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With increasing push towards generics being mandated by government of India and Medical Council of India and Civil Society, Will the Retail Chemist emerge stronger in his bargaining power?

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Rise of Retail Chemist Power in India - MedicinMan

  1. 1. TMMEDICINMANMarch 2013 | www.medicinman.net Field Force Excellence Rise Anup Soans Will the Retail Chemist become the new valuepoint for pharma marketers? of the Retail Chemist.
  2. 2. Rise of the Retail Chemist | Anup Soans, EditorIndian Pharma companies lavish their attention on doctors. Is this trendabout to change with the rise of generics? Will the doctor now playsecond fiddle to the retail chemist or will he plunge into retailing as manyhave already done according to media reports?T he Government of India, for medicines but a variety of FMHGs, With increasing attrition rate of Medical Council of India, Civil a relatively new term – Fast Moving field force, they are no longer well Society and many doctors Health Goods. The foot-falls are only connected with the retail chemists.too, are in favor of prescribing going to increase as people rely on Goods dumped by them in theirgenerics. This will greatly diminish retail chemists to give them good previous companies work as athe power of Indian Pharma to add quality FMHG products and other deterrent for them to approach thetangible and intangible value by way items from band-aids to sanitary pads retail chemists every six months or aof branding. It will also diminish the whenever they visit for their Rx or OTC year, representing a new company.power of Physicians, who now can medications. Also in most metros like Bangalore,only prescribe generics, thus losing The retail chemist has become an the field force is from another city;their bargaining power with pharma important intermediary between the they do not speak the local language,companies. It may not happen in the patient and the physician. People which is very essential to connect withimmediate future; but the trend is very feel comfortable and less intimidated the retail chemist.clear, globally. dealing with a local retail chemist These factors need not be anIndian Pharma is what it is today as compared to a remote doctor/ impediment if the Pharma companiesbecause it capitalized on the growing hospital. This discomfort/intimidation can leverage the existing salesmen ofglobal generic market. Now the shoe has only increased with the vanishing their distributors or even hire moreis on the other foot and it hurts! Will of the FP/GP People can always . salesmen to serve the unorganizedthe diminishing power of pharma bargain with the retail chemist or put retail chemist segment comprising ofand physicians now accrue to the off their purchase, unlike with a doctor, 97% of the total market.Retail Chemist, who retains a unique for their everyday minor maladies. Whereas the new, emerging, organisedplace in adding value to the end-user, The retail chemist also pushes a variety retail chemist segment comprisesthe patient? Will the new emerging of feel-good OTC products from aloe- of only 3% of the total market, it ispharmacy chains become the value vera to protein supplements. There the fastest growing segment. Thispoints in the healthcare delivery chain is a large opportunity for companies segment will need specialized fieldfor everyday maladies? to revisit their retail chemist strategy force with business acumen.§It is a fact that the power of the retail and work through their distributor’s See also “Retail Sales Management - Achemist is increasing at a steady pace. salesmen, who are already well Neglected Skill Area in Pharma” by AnthonyPeople visit retail chemists not only networked with the retail chemists. Lobo in December 2012 issue of Medicinman. Source: Organized Retail Pharmacy 2011, Northbridge Capital Source: Organized Retail Pharmacy 2011, Northbridge Capital 2 | MedicinMan March 2013
  3. 3. Rise of the Retail Chemist | Anup Soans, Editor 1 health & glow Source: Organized Retail Pharmacy 2011, Northbridge CapitalBrief: Health and Glow is a joint venture in India between Dairy Farm International holdings Ltd. of Hong Kong andArko Ltd. Headquartered in Bangalore. It is the largest organized health and wellness player in South India. Currentlyhas 74 operational stores across four cities Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai. Aims to have over 200stores operational in the near future. 2 Guardian Pharmacy Source: Organized Retail Pharmacy 2011, Northbridge Capital Brief: Six year old retail chain in India offering Pharmacy, Wellness, Health and Beauty products. Currently serves through 230 outlets. Aims to have 400 operational stores by 2012. Has presence in 26 cities, spread across North, East and West India. Stores have an international look and feel. Stores managed by professionally trained pharmacists. 3 | MedicinMan March 2013
  4. 4. Rise of the Retail Chemist | Anup Soans, Editor 3 Appollo Pharmacy Source: Organized Retail Pharmacy 2011, Northbridge CapitalBrief: Division of the Apollo Hospitals Enterprises – Asia’s largest healthcare group. India’s first and largest brandedpharmacy network. Over 1000 stores serving 24 hours daily. First pharmacy store opened in Chennai in the year1983. Operating in 17 states across India. Provides genuine medicines from leading manufacturers. Pharmacy outletsmanned by qualified and trained pharmacist. 4 Brief: Part of the Religare group, which amongst other business interests carries the ‘Fortis’ brand. Pioneering endeavor within India’s healthcare industry putting health solutions on the retail map. Incorporates setting up of a Pan India World Class Retail Network of health stores that would provide comprehensive solutions under one roof. Hopes to have a chain of 1000 complete health stores all across India covering 400 cities by 2012. Stores managed by professionally trained employees. Source: Organized Retail Pharmacy 2011, Northbridge Capital 4 | MedicinMan March 2013
  5. 5. Rise of the Retail Chemist | Anup Soans, Editor 5 Brief: Established in the year 2006 with the aim of eliminating the risk of consumers purchasing fake drugs. First store opened in Hyderabad in February 2006. Presently serves through over 800 pharmacy stores in five states, covering 98 cities and towns in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Owns India’s first exclusive hospital pharmacy chain – RiteCure. Launched state-of-the-art diagnostic lab services which can aid in the prevention, detection, or management of a wide range of illnesses. Guided by three themes - quality, convenience, and low prices. Market share: 30% of the organized retail pharma market. Source: Organized Retail Pharmacy 2011, Northbridge Capital 6 Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Source: Organized Retail Pharmacy 2011, Northbridge CapitalBrief: Part of the Himalaya Drug Company that was founded in 1930. Specialises in extending only Ayurvedicproducts to consumers. Serving across 71 countries. Converted Ayurveda’s herbal tradition into a complete range ofproprietary formulations dedicated to healthy living and longevity. Online purchase option. Global product deliverymodel. Monthly contests: ‘Himalaya Babies of the month Contest’. Toll free phone number for Ordering within India.Personalised messages for gifting Himalaya products. Exhaustive Ayurveda knowledge bank on website. 5 | MedicinMan March 2013
