBRAND IDENTITY?Prof. Vivek HattangadiWhat is positioning? Although this Then what is segmentation? Segmentation domperidon. How will you positionconcept has been used for many years, it is different from positioning. Both your brand Nogerd (an imaginarywas the book “Positioning: The Battle for market segmentation and positioning are brand containing pantoprazole +Your Mind”, by Al Ries and Jack Trout integral to marketing strategy. Market domperidon) in the doctor’s mind? Clearlythat familiarized the marketing world on segmentation is the division of a market communicate the positioning message ofthis concept in a scientific way. into different groups of customers with Nogerd again and again using emotions. distinctly similar needs and product Your success lies in conquering the battleThe first company in the Indian requirements. Or in other words it is the zone in the doctor’s mind with yourpharma market to use this concept very division of a mass market into identifiable emotional messages.successfully was Pfizer for Becosules. and distinct groups or segments, each of“Along with every prescription of an which has common characteristics and Is positioning the prerogative of theantibiotic, your patient needs Becosules” needs. For example an antibiotic can be corporate brand manager? One shouldwas their positioning statement. I heard segmented say for the super-specialist or not distort the positioning created bythis when I started my career in 1974. GPs, or for the rural customers or the the brand manager or else it may beThis was so effectively and beautifully urban elite and so on. deemed that the company has 500 brandcommunicated by Pfizer Medical Reps managers. How can you as a medicalthat Becosules continues to remain among Having segmented the market, the representative position Nogerd, withoutthe top brands even today. next step for the brand manager is to distorting the core positioning statement, position the brand. Kotler brings these keeping in mind that you have to beSo what exactly is positioning? It two elements together when he says that different from the rest of the 800 brands?is an amazing communication tool! ‘Positioning is the act of designing the This is a challenge for a Medical Reps andYour brand is special to you and your company’s offering and image so that which makes his job But what about doctors? Your they occupy a meaningful and distinct competitive position in the target You can convey your value propositionpotential prescribers won’t know how customers minds.’ by touching the hearts of the prescriber.special your brand is to you unless you Make the message emotional, but withoutcommunicate. Positioning is basically Today your doctor is bombarded changing the core.about differentiating your brand from continuously with the same kind ofcompetition and implanting that messages. For instance there are over 400 It is important to remember that doctors,differentiation in the doctor’s mind brands of pantoprazole + domperidon like all human beings, are rarely rationalthrough effective communication. and another 400 of rabeprazole + while making a prescribing (buying)MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 5 Pg 6
  7. 7. decision. Most decisions are based on For an Orthopedic: “Doctor, when patients will have a peacefulemotions, although doctors may pretend your patient with osteoarthritis takes an night. (Give a big genuineto be rational. Work on their emotions NASID and develops a new type of pain, smile with your eyes) Inand relate it to the benefits of your brand. gastric pain – we offer Nogerd. Nogerd fact, Nogerd is the essentialWhen you hit the emotions, doctors will will help your NSAID to relieve muscular co-prescription with everyfeel genuinely happier and become more pain without causing gastric pain. In fact, Rx of NSAID.”receptive to your brand. Most important, Nogerd is the essential co-prescriptiona powerful positioning based on emotions with every Rx of NSAID. When your Friends, you are notcannot be replicated by competitors patient comes for the follow-up, please here to make ordinary– that’s how Nogerd can stand apart do observe the smile on his face and do communication. As afrom the 800 competitors and become a share that smile with me”. (Take great Medical Rep if you arewinner. care on how this message is said rather conveying something to than what is said. Pay attention to your a doctor, make sure yourEmotions enter into prescription body-language) doctors notice it and actdecision-making whenever a doctor on it, i.e. get Rxs for yourmakes a trade-off. When they are doing For a General Surgeon: “Doctor, after brand.a trade-off, they are considering the surgery, when your patient takes an Let me emphasize once NASID and develops a new type of again “When