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Company profile

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILEThe company :- The Story of Birla corporation limited began many yearsago when a young man by the name of ghan shayam das Birlacame to the city of calculate a man of vision and enterprise jutemills of the outskirts of calculate. The year was 1919. It market not only the birth of Birla jute man id factoringcompany but also beginning of the Birla industrial in India. The early years saw the company grows steadily underthe guidance of ghan shyam das Birla. His strong sense of ghanshyam das enterprise and clean sighted vision where passed onword to his nephew mahadev Prasad. It was m.p. Birla who gave shape to the world of Birlacorporation limited. The helped transformed it from amanufacturer of jute. Goods to a leading multiproductcorporation with widespread activities today Birla corporationlimited ranks amount the top so company in the country withproducts ranges from jute and synthesis yarn to cement calciumcarbide.Industrial gasless an linoleum.
  2. 2. SAINT CEMENT WORKS :- In 1959 Birla corporation limited embarked on its mostsignificant new venture cement.The commissioning of sew in m.p. marked the compans entry into basic industry. This was also the Birla cement plant in thebirla group a and at the time the largest single unit in India.The years that followed brought rapid growth andmodernization new plants were ste up further a field atchittorgath Rajasthem and Durgapur (west bangal) capicitieswere alos steadily increased sing state of the art Technology.Important landmarks for the campany were the 2500 TDP birlavikas plant setup at satna in 1982 and a new dry process plantat chittorgarh commissioned in 1986 in 1988. the workd bankunder its program of energy conservation finaced the setting upof a modern dry process plant in satna.The next phase of modenisation is already underway. Itscompletion will increase the companys total cement companyfrom three million tonesper annum to a projected four milliontones by 1997. Birla corporation limited has indeed set new standards inefficiency of opration and guality of cement more importantly it
  3. 3. has always taken the lead in the critical areas of energyconservation and pollution control. GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY OF SATNA CEMET WORKS AND BIRLA VIKAS CEMENT :-Computer aided deposit evolution & mine planning - AUSTRALIAN TECHNOLOGYPre biending of limestone with staker reclaimer - GERMAN DESINGRow material grinding - TIRAX–UNIONFLS DENMARK VERTICAL – ROLLER MILLLOESCHE (W.G.) INGH EFFICIENCY SEPARATOR FULLER U.S.A.Homogenisation of raw mixCONTROLLER FLOW SILD FLSDENNMARK
  5. 5. QUALITY CONTROL - XRF – X-RD, FLAME PHOTOMERER WITHSITE LABORATORY AND CENTURY LABORATORY BACKEDUP WITH EXPERIENCED STAFF.SALES Satna cement works and birla vikas works have beentraclitionary setting well in to region of opration satna has thegeographical advantage of being located at m.p. in closeproximity to the adyoining of bihar and up. Overtime up has became the major additional magor areasproduced by serviced include bihars m.p.
  6. 6. RANGE OF PRODUCT – BIRLA CEMENT “KHAJURAHO “1. 33 Grade ordinary Portland cement :-This is a type of cement commonly use for all generalconstruction purpose. Where no special properties are required.Physical properties BIS (15269 – 1986) BirlacementCompressive khajuraho 38 gradestrength(kg 1 cm2)3 days 160 270-3007 days 220 350-40028 days 330 460-500Application :- For all genral construction jobs viz brick & storemasonary plastering. Flooring pland reinforced cement concrete(RCC) minor forecast concrete jobs etc.
  7. 7. Cement industry in IndiaAn overview – Cement industry in India has been in operationsince 1917 and considered now a days as care infrastructureindustry. India Is one of the five largest producer of cement in theworld the other four being U.S.A. Russia china and japan.Dependence on government – The infrastructure support for cementmanufacturing viz power cool and railway accounting for 55-60%of the cost for manufacturing and selling cement are controlledby the government the cement industry is also dependent onrailway for cool and cement. Transprolation in ficial 1997 44% of cement was ficial1997 44% of cement was transported though railway.