  6. 6. Rise of the Retail Chemist | Anup Soans, Editor 7 Source: Organized Retail Pharmacy 2011, Northbridge CapitalBrief: Retail drugstore/pharmacy chain, conceptualized on the foundation of consumer needs. Everything frommedicines to preventive care, specified medications to community health camps. Bangalores largest walk-in one-stopdrugstore - a pharma brought to perfection with its drive to provide for, and its dedication to consumer service. Singlelargest Retail Chain of organized Medical Shops in Karnataka. Over 80 stores in Bangalore and Chennai. Over 20,000stock keeping units. 8 Source: Organized Retail Pharmacy 2011, Northbridge Capital Brief: Headquartered in Ahmedabad, is the Consumer products business division of the Zydus Cadila group. Spearheads the group’s presence in the consumer and wellness segment. Aims to promote ‘healthy living’ by anticipating the emerging and day to-day needs in dietetic / health foods The Company is focused on empowering individuals who wish to adopt healthy eating habits and lifestyles. Offers healthier dietary options to the consumers. First pharmacy brand to be listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges. Serves directly in over 850 towns through over 500 strong field force. 6 | MedicinMan March 2013
  7. 7. Rise of the Retail Chemist | Anup Soans, Editor 9 Source: Organized Retail Pharmacy 2011, Northbridge CapitalBrief: A division of Reliance retail, a subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries limited. Aims to add valueto people’s lives by providing products and services that proactively work to enrich people’s body, mind and soul. Oneof the latest entrants in the retail pharmacy market. Opened its latest store measuring 3100 sq. ft. in Mumbai in July lastyear. Will open 1200 stores by 2012-2013. Includes over 8000 stock keeping units (SKU). Well qualified pharmacistsand Optometrists available at the store. 10 Source: Organized Retail Pharmacy 2011, Northbridge CapitalBrief: Brand of Global Healthline, promoted by Global Influence group. Chain of retail pharmacy stores branded as 98.4International presence with domestic operations in Delhi and NCR and overseas operations in Europe and Middle East.Established in the year 2002. Well educated pharmacists attend to customers walking in the company’s aestheticallybeautiful stores 30 stores across the capital region and intends to open near about 400 stores by 2014. Mastered theaspects of pharmaceutical supply chain. Centralized distribution process and location specific warehouses to ensurefaster delivery of products and merchandise to stores 7 | MedicinMan March 2013
  8. 8. 10 Contents (click to navigate)1. Guest Editorial: Brand Drift Report..............10Key Learnings from Brand Drift 2013Prof. Vivek Hattangadi Pharma Training2. The Challenges of Training............................11Is training the key to field force excellence or 11simply a necessary evil? How does a sales trainerovercome skepticism and cynicism and drivevalue in training?Rachana NarayanCareer Development for Field Force3. Hot on LinkedIn: “The tragedy of Pharma salesprofession is - talented people are left behind...and mediocrity rules pharma.” ...........................154. Promote Yourself............................................18 20Before you get promoted as a leader, you muststart thinking and acting like one. Promotionstarts in the mind.RM Saravanan5. Medical Rep Vs. Insurance Advisor..............19Similar professions with vastly different approachesand outcomes.Sudhakar Madhavan PR for the Medical Rep 276. Public Relations for the Medical Rep...........20PR is the oil that smoothens the sales pitch andincreases turnover. Learn how you can use it toyour advantage.Anup Soans
  9. 9. Contents (click to navigate) MedicinMan Volume 3 Issue 3 Editor and Publisher Anup Soans7. Image is Everything!.......................................22 CEOThe little things that make a big difference when Chhaya Sankathinteracting with your customers. COOParveen Gandhi Arvind Nair Chief Mentor8. Are You an Opportunist?...............................23 K. HariramThe current market scenario will reward Medical Advisory BoardReps who take charge of their territory and learn Vivek Hattangadi; Jolly Mathewsto think and act like businessmen. Editorial BoardSharad Virmani Salil Kallianpur; Dr. Shalini Ratan; Shashin Bodawala; Prabhakar Shetty; Vardarajan S; Dr. Mandar Kubal; Dr. Surinder Kumar Medical Rep Knowledge Series International Editorial Board9. HEOR: Defining Meta-Analysis......................25 Hanno Wolfram; Renie McClayA statistical technique for combining the results Executive Editorfrom studies identified in a Systematic Review. Joshua SoansRicha Goyal and Mahendra Rai MedicinMan Academy: Prof. Vivek Hattangaadi, Dean, Professional Skills Development Branding for FLMs MedicinMan ChangeMakers Saurabh Kumar10. FLMs as Brand Bridges................................27 Make a difference in Pharma. Join MedicinManFLMs are the critical link between board room ChangeMakers. Write in to our editor to find out more:brand strategy and implementation on the field. anupsoans@medicinman.netK. Hariram Letters to the Editor: anupsoans@medicinman.net Brand Drift 2013 Highlights11. BRAND DRIFT 2013 Highlights....................29 Photo Gallery............................................30 Session Summary: “Pharma Marketing: Leveraging the Digital Platform”............31 Salil Kallianpur Book Reviews, New Releases11. “Designing Hospitals of the Future............34 by G. D. Kunders12. “Pharma Front-line Leader to CEO”...........35 by Vivek Hattangadi
  10. 10. meHo Prof. Vivek Hattangadi is a Consultant in Pharma Brand Management and Sales Training at The Enablers. He is also visit-ing faculty at CIPM Calcutta (Vidyasagar Guest Editorial University) for their MBA course in Pharmaceutical Management. “ vivekhattangadi@theenablers.org Brand Drift Highlights and Gallery on Page 29. (click to navigate) If there is one event which the pharma brand managers would be looking forward to every year, it is undoubtedly Brand Drift.” Vivek Hattangadi during his session “What the Pharma CEO wants from the Brand Manager” at Brand Drift, Courtyard Marriott, Mumbai. M anaging Brands in Turbulent supported and complimented its from now, private spending on health Times” was the theme of practical application. The participants can migrate to public spending, BrandDrift 2013. It was were provided with just the right therefore brand managers will have designed to give the participants tons amount of theory carefully balanced to looking at brand building from a of usable content on a variety of issues with just the appropriate amount of different perspective. They may also related to pharma brand management. do-able skills. That was the ultimate have to integrate KAM into brand The participants got introduced to success of BrandDrift 2013. management What if the generic several thought leaders in a short Some very interesting topics were prescriptions become mandatory? period of time, not only from the discussed. Corporate Branding will assume a very pharma industry but even those important role, because that will build The aging method of detailing not directly related to this industry! business. products through a visual aid has to Accepted truths were presented come to an end. Speakers discussed The fear that power may shift away from a different angle, from different that in this digital era, modern gadgets from medical representatives to an speakers and that gave an