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Pharma Field Sales Force Excellence


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Pharma Field Sales Force Excellence

  1. 1. TMMEDICINMANFebruary 2013 | FIELD FORCE EXCELLENCECATCH THE DRIFT. MUMBAI, 2013F ebruary is the shortest month, but a lot is happening at and Renie McClay from United States of America MedicinMan. The Second Edition of Brand Drift is on the 9th joining our newly-formed International Editorial of February and seats are filling up real fast. We look forward Board. You can read their articles in this issue to know to a day of meaningful interactions with Brand Managers. We their areas of expertise. We plan to bring these ex-have lined up an outstanding faculty and some fantastic topics that will perts to India in 2013 for the benefit of Indian Phar-challenge the current thinking among Indian Pharma brand managers ma. Welcome Hanno and Renie. I have had the privi-and transform them from „gift managers‟ to „gifted managers‟ who can lege of participating in Renie McClay‟s programs indifferentiate their products through innovative promotions and well- India and she is a fantastic resource person withtrained team members - in an increasingly generic market. some outstanding books on Sales Training to herMedicinMan has gained international visibility and recognition. This credit. Hanno Wolfram is known to many of you asmonth we have two eminent people - Hanno Wolfram from Germany he has written several articles in MedicinMan.
  2. 2. Catch the Drift | Anup SoansBoth Hanno and Renie are great “Friends of India” andwe look forward to learning from them through theirbooks, articles and programs. We are All SalesmenI was privileged to be the keynote speaker at an exclu- Book Reviewsive Indian Pharma Leaders meeting organized byCambridge Consultants of U.K. at the Four Seasons Whether we‟re employees trying to convince colleaguesHotel in Mumbai on the 16th and 17th January 2013. about a new idea or parents and teachers cajoling childrenRead my brief on the interaction on page 12. to study, we spend our days trying to move others toWe have launched a new initiative for young profession- action. Like it or not, we‟re all in sales now.als at MedicinMan: the “MedicinMan ChangeMakers To Sell Is Human offers a fresh look at the art and scienceBoard". Kumar Saurabh, a Key Account Manager from of selling. Daniel H. Pink draws on a rich trove of socialStrides Arcolabs, comes on board as the first science for his counterintuitive insights. He reveals the new“MedicinMan ChangeMaker”. We plan to take up many ABCs of moving others (it‟s no longer “Always Be Clos-activities that will give practical insights to bring about ing”), explains why extraverts don‟t make the best sales-Field Force Excellence. We want more people who are people, and shows how giving people an “off-ramp” forwilling and able make a positive change in the industry their actions can matter more than actually changing theirto join us and contribute to fostering Field Force Excel-lence in Indian Pharma and Devices. minds.At MedicinMan, we believe that Key Account Manage- Along the way, Pink describes the six successors to thement will emerge as a thrust area for pharma and we elevator pitch, the three rules for understanding another‟shave “KAM in Pharma: Another Success Story” by Tony perspective, the five frames that can make your messageO‟Connor et al. For those of you interested in reading clearer and more persuasive, and much more. The result isthe entire article, it is available for free download on a perceptive and practical book – one that will how you see the world and transform what you do atWe have some fantastic articles in this issue – please work, at school, and at home. †share MedicinMan widely with your friends andcolleagues. † Stay Connected with MedicinMan. Visit us at or connect on social media. Click on the icons below. Subscribe to MedicinMan for FREE: From the bestselling author http://eepurl/odg2X of A Whole New Mind comes a useful book that explores the power of selling in our lives. 2| MedicinMan February 2013
  3. 3. Contents CLICK TO NAVIGATE.6. Listening: Key to Field Force Excellence FFE simply means “customer orientation”. Striv- 6. ing to change perspective to look outside-in, involving the whole company(!) because that is what we enjoy being customers ourselves. Hanno Wolfram9. Excellence Through Effectiveness In an increasingly generic market, Field Force Effectiveness becomes the Key Differentiator in 11. a company’s sales strategy. K. Hariram12. India Driving World Pharma by 2030? A thought-provoking discussion facilitated by Cambridge Consultants at the Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai. Anup Soans, Editor15. Thirteen Sales Closings in 2013! Create an extra sales cycle in the year by 16. tweaking the start and close of each cycle. V. Srinivasan16. Medical Rep of the Year! Nine simple steps to sales excellence and career success. Rachana Narayan 3| MedicinMan February 2013
  4. 4. Contents CLICK TO NAVIGATE.21. Leading Tomorrow, Today 10 Steps to building successful teams of the 28. future. Renie McClay25. HEOR: What is Systematic Review? Evidence-based healthcare made simple. Richa Goyal and Mahendra Rai28. HOT on LINKEDIN: Brand Loyalty: A MedicinMan Vol. 3 Issue 2 Thing of the Past. Editor and Publisher: What does pharma branding mean in the Anup Soans age of hyper generics and rapidly shifting CEO: Chayya S. Sankath loyalties. COO: Arvind Nair Sharad Virmani Chief Mentor: K. Hariram Advisory Board:31. MR Knowledge Series Vivek Hattangadi; Jolly Mathews Editorial Board: Clinical Trials made simple. Salil Kallianpur; Dr. Shalini Ratan; Shashin Bodawala; Dr. Amit Dang Prabhakar Shetty; Vardarajan S; Dr. Mandar Kubal; Dr. Surinder Kumar International Editorial Board: Hanno Wolfram; Renie McClay15. Preview: Key Account Management in Pharma: Another Success Story. Executive Editor: Joshua Soans Ken Boyce, Ralph Boyce and Tony O’Connor MedicinMan Academy: Dr. S. Srinivasan, Dean, Medical Education Prof. Vivek Hattangaadi, Dean, Professional Skills Development MedicinMan ChangeMakers: Saurabh Kumar Make a difference in Pharma. Join MedicinMan ChangeMakers. Write in to our editor to find out more:
  5. 5. Inspiration Pharma’s Premier Branding Event BRAND DRIFT Info to 2013 Insight 9 February 2013 Mumbai
