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Pharma Learning and Development Programs for Field Force Excellence


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Anup Soans is the author of three books for pharma sales professionals - HardKnocks for the GreenHorn, SuperVision for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager and Repeat Rx.

His books are industry bestsellers and have been used extensively by MNCs and Indian Co’s for learning and development.

Anup is the Founder-Editor of MedicinMan ( - India’s 1st Magazine for Field Force Excellence in Healthcare. MedicinMan is read by over 60,000 pharma professionals every month.

Anup uses Facebook (/anupsoans), LinkedIn (/in/anupsoans) and Twitter (@anupsoans) to connect with pharma professionals for their learning and development.

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Pharma Learning and Development Programs for Field Force Excellence

  1. 1. ANUP SOANSKA$H=CASHREPEAT RxFACILITATOR | +91-934-2232-949 | www.medicinman.netAnup Soans speaking at FFE 2013, Mumbai.Pharma-specific Training: Medical Representatives Field Sales Managers Senior ManagersSignature Programs for Medical RepresentativesConstructed on the fundamental premise that aMedical Representative’s success depends on hisKnowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habits (KA$H).Representatives seek success in their personaland professional lives but look for it in the wrongplaces leaving them frustrated. Companies andbottom-lines suffer when the front-line is not ful-ly engaged. KA$H=CASH is a high-engagementmodule for customer-facing employees.Repeat Rx is an advanced module for customer-facingRepresentatives based on the book by Anup Soans.Repeat Rx focuses on building lasting relationshipswith Doctors by creating value through a process ofCalling Connecting Consulting Collaboratingwith the Doctor.At each stage of this Four Stage process the Represen-tative acquires measurable skills and competenciesthat enable him to add value in the Doctor’s chamber.Repeat Rx comes with detailed evaluation tools.In Any Profession,More KA$H = More CashKNOWLEDGE  ATTITUDES  SKILLS  HABITS
  2. 2. SuperVision for the SuperWiserFront-line Manager.WHY SHOULD ANY-ONE FOLLOW YOU?THE HALF-TIME | +91-934-2232-949 | www.medicinman.netSignature Programs for Front-line ManagersSignature Programs for Second-line and Senior ManagersBased on the best-selling book by Anup Soans, this programis for new and experienced Front-line Managers who wouldlike to get breakthrough performance from their teams.SuperVision for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager focus-es on topics such as Team Building, Emotional Intelligence,Situational Leadership, Coaching and more.VALUE ADD: Psychometric Assessment*The Half-Time Coach is based on the concept of half-timein football. If half-time is so crucial in a game that last only90 minutes, how much more important in a career that lasta life time.The Half-Time Coach is a learning-by-reflection programwith a focus on Coaching Skills for senior managers. Mod-ules also cover Self Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Em-ployee Engagement and Sales Change Management.VALUE ADD: Psychometric Assessment*A walk-the-talk program for cross-functional seniormanagers to understand the process of employeeengagement, creating trust and building relation-ships to build and sustain high-performance teams.VALUE ADD: Psychometric Assessment**Psychometrics assessments give in-depth insights into one’s personality preferences and its impact oninterpersonal relationships and teamwork.
  3. 3. | +91-934-2232-949 | www.medicinman.netMethodologyWebinars and E-LearningAll programs are fully customizable. A pre-program questionnaire is used to capture theneeds and expectations of the participants. Company’s may request a demonstration of aparticular module at no expense (except conveyance to venue).Programs incorporate the principles of adult learning and are highly participative, audio-vi-sual and activity-based. Important truths are conveyed through games, stories and videos.Companies are advised to give participants the books on which the programs are basedfor continued learning and development. The same may be procured from the author at adiscount.Company’s may choose to deliver a program as a webi-nar - giving the advantage of scale and lowering costs.Audiences are kept engaged using visually stimulatingslides and powerful delivery. Emphasis is placed ontaking charge of one’s success, even in the absence ofoversight.Most recently 1,000 reps of a leading MNC weretrained over four webinars with excellent feedback.Customized issues ofMedicinMan, with inputsfrom the company can begiven to the Field Force fortheir continuous learningand development.MedicinMan currentlyreaches 60,000 pharmaprofessionals.Interactive Classroom TrainingManagement Games Audio/VisualLearning-by-reflectionSimulationCase StudiesiSharpenMMy Success is My Responsibiliti
  4. 4. | +91-934-2232-949 | www.medicinman.netFacilitator BioAuthor, Editor, SpeakerAnup Soans began his career as a Medical Rep, Oncology Product Specialist and Front-lineManager in Pharma and Devices.He moved into Medico-Marketing/CME and worked with all major pharma/devices com-panies in developing promotional inputs and conceptualizing and executing medico-mar-keting campaigns as Executive Director and COO of IJCP Publications. Subsequently hewas appointed Vice President at Quintessence Sciences, the world’s largest knowledgemanagement and publisher for dental surgeons.Anup’s passion for developing people became a profession when he began to work withCrestcom International as a Facilitator of their globally recognized MDP and LDP programs.It was during his stint as a Facilitator for the internationally renowned “Bullet Proof Man-ager” program and later with BlessingWhite, and Psytech that he gained insight into thefundamentals of Learning and Development - training, facilitating and coaching to bringabout transformational learning that leads to change in behavior and adoption of newskills.Anup has been an L D program facilitator for entry level professionals to CEOs acrossindustries from 2004. To supplement the practical understanding with theoretical frame-work, he went back to school to complete a full-time MBA program in HRM at age 46 in2007.Anup Soans is the author of three books for pharma sales professionals - HardKnocks forthe GreenHorn, SuperVision for the SuperWiser Front-line Manager and Repeat Rx. Hisbooks are industry bestsellers and have been used extensively by MNCs and Indian Co’s forlearning and development.Anup is the Founder-Editor of MedicinMan ( - India’s 1st Magazinefor Field Force Excellence in Healthcare. MedicinMan is read by over 60,000 pharma profes-sionals every month.Anup uses Facebook (/anupsoans), LinkedIn (/in/anupsoans) and Twitter (@anupsoans)to connect with pharma professionals for their learning and development.Clients of Anup Soans’ Books and Programs include: Abbott, Allergan, Astra Zeneca,Apex, Akumentis, B. Braun, Biocon, Carl Zeiss, Dr. Reddys Laboratories, GSK, Merck, Centaur,Eisai, FDC, German Remedies (Cadila HC), Himalaya Drugs, Novartis, Sun Pharma, StridesArcolab, Tablets India, UCB Pharma, Wockhardt. Most recently he has delivered a series ofwebinar-based learning programs for over 1,000 field force executives of a leading MNC.Convener Lead Faculty Featured Speaker- Brand Drift- FFE- UBM SFE Conference, Mumbai- UBM SFE Conference, Colombo- GSK’s Annual Meet, 2011- Dr. Reddys Heads of Emerging Markets Meet, 2013- Cambridge Consultants’ “India Driving World Pharmaby 2030?” at Four Seasons, Mumbai.