even like iPad, Tablet and many more should electronic channel is irrational. At least better understanding of the topic. The be utilised. However that does not in India, for the next 100 years, this success stories shared by speakers mean simply transferring the data from may not be possible. Superb people have truly inspired the younger VABs to these gadgets – that would be building activities therefore, will be participants. senseless. essential. Did BrandDrift 2013 provide real Social networking was another area Training the field force for excellence learning value for the greenhorn brand which should be looked into for brand should be the fundamental activity managers? At least when your guest promotion. E-detailing, where a doctor nay; the accountability of the HR. editor left the hall at 6.30 pm, he was could know about a product at a time Market share of an organization would a much wiser person than when he and place convenient is a possibility be proportionate to the ‘talent share’ - entered the hall at 8.30 am. pharma companies in India should an important principle for the HR to bear in mind. Brand Drift High- The beauty about BrandDrift 2013 explore. lights on Page 29. was the fine balance between theory A very important issue which was BrandDrift 2014 will surely (click to navigate) and practice. The theory component highlighted that about ten years be even more exciting! § 10 | MedicinMan March 2013
  11. 11. meHo Rachana Narayan is a Trainer at Invida - A Menarini Company. She has previously worked in Medico-Marketing at Torrent Pharmaceuticals. Training rachananarayan1011@gmail.com The Challenges of Training “ Training means to reprogram the brain to lose previous habits and replace them with better new ones. That requires efforts, time, experience, self-realization and rectification and practice. In a nutshell, it is a time-taking process and cannot be achieved in few days. 11 | MedicinMan March 2013
  12. 12. Challenges of Training | Rachana NarayanE ” ven though the importance opting for management/higher Research has proved of training is well established studies have made selection process that 80–90% of learning in the Pharma industry, it is more challenging leaving few is lost in a month afteralways the first to get axed during candidates for entry-level jobs. All training if not used andcrisis. these factors bring new challenges practiced in the work onThere is always a debate on the to training. Now, more time need a regular basis.impact of training on performance. to be invested on the candidatesThe company often expects a teaching basics of Pharma, anatomy The 2012 salespersontremendous improvement in and physiology. It takes more time Onboarding Surveyperformance but they forget that for some candidates with commerce results have also provedthe science of learning is a complex and arts background to achieve the that salespeople, whoprocess. Training is not just about understanding level of others with were most satisfiedteaching, reading and understanding; science background and trainers with their onboardingit is more about imbibing the need to find ways to simplify learning. processes, got uplearning. Training means to Simulating Real to speed 34% fasterreprogram the brain to lose previous 2 Environment: i.e. 4 months earlier,habits and replace them with better Training always faces than those workingnew ones. That requires efforts, the challenge of simulating field- for companies whotime, experience, self-realization environment. Very often trainees reported that they wereand rectification and practice. In a complain that doctors do not have less satisfied with theirnutshell, it is a time-taking process time, no questions are asked, andand cannot be achieved in few days. onboarding processes. no one wants to listen to productYet, training provides direction and detailing. Even though these consumes more time and hence, lessshortens the learning curve which complaints are true to some extent, attention. This imposes constraintsfacilitates speedy results if followed these need an attitude change and of time for participation. So trainingand practiced. development of skills to handle turns into lecture making trainees a passive listener and slowingTraining today has evolved to a great silent barriers. Training has though the learning experience. Lack ofextent and is both an art and science. evolved with the market to transfer appropriate practice causes the skillIt is more dynamic, understands the apt skills; it has to be in-sync with to be forgotten and never imbibed.learning process and utilizes it to train the real-life situations. We also need Research has proved that 80–90%adults more effectively. Yet, there are to learn and transfer Ekta Kapoor’s of learning is lost in a month afteralways some challenges in achieving style of storytelling to instill curiosity training if not used and practiced inthe ultimate goal. Some of those in doctors and make them interested the work on a regular basis.challenges include: in listening. Above all, training has The 2012 Salesperson Onboarding to involve at least a few managers in Survey results have also proved that Selection of salespeople, who were most satisfied 1 representatives: every batch in order to make use of their experience making role plays with their onboarding processes, got up to speed 34% faster i.e. 4 Profession of medical more realistic. months earlier, than those workingrepresentatives once very sought for companies who reported thatafter, is no more lucrative now. AppropriateGlobalization with surge of many 3 time for they were less satisfied with their onboarding processes. Those mostnew career opportunities has taken learning events: satisfied also had onboardingaway the charm from the profession. Budget constraint causes the trainees programs twice as long as those leastSecondly, more science graduates to be a large group of 20-30 which satisfied. 12 | MedicinMan March 2013
  13. 13. Challenges of Training| Rachana Narayan Refresher 4 must be more refreshing: Myexperience with refresher training hasalways been average. I have mostlyseen people losing interest, takingit for granted or getting bored withalmost same syllabus being repeated.So, it’s always wise to design refreshercourses with more focus on the skills,innovative ways of learning, relatingmore to visual and kinaestheticlearners rather than mere lectures. Itactually needs a brain-storming andmore innovation to make refreshermore fruitful. It should involvestrategies and formats that keepthe trainees engaged, motivated,increases retention, forces them tothink and come out with solutions. High attrition: “It’s always wise to design refresher courses with 5 As per the survey done more focus on the skills, innovative ways of by Interlink Marketing learning, relating more to visual and kinaestheticconsultancy, published inInternational Research Journal (2010), learners rather than mere lectures. It actually needsIndian Pharma sector suffers a high a brain-storming and more innovation to makeattrition rate of 30-35%. This often refresher more fruitful.”evokes a doubt if training shouldbe given to the new joiners or it All these facts prove beyond doubt retention, motivation, sales figures,should be halted till the team gets personal and organization growth. that training is a motivational factorstabilized. I would like to draw the for employees and hence cutting A right training program is like rightreader’s attention now to another the cost of training would never be a fit shoes, for the employees, whichfact published by the same paper positive factor in increasing income of can be long-lasting, hassles-free, andwhich stresses on the role of training the company. comfortable. Hence, for training to bein reducing attrition. Another study of any use, it needs to be part of theby Felstead and colleagues (2010) Conclusion wider company plan, embedded inproves that the majority of trained Having said all this, I would like to everyday practice”. §employees (59.8%) had improved emphasize that good quality trainingjob satisfaction following training. continues to pay back over the years.They also found training increased It is the backbone for employees’motivation and performance. 13 | MedicinMan March 2013