  6. 6. Guest Hanno Wolfram is MD at Innov8 GmbH, Germany. He is aEditorial thought-leader on Pharma Key Account Management and is the co-author of the only book on KAM in Pharma. “ Think about your own most remembered meet- ing last week? What made it really different from others? The most common distinction between a good and a poor face-to-face with anyone, private or busi- ness, is that someone ” listened to you and meant it.LISTENING: KEY TO FIELD FORCE EXCELLENCET The only objective for true Field Force doors or restrict their availability and the time they want to share with excellence is to get more for the same us. This is a very clear statement: field forces are not perceived as or the same for less. being excellent. Once we know how our target audience judges us as Pharma companies try hard to save “excellent”, we will easily be able to meet their expectations and bringtheir old sales model from being changed and our field force to the next level.seem to have forgotten that excellence is a judge- The obstacles to achieve this are plenty and need to be considered byment not a new concept. Who judges if my ap- every enterprise in their individual way. There is nothing like “one sizeproach is excellent? It is the physician or the in- fits all” or a “best practice” simply to be copied.tended prescriber of my products. The very first obstacle to overcome is the current perspective: theIn the last few years we could see that Physicians working truism is that pharma companies look inside out. Physicianshardly see our efforts as excellent: they close their are subjects to be promoted on and made to prescribe. 6| MedicinMan February 2013
  7. 7. FFE: The Importance of Listening | Hanno Wolfram“The less access you have, the poorer is your degree of excellence. There are pharma companies that have fully abandoned measuring the outcome of field force efforts and today measure „client satisfaction‟.”Only few companies are trying to marketing and sales efforts? Meas- If we want our field force wants toask their targets (physicians) what uring the degree of accessibility become excellent and deliver value,they would like and expect. Prod- might be an interesting concept. Medical Reps will have to listen. Theucts are said to be sold to prescrib- The less access you have, the poorer traditional hard selling approachers. Most pharma companies are is your degree of excellence. There “You have to deliver this messagetrying to push doctors and make are pharma companies that have n-times to each individual!” will notthem use the respective portfolio. fully abandoned measuring the out- be perceived as helpful or mean-This mentality is contradictory to ingful to any physician. This is what come of field force efforts and todayField Force Excellence (FFE). they (physicians) let pharma know measure „client satisfaction‟.What is currently measured has little by closing doors. Beyond measuring facts and figuresto do with excellence. Most of us You will find that FFE simply means and fighting the sentence: “we can-still measure reach, frequency, cov- “customer orientation”; striving to not measure client satisfaction!”,erage and revenue achieved. If you change perspective to look outside- there might be simple ideas andwant to go for FFE you need to ask in, involving the whole company, concepts based on commonsense.your target audience and find out because that is what we enjoy -what they perceive as excellent. Think about your own most remem- being customers ourselves. WhyWhat you derive from their answers, bered meeting last week? What should doctors see excellencewill become the center of your made it really different from others? differently? †efforts to drive FFE. The most common distinction be- tween a good and a poor face-to-A core question to support theseefforts is what you need to meas- face with anyone, private or busi- You will find out that ness, is that someone listened toure. Which are the appropriate FFE simply means you and meant it.metrics indicating excellence of our “customer orientation”; striving to change perspective to look outside-in, involving the whole company, because that is what we enjoy - being cus- tomers ourselves. Why should doctors see excellence differently? 7| MedicinMan February 2013
  8. 8. Excitement Pharma’s Premier Branding Event BRAND DRIFT Info to 2013 Insight 9 February 2013 Mumbai
  9. 9. FFE K. Hariram is the former MD (retd.) at Galderma India. He is Chief Mentor at MedicinMan and a regular contributor.“ In an increasingly generic market, Field Force Effectiveness becomes the Key Differentiator in a company‟s sales strategy.EXCELLENCE THROUGH EFFECTIVENESS.T he Indian pharmaceutical market is on a) 90% of Indian‟s Pharma market is branded generics the growth path, driven by: b) Differentiation is difficult a) Rising household income levels, and c) Every Pharma company is ramping up its field force hence affordability, d) Lack of talent and high rates of attritionb) Increasing prevalence of lifestyle related diseas- e) The era of blockbusters is, f) Innovation pipeline is weakc) Improving healthcare infrastructure/delivery From the marketing and selling side there is: a) Reduced access tosystems and physicians, b) Increased number of competitors, c) Being a part of4) Rising penetration in smaller towns and rural huge clutter – the need to differentiate and stand out.areas. To cope with the challenge of differentiation, marketing strategiesHowever, competitive pressures in the domestic alone may be inadequate. Thus Field Force Effectiveness becomesmarket are likely to sustain as MNCs become ag- more relevant. It impacts the company‟s interface with the customergressive and domestic companies leverage on and hence the manner in which the customer views the promotionaltheir expanded field force. strategies.There are associated challenges to keep pace with What is Field Force Effectiveness? It is all about improving Productivity,the growth opportunities: “A Strategic lever in Pharmaceutical Marketing.” 9| MedicinMan February 2013
  10. 10. Excellence Through Effectiveness | K. Hariram “What is Field Force Effectiveness? It is all about improving productivity”, a strategic lever in pharmaceutical marketing.” It is the field force that interfaces with the customer day in and day 2/ Data & Tools In order to ensure customer 4/ Sales Management The sales management out. Ultimately they are the ones sizing, there has to be effective process should include performance who generate revenues for the tools such as sales force automa- management, rewards and recogni- organization. The typical Pharma tion which will help in data collec- tion and the right balance between sales model involves three key ele- tion and converting it to meaning- process and results. ments. ful information that is usable by the According to Stephen Covey, FFE has 1. Target audience Customers / field force and the sales manage- a lot to do with P/PC balance. P refers Influencers - “To whom are we ment in the market place. to Producing unit of Field force and selling?” PC refers to Producing Capability. A 2. Type of Interactions - “How do fine example of this is the story of we interact with our target au- dience – customers and influ- 3/ Talent Management In today‟s context of com- GOLDEN GOOSE and the FARMER in AESOP‟s Fables. encers?” petitive scenario, it is the PERSON Introduction of technology and tools 3. Nature of the Offer - “What are who makes the difference. Hence, such as iPads are good enablers to we selling?” right people attraction, develop- FFE. But they cannot substitute for The Field Force Effectiveness DRIV- ment of people and retention be- any of the above. ERS in the marketplace on a day-to comes very important. Peter Drucker defines EFFICIENCY as -day basis comprises of quantum „doing things right‟ and EFFECTIVE- of calls made with effective delivery of the sales message and quantum of qualitative calls made. 4/ Training & develop- ment NESS as „doing the right things‟. To- gether, they lead to FIELD FORCE EXCELLENCE. † If all these have to be done consist- Talent can be managed only by ently, then the organization has to having a proper structure to build operate in a proper frame work competencies which are sustaina- that will drive FFE. This frame work ble. Considering the geographical revolves around: spread of the field force, the struc- ture should encompass the reach 1/ Customer sizing The universe of customers is and frequency along with right tools and methods. vast. Hence optimizing and build- ing effectiveness means proper “Introduction of targeting, segmentation, under- technology and standing the customer needs and tools such as iPads proper customer relationship are good enablers. management. But they cannot substitute the basics.” 10| MedicinMan February 2013
