MedicinMan 1st Anniversary Special Offer


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Pharma/Medical Devices and Related Field Force Excellence Enablers. Differentiate Your Field Force through these specially crafted field force development resources.

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MedicinMan 1st Anniversary Special Offer

  1. 1. MedicinMan TM1~ FIELD FORCE E XCE L LE N CE ~ st Anniversary Special Offer Buy FREE And get Details on Page 3
  2. 2. MEDICINMAN CELEBRATES 1ST ANNIVERSARY WITH FFE ‘12MedicinMan TM ~ FIELD FORCE E XCE L LE N CE ~ The 1st Anniversary of Chhaya Sankath presenting FFE „12 memento MedicinMan was cele- to Narayan B. Gad, CEO of Panacea Biotec brated by creating a new annual platform of phar-ma thought leaders to foster Field ForceExcellence - FFE 2012 on June 16 atthe JW Marriott in Juhu, Mumbai. Over80 senior pharma executives from 24top pharma companies attended FFE2012 signifying the importance of FieldForce Excellence. The registrations hadto be closed, as it was practically a fullhouse.Arvind Nair, Conference Director ofBrand Drift once again delivered aspectacular event, this time ably assist-ed by MedicinMan‘s new CEO, Chhaya gress of Medicine and PharmaSankath and MedicinMan‘s US Repre- industry from palliative to correc- FFE 2012 FACULTYsentative, Sejal Kikani. tive. (FFE 2012 presentations will AMLESH RANJANThe outstanding faculty of FFE 2012 be hosted on MedicinMan websitefrom 15 leading MNC and Indian Phar- for the benefit of pharma profes- SUJAY SHETTYma ensured that the delegates had a sionals, subject to copyright of pre- N. B. GADfeast of learning on various areas that senters). Amlesh Ranjan touched GIRDHAR BALWANIimpact FFE. The list of FFE 2012 facul- upon several areas that lead to fieldty was representative of the uniqueness force excellence and concluded with SHRIHARI SHIDHAYEof Indian Pharma. the statement – ―The value that you add, comes from the values that you JOSHUA MENSCHSocial media maven, Salil Kallianpur, hold‖ signifying the importance of APARNA SHARMACentre of Excellence at GSK live tweet- personal responsibility and integrityed the event highlights ensuring that in fostering excellence. Amlesh KEITH PINTOpharma professionals all over the world Ranjan‘s success story can be read JOLLY MATHEWSkept abreast of FFE 2012 proceedings. in the November 2011 issue of DEEP BHANDARIFFE 2012 kicked-off with a welcome MedicinMan.address by Anup Soans, Editor of B. RAMANATHAN The CEO Roundtable was the cen-MedicinMan followed by a Keynote terpiece of FFE 2012. This was for HARI KRISHNAaddress by Amlesh Ranjan, Associate the first time directors of pharmaDirector at Sanofi. This was only appro- VIKRAM MUNSHI companies who were brought on anpriate as both Anup and Amlesh began open platform to discuss FFE. DANDABANY Dtheir career as Medical Reps and prod- Brilliantly moderated by Sujayucts of Field Force Excellence in India. SALIL KALLIANPUR Shetty, Partner and Lead of PharmaAmlesh Ranjan began with a quote by and Life Sciences at PwC. ▌ S VARADARAJANGautama Buddha – ―Excellence can beachieved, if you dream more than others If you wish to participate in FFE ANUP SOANSthink is practical; care more than others 2013 in Feb 2013 or Brand Drift alsothink is wise; expect more than others in Feb 2013, get in touch with us This is a promotional copy.think is possible; risk more than others now. To read the complete issue visitthink is safe.‖ Amlesh traced the pro- Contact:
  3. 3. MedicinMan 1st Anniversary Promotional Copy. Read the complete issue at Every winning team has aligned the aspirations and abilities of its members with the goals of the organization. Great performance coaches combine Business Acumen with Emotional Intelligence to create wins. SuperVision for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager and HardKnocks for the GreenHorn are Get these FFE Enablers to Develop your Field Force Front-line Managers Mini MBA Tailor-made to Transform FLMs into Emotionally Intelligent Performance Coaches. MRP ` 799 Anniversary Offer HardKnocks for the GreenHorn FREE with the purchase of SuperVision for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager* Medical Reps A Starter Kit to Transition Beginners into Achievers. MRP ` 599 * Offer inclusive of Speed Post charges Send your orders to and make a payment of Rs 800/- to HDFC S.B a/c no. *07141000006761* of “Anup Soans” HDFC Bank, Mosque Road, Frazer Town Branch, Bangalore – 560005. RTGS/NEFT IFSC: HDFC0000714 Call: +91 93422 32949 3
