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Indian Pharma December 2014 Highlights

With Dec 2014 coming to an end, we have entered into a new year for the MNCs and also the last quarter Jan- March 2015.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is witnessing regulatory challenges like delays in clinical trial approvals, FDI policy, the new pharmaceutical pricing policy, a uniform code for sales and marketing practices and compulsory licensing which are the key environmental challenges that had come and would continue to come in future too.

While Anti-Infective market – the largest size and 17% weightage – is flat, leading to lowering of growth rates. The Chronic Markets which includes the diabetes market is growing the fastest along with the Cardiac market. Anti-Neoplastics and Derma have shown a booster this year along with the Urology market.

There has been a slowdown in the growth of the top Indian as well as MNCs; however, the MNCs seems to have picked up in the Oct-Dec Quarter

Indian Pharma December 2014 Highlights

  1. 1. THE HEALTH OF INDIAN PHARMA MEDICINMANField Force Excellence TM January 2015 | Since 2011 Jan-Dec 2014
  2. 2. BRANDST RM 2015BRAINSTORMING FOR PHARMA BRAND MANAGERS 13th March 2015, Mumbai        FFE 2015FIELD FORCE EXCELLENCE 14th March 2015, Mumbai PHARMA'S TWO MOST AWAITED EVENTS OF 2015 ARE HERE! Block the Dates: Fri, 13th & Sat, 14th March 2015 The Westin Hotel, Oberoi Garden City, Goregaon East, Mumbai Register Now!
  3. 3. BRANDST RM 2015BRAINSTORMING FOR PHARMA BRAND MANAGERS MEDICINMAN Kiran Khalap Salil Kallianpur Amlesh Ranjan Manish Bhagat Susan Joshi 13th March 2015, Mumbai Anup Soans Key Topics at BrandStorm 2015 LL How to launch and sustain brands in a VUCA world LL Harnessing digital & social media LL Patient-centric care LL Medical Affairs and KOL management Target Audience: Product Managers, Group Product Managers, Marketing Managers & Digital Marketing teams First announcement; detailed program schedule to follow
  4. 4. MEDICINMAN        FFE 2015FIELD FORCE EXCELLENCE 14th March 2015, Mumbai CEO Breakfast Shakti Chakraborty Bhasker Iyer Sujay Shetty Ganesh Nayak Key Topics at FFE 2015 The only pharma event in India with a CEO Roundtable on Field Force Excellence LL Managing the Millennial Field Force: Challenges & Opportunities LL Social Learning for Field Force - A viable option? LL Data Analytics: Can it provide actionable insights for segmented marketing? Target Audience: Sales & Marketing Heads, SBU Heads, Senior Managers in HR, Training, SFE and other Field Force-related functions First announcement; detailed program schedule to follow
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  6. 6. Market Data: Jan-Dec 2014 Key Insights for December 2014: 1. For Month of Dec -14, we have seen the GDs as 5.1% in Volumes, 5.3% in Price Increases & 3.2% in NIs against a 4.1% in volumes in Dec -13 2. Price Increases was at 5.3%, which has been the highest in the last 12 months in the IPM 3. There has been a growth registered (10.3%) in this quarter which is higher than the corresponding Quarter last year (4.3%) Key Highlights for December 2014: Key Numbers: 1. The IPM clocked 7375 Crs in December 2014 2. The Indian Pharma Market grows at 13.6% for the month of December 2014 Corporate: 1. For the month of December 2014, amongst the top 10, Ranbaxy grew by 28.7% followed by Pfizer at 23.1% & Sun Pharma at 21.5% 2. 21 corporate have crossed the growth of IPM for the month of December 2014 amongst top 50 3. Amongst the top 50 Corporate, Akumentis has the highest growth of 69.4% followed by Merck at 37.8% & Albert David at 32.0% 4. 30 Corporate showed growths more than 10% amongst the top 50 5. Amongst the 11-20 ranked Corporate Torrent has the highest growth of 31.1% followed by Macleods at 30.1% & USV at 24.9% After the peak in Sep 2014, the market showed a dip due to festive season, however for last 2 months the market has be in a positive trend with Dec month at 13.6% Source: AIOCD Pharmasofttech AWACS The Health of Indian Pharma: Jan-Dec 2014MEDICINMAN
  7. 7. 6. Amongst the 51-60 ranked Corporate, Panacea grows at 42.0% followed by Pharmed at 17.7% & Systopic at 17.2% 7. Amongst the 61-75 ranked Corporate, Boehringer grew by 62.1% followed by Tablets India at 23.3% & Serdia at 18.8% 8. Ranbaxy enters the 3000 Cr Club, Panacea enters the 300 Cr Club as on MAT Dec 2014 Indian V/S MNCs: 1. Indian companies have grown at 12.1% versus 17.5% for MNCs in December 2014 2. Amongst the top 50 in MNCs Merck grew by 37.8% followed by Ranbaxy at 28.7%, MSD at 26.1% & Pfizer at 24.3% 3. Under the Non-NLEM category Indian Companies grew at 13.6% whereas MNCs grew at 18.0% 4. For the Dec Quarter the MNCs have shown a volume growth of 6.4% versus 1.0% for the Indian companies 5. DPCO V/s Non DPCO Market: 6. The DPCO containing molecules market grew at 8.0 % whereas the non DPCO market grew by 14.8% resulting in an overall growth of 13.6% for December 2014 7. NLEM & Non - NLEM Category showed unit growth at 0.7% and 3.2% respectively 8. The DPCO 2013 portfolio for Pfizer grew at 13.9%, GSK 1.7%, Ranbaxy 41.9% December 2014 Val in Cr Units in 000s Value Growth Unit Growth IPM 7,357 13.6% 1,579,638 2.7% NLEM 1,252 8.0% 320,126 0.7% Non-NLEM 6,123 14.8% 1,259,512 3.2% Source: AIOCD Pharmasofttech AWACS The Health of Indian Pharma: Jan-Dec 2014MEDICINMAN
  8. 8. Therapy: 1. From therapy perspective 4 therapies have outgrown the IPM growth & 14 therapies have double digit growths 2. Respiratory Market grew at 10.0%, Gastrointestinal market grew at 13.5% , Pain & Analgesics market grew at 11.3% whereas Anti-infectives grew at 5.2% 3. Anti-diabetic market grows at 33.1% & Cardiac at 18.2% in chronic business 4. Derma market grew by 19.6% & Urology Market at 29.7% Regional Dynamics: 1. From regional perspective 11 regions have outgrown the IPM growth 2. Mumbai market grew the highest at 21.9% followed by Gujarat market at 21.7% & Kerala Market at 20.7% 3. No regions had negative growth in December 2014 Molecules: 1. Amoxycillin + Clavulanic Acid Market grew at 8.2% whereas Glimepiride + Metformin grows at 20.0% at No 2. 2. The markets of Paracetamol grew at 5.6%, Atorvastatin 24.0%, Probiotic Microbes at 26.9%, Cefixime 1.1%, Pantoprazole 15.3%, Montelukast + Levocetrizine at 20.4%, Glimepiride + Metformin + Pioglitazone at 28.1%, Vitamin-D at 29.4%, Hydroquinone + Mometasone + Tretinoin at 34.7%, Voglibose + Metformin + Glimepiride at 57.0%, Leveteracetam at 37.2%, Protein Supplements at 24.1% Brands: 1. Mixtard continues to lead the pack with 41.7 Crs for the Month of Dec -14 with a growth of 47.8% 2. Mixtard grew at 47.8%, Lantus grew at 36.7% & Glycomet- GP grows at 36.3%, Augmentin grows at 16.2%, amongst the top 10 Brands 3. Amongst the Brands who have gained ranks include Clexane (+64), Janumet (+54), Januvia (+43), Shelcal (+38), Panderm Plus (+31), Istamet (+29), Rosuvas & Jalra (+26), Novomix, Susten & Jalra-M (+17), Taxim, Pan & Levipil (+15), Zincovit (+13), Dexorange, Orofer-XT & Tonact (+9), Liv -52(+6), amongst Top 100 Brands over December 13 New Launches in IPM: 1. Total 361 SKUs & 185 Brands launched in December 2014 2. Top New Brands for December are Biovac V, Ryzodeg & Canmab 3. 2 New Subgroups got launched as Roflumilast & Cyclobenzaparine + Diclofenac Source: AIOCD Pharmasofttech AWACS The Health of Indian Pharma: Jan-Dec 2014MEDICINMAN
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