  11. 11. Sharing Pharma’s Premier Branding Event BRAND DRIFT Info to 2013 Insight 9 February 2013 Mumbai
  12. 12. Report Anup Soans is Editor, MedicinMan. He is the author of three books for pharma sales professionals. anupsoans@medicinman.netINDIADRIVINGWORLDPHARMABY 2030?A thought-provoking discussionfacilitated by Cambridge Consultantson 16th and 17th of January 2013 at theFour Seasons Hotel, Mumbai.C ambridge Consultants of U.K. did a ¤ Would the current family owned structure be able to meet the splendid job of gathering 25 Indian challenge of being global players? Pharma‟s best minds from R & D, ¤ What regulatory environment could be expected? strategy, M & A, IP, business devel- ¤ What governance and leadership changes need to be done?opment, global branding, project management ¤ What would be the Indian government‟s role and how can theand clinical research to brainstorm possible sce- Indian Pharma represent itself to policy makers?narios of the future of Indian Pharma in the ¤ Finally, what would an increasingly active consumer demand fromglobal arena. Pharma and healthcare providers?Cambridge Consultants put these professionals The discussions were preceded by insights into these areas and expert-into teams and facilitated some great discus- ly facilitated by Cambridge Consultants team that had flown in from UKsions on various topics like: and the US. Tell us what you think about the above questions.¤ How will companies change to meet the Cambridge Consultants are in the process of putting together a report, challenges of dominating the global gener- the highlights of which, we will share with our readers. So keep watch- ics business? ing this space. More importantly write to us if you would like to be part¤ Where would new growth opportunities of such future meetings. arise? 12| MedicinMan February 2013
  13. 13. India Driving World Pharma by 2030 | Anup Soans“Cambridge Consultants is a 50-year old international technology development and consultancy company, providing outsourced Research and Development to clients - from start-ups to blue-chip multinationals - who need to develop innovative, technologically novel, breakthrough products.”Cambridge Consultants is a 50-year Their early work laid the founda-old international technology develop- tions for what is now known as the Editor‟s Note: Indian consultingment and consultancy company, Cambridge Phenomenon or Silicon firms and academia would doproviding outsourced Research and Fen. well to emulate such initiativesDevelopment to clients - from start- – Adapted from Wikipedia that play an important role inups to blue-chip multinationals - who fostering networking and learn-need to develop innovative, techno- ing from peers. MedicinMan willlogically novel, breakthrough prod- be glad to play the role of a fa-ucts. The company also provides busi- cilitator/catalyst. We alreadyness consulting services in the areas have forums like Brand Drift,of innovation management, market Field Force Excellence and www.cambridgeconsultants.comstrategy and technical due diligence. Breakfast for the Brain, whereCambridge Consultants employs Pharma and related industryabout 300 engineers, scientists, math- professionals meet regularly toematicians, consultants, analysts and brainstorm and share ideas, ex-support staff in both Cambridge, UK pertise and learning. For more Companies represented at theand Cambridge, USA details visit: Discussion: Abbott; Asiatic ClinicalFounded in 1960 by two Cambridge Research, Cipla, Glenmark, Lupin,graduates – Tim Eiloart and David Merck Serono, Nypro Inc,Southward – to "put the brains Send in your comments to: Ranbaxy, Sanofi, Taro Pharma-of Cambridge University at disposal of ceutical Industries (Sun Group). anupsoans@medicinman.netthe problems of British indus- Nationalities Present: Indian, PIO,try. Cambridge Consultants was one US, UK, France, Israel, Belgiumof UK‟s first technology transfer busi-nesses 13| MedicinMan February 2013
  14. 14. Caring Pharma’s Premier Branding Event BRAND DRIFT Info to 2013 Insight 9 February 2013 Mumbai
  15. 15. V. Srinivasan has headed Sales Administration & HR Sales functions in reputed Pharma Companies. He has to his credit over 325 published articles in India and abroad. Mob: 805616858513 SALES CLOSINGS IN 2013! ormally Pharma Companies do the monthly sales clos- By saving a few days from everyN ings at the end of every month, thus 12 sales closings in a year. However it is also possible to have 13 salesclosings in a year, as explained below: month, we can create an additional month or Cycle for the purposes ofNormally we will have 4 full weeks in any month, and in a few our sales closings. In these days ofmonths, a few more days. On this basis, we can allocate 28 days extreme competition, one month‟s(i.e. 4 full weeks) for every month or every Cycle, as per tableenclosed. By saving a few days from every month, we can create additional sales would be mostan additional month or Cycle for the purposes of our sales clos- welcome to all Pharma Companies.ings. The sales closing will be done on the last day of each Cy-cle. If that day happens to be a Sunday or a holiday, then salesclosing will happen on the previous working day, or the next close our sales on a different date, they will be moreworking day. All promotional inputs, incentives, targeting, incen- comfortable, can give us more time, better co-tives, reporting systems should be adjusted to accommodate this operation, and goods can be physically dispatchedarrangement. faster. Since this is the time of the year when all companiesBenefits: finalize their monthly budgets/targets for the coming1) In these days of extreme competition, one month‟s additional year, companies which may find this suggestion ap-sales would be most welcome to all Pharma Companies. pealing, can experiment with the same this year, and2) CFAs will be very busy during month end, because all Compa- if it is better than the conventional one, they can con-nies close their monthly sales at that time only. Hence, if we tinue in coming years too! † S.No. From To Cycle No. Sales Closing on 01) 1.1.13 28.1.13 1 28th Jan 02) 29.1.13 25.2.13 2 25th Feb 03) 26.2.13 25.3.13 3 25th Mar 04) 26.3.13 22.4.13 4 22nd Apr 05) 23.4.13 20.5.13 5 20th May 06) 21.5.13 17.6.13 6 17th June 07) 18.6.13 15.7.13 7 15th July 08) 16.7.13 12.8.13 8 12th Aug 09) 13.8.13 9.9.13 9 9th Sept 10) 10.9.13 7.10.13 10 7th Oct 11) 8.10.13 4.11.13 11 4th Nov 12) 5.11.13 2.12.13 12 2nd Dec 13) 3.12.13 30.12.13 13 30th Dec 15| MedicinMan February 2013