  14. 14. SAd Training that From the team that brings you MedicinMan, Brand Drift, Field Force Excellence seminars and other breakthrough learning and development events. tands Out Training that is RELEVANT and grabs the ATTENTION of the participants, appealing to EMOTIONS and firing the INTELLECT to bring about CHANGE in MINDSET and BEHAVIOR on the FIELD leading to VALUE CREATION in the DOCTOR’s CHAMBER and REPEAT Rx for the Company. For customized programs for Medical Reps, Front-line Managers and Senior Professionals call: +91 93422 32939 | anupsoans@medicinman.net 14 | MedicinMan March 2013
  15. 15. meHo Hot on LinkedIn “The Tragedy of the Pharma Sales Profession is - Talented People are Left Behind… and Mediocracy Rules Pharma.” Discussion Leader Madhu Mangal Kaushal | http://lnkd.in/aCaXAb “Madhu - professionals have to learn to promote themselves not just their company’s products! What is your unique strength through which you can make a unique contribution? Sell it. We are but an idea - need to show how it can work!” - Anup Soans, Editor @ MedicinMan. “I strongly agree with the point raised by Madhu. But as Anup Soans said, we have to learn to promote our selves. But irony is that no interviewer wants to listen to facts or ideas of the candidate. Recently, in one Pharma Company, my bosses told me not to work in field instead manage the figures by sitting at C & F office. He says this is smart work. I have been struggling in Pharma, though I have a brand of sincere worker in field because I do not have a godfather. But some people whom I have seen are growing just because they have this god fathers and these godfathers help them though they swindle money or they report false calls. But I have not lost confidence, definitely somebody will recognise us.” - H Devi Prasad - Regional Business Manager Hyderabad “Sincere to the organization,good productivity will be secondary, the primary duty in present trend is, you are expected to be ‘Yes Master’ to your boss, ensure perfect completion of work entrusted to you, in addition play some dirty politics in regards to your competitors. Promote yourself among your seniors and subordinates .I am sorry to say that naturally talented people see their way up the ladder by means of pure merit. Interpersonal and communication skills are the important skills needs to be improved and practiced.” - Manjunath Chintamani, Experienced Senior Trainer/Business development consultant,Visionary Entrepreneur 15 | MedicinMan March 2013
  16. 16. Hot on LinkedIn Hot on LinkedIn “We are in the job of sales & marketing thus unless we do not sell ourselves the frustration will prevail. There are people of different psyche and one cannot expect from all to be honest, truthful, sincere and trustworthy, still one has to create his/her own space so not to be bogged down by their unfair means.” - Alok Dikshit. “In pharma industry people often get elevated or get bigger responsibility because of their sales performance. That is an utterly wrong idea. Many organizations do not have any other way to reward the employee for sales performance except to promote them. Educational qualification and conceptual/human/technical skills are often ignored due to lack of systematic approach.” - Govind Tiwari, Regional Manager at Zuventus Healthcare Limited,Delhi “Great point, Govind. Sales performance is the easiest parameter to measure. Others like leadership and behavioural traits, Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills are much harder to measure. Educational qualification can predict managerial competence, not leadership. The best way is to identify the high potentials and give them opportunities to lead/ manage. For example, give them a role in onboarding new MRs, appointing and managing distributors in a smaller territory. Additional task of managing a vacant territory - stretch goals that bring out initiative, risk taking and other leadership traits. There are so many ways to enable performing MRs to reach their full potential. But the biggest responsibility for growth lies within the individual - if they are determined, nothing can stop them, if not nothing can help them. The best way to learn swimming is not just by reading about it but by getting into the pool with an experienced swimmer. The best way to move up the ladder is by taking initiative to lead/manage whenever opportunity comes your way. Most sales people are so busy in ‘operations’ that they do not take time to expand their horizons. Pharma sales is a great stepping stone, but unless you continuously read up and skill up, you will not be able to capitalize on opportunities and it will become a grinding stone! Pharma sales people who have moved into related sectors like medical publishing, CME, healthcare communications/advtg, pharma analytics, market research, consulting, PR have done extremely well. In a 15-year career one must read at least 50 good books - how many have done it? Is there an excuse for not investing in yourself? Even in the best run pharma companies, not all can move up. One must know when and how to move out. Career planning is an important skill and all that most people in pharma sales do is to jump from one company to another without much planning.” - Anup Soans, Editor @ MedicinMan 16 | MedicinMan March 2013
  17. 17. Hot on LinkedIn Hot on LinkedIn “ The point is when one feels that he is the best and should have got it and somebody else gets it. Is it because the other is better or you have not projected yourself better? The fact lies in the saying, managing oneself and managing one’s boss - both are important today to come up in an organization and of course unless you have the confidence in yourself that you can make your own future and destiny. Self confidence and self propulsion are both important and need to be balanced based on capabilities and the right aspiration to work along.” - Varanasi Ramprasad. “@ Ramprasad..You have touched a right point by saying ‘Managing oneself and managing one’s boss - both are important today to come up in an organization and of course unless you have the confidence in yourself that you can make your own future and destiny. ‘ I would like to add Albert Einstein once said, “Politics is more difficult than physics.” The same might be said of the practice of management. Managing others may not be complex, but it is certainly not easy. What often appear to be simple, straightforward principles can be deceptively difficult to implement. Managing yourself and others is a dynamic process—one in which the players, and sometimes the rules, are always changing. However, you can approach it strategically. It starts with knowing yourself—what really motivates you, your strengths and blind spots. Really understanding yourself can