Having Problems with Your Pharma Field Force?


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Comprehensive Resource for Development of Pharma/Devices Front-line Managers.

Having Problems with Your Pharma Field Force?

  1. 1. SuperVision for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager DEEP-DIVE INTO THE BOOK Empowering Pharma Front-line Managers in their roles as …
  2. 2. Leading Medical Reps in the New Economy. • When “Push” and “Pull” Don’t Get Results • Peter Principle – “Everyone Eventually Rises to their Level of Incompetence “ - Preparing for the Role of the FLM
  3. 3. 3 Skill-sets Required to Become a SuperWiser FLM with a Supervision. 1. Professional Knowledge to Gain Respect 2. Managerial Competence to be an Effective Business Manager 3. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Skills to Inspire Teamwork
  4. 4. 7 Management Skills for Effective Front-line Sales Management. 1. Basic Management Skills – POEM 2. Time Management Skills 3. Communication is Listening 4. Rapport-building with Team Members and Customers 5. Team-building Skills 6. Decision-making Skills 7. Problem-solving Skills
  5. 5. 5 Functional Dimensions of an FLM. 1. Goal-setting and Sales Planning 2. Field Training 3. Performance Management 4. Field Sales Management 5. Conducting Business Meetings and Event Management
  6. 6. Understanding the Importance of EI and its Impact on Medical Rep Motivation and Behavior. 1. Theory of Multiple Intelligence 2. Understanding Emotional Intelligence 3. EI at the Workplace 4. Apathy, Sympathy, Empathy 5. Understanding the Dynamics of Motivation 6. Role of Emotions in Medical Rep Motivation
  7. 7. Acquiring Leadership Skills to Lead Medical Reps. 1. What is Leadership? 2. Principles and Values of Ethical Leadership 3. Characters and Qualities of an Emotionally Intelligent Leader 4. Are Leaders Born or Made? 5. Styles of Leadership 6. Leadership Skills for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager
  8. 8. Pharma Front-line Sales Management 1. Pharma Sales Team Leadership 2. 10 Steps for New Front-line Managers 3. Understanding Motivational Needs of Medical Reps 4. New Business Development 5. Consultative Selling – A New Approach to Pharma Field Sales. 6. CRM for Customer Loyalty 7. Information Technology and the FLM 8. The Rise of Retail Chains and Pharma Distribution 9. Recruiting Winners and Transforming Losers
  9. 9. And much more… Not only to make you an effective FLM but to empower you to move to the next level of leadership.
  10. 10. When Covering New Territory it Always Helps to Have a Map!
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