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Membrane filtration


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Membrane Filtration Technology

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Membrane filtration

  1. 1. Membrane Filtration
  2. 2. Membrane Filtration
  3. 3. Categorized into four processes based on membranepore size;A. MicrofiltrationB. UltrafiltrationC. Nano filtrationD. Reverse OsmosisMembrane Filtration
  4. 4. Size: 0.1-10 micronsRemoves Sand, Silt, Clays,Giardia lambia,Cryptosporidium, Cysts,Algae, some bacterialspecies and oil Emulsions.Microfiltration
  5. 5. Used in :purification of juices and beverages.cold sterilization of pharmaceuticals.separation of oil and water emulsions.pre treatment of nano filtration orreverse osmosis…microfiltration
  6. 6. 0.003 to 0.1 micronsRemoves: Soluble organicmaterials, protozoa, bacteria,most virusesUltra Filtration
  7. 7. Used in :dairy (milk and cheese)food, metal and textileindustrypre treatment of Nanofiltration and ReverseOsmosis.…ultrafiltration
  8. 8. Size: 0.001 micronsPressure driven filtrationprocess.600 to 1000 kilopascalpressure required.Nano Filtration
  9. 9. Removesmicro-molecular organiccompounds,microorganisms, hardnessof water, demineralization,Colour removalUsed in desalination.… nano Filtration
  10. 10. 0.0001 micronsRemoves: Natural organicsubstances, pesticides, cysts,bacteria, virusesUsed in desalinationReverse Osmosis
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