be a difficult and enlightening process. The more accurate and nuanced your understanding of yourself is, the greater your chances of being able to put yourself in environments and situations that play to your strengths.” - Ajay Kumar Dua, Divisional Head, Pharmaceutical Professional, New Delhi “@ALL, Gr8 interesting comments from all on a very interesting topic. But as per my experience, good work culture and your sales figures / achievements do speak for itself. You can be stopped once, twice, from growing but not all the time. Yes there is a need to promote oneself as we are in selling business and one needs to sell himself to grow. But just by being a YES BOSS MAN , can we sustain long term growth? You have all the right to express your views be a critic also to your boss’ decisions. Might be that he might not like it, but if he is on the same road, he will understand your viewpoint and If he doesn’t, then probably You are not working under a right mentor/ coach/ godfather and you need to change your track . @Mr Alok Dikshit My experience has given me to understand that it is the right decision taken at right time with right set of skills in a right direction..with of course some one to guide and coach can catapult the career. . That absolutely stands true.” - Harmeet Singh, Regional Business Manager - with VERITAZ 17 | MedicinMan March 2013
  18. 18. eHom xxx | yyy RM. Saravanan is a corporate trainer & author of the books - ‘Reveal Your Genius’ & ‘The Winning Edge. He was formerly Manager - Training at Chiron Panacea Vaccines. rmsaravanan1000@gmail.com | revealyourgenius.co.in Before you get promoted as a leader, you must start thinking and acting like one. P romote Yourself’ is a In a nutshell, I improved my 3. “Till now, I was an average concept I internalized standards of excellence, so that I communicator. From today, I’m in the year 2003. I started feeling like a leader. going to invest 30 minutes daily remember, I went for a promotion to improve my communication The moment I started working and interview but I didn’t get selected. so that I become a master thinking like a leader, leadership My initial response was anger and opportunities came in search of me. communicator. My days of being disappointment. But within few From that time, I never missed an an average communicator is minutes a realization hit me: to get opportunity to promote myself. over”. promoted as a first-line manager is If you are inspired to promote There are innumerable ways to in the hands of my organization and yourself, start now. Your career promote yourself. it is not in my control, but promoting will not be the same, once you 1. “Till yesterday I worked like a myself as a leader is in my hands internalize ‘Promote Yourself’ as salesman and from today, I’ll and I didn’t need anybody else’s help your habit. You’ll reach a position in be a sales professional and my to become one, if I so decided. That your career, where no one else has salesman days are over”. In this moment, I elevated myself as leader reached. Wishing you all success for approach, you bring a greater and I consciously started behaving your glorious future.§ customer-focus, as you become and working like a leader. a professional. I started travelling everywhere by 2. “Till now, I was a very passive first class or AC, I started wearing person and from today, I’m only best of the shirts, ties and becoming an assertive person. shoes, I stayed only in hotels where My days of passiveness are managers stay and I also improved over”. And you start your my vocabulary and language. day with the thought of your In my approach, I became solution promotion as an assertive provider rather than being a person. problem-finder and started looking for opportunities to appreciate people and their work. 18 | MedicinMan March 2013
  19. 19. meHo Sudhakar Madhavan is an independant trainer at Vibrant International Training and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Career Development smsudhakar@gmail.com Vs. Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is a highly organized industry operating successfully and growing in double digits. It has a well structured network of Manufacturers, C&F Agents, Distributors, and Retailers. Similarly, Insurance industry has a well structured distribution network and is governed by the rules of IRDA. The huge volume of business generated by both these industries depends on the field work of salespeople - Medical Reps and Insurance Advisors. There’s a lot that Indian Pharma can learn from the Insurance industry. 19 | MedicinMan March 2013
  20. 20. meHo Anup Soans is the Editor of MedicinMan and the Author of 3 Books for Pharma sales Professionals. PR for the Rep anupsoans@medicinman.net “I Don’t Know Who You Are. I don’t know your company; I don’t know your company’s products; I don’t know what your company stands for. I don’t know your company’s customers; I don’t know your company’s record; I don’t know your company’s reputation. Now, what was it you wanted to sell me?” Public Relations for the Medical Rep A ccording to Al Ries, the magazines, etc. Public relations is The time for developing a relation- author of Marketing is often considered as one of the most ship is not when you want something Warfare, “In warfare today, important activities for promotions. from someone. Therefore: the primary weapon is air power. Public Relations (PR) is an excellent ΦΦ Have a plan to develop a You can’t win a war unless you first tool to cultivate relationships that relationship before the need control the skies. Furthermore, you arises. will help your cause and increase don’t attack with your infantry until ΦΦ Be a part of activities and your productivity. Imagine the the enemy is first ‘softened up’ by associations in which you can doctor, the chemist and the hospital air power. In marketing, PR is the air get to know your prospects and official being chased by hundreds of power and selling is the infantry. You their interests. Medical Reps, all trying to sell their shouldn’t run an infantry attack until ΦΦ Plug into the physical and products as the best option. The you first soften up the mind of the virtual networks to which your success prospects in such a situation prospect with PR - air power.” prospects are connected. are uncertain. However, if you have ΦΦ When someone within the Public relations include ongoing cultivated your relationship with your prospect’s circle of influence activities to ensure the company prospects through other avenues, speaks well of you, it has more has a strong public image. Public where the focus is on listening to impact than efforts to blow your relations activities include helping the their stories, it is more likely that the own trumpet. The prospect will public to understand the company be primed to interact favourably and its products. Often, public prospects will now want to hear your with you and may look forward relations are conducted through the story with interest and will act in your to meeting you to confirm the media, that is, newspapers, television, favour. feedback about you. 20 | MedicinMan March 2013