  8. 8. It is common for the S.E.B.S. of large cement producingstates like m.p. Andhra Pradesh rajasthan and Karnataka toimpose power out of more than 35-40 percent for 6-8 monthsduring a year.Poar capacity utillisation – Cement industry in India has been too muchcorporation two rapidily put the capacity utilisution has beenonly orenrend 77% to 88% on the other hand the industry hasbeen growing on average at the rate is expected further to riseto 8% to 9 % be a wide gap between supply and the projecteddemenad for cement.Higher housing demand – The demand for housing will increase because ofan increase in purch sing power of in dividuales the shortage ofdwelling units was estimated at appro innately 20.6 million inthe rewal areas and 10.h million units in the urbon areas in 1999.
  9. 9. Infarasturucture – We expeed higher investment to materiallise inirrigation transport power plants by NCER on Indian inbrastructure. India will require in vestment to the tune of 115-130 billion over the next five year in power roads partstelecemanunication and urben utilities.Current treands – At though domestic cement demand has frow at5.3 percent in the first help of ficeal 1988 we expect inimprovement in demond growth rat to result in a demand growthof 6 persent in fical 2002.Considetring the flowing – 1 higher purchasing power in samiurben and ruralareas due to record agriculture production in fisical 2000. A rivial in the economy in the last quarter of fisical 2007. We except industial acitivy to clock a growth of 7.5percent in the first quarter of fisial 2000.
  10. 10. Exports – India exparted 1.7 percent cement in fisical 1997indias natural exparts marked are Bangladesh and srilankawhich do not have adequate cement grade limestone depositsand are not importers of cement we expect cement experts toincrease by 0.5 percent each in fisical 1998 and fisical 1999cement exparts increased by 0.3 percent In firist five year ofpercent in first five year of fisical 2006.Supply – We expect the surplus scenario in the cementindustry to worsen.Year Demand Requred on Capacity Short fall capacity 85% likely to be utilization as estoblis is hel1995-95 73.83 78.77 75.37 3.901996-97 76.12 82.11 80.09 2.021997-98 79.21 84.29 81.26 3.031998-99 83.21 87.72 84.51 3.211999-02 86.50 91.16 88.11 3.052000-08 94.5 95.16 94.1 1.1Company Profile –
  11. 11. The Company :- The Story of birla corporation limited beganmany year ago when a young man by the name of ghan shyam dasbirla come to the gity of calculate a man of vision andenterprise ghanshyam das set up the first Indian quenad jatemills on the qutsteirts of calculate the year was 1919 the earlyyear saw the company grows steadly under the guidance ofghanshyam das birla his strong sence if enterprise and cleansighted vision were paseed onword to his nepnhew manadeyPrasad. It was m.p. birla who gave shape to the world of birlacorporation limited the helped a manufacture leading multiproduction corporation with widerspred activities to day birlacorporation limited ranks among the top so company in the topcountry with products range from jute and synthetic yarm tocement calcium carbide industrial glass and lindium.Satna cement works :- In 1957 birla corporation limited embarked on itsmost significant new venture cement this was also the firstcement plant in the birla group and at the time the largestsingle unit in India.