  16. 16. FIELD FORCESPECIAL Rachana Narayan is a Trainer at Invida - A Menarini Company.“ What [Medical Reps] don‟t realize is that they are into the most dynamic profes- sion where rewards are transparent and directly pro- portional to the efforts. But cracking the code to get that reward is always a mys- tery to them. The problem is there is no written guideline which clearly specifies the dos and don‟ts to become the “Salesman of the year”. The solution is to practice good salesmanship and the rewards will follow. ”MEDICAL REP OF THE YEAR!T his should be the dream of all those get that reward is always a mystery to them. The problem is there is no aspiring salesmen who wish to be in the written guideline which clearly specifies the dos and don‟ts to become top 20% salesmen category bringing the “Salesman of the year”. The solution is to practice good salesman- about 80% of the sales. But the ques- ship and the rewards will follow.tion is how many really dream this when they join Even though Pharma sales strategies have undergone a rapid change,this profession? Let‟s acknowledge the fact that the characteristics of a good salesman remain unaltered. While only aunlike other professions, pharma sales is not the few are born salesmen, anyone can inculcate those qualities with prac-chosen path for many. For most of them, it is ei- tice provided they have the desire to learn and have tremendous pa-ther a part-time job or a desperate remedy or tience. Even the born salesman needs to sharpen his skills, display pa-“give it a try” option. What they don‟t realize is tience and remain updated about the changing dynamics of the mar-that they are into the most dynamic profession ket in order to do wonders. Here are some of the characteristics whichwhere rewards are transparent and directly pro- if developed will help to achieve the golden dream of becoming “theportional to the efforts. But cracking the code to salesman of the year.” 16| MedicinMan February 2013
  17. 17. The Medical Rep of the Year | Rachana Narayan “Confidence alone does not lead to sales. This explains why many fresher candidates initially brimming with confidence tend to lose it after few rejections and quit. They need to realize the fact that confidence is the facilitator but not the key to success.” module with different stories but 1/ Confidence tors. A good salesman under- stands this fact well and uses his ultimately same moral. Well- Confidence is the most creativity to register his brand as connected calls help the doctor to desirable and basic characteristic a well as himself as a brand in the remember the representative as salesman needs to possess but minds of the doctor. well as his brand better than stand- confidence alone cannot cause alone calls. sale. This explains why many fresh- er candidates initially brimming with confidence tend to lose it after few rejections and quit. They need 3/ Stays updated Remaining updated is the thumb rule of this profession. to realize the fact that confidence is The more the better. The the facilitator but not the key to knowledge of medical representa- success. Confidence in self and tive may not be of importance to trust in the product helps a sales- his doctor but definitely enhances man yield a good presentation and his confidence in the clinic. He is convince the prospect. Without not only updated about his product confidence all other skills go wast- and company, but is also well in- ed. By-hearting the technical as- formed about the industry and pects will never yield results until it competitor. When he is aware of is presented well with confidence, the strengths and weaknesses of his persistence and passion. competitor‟s product, he becomes better equipped to position his 2/ Differentiation product with competitive edge. As we all are created different, discovering that unique- ness and using it to differentiate oneself from competitors should be 4/ Is organized A good salesman is a great planner and organizes his an important strategy to attract the day, thoughts and actions with per- customers. One has to remember fection. He sets objective for each that all the iconic personalities are call based on his previous discus- remembered for their unique set of sion with the doctor and always characteristics which differentiated connects the last call with the pre- them from all their contemporaries. sent one. This makes all his call Don‟t we want variations in food, linked up to make a single call di- clothes, songs, movie-stars and all vided into small modules and each other things of life? So do the doc- 17| MedicinMan February 2013
  18. 18. The Medical Rep of the Year | Rachana Narayan “A good salesman consistently challenges himself by setting lofty goals for him- self, achieving them and breaking his own records. “5/ Listens & understands 6/ Passionate about his 7/ Builds relation- ship on valuesListening should be active and the brands and loves The foundation of pharma sales is based on converting customer intosalesman should have the capabil-ity to „listen between the words‟. He his profession a client. The fact that 80% of busi- The salesman has to have passion ness comes only from 20% of theshould be empathetic towards the for his brands. If he cannot buy his customer clearly demonstrates theconcerns raised by the doctor and own product for himself, he can need for developing a strategicshould ask relevant questions to never convince others to buy it. So, partnership with the customer. Itidentify his needs. He should not he has to love his brands in order requires long term commitment,be impatient to fill the gap with to deliver compelling brand mutual respect, sincerity, honesty,wrong products for mere selling presentations, deliver solutions in punctuality and value-added ser-instead he should share authentic terms of both features and benefits. vice to create that partnership inand correct data with the purpose Then automatically he is able to the long run. Honesty in sales is soof helping the customer. The mo- handle objections with confidence important that it is almost impossi-tive should be to provide apt solu- and present logical arguments. ble for this skill to be taught. Whention to the problems identified a salesman provides authentic factsthrough questioning. and consistently keeps his commit- ments, he is already on the path of “The fact that 80% of business comes only from 20% of the success. customer clearly demonstrates the need for developing a strategic partnership with the customer.” 18| MedicinMan February 2013