  21. 21. Public Relations for the Medical Rep | Anup Soans“ The Medical Rep is the Ambassador of the company in the territory allotted to him. He must become a member of professional bodies that will develop his personality and networking skills. Marketing associations, advertising clubs, PR associations, the Lions Clubs, the Rotary Club and Jaycees are all excellent avenues through which to interact with other professionals and learn business skills. ”ΦΦ A friend’s word about you magazines. By reading magazines and surfing related websites would and your company are more such as ‘Pharmabiz’, ‘Pharma Pulse’, enlarge your horizons and improve powerful than all external ‘Business World’, ‘Business Today’ the quality of your interactions with communication about your and ‘Business India’, you will come your territory constituents. product. across news items regarding your Public Relations at the personal level company. Whenever you comeThe Medical Rep is the Ambassador implies networking with your senior across a favourable coverage forof the company in the territory colleagues and managers from other your company or products, youallotted to him. It is his responsibility companies and seeking mentors must show such reports to doctors,to cultivate and project a positive who will guide you. If you have chemists and distributors, as theyimage of his company through his developed your PR skills, you will be will project a positive image aboutactions. able to perform well in your role as your company. Watching businessA Medical Rep can project a good a Medical Rep when compared to channels such as CNBC regularlycorporate image of his company others around you. If you take carein his territory in several ways. A This article is a to utilise your time to expand yourprimary way is by acquiring all the chapter from the book horizons, opportunities will comeknowledge, skills and attitude that HardKnocks for the knocking, and before you know it, GreenHorn by Anup your talents will be recognised andcould make him a well-rounded Soans.professional. He must become a rewarded.member of various professional Public Relations is gaining impor-bodies that will develop his tance as an effective business tool.personality and networking skills. Being knowledgeable about PRMarketing associations, advertising and practising it will improve yourclubs, PR associations, the Lions performance and add to your careerClubs, the Rotary Club and Jaycees prospects. PR is one skill that willare all excellent avenues through develop you as an individual as youwhich to interact with other network and build relationships withprofessionals and learn business people who have the power to helpskills. The Medical Rep must you achieve what you want in busi- HardKnocks isvolunteer his services for community ness and life. § written for youngand health check-up programmes professionalsand treatment camps. entering the industry and is intended toBeing a good corporate citizen is equip them with thean attribute that companies actively necessary Knowledge,cultivate at the corporate-level. A Skills and AttitudesMedical Rep must be able to project that lead to success.this image locally. One of the waysto improve your English languageskills is by reading newspapers and Find out more here. anupsoans@gmail.com 21 | MedicinMan March 2013
  22. 22. meHo image is Parveen Gandhi is Director, Image-Gurus Consulting. gandhi.parveen@gmail.comi Everything Alan came across as a promising young sales executive, though he preferred to be called an MM (Marketing Manager). Alan greeted me with a smile and a perfect hand shake. I quite liked his pitch and his effort to make me his next customer. However, there was something amiss “There’s no dearth of in his attire and appearance. He did what he could to the best of his ability and left his visiting card with MM boldly sales people coming embossed on it. to your doorstep to My inquisitive secretary, Natasha asked “Why did you send Alan back so quickly?” I said “I would have appreciated Alan woo you into buying and his organization, if they would have worked a little more their products and on making good impressions on the minds of customers” There’s no dearth of sales people coming to your doorstep offerings. But the to woo you into buying their products and offerings. But the big question is “How big question is “How many of them make the right impact, the first time?” many of them make So what if you are a Sales Executive, Manager or even a the right impact, the CEO, the hyper competitive market demands a confident image as a first step to success. first time?” Self Confidence, Right Attitude, Power Dressing, Body Language and Etiquette are essential to make a great First Impression that creates trust and leads to lasting relationships. § 22 | MedicinMan March 2013
  23. 23. meHo Sharad Virmani is Vice President Marketing and Sales at Comed Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals. Market Insight virmanis@gmail.com “ The Pharma Sales profession is in the midst of a radical change. Pharma sales is no longer a numbers game alone now. Simple selling will be a thing of the past. The selling that will remain, will be sophisticated and demanding. The salesperson of the future will have to be a sharp, creative problem-solver, a value-creator and an opportunist. W ith 348 drugs includ- in terms of the numerical size of the the type of customer audience we ed in the Essential sales organisation. are catering too. Drugs List, the Market Simple sales will soon be a thing of Pharma companies will have to is going to see cut-throat competi- the past. The selling that will remain learn how to sell differently and tion among Pharma companies. will be sophisticated and demand- restructure their sales forces in The whole focus will be on com- ing. The salesperson of the future ways that address the evolving pensating depleted volumes of will have to be a sharp, creative requirements of the market. This these 348 drugs and generating problem-solver, a value creator and will inevitably mean changes not profits from New Entities or existing an opportunist. He will need to be only to the numbers employed but non regulated drugs. a person who can map customer also in the types of salespeople On one front companies will be needs, understand customer psyche they retain and hire. fighting it out for common brands and deliver key messages and Today, it is not about employing at same prices and on the other services accordingly. These changes ‘better talent’, it is about employing hand there will be a flurry of new will demand a high level of skills and the ‘right talent’. products which are out of this List professionalism. What is this “right talent”? of Essential Drugs. Value is a recurring theme in today’s Is it a Medical Rep with just “Good The pharma sales profession is marketplace. Customers – whoever Product Knowledge”? No. in the midst of radical change. they may be – are looking for value, Is it a Medical Rep with just “Good Pharma sales is no longer a num- and value means different things to Selling Skills”? No. bers game alone now, at least not different customers depending on 23 | MedicinMan March 2013
