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Can Pharma Use Digital and Social Media Effectively?


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1. Can Pharma Use Digital and Social Media Effectively? by Priti Mohile

Pharma needs to learn the art of conversation to to be effective on social media.

2. Pharma Marketing Needs Disruption – Digital Technology Can Herald it In by Salil Kallianpur

The Internet has come of age with physicians and patients – can pharma marketers adapt?.

3. Information Age Catching on Pharma Marketers by Dr. S. M. Akerkar

The medical community must engage proactively with patients instead of reacting negatively to patients’ empowerment by the internet.

4. DigiSights India 2013 by MediaMedic Communications

Brief and photo essay from India’s first digital marketing conference for pharma and healthcare professionals

5. The Future of Digital Pharma Marketing by Andrew Spong

Digital marketing is about informing and conversing rather than promoting product messages.

6. Health PR in the Digital World by Dr. Nitin Malekar

Trust and regulatory compliance are two key issues that need to be addressed by healthcare companies planning a digital PR strategy.

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