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AgileHead Architectural Consulting


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Agilehead Architectural Consulting Practice

Published in: Technology
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AgileHead Architectural Consulting

  1. 1. AgileHead CONSULTING Architectural Consulting Practice A 9-member expert team in Bangalore, India. AgileHead Consulting
  2. 2. About us A highly experienced team With each member having at least a decade of experience in the IT Industry. We are Microsoft Platform Specialists Most of us have been using the .Net Platform since the early betas in 2001. We do Architectural Consulting Helping your team with application design, technology and best practices. AgileHead Consulting
  3. 3. Our architects focus on improving Team Productivity because nothing helps the bottom line more. We looked at the most common problems faced by the IT Industry. And designed engineering solutions for improving productivity. AgileHead Consulting
  4. 4. 1: Modeling & Architecture • A Domain Model is the foundation for the Application • The basic set of classes used by the Application – Get this wrong, and you get everything wrong • Design the database schemas, based on the Domain Models • Microsoft Entity Framework, NHibernate or Linq-to-Sql • Create the High-Level Design Document (HLD) • Help the team with Blueprints and Examples – Demonstrates standard practices to follow • Find gaps in Team Composition AgileHead Consulting
  5. 5. 2: Productivity & Quality • In our opinion, productivity and quality improvement techniques are the same. – Quality Problems are the biggest Productivity Killers • Achieve ‘Continuous Refactorability’ – Do not allow code quality to degrade over time – Biggest contributor to code quality • Constraints to Developer freedom • Three pillars of Productivity – Declarative Programming, Composable Business Logic, Automatically Verifiable Code AgileHead Consulting
  6. 6. 3: Automation & Standardization • Automate repetitive tasks through Modeling Tools and T4 Templates – AgileHead is one of the few companies in India developing Modeling Tools for Visual Studio • Standardizes coding standards and conventions – Consistency across the organization • Empowers less experienced developers • Define a common set of standards across the company – Coding and Design Patterns – Turn developers into specialists – More re-usable components AgileHead Consulting
  7. 7. 4: Technology and Platforms • SOA, SaaS Applications and Services • .Net Framework (up to v4.0) • Asp.Net MVC, WPF, SilverLight • Entity Framework and Linq to Sql • Windows Azure Cloud, Amazon AWS • Windows Phone 7 • SharePoint, BizTalk Server • Reporting and Analysis Services AgileHead Consulting
  8. 8. Engineering Support • Code and Design Reviews – Independent Audit of Code Quality – Focusing on suggestions of improvement • Performance Optimization – App performing badly under stress? – Optimization at the Database level • Security Audits – Web Application Security • Cloud Deployment Considerations • Pre-sales Support AgileHead Consulting
  9. 9. Engagement Models • Fixed Monthly Engagement – 60 or 80 hours a month – Help teams design new applications – Overcome challenges in existing applications – Other tasks • Standard Pilot (first month) – To try the effectiveness of the model, we offer a one-month engagement at a reduce price. • Per Incident – Based on time spent – Typically for Application Support issues, or Sales Activity AgileHead Consulting
  10. 10. Technical Skills showcase: AgileFx: Our Open Source ORM Framework and Modeling Tools. AgileHead Consulting
  11. 11. Technical Skills showcase: A market place to find freelance experts, running on Windows Azure. AgileHead Consulting
  12. 12. Technical Skills showcase: An Open source social networking platform AgileHead Consulting
  13. 13. Talk to us. Schedule a meeting any time*. Website Email: (US/International): +1 631 615 4209 (India): +91 80 4149 1080 * In Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai or Mumbai AgileHead Consulting
  14. 14. Thank You. AgileHead Consulting