  19. 19. The Medical Rep of the Year | Rachana NarayanA salesperson without integrity will achieving them and breaking his ownhave many struggles which will of- records. He constantly puts effort “A good salesman is highlyten include hopping from job to towards self-improvement by coach- professional in his dressing,job. A feel-good factor created by ing and learning from his own mis- behavior, punctuality. Heproviding continuous quality ser- takes. loves his own time as wellvice with responsibility keeps therelationship alive. While Salespeo- as others.” As I summarise, let me also add thatple perceived as being pushy, un- these qualities are not only requiredempathetic or dishonest are less to be a great salesperson. In fact,successful in the long run. most of these are pre-requisites to be successful in any profession. How8/ Is professional could anyone be successful without having knowledge of the work he is A good salesman is highly doing, without passion, honesty,professional in his dressing, behav- sincerity, confidence and positiveior, punctuality. He loves his own attitude? Being organized, achievingtime as well as others. He does not targets and building good rapport atget involved in unnecessary politics workplace is of utmost importanceand avoids any objectionable be- for any professional to succeed in hishavior. Instead he is busy concen- career. A person with good person-trating on his targets, converting ality, friendly, good communicationdoctors and making his products skills and a good listener is always aavailable. winner no matter what profession he chooses. Mahatma Gandhi,9/ Has Positive Rabindranath Tagore, Dhirubhai Ambani etc. were all great salesmen Attitude of their era who sold their ideas,A salesman should develop tre- vision to entire country. In presentmendous patience to accept con- context, APJ Abdul Kalam, Narayansistent rejections without getting Murthy, Amitabh Bachchan, Sachininfluenced by negative thoughts. Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar etc. areHe makes things happen in spite of all great sales personalities of theirproblems and never complains. He own field. They have created a branddoes not blame his luck, company of themselves, have differentiatedor product rather brings about from their peers, have their ownpositive changes in himself that unique characteristics and haveincreases his closing ratio and im- fought against all odds with theirproves his average. His enthusiasm positive infectious and gets transferred to So, I totally agree with J. C. Penny,his customers. A good salesman “Salesmanship is limitless. Our veryconsistently challenges himself by living is selling. We are all salespeo-setting lofty goals for himself, ple.” † 19| MedicinMan February 2013
  20. 20. Challenge Pharma’s Premier Branding Event BRANDDRIFT Info to Insight 9 February 2013 Mumbai
  21. 21. Renie McClay, MA, CPLP and Inspired Learning focuses on helping companies to design and deliver solutions for improved productivity. Renie is the author of the recentTeams book, 10 Steps to Successful Teams, ASTD Press. She‟s managed training departments for several Fortune 500 companies, including Kraft, Novartis, and Pactiv. LEADING TOMORROW, TODAY. “ 10 Steps to building successful teams of the future. ”T witter, YouTube, Facebook, smart As I think about these questions and reflect back on this, I realize phones, iPods…customer-driven devel- that most of my adult working life (and even before that in school opment, new products, downsizing, right and growing up) has been spent working in or with teams. Working sizing… industrial age…knowledge work- in the corporate world, I have been on and led sales teams, internaler…Gen X, Gen Y, Boomers. Anyone who has ad hoc project teams, teams responsible for planning recognitionbeen awake for the past couple of years knows events and a myriad of others. Outside of work, teams are just asthat things are changing in today‟s world – and prevalent. I have been part of learning teams for graduate work,fast – faster than ever before in our history. In- local civic teams to help build the community, professional industryformation is doubling at staggering rates; tech- groups and sub teams to advance the learning and skills of profes-nology is blazing ahead at lightning speeds; cus- sionals, and the list seems to go on and on. My experience is nottomers are directly driving product requirements. unique in this regard.Thinking about all of this change makes me won- In today‟s dynamic business and economic environment, teamsder about two things: Will any elements of to- have emerged as a requirement for business success. We‟ve allday‟s environment serve us well in the future? been part of a team before and many of you may have led teams.And, how can we best position ourselves for the Both roles (leaders and team members) are critical to the success ofchanges to come? the team. 21| MedicinMan February 2013
  22. 22. Leading Tomorrow, Today | Renie McClay “Clarify Roles – If team member roles are not clear, one of two things will happen. The team will be inefficient because time will be wasted as more than one person does the same thing. Or, the team will be ineffective because something important won‟t get done at all.”Today‟s teams are expanding and because something important tional tension will be weak and peo-changing – crossing business units, won‟t get done at all. Clarifying ple can focus on the work to becultures and time zones. With all of who is responsible for what is criti- done.these variables and the pressures of cal up front. Tip: Open communication and hon-today‟s business climate, how do you Tip: Spend time up front clarifying esty build the base for trust amongbuild a successful team? and discussing the team roles. Lev- team members. Be aware of whatHere are 10 steps that I have found erage each individual‟s strengths on you say and how you say it; deliverare necessary to build successful the team. what you commit to and make yourteams: Step 3: Encourage deadlines. These building blocks fos- Communication ter trust and build strong relation-Step 1: Form the Team The team make up is Healthy and effective communica- ships. tion builds trust. Giving positive Step 5: Follow Processesperhaps the single most importantstep of the process. If the team and constructive feedback helps to and Track Progressdoesn‟t possess the right skills and keep things on track and eliminates Building processes and tracking pro-drive to accomplish the goals, it will errors. Managing conflict helps a gress is necessary for many painful and often unsuccessful. team to focus on the goal rather It builds efficiencies and helps forThe right leader can either help or than on interpersonal dynamics replicable success. It also helps tohinder the process. that can slow things down and de- keep stakeholders informed and team teriorate the morale of the team.Tip: Whatever role you play on the members current with what is hap-team, be committed to the success of Tip: Put aside personal agendas in pening and what needs to happen favor of the team agenda. next.your team from day one. Give it yourall to get the right players on the Tip: Processes are meant to maketeam. Step 4: Build Strong Relationships things easier and run more smoothly. Sometimes processes cease to beStep 2: Clarify Roles If team member roles People getting to know each other will be one of the most important effective. When this happens, don‟t parts of building morale on the be afraid to recognize that things areare not clear, one of two things will team. The members are not robots not working well, and change orhappen. The team will be inefficient and it will be helpful to get to know adapt the process to better suit thebecause time will be wasted as more each other as human beings. needs of the team.than one person does the samething. Or, the team will be ineffective When relationships are strong, rela- 22| MedicinMan February 2013