  24. 24. Are You an Opportunist? | Sharad VirmaniWhat is needed today is a “SharpBusinessman” who explores andcreates an opportunity not onlythrough knowledge or selling skillsbut by “opportunistic posturing”by satisfying his need throughchanging business prepositionstime and again as per customer’sneed, for continuity of business.The new sales force will have todeploy their talent in fundamen-tally different roles compared with “the past, introducing an entirely What is needed today is a “Sharp Businessman” whonew talent mix. explores and creates an opportunity not only throughThe key issue for any sales organ- knowledge or selling skills but by “opportunistic posturing”isation today, is to ensure theyhave the right people in the right by satisfying his need through changing business preposi-roles to address the market in new tions time and again as per customer’s need, for continuityand more relevant ways. of business.With the current imperatives,Pharma companies have to their skills further sharpened in this To conclude, the time has come forchange their approach. This is new art of “continuity of business” pharma companies to:driving a requirement for sales warfare in the training sessions. ΦΦ Unleash new breed of “brandtalent with an entirely new com- But this alone will not bring in suc- ambassadors”petency profile. cess. These “opportunists’ will need a well ΦΦ Search for the new talent -The big question is: “is the new coordinated support system. Success “Opportunists”talent readily available?” will depend upon how innovative,The answer is a big “NO”. ΦΦ Change training modules to sharp and flexible the company and harness these “ Opportunists”The pharma industry recruits marketing teams are and on theeither “the guy with sufficient sci- speed of higher-ups and market- ΦΦ Marketing to adopt open andentific knowledge” or a “guy with ing to respond to customer needs. dynamic policies to supportsharp selling skills” but what the Because needs would vary from these “Opportunists”industry needs today is an “op- customer to customer and visit to ΦΦ Stake holders to show moreportunist” who can aggressively visit, there cannot be a fixed market- flexibility, speed and innovationdrill a hole in the “customer’s mind ing approach. towards “Opportunists” for en-and pocket” , selling a “new value Moreover, the moral and ethical suring “continuity of business”. §proposition” every time he meets standards of the organizations willhim, to maintain continuity. also be tested and therefore the Watch out for Sharad VirmaniSuch “opportunists” who are need for flexibility and sharp alterna- on “Employee Loyalty insharp, intelligent, advantage tive responses to stay close to moral Pharma” in MedicinMan Aprilseekers and persuasive, have to and ethical standards to maintain ‘13. Subscribe to MedicinManbe tracked during recruitment and here: http://eepurl.com/tKss5 continuity of business. 24 | MedicinMan March 2013
  25. 25. meHo Richa Goyal is a Consultant (HEOR, Pricing Mahendra Rai is a Senior Consultant and Market Access) at Capita India, Mumbai. She (HEOR, Pricing and Market Access) at is an expert in HEOR, Market Access, Outcomes Capita India. He is an expert in HEOR, Research and medical communications services. Market Access, and Outcomes Research. richapharmacist@gmail.com mahendra.rai@gmail.com Defining Meta-Analysis This article is third in a series on Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) by the authors. HEOR is an integral part of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM). See MedicinMan January and February 2013 for the other two articles. M eta-analysis is a statistical significant effects. Furthermore, it 2. To calculate effect sizes technique for combining gives more precise estimates of the In meta-analysis outcomes are the results from studies size of any effects uncovered usually summarised in the form of identified in a Systematic Review ratio of the frequency of the events 4. A good meta-analyses allows (See “What is Systematic Review?” in the intervention to that in the readers to determine the reason- in MedicinMan February 2013). It control group. The most commonly ableness of the decisions taken and should include limited heterogeneity summarised measure of effect size likely impact on the final estimate of and the results can be presented as used are the odds ratio and the risk effect size ratio (relative risk). An odds ratio of forest plots. Performing 0.5 implies around a 50% reduction Need & Advantages Meta-analyses in the defined event in the treated group compared with the controls. 1. One of the foremost 1. Collecting and assessing Different methods are used for requirements for conducting a relevant studies. combining odds ratios, relative risks meta-analysis is a well-executed Relevant studies are selected and other outcome measures such systematic review. The quality of a by searching several electronic as risk difference or hazard ratio. meta-analysis depends whether the databases (like, MEDLINE, EMBASE, 3. Sensitivity analyses original review was partial, flawed and Cochrane Central Register of It is generally necessary for meta- or otherwise unsystematic. Meta- Controlled Trials). Apart from this analysts to carry out sensitivity analysis offers a logical and helpful hand-searching is also done so as to analysis. A good sensitivity way of dealing with a number of ensure not to miss out any relevant analysis explores the effect of practical difficulties hampering study. After including all the relevant excluding various categories of effectiveness of research. studies; for example, poor quality studies, decision is taken about 2. It helps in overcoming bias the study quality. The two scales or unpublished studies. It also 3. Meta-analyses, combining most commonly used are those examines the consistency of results results from different trials, has more developed by Chalmers et al and across various subgroups (patient power to detect small but clinically Jadad et al. group, type of intervention or setting). 25 | MedicinMan March 2013
  26. 26. HEOR: Defining Meta-Analysis | Richa Goyal & Mahendra Rai“ Meta-analyses offer a quantitative approach for synthesizing clinically useful evidence. However, the execution of meta-analyses is limited by the quality of the underlying studies (The GIGO principle of ‘garbage in, garbage out’). Meta-analyses can be an important method of resolving therapeutic uncertainty especially for healthcare managers and clinicians.4. Forest plot 5. Heterogeneity of treatment effect is the sameData from meta-analysis can be One of the commonly occurring (fixed) across all studies. Random-displayed in the form of a Forest problems with meta-analyses is effects models (REM) assumeplot. A hypothetical example is to mix studies that are different that the treatment effect reallyshown in Figure 1. This displays the from each other (heterogeneity). does vary between studies. Such The studies can differ in patient models increase the variance of thefindings from each individual study population, healthcare facilities, summary measure, making it moreand also the combine effect after interventions and the primary difficult to obtain significant results.meta-analysis. The size of the square endpoints (survival, progression, and REM should be used along withis proportional to the weight each relapse). These differences between FEM when heterogeneity is high in astudy gets in the meta-analysis. studies lead to heterogeneity. The meta-analysis.A horizontal line (usually the 95% test, which is commonly used toconfidence interval) is drawn around Conclusion check heterogeneity is Cochrane’s Q,each of the studies’ squares to Meta-analyses offer a quantitative a statistic based on the chi-squaredrepresent the uncertainty of the approach for synthesizing clinically test but may not be very reliableestimate of the treatment effect. The at times. A more reliable test is useful evidence. However, theaggregate effect size obtained by the I2 statistic (Figure 1). It scores execution of meta-analyses is limitedcombining all the studies is usually heterogeneity between 0% and by the quality of the underlyingdisplayed as a diamond. In this 100%. Further 25% corresponds to studies (The GIGO principle ofhypothetical example, the final effect low heterogeneity, 50% to moderate ‘garbage in, garbage out’). Meta-size (diamond) is on the right side of and 75% to high. If heterogeneity is analyses can be an importantthe line of no effect, and thus shows absent or low, the analysis employs method of resolving therapeuticparoxetine as a better therapy for the fixed-effects modelling (FEM). uncertainty especially for healthcareone of the outcomes. This effect assumes that the size managers and clinicians. § Fig. 1 26 | MedicinMan March 2013
