Facebook page fans(likes) increasing idea by Anup Kumar


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How to Increase FB Page fans through contest participation

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Facebook page fans(likes) increasing idea by Anup Kumar

  1. 1. Facebook Page Fans(likes) IncreasingHow to Increase fans through contest participation www.anupkmr6.blogspot.in
  2. 2. Facebook Page Timeline www.anupkmr6.blogspot.in
  3. 3. CONTEST www.anupkmr6.blogspot.in
  4. 4. How to participate?• To be eligible for the contest, a user shall upload their group photo (minimum 3 people) on the XYZ(FB PAGE)s wall. Only photos uploaded on the wall of the facebook fan page will be accepted, no other means of submission will be accepted.• After uploading your pic start getting likes from your friends & family.• The participant who gets the most likes out of the all within next 15 days will be the winner of the contest and will win free movie tickets/ movie vouchers. The choice of the vouchers will rest with the Company. www.anupkmr6.blogspot.in
  5. 5. Contest-Terms & Conditions1. The Contest period begins from DD/MM/YY and will end on DD/MM/YY.2. The contest is valid for those living in India.3. Upload your picture directly on the wall.4. The shortlisted pictures will be uploaded on DD/MM/YY.5. The Likes thus will be counted from DD/MM/YY onwards. www.anupkmr6.blogspot.in
  6. 6. 6. The winner will be declared on the DD/MM/YY.7. The picture must not be obscene and not contain any material hurting the sentiments of the users.8. XYZ(FB PAGE) holds the right to delete any picture at any point of time in the contest.9. The jurisdiction lies completely in the hands of XYZ(FB PAGE).10. The Decision taken by XYZ(FB PAGE) will be final and shall remain unchanged in any circumstances. www.anupkmr6.blogspot.in
  7. 7. 11. The contest is valid for the residents of India only. The contest winners would be announced on the XYZ(FB PAGE) Facebook page. Winners will have to send their complete postal address and contact number to xy@XYZ.com12. The picture with maximum likes shall be declared as the winner.13. All disputes shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Delhi courts.14. Any entries that are protected by copyright or trademark, without the permission of the author or the owner, defamatory, illegal, hateful, sexually explicit, harmful or unfit according to XYZ(FB PAGE) will not be considered valid and may be removed from the page. www.anupkmr6.blogspot.in
  8. 8. 15.XYZ(FB PAGE) reserves the right to modify or change all or any of the terms and conditions applicable to the contest.16. The winner shall have to come down XYZ(FB PAGE) placed in, New Delhi.17. Once the appointment is finalized, cancellation shall mean the anullment of the prize. www.anupkmr6.blogspot.in
  9. 9. Terms and Conditions for the Offer1. The offer is valid exclusively for XYZ(FB PAGE)s fans on facebook.2. The offer is valid for one time use only3. The coupon is valid for a limited period and will automatically expire if not used4. The coupon cannot be exchanged or shared with any one else www.anupkmr6.blogspot.in
  10. 10. Thank You!! Visitwww.anupkmr6.blogspot.inwww.internetmarketingprocess.blogspot.in