  23. 23. Leading Tomorrow, Today | Renie McClay Step 6: Assess the Team Ideally, everyone Step 8: Effective Virtual Teams Tip: Recognition is an important reward for good performance, and it needs to be aware of his or her is a fantastic motivator for continued Working remotely and participating strengths and then support fellow team contributions. Anyone can rec- on a team virtually is often chal- team members‟ development areas. ognize and reward. Sometimes a lenging. Connecting with people A leader knowing who knows who positive comment from another team you may never have met can make needs support is a beautiful thing. member carries more weight than it harder to build trust and learn to No one possesses every skill and recognition from leadership. rely on team members. Both tech- knowledge; so, self awareness is nology and working at the people Times change, and we need to helpful for the team‟s progress and skills can help to smooth this out. change with them. One element of ultimate growth and success. success that has weathered the storm Tip: Make it a point to reach out Tip: Improvement begins by recog- of time and change is the concept of to other team members. Take the nizing what works and what could team. The structure and make up of initiative to get to know them bet- use some improvement. Be open to teams has changed over the years, ter. Developing relationships assessing the strengths and areas for however the premise that collective across any team, but particularly a improvement for both yourself and knowledge, experience, skills and virtual team, builds trust and en- the team as a whole. talents of a team which make them hances productivity. greater than the sum of its parts Step 7: and Innovation Develop Creativity Step 9: Solve Problems (players), has not changed. Conclusion All teams face prob- A team can continue to do things the lems. Perhaps the single most im- way they have always done them, but portant quality of a team is to see Teamwork is essential for competing it is pretty energizing to develop cre- how they work through problems. in todays global workplace and mar- ative solutions. Creativity and inno- ketplace. Teams are the norm rather Tip: Address conflicts or problems vation can save time and money. than the exception. There are many immediately – don‟t let them build. Teams can be innovative about the different kinds of teams: top manage- When working thru problems, offer end product or about how the team ment teams, focused task forces, self- suggestions and solutions rather operates. A mix of left and right directed teams, product/service de- than complaints. brain thinking can also be very pow- velopment teams, virtual teams, and Step 10: Reward and erful in the team environment. so on. The kind of team is not as im- Tip: Foster a team spirit that is open Celebrate portant as being part of the team. Working together to collectively and to new ideas and creativity. Use new Many teams do not celebrate vic- creatively leverage talents, improve techniques to conduct meetings and tories. Many organizations do not skills and solve business problems is gather ideas. Translate these new properly reward team successes. what matters most. This (team) asso- ideas into action – that‟s innovation! There are ways to reward teams ciation and the growth it achieves are“ that do not cost much and even A team can continue to do things what will remain constant regardless some that cost nothing. the way they have always done of the technology, economic environ- them, but it is pretty energizing to develop creative solutions. ment or business challenges we face. ” Creativity and innovation can save time and money. Successful teams position us for the future – whatever that may bring. † 23| MedicinMan February 2013
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  25. 25. Mahendra Rai is Senior Consultant, HEOR. Richa Goyal is Consultant, HEOR. Mahendra has a Master‟s degree in Pharma- Richa has done Masters in Pharma- HEOR cy from the University of Delhi, India. He has cy in Pharmacology from Panjab worked on a range of HEOR and Market University, Chandigarh. She has Access projects including value demonstra- more than 5 years of experience in tion and medical communications. pharmaceutical research. “ ”HEOR: WHAT IS SYSTEMATIC REVIEW?I n the current scenario, there is an increas- 2) Essential component of health technology assessment (HTA) ing need to build and maintain the skills for process for multiple technology appraisals (MTA) and single using the wide variety of electronic media technology appraisals (STA). that allow access to large amounts of infor- 3) Propose a future research guideline, clinical trial design; identifymation. For clinicians, nurses, therapists, unmet needs or evidence managers, policy makers and consum-ers there are wide-ranging information needs 4) Required by authors for substantial grant funding for primarypertaining to good quality information on the healthcare researcheffectiveness, meaningfulness, feasibility and ap- Defining a Systematic Review:propriateness of a large number of healthcareinterventions. A systematic review comprises of a scientific summary of the evi-In view of this, systematic literature reviews are dence in a structured, reproducible method where bias is mini-required to: mized resulting in eligible evidence. A systematic review requires1) Serve as single source of information for high involvement of three reviewers. Two of them individually review a quality recent research in a specific disease study and a third reviewer is required to resolve conflicts, if any. area. 25| MedicinMan February 2013