  27. 27. meHo K. Hariram is the former MD (retd.) at Galderma India. He is Chief Mentor at MedicinMan and a regular contributor. Brand Management khariram25@yahoo.com FLMs as BRAND BRIDGES “ FLMs act as a great bridge between market and brand management. They ensure 100% implementation of the strategies by the MRs. They also play a crucial role in gathering variety of market related information, customer feedback, implementation related issues and translating them into mean- ingful ‘feedback’ to the brand management team. 27 | MedicinMan March 2013 ”
  28. 28. FLMs as Brand Bridges | K. HariramT he brand image that carries exercise. This includes meeting the It could be only BRAND MAN- emotional connection con- key customers and opinion leaders AGEMENT and therefore, BRAND sists of the many manage- during joint field work. MANAGERS.able elements of branding system, FLMs also play a crucial role in Brand management is the voice andincluding both visual image assets gathering a variety of market-relat- image that represents your businessand language assets. ed information, customer feedback, plan to the outside world. What yourThe process of managing the brand implementation-related issues and company, products and servicesto the business plan is important not translating them into meaningful stand for should all be captured inonly in big change situation´ where feedback to the brand management your branding strategy, and repre-the brand redefinition is required, but team, at regular frequency. Instead of sented consistently throughout allalso in the management of routine taking a complaining stance, proper your brand assets and in your dailymarketing variables and tactics feedback with suggestions will help marketing activities.Having said this, let us look at the in completing the loop. This will also “Long-term brand equity androle of MRs and FLMs in brand help in immediate course correction growth depends on our ability tobuilding. The key to success of any and proper implementation. successfully integrate and implementstrategy is IMPLEMENTATION. Before FLMs act as a great bridge between all elements of a comprehensivedoing this the MRs & FLMs have to market and brand management. marketing program.” says Timm Funderstand clearly every aspect of This synergy goes a long way in Crull, Ex- Chairman & CEO of Nestle.the strategy. It may be: every aspect of brand building. More §1. Brand positioning importantly, brand building requires2. Brands attributes a tremendous amount of emotion-3. Product knowledge al connection with the brand and4. The Communication - including everything that goes into building it.thorough practice The passion, the enthusiasm and the5. The “what” and “why” of the energy put behind at all levels go aresources provided long way in building the brand.6. “When”, “where” and “how” to use Brands are first built in the mind ofthe resources brand manager (strategy level) and7. Target selection of customers, if then it is built in the minds of MRsany. and FLMs (execution level).8. The pre-planning required “A brand is a living entity – and it is9. Possible questions and objections enriched or undermined cumulatively- how to handle it over time, the product of a thousandWhen the strategies are being small gestures” says ex-CEO Michaelexplained, they should clarify all the Eisner of Disney.doubts and have complete clarity. We must never forget that buildingThe FLMs play a very crucial role in brand equity is like building a closeensuring 100% implementation of friendship.the strategies by the MRs. So joint It requires a consistent relationshipfield work and on-the-job coach- over time, trust, and an emotionaling plus close monitoring of all the connection. Who else could steer thisactivities becomes part of the key in the context of our Pharma indus- anupsoans@gmail.comsuccess factors in brand building try today ? 28 | MedicinMan March 2013
  29. 29. meHo 2013BRAND DRIFT highlights Healthcare Silver Sponsor Agency Partner Produced and Directed by
  30. 30. eHom Brand Drift 2013 Highlights Photo Gallery The Stage is Set! Brand Drift was held at the beautiful Courtyard Marriott in Mumbai. Jolly Mathews (left), Member of MedicinMan Advisory Board felicitating Anup Soans (right), Editor, MedicinMan. At the Networking Breakfast Amlesh Ranjan, Asso. Director Sanofi, sets the tone for Brand Drift Chhaya Sankath, CEO Knowledge Media Venturz, welcomes delegates. 2013 with his keynote address “Crystal Gazing into Pharma”. Arvind Nair, Conference Director, felicitates a participant. Kiran Khalap enthralls the audience. 30 | MedicinMan March 2013
  31. 31. Brand Drift 2013 Highlights | Salil KallianpurSession Summary Susan Joshi, Managing Partner, Sorento Healthcare Salil Kallianpur, Commercial Head, Classic Brands Center of Excellence, GSK Manish Bhagat, Chief Manager, Strategic Mktg., Abbott Healthcare Session: “Pharma Marketing - Leveraging the Digital Platform” Session Chair: Salil Kallianpur, GSK. Panelists: Susan Joshi, Sorento Healthcare, Manish Bhagat, Abbott Salil Kallianpur “Internet-savvy for professional purposes quite Technology has prompted physicians are no longer frequently. 2/ drastic changes in the marketing an “emerging group” – Mobile technology has world over the past decade, nearly all physicians are played a significant and pharmaceutical marketing online for professional role in increasing physicians’ has not been excluded from this purposes quite dependency on online resources evolution. frequently. “ – a majority of doctors own Faced with shifting consumer ‘smartphones’ and are using “Brand Drift 2013”- MedicinMan’s and physician media preferences them to supplement their desk annual gathering of pharma and shrinking budgets - what is or laptop computer usage to be brand managers in Mumbai. a smart pharmaceutical marketer “always on.” Hence it is important My co-panelists, Susan Josi, to do? The task is best summed CEO of Sorento Healthcare and to re-evaluate the promotional up by the words of Charles mix to ensure that promotional Manish Bhagat, Chief Manager, Darwin, “It is not the strongest efforts take into account the of the species that survives, nor Strategic Planning, Abbott, shared valuable insight and a case study physician shift toward digital the most intelligent that survives. of Abbott’s digital platform, channels. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” So change one must. Knowledge Genie. Some of the key take-away messages from the 3/ Online journals, virtual conferences, physician I had the privilege of chairing session were: social networks, and other 1/ a panel discussion on the professional online sources Internet-savvy opportunities for pharma physicians are no provide marketing opportunities marketing to leverage the digital longer an emerging group – to reach physicians through platform at the recently held nearly all physicians are online alternate channels. 31 | MedicinMan March 2013