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Customer Experience Insights Enhanced with Tracking


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Case Study: Technology: Brand and Customer Experience

Published in: Marketing
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Customer Experience Insights Enhanced with Tracking

  1. 1. 1© Rekhaprocity Labs | Case studies Customer experience insights enhanced with tracking A global telecommunications operator with more than 230 million customers. Situation The client's existing benchmark, which used a customer value analysis (CVA) methodology, was no longer meeting its needs. The client wanted a new, consistent and cost-effective way to measure the consumer’s experience across its key markets and gauge its performance against its competitors. Approach Our research included regular interviews with: § prepaid and postpaid mobile subscribers in eight key markets § fixed-line broadband users in three countries Our sample included the client's customers and those of rival network operators. We delivered quarterly reports and management dashboards to stakeholders in each territory. Once we established the study, we started to look at ways to enhance the program. For example, we created a “what-if” simulator that combines tracker results with internal data to model the impact of potential changes to the customer experience on revenues and profitability. Outcome The client and its local operating companies regard the research as an integral part of the customer experience strategy. The client uses the tracking study to monitor progress towards a major strategic milestone, as well as to assess the performance of its senior managers. Technology | Brand and Customer Experience Our research has become an integral part of the client's customer experience strategy.