you arevalues. Behind the values are emotions. pain, gastric pain – please do consider dealing with people (orThe aroused emotions cause motivation Nogerd. Nogerd will help your NSAID to doctors) you are not dealingand act as guide to his wants. Emotional relieve post-surgical pain swiftly, without with creatures of logic butresponses can also reinforce some values. causing gastric pain. In fact, Nogerd is creatures of emotion.”Emotion is communicated through facial the essential co-prescription for a surgeonexpressions, body movements, body along with every Rx of NSAID. See the Resources for furtherlanguage, tone of one’s voice, pace of joy on the patients face when he tells his learning - Marketing for thewords, and intensity. Emotion can also be near and dear ones what a great doctor Field Force is dealt in detailcommunicated by the actual words used. you are or when he says ‘Dr. Rao is like a in the book – HardKnocksUse this very effectively. God to me’”. (Pay attention to your tone for the GreenHorn by Anup of voice and facial expressions when you Soans. Along with Prof.Let us take the example of Nogerd. say this) Vivek’s “What the Pharma CEO Wants from theThe brand manager is trying to position Consulting Physician / General Physician: Brand Manager” can greatlyNogerd as a companion drug to NSAIDs. “Doctor, in traumatic pain, when you enhance the marketing skillsThe positioning statement says “Nogerd prescribe Nogerd along with your of Field the essential co-prescription with NSAID, rest assured that your patientevery Rx of NSAID”. How can you as a will not wake you up in the middle offield-person convey this message without the night complaining of stomach pain.diluting the core message? Thanks to Nogerd, both you and your MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 5 Pg 7
  8. 8. MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 5 Pg 8
  9. 9. Repeat Rx Cash or KA$H? Workaholic or Work-oh-Frolic? Performance or Perfo-Romance? Discover a Whole New Way of Pharma Field SalesA Unique 4 Stage Calling > Connecting > Consulting > Collaborating ProcessThat Enables Amateurs to Grow into Achievers by Creating Trust and BuildingRelationship with Doctors.Repeat Rx Includes a 3 Level Assessment Tool to Empower Medical Reps andFront-Line Managers Reach a New of Engagement Peak called Perfo-Romanceby transforming Workaholics into Work-Oh-Frolics.India Specific Methods and Metrics to Overcome Madness and Mess inthe Market. In an era of commoditization, the only real differentiator is theConfidence with which your Field Force attacks the market everyday. RepeatRx – an Emotionally and Rationally Intelligent Way to Develop a ConfidentField Force.Order Direct from Author and Take Advantage of the FREE OFFERWhat Cannot Be Measured Cannot Be Managed. First 1000 copies of Repeat Rxcome with a free 3 level Competency Assessment Tool with 120 CompetencyAssessment Questions for assessment by Self, by Immediate Supervisor and byCoach/Mentor/HR. A MedicinMan Field Force Excellence ResourceMedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 5 Pg 9
  11. 11. Dr. Shalini RatanPhysicians today face serious challenges only around 7% of the people discounted NIRVAN Life Sciences collaborated withwhen trying to communicate effectively the importance of communication with Indian Medical Students Associationand have a meaningful conversation the doctor, whereas a total of 48% termed (IMSA) as a Healthcare Communicationwith their patients. It has been reported it as an essential part of their treatment. & Education Facilitator to organize thethat 40 – 80% of information covered An analysis of the responses from the first of its kind 1 - Day workshop titledin physician consultations is forgotten patients also revealed that most of the “Going Beyond Disease Management”immediately. 78% of patients leave the doctors do not satisfy their parameters of at DY Patil Medical College, Pune on 5thhospital without understanding critical effective communication. April, 2012.elements of their treatment. This leads tolack of compliance with adverse clinical The doctor sample surveyed validated The workshop was conducted toand financial outcomes. this response by saying that though they sensitize the undergraduate medicalAs reported by the Times of India, a understand the importance of proper students towards the increasing demandsrecent World Medicines Situation 2011 communication but are seldom able to of the New Age Patients and howreport brought out by the WHO had said do so due to their hectic schedules and to adopt a Patient Centric Approach.that doctors, on an average, in developing overburden of work. It also highlighted that medicine is acountries spend less than 60 seconds in highly technical field and for the properprescribing