  26. 26. HEOR: What is Systematic Review | Richa Goyal & Mahendra Rai Steps involved in a 3/ Assessing the studies: The assessment process in a If required, a meta-analysis is done to generate homogenous quantita- systematic review: tive evidence clinical effectiveness. systematic review is as follows: Narrative summaries are used if a) Each study should be assessed quantitative data are not homoge- 1/ Defining appropriate question: for eligibility against inclusion criteria mainly by reviewing the nous. It is very essential to define the clear objectives of the review, in- abstracts b) Full text papers should be re- 5/ Reporting the data: findings from the aggregation The cluding intervention or phenomena of the studies are discussed to put trieved for those studies meet- of interest, relevant patient groups into a concise report. Apart from ing the inclusion criteria. to be included, and types of studies discussing the results obtained for required. These will help in the se- c) After sourcing of full texts, the the study question the report should lection of the studies to be included studies should be assessed for also discuss the quality and hetero- in the review. methodological quality using a geneity of the included studies, the critical appraisal framework. impact of bias, as well as the chance 2/ Searching the literature: Published as well as un- Poor quality studies should be excluded. and the applicability of the findings. published literature is searched Location of already published pertaining to requirement of the d) From the remaining studies, systematic reviews: review. To avoid bias, non-English reported findings/outcomes are literature should also be searched. extracted into a data extraction High quality systematic reviews are Some of the commonly searched form. Two independent review- published in many of the leading databases include Medline ers should ideally conduct the journals and electronic databases. In (through PubMed), Embase and assessment and conflicts, if any, addition, electronic publication by the Cochrane Library. The types of should be resolved by a thirds the Cochrane Collaboration, the NHS databases searched largely depend reviewer. Centre for Reviews and Dissemina- upon the types of studies required. tion and other organizations provide In addition, the grey literature 4/ Summarizing the data: Findings from the individual access to these as well. † (material that is not formally pub- studies are then aggregated for Location of systematic Reviews: lished, such as institutional or tech- evidence synthesis to generate clin- nical reports, working papers, con- The Cochrane Library ical effectiveness, feasibility, useful- The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine ference proceedings, or other doc- ness, and meaningfulness of the uments not normally subject to intervention or activity. The NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemina- editorial control or peer review) tion should also be searched. After PubMed Clinical Queries: Find Systematic identifying all the possible studies, Reviews the abstracts are downloaded and duplicates are removed. clinical.shtml 26| MedicinMan February 2013
  27. 27. And lots of conversation! Pharma’s Premier Branding Event BRAND DRIFT Info to 2013 Insight 9 February 2013 Mumbai
  28. 28. Hot on Sharad Virmani is Vice President, Marketing and Sales atLinked Comed Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals. “ ”BRAND LOYALTY: ATHING OF THE PAST. “Pharma marketing has changed drastically where no standard formulas apply now. With alternatives to everything available, it is the value addition to the customer which primarily drives the business, rest is all supportive therapy.“ 28| MedicinMan February 2013
  29. 29. Brand Loyalty: A Thing of the Past | Sharad VirmaniI n the evolving pharma market, “the key to your success will be in shifting your customer from brand loyalty, which was the one brand to another every quarter with better value addition to mainstay of the Pharma entice him and ensure his continued loyalty to the organization.” business, is slowly but surelybecoming a thing of the past. Whatever little loyalty in Rxs that existing brands for two quarters in a you are seeing today is only in the year and give him new products inTill now the entire industry was de- the next two quarters or you could territories where you have Repspendent on Brand Loyalty. Over a keep rotating your current targeted who started working before 2003-period of time the customer has be- portfolio with him. This will test your 2004. They have been able to sus-come much smarter than the pharma marketing team‟s skills and their tain some loyalty in their Rx be-companies and 100% loyalty factor to grasp of ground realities. cause of old time‟s sake and thea single brand is a thing of the past. value-added support of the parent The most important thing today is “toRx habits are not permanent in to- retain the customer” irrespective of organization, but that too is notdays time what he writes for you because it is 100%. If you survey the market ofTo avoid dependence on single com- people who joined after 2004, you very difficult to bring in new custom-pany and to meet their commercial or will find the Rx loyalty factor is ex- ers to your fold.Medical needs, most modern day cus- tremely low. With the 348 Drugs NLEM list com-tomers now prefer to divide their pre- ing into effect, generic competition Time has come for the Indian Phar-scriptions of a particular generic will increase. ma market to quickly shift gears.among 3 - 4 companies and they There will be no price advantage –keep rotating it depending on the Forget about brand loyalty; the on which several companies werevalue addition and the involvement, important thing is to focus on thriving.innovation and aggression of the “Continued Customer Loyalty” irre- Volumes of key players will dip –company and its representatives. spective of what brands the Doctor therefore more pressure will be ex- writes for you.So Rx habits today are dependent on erted in the market on customers tovarious parameters unlike earlier times With the competitors latching on compensate those volumes, hencewhen Company, Quality and Commit- fast to your customer for the same there will be a “ customer crunch” .ment was the driving factor. generic, with better value addition, Profits will come down – new innova- the key to your success will be in tive business approaches will beThere is a big difference between shifting your customer from one adopted to acquire customers.AC-room strategy and market reality, brand to another every quarterwhich needs to be addressed aggres- This also means – no Annual Product with better value addition to enticesively for driving business in current Plans will work. Product strategies, him and ensure his continued loy-environment. number of targeted customers per alty to the organization. brand and targets will have to bePharma marketing has changed dras- revisited and fine-tuned every quar- This brings in a bigger challenge.tically where no standard formulas ter - the Annual Total Business Vol- Do we shift the customer everyapply now. ume Plan remaining intact. quarter on existing brands or giveWith alternatives available for every- him new brands to prescribe. Retaining customers with “Innovativething, it is value addition to customer, Value Addition” will be the key factor For that you will have to asses yourwhich primarily drives business, rest is own Marketing Strength and Capa- and then rotating brands with themall supportive therapy. bilities. You could rotate him on successfully will ensure continued business. † 29| MedicinMan February 2013
  30. 30. CATCH THE DRIFT AT PHARMA’S MOST AWAITED EVENT OF THE YEAR 9 February 2013 BRAND DRIFT Info to 2013 Insight Mumbai Limited Seats, Register Now.Contact: Arvind Nair | +91 98702 01422 | |