  4. 4. MedicinMan 1st Anniversary Promotional Copy. Read the complete issue at CEO Roundtable at FFE 2012 Moderator: Sujay Shetty, Partner and Lead, Pharma and Life Sciences, PwC (center) (left to right) Joshua Mensch, Director Marketing, Data3s, Czech Republic Girdhar Balwani, Managing Director, Invida India Shrihari Shidhaye, Director Sales and Marketing, Abbott Healthcare Narayan B. Gad, CEO Panacea Biotec Opening Remarks by Sujay Shetty – Moderator Sujay Shetty: Whenever I travel abroad, people want to understand and decode the Indian mindset and pharma market. The promise of the Indian pharma market – slated to be in the world‘s Top 10 pharma markets—is too alluring to ignore. FFE 2012 is a wonderful opportunity for us to enrich ourselves from the vast experience and exper- tise of veteran CEOs as well as the senior executives in the audience of Indian and MNC pharma companies. FFE 2012 is an opportunity to discus issues like the impact of Gen Y entering the workforce, whose models and methods are Google and digital. To discuss how selling is moving from heavy promo- tions to Key Account Management; and other issues that impact field force. (Question to panelists): What are the Top Two Trends Impacting Pharma Field Force? Joshua Mensch: 1. Harmonization and unifying of various functions within a company to ensure seamless communication between various functions like Sales, Marketing, HR, Train- ing, SFE, even functions like Finance and Supply Chain. Using technology to integrate functions that ultimately impact sales directly or indirectly will facilitate this breaking of silos. Building relationships within and outside the company. 2. Refined thinking about KPIs – moving from quantitative to qualitative measures.4
  5. 5. MedicinMan 1st Anniversary Promotional Copy. Read the complete issue at Narayan B. Gad: A little bit of context is needed when discussing FFE in India because India is a unique market with the largest number of brands and companies jostling in the marketplace. The challenges are: 1. A high attrition rate of 35% 2. Reduced competence of a Medical Rep compared to 10 years ago and 3. The job of a Medical Rep is no longer as- pirational. Having said that, I would want companies to focus on three areas to address the problems: 1. Once a person has been hired as a Medical Rep, what can we do to create a ‗will- fullness‘ and pride in the job? How can he love the wife he has, even if she was not his first choice? (Ed. – Not an easy task given that Gen Y prefers to choose their own partners even in opposition to parental wishes.) 2. Technology enablement – how can we use technology to compensate for the lower competence of the below average Medical Rep, so that he delivers value to the in-clinic interaction? 3. Creating a culture of competence among the managers. Today‘s SBU Heads in many cases are yesterday‘s Medical Reps – many who joined the profession not out of choice and hence the lack of competence continues. A lot can be achieved if the managers are more competent. Girdhar Balwani: Pharma industry still has a lot of attraction and those who do choose the career and work hard have the opportunity to rise in the organization as is evident from the success achieved by many in the audience. Apart from technology, the increasing number of brands has changed the way in which a Medical Rep interacts with the doctor. The expectations of doctors have also changed dramatically. The recent growth of many companies – how have they grown? They have grown through relationship building, where the Medical Rep becomes just a Rep instead of scientific information provider. Will the MCI guidelines change the way doctors behave? Will we as an industry evolve code of conduct to follow ethical practices? I‘m a bit skeptical as there are too many companies, too many brands and too many Medical Reps. Shrihari Shidhaye: Technology will certainly be a big impact on Field Force. But how are we using technology? If we use fancy gizmos with the same visual aid on the iPad, the novelty will soon wear off. We have to ensure that we build back-end capability that creates and delivers val- ue through technology. Even while using technology for Field Force merely for reporting and compliance instead of gaining customer insight, we may be using technology but we may not be optimizing its utility. Pride in the Field Force is a big ‗Missing Link‘. Productivity of Field Force is falling sharply. While implementing SFE, are we doing everything to ensure that productivity increases? Sujay Shetty: We can summarize the key issues as: 1. Technology will have the biggest impact on every aspect of Field Force working. 2. Appropriate use of technology to integrate various functions and deliver value to sales people. 3. Selling practices and code of conduct will need to be looked at. 4. How to attract and retain talent? And, how to increase the competence of managers? 5. Moving from efficiency to effectiveness and onward to excellence. The entire proceedings of the CEO Roundtable and other sessions will be available for Rs. 1,500/- in an FFE 2012 Special Print and DVD issue. Write to 5
  6. 6. What do you expectyour FLMs and SLMs to be good at? What are you doing to ensure that they gain proficiency in the desired skills?The Half-Time Coach A Psychometric Assessment-based Feedback and Feed-forward Program for FLMs and SLMs 1. Management Games  Relearning by Reflection,  Feedback by Observation 2. Case Studies 3. Movie Clippings 4. Mapping ExercisesThe Half-Time Coach is delivered by Anup Soans, Editor MedicinMan &Author of SuperVision for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager, HardKnocks for theGreenHorn and RepeatRx Contact: Ph. +91 93422 32949