medicines and explaining the At the same time medical advances application of this knowledge in today’sregimen to their patients. Consequently, have allowed immediate, efficient, and competitive world one would need to goonly half of the patients receive any direct monitoring of patients but at “Beyond Disease Management”.advice on how to take their medicines and the same time these same technologiesabout one-third of them don’t know how have also interrupted DPR. The kind The workshop emphasized that todayto take drugs immediately on leaving the words, reassurance, and the offering of a a doctor to be highly effective need tofacility. comforting hand is somewhere lacking. learn art of communication with their patients and build a compassionateCommunication is also critical when it So the compassionate approach of the DPR. It mainly focused on the role ofcomes to improving patient loyalty and medical professional is another DPR Empathy, Counseling, Communicationreferrals. Today patients perceive quality building tool. and Leadership skills amongst the futurethrough a satisfying conversation with medical professionals.their physicians. Patients who are stressed Within these troubled relationships lies anand unfamiliar with medical terminology opportunity for the healthcare companies The learning given to the participants waswant more information about their to help connect the dots between these experiential using a variety of methodscondition and care. Patients often arrive intertwined groups. This can be made including interactive lectures, case studies,for their consultation with computer possible by providing solutions to the group discussions and videos. It gave aprint-outs and theories on self-diagnosis. medical professionals on communication fresh experience to the medicos to learnPatients are becoming more sophisticated enhancement across the continuum of the basic aspects of patient behaviorabout receiving their treatment from care. The solutions can be in the form of through role plays.doctors. They want a clear rationale from innovative models which can help providethe doctor for choosing a particular line true healthcare rather than just delivering Some of the key learning’s taken from theof treatment. health. workshop were:The research shows that communication Healthcare companies have a large • Every patient is unique and requires ais the key driver of patient satisfaction. doctor base to create a learning platform different approach of management. addressing the need of “Non-ClinicalThus it is observed that there is an Education” for the medical professionals. • Today a doctor also requires humaneapparent shift in the psyche of the patient This could be to impart core values on skills to deal with a patient along withand thus the doctor patient relation will “Patient-Centeredness”. domain medical knowledge.also have to evolve. The above model can be a new paradigm • Role of the patient in decision making.In January 2012, Marque Club of IIM- to align the interests of healthcareRohtak solicited a market research for organizations and doctors. This new • Requirement of self analysis toNirvan Life Sciences to understand the educational initiative can re-define the understand patients in a better way.Doctor-Patient Relationship (DPR) in the Customer Relationship Management.modern context. Positive step taken towards enhancementThe patient (n=83) survey revealed that of Doctor-Patient Relationship MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 5 Pg 11
  12. 12. PHARMA INDIA 2012RURALMARKETINGEvent Name: Pharma Rural Marketing India 2012 Media PartnersDates: 20-22 June 2012Venue: Mumbai, IndiaURL: www.pharmaruralmarketing.comContact Person: Ms Asan BanoContact Details: +91 (022) 4046 1466 / conferences-india@ubm.comPharma Rural Marketing India 2012 - India’s most comprehensive conference on pharmaceuticalmarketing in the rural and semi-urban sector - 20-22 June 2012, MumbaiStrategic pricing mechanisms to drive home increasing revenuesTactical communication design, branding & planning to maximise reach in rural IndiaInnovative models of distribution and supply-chain management in rural and semi-urban areasLeading domestic and international case studies of best practicesDevelopments in technology and their impact on maximising the reach of pharmaceutical offeringsin rural and semi-urban marketsPHARMASFE&SFASALES FORCE EFFECTIVENESSSALES FORCE AUTOMATIONEvent Name: Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness and AutomationDates: 21-23 August 2012Venue: Mumbai, IndiaURL: Media PartnerContact Person: Ms Asan BanoContact Details: +91 (022) 4046 1466 / conferences-india@ubm.comAttend Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness and Automation 2012 to Learn about key issues, discover opportunitiesand gain solutions for challenges in the pharma sales and marketing domain including:Multi-channel marketing models for enhancing commercial excellenceModern innovative training modules for improving performance of the field forceRegulations on ethical practices and strategies to drive growth of pharma sales forceInnovative web-based and mobile based technologies for enhancing SFERobust CRM practices for optimum utilisation and synergy between departmentsInnovative incentivisation and motivational techniques to sustain top performers
  13. 13. PHARMACOLOGY dilemmas and apprehension and convey the same to his company in a meaningful way,KNOWLEDGE OF FIELD leading to better customer care. Comprehensive pharmacology knowledge of the field forceFORCE CAN MAKE OR goes a long way to improve the marketing strategy of any drugBREAK A PHARMA and also helps to build a good interpersonal relationship with the physicians. The company whichCOMPANY is able to the win the confidence of the physicians and is able to communicate positively with them will always be way ahead of the competitors. To bring a drug molecule to market, millions of dollars are spent and a lot of efforts of many medical disciplines are involved. Any improper or inadequate information given out by the Medical Reps will have a negative impact on the marketing. Hence the importance of the pharmacological knowledgeBy Dr. Amit Dang MD • Pharmacological class of the drug of the field personnel is very and the major competitor drug with important to culminate all theThe role and responsibility of a advantages and disadvantages. efforts of preclinical and clinicalMedical Rep is to disseminate first study into a fruitful endeavor forhand information to the physicians • Indications of the drug with knowledge the company.of a newly marketed product or of an of off label indications also.established drug; in an accurate, balanced With immense pleasure, weand currently relevant format. He has • Thorough knowledge of side effects and announce that MedicinMan will adverse effects and the precautions to be be starting a dedicated sectionto convey and impart information to from the next issue to improvethe practicing physician, the advantages taken. the pharmacological knowledgeof the suggested drug over the other of field force in collaborationavailable treatment options. He should • Any contraindication or dose with their academic partnersalso be aware of the recent clinical trials modification in liver, kidney failure or age “Geronimo Healthcare Solutionsdone with summary of results for the specific indications. Pvt. Ltd.” It hopes to bringnew drugs and the market performance change in the knowledge factorincluding any adverse events reported for • Relevant clinical trial data for the given of the pharma field force tothe marketed drugs. drug to confirm safety and efficacy of the enable them to regain their power drug. and position as partners withIn achieving this goal, a sound knowledge physicians in delivering top quality • Convincing data and information which patient care.of pharmacology of drugs, physiologyof the health conditions and medical can swing the doctor’s preference to theterminology is a prerequisite. If he is not given drug in comparison to the one that Dr. Amit Dang is an MD inable to answer the queries of the doctor he may be prescribing currently. Pharmacology from the Goaconvincingly, the doctor will not prescribe Medical College and is passionatehis products, leading to a negative effect Basic pharmacology knowledge will help about pharmacology and how theon his company’s sales. the Medical Rep to achieve the above pharma field force can impact the goals. In addition to convincing the knowledge base of doctors everyA doctor needs to know the following doctor, good pharmacological knowledge day.facts about any drug before he can think will also help him to address the feedbackof prescribing it to his patients:- of the physicians and understand their MedicinMan Vol. 2 lssue 5 Pg 13
  14. 14. There are young eyes upon you, and they are watching you, always. There are young ears that quickly take in everything you say. There are young hands all eager to do everything you do. And a young man who’s dreaming of the day he’ll be like you. You are young man’s idol; you’re the wisest of the wise. In his young mind, about you no suspicion ever arises. He believes in you devoutly, holds that all you say and do. He will say and do in your way, when he is grown up, just like you.There is a wide-eyed young fellow, who believes you are always right, And his ears always open and he watches you all through. You are setting an example everyday in all you do. For the young man who is waiting to grow up and be like you. By K. HARIRAM Branding & MarCom by