  31. 31. MR Knowledge Series Dr. Amit Dang is Director at Geronimo Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., munity, it is essential that the researchers adhere toCLINICAL TRIALS the globally accepted guidelines. For safety purposes, clinical trials start with small groups of patients to find out whether a new approach causes any harm. In laterC linical trials are research studies that evaluate whether a medical treatment or device is safe and effective for hu- phases of clinical trials, researchers learn more about mans. If the clinical trial is involving drugs, it aims to ac- the new approachs risks and benefits.quire information about the pharmacokinetic and pharmacody- Usually, clinical trials compare a new product or thera-namic properties of a potential drug. Carefully conducted clini- py with an already known or standard treatment for acal trials are the safest and fastest way to find treatments which particular condition e.g. comparison of vildagliptinmay help in diagnosis or treatment of people. (new drug) with pioglitazone (known or establishedEssentially, the clinical trials are an integral part of drug develop- drug) for its use among patients of diabetes mellitus.ment. Clinical trials are one of the final stages of a long and care- Clinical trials are also done for other reasons e.g.:ful research process. Research starts with the identification of the To compare the existing treatments to determinedrug molecule or the device which is to be investigated. After which is better.selection of a molecule, the pre-clinical or animal testing is done. To evaluate the different doses or different routes ofThis pre-clinical phase is also conducted in steps like studying the drug in a given condition. E.g. comparison of IV ironefficacy, short-term toxicity and long-term toxicity (tendency to sucrose versus oral iron therapy in management ofbe carcinogenic or mutagenic) of the drug. After a green signal anemia.from the regulatory authorities [like Drugs Controller General ofIndia (DCGI) in India] the molecule or the potential drug is then Evaluation of an already known drug for a new indica-tested in clinical trials. tion e.g. use of bupropion for nicotine de-addiction [bupropion (an antidepressant) vs placebo]. A placeboAccording to these regulatory bodies, the clinical trials of devel- is a product with no therapeutic action, but it looksopment phase should be conducted in different phases so as to like the test product.establish the efficacy and safety of the drug before it becomesavailable in market and also for some tenure after its approval. To evaluate the effect of a drug in a different popula-The clinical trials are conducted in different phases (Phase I-IV) tion group study e.g. among elderly patients. †(Table 1). As the results of the clinical trials can benefit the com- Table 1: Characteristics of different phases of clinical trials Phases Phase I Phase II Phase III Phase IV First in human First in patient Multi-site trial Post-marketing surveil- lance Number of 10-100 50-500 A few hundred to a Many thousands participants few thousand Who are the Usually healthy volunteers; Patient-subjects re- Patients- Subjects Patients in treatment with participants occasionally with patients with ceiving experimental receiving experi- approved drug. advanced or rare disease drug mental drug What is test- Safety and tolerability Efficacy and dose- Confirm efficacy in Adverse events, compli- ed ranging larger population ance, drug-drug interac- tions Duration Months to years 1-2 years 3-5 years No fixed duration 31| MedicinMan February 2013
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  33. 33. KAM Ken Boyce, Ralph Boyce and Tony O‟Connor - Directors of Pharma MI. © Pharma MI February 2009KEY ACCOUNT sub-optimal implementation; to quote Professor Brian Smith from the Open University and Cranfield Business School: „Implementation - the Graveyard of Strategy‟.MANAGEMENT Pharma MI have been in the fortunate position of being able to work closely with a top 5 Pharma companies in the UK for many years, guiding and supporting a multi-team KAM implementation. This anonymous case study reflects the real outcome that has re- IN PHARMA sulted from our combined focus on a commitment to implement KAM effectively. From the outset, the company Divisional Director was committed to making KAM a success within his division and had a stated aim of ANOTHER SUCCESS STORY becoming world class in their implementation of KAM. He was not expecting a quick win and as a member of the senior management team was prepared to see this through to a conclusion, whatever that conclusion may be: success or failure. He was prepared to backK ey Account Management is believed this level of commitment for several years and was not eyeing his by many to be the miracle cure for next step up on the Corporate ladder in two years‟ time, leaving the the currently ailing Pharma industry, KAM project for someone else to manage/pick up the pieces, when however the debate surrounding its he had moved on to new pastures.effectiveness ebbs and flows between „it‟s the The product where the KAM approach has been most successful isanswer‟ and „it‟s the latest version of the emper- a mature/well established Brand, in an existing Secondary care mar-or‟s new clothes‟. ket with recent new higher price entrants, which were supported byMany of the views expressed on the effectiveness significant sales and marketing efforts and also less expensive alter-of KAM in a Pharma setting are based on the natives. The company product value proposition was refined over atheoretical application of a new approach in an period of time with the relevant stakeholders to be attractive andunfamiliar setting. The critics of KAM are often valuable to both parties (the Company and the accounts/ custom-those who nod wisely knowing that „the Pharma ers) but there was no significant Advertising or Non- Face to Facemarket place is different‟ to every other market promotion other than the members of the KAM/Sales teams. Theand „it‟s not like that in my country‟ as it is differ- product value proposition had both convincing clinical and costent to all the others. The advocates of KAM point effectiveness elements and had an appeal to the multiple stake-to the theoretical, if logical, benefits of KAM in holders with an account.the current Healthcare environment but there arerelatively few case studies to support either viewpoint. This is not an isolated occurrence in the Read the rest of the article on www.medicinman.netPharma industry, as many a valid approacheshave fallen by the wayside over the years through 33| MedicinMan February 2013
  34. 34. THE HALF-TIME COACH A Psychometric Assessment-based Feedback and Feed-forward Program for Pharma FLMs and SLMsIf Half-Time is of such great importance in a game of football that lasts only 90 minutes, how much more in a career that lasts a life-time?Designed for Maximum Impact, based on the principlesof adult learning: Management Games  Relearning by Reflection,  Feedback by Observation 2. Case Studies 3. Movie Clippings 4. Mapping Exercises 5. Completely customizable modules based on learning needs The Half-Time Coach is delivered by Anup Soans, Editor MedicinMan & Author of SuperVision for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager, HardKnocks for the GreenHorn and RepeatRx See Anup’s profile HERE Ph. +91 93422 32949