  12. 12. Sales :- Satna cement works and birla vikas works havebeen traditionally selling well in its region of opration satna hasthe geographical advantage of being location at m.p. in claseprceimity to the adsoining of bihar and u.p. over time u.p. hasbecome the mangor market for cement produced by birlacorporaton limited additional major areas which are serviced inelude birla and m.p.Range of product :- Birla cement “Khajuraho” 1.33 grade ordinaryporti and cement this type of cement commonly used for allgeneral construction perpose where no special properties arerequired.PHYSICAL BIT (15269+989) BIRLA CEMENTPROPERTIES KHAJURAHO 33 GRADECOMPRESSIVESTRAGH(KG/CM2)3 DAYS 160 270-3007 DAYS 220 350-40028 DAYS 330 460-500Application :-
  13. 13. For general constructional jobs viz brick a stonemansonary plastering blooring plain and reintored cementconcrete ( mirror percent concrete jobs etc.43 grade ordinary Portland cement :- This cement is chemically very similar to 33grade o.p.c. put is more finaly ground and because of thisdevelops more strength at early agen concrete stiffness andinitially hardens at a similar rate as that of 33 grade ordinaryparti and cement development cordinary parti and cementdevelopment enable from worl to be struck ealies.PHYSICAL BIS (18812+1989) BIRLA CEMENTPROPERTIES KHAJURAHO 33 GRADEFITNESS 2250 2800-3000BLDINESS(KG/CM2)3 DAYS 270 320-3607 DAYS 270 420-46028 DAYS 430 540-560Application :-
  14. 14. For all and sari speciallised jobs viz masinaryplastering flooring plain and reen forced cement conerding( cast and pre stressed concrete etc.53 grade ordinary Portland cement :- Cement is chemically different from 33 grade 43grade o.p.c and is very finaly fround since the hydration stantson the surface of the cement particles its is the specificsurface area of cement that longly determines the rate ifhydration and thus the setting and hardening rate of cementhigher fineness of the cement enswe improved works ability andcl whesive mic resulting in better.PHYSICAL BIS (18812+1989) BIRLA CEMENTPROPERTIES KHAJURAHO 43 GRADEFITNESS 2250 3800-400BLDINESS(KG/CM2)3 DAYS 270 390-4207 DAYS 370 480-52028 DAYS 530 640-680Application :-Concrets slippers for Railways
  15. 15. Pre stressed girdersM25 and above concretePassing of interlacking blocksRoads Runways and industrial buldingBridge – – BridgeExport AwordAwards :- The team of satna cement “khajuraho” has recived topenergy efficiency awards in the years 1992-93 and 1993-94from the govt. of India. Special export awards by hen bleunion minister of statefor commerce Dr. BB Ramiah at Delhi on 18th dec. 1996.Export Performance :- In spite of pressure from new units satna cementcould maintain the market units Nepal however in Bangladeshfor us to market there and we had to confine over export toBangladesh at 2400 tonnes only for the stake of keepingourbrand name alive ther.Other bindings :-
  16. 16. Satna cement has concen trated its market only in upbihar and m.p. and export to Nepal and Bangladesh.MANUFACTURING PROCESS AND QULITY CONTROLManufacturing methods be divided in to there broad categorieswet processSami dry processDry processWet dry process :- Raw motivials are ground with 30 to 40% waterand consume 30 to 35% coal to manufacture elinker.Semi dry process :- Raw materials are ground with 10 to 15% waterand consume 26 to 30% coal to manufacture elinker.Dry process :- This can be divided in to two cate garies.Susperision preheate klin :-
  17. 17. This has uspended cyclone and a long steel tubeintermally lined with refractory brick (knoun as kim) whichrotales and consumed 22 to 25% coal to manufature clinkerbirla cement works enittergarh has two khins of thos type.Suspention preheater klin :- This has suspended cyclone and a long steel tubeintermally lined with refractory brick (knoun as klin whichrotales and consumed 22 to 25% coal to manufacture clinkerbirla cement works enittorgars has two kilns of his type.(A) SINGLE STRING CYCTONE PREHEATER :- With calcinatory build in risenduct calcisaton is achamber iust above the inlet of the klin here 60% of the totalfuel is firect and the rest 10% is fires to the klin birla cementchillorgarh and satna has this tupe of process satna hasinstalled and additional alkali by pass system and there by canproduce low alkali cement this system consumed 16-10 19% coalto manufacture clinker.(B) SEPRATE LINE CALCINER :-
  18. 18. Double string cyclone preteater klin with a calcinerplaced parelled to the klin riser duct it consumers 16 to 19%coal to manufacture clinker in this process also 60% of coal rofired in the calciner and 40% in klin cirla vikash cement satnahas this process.PREHEATER IS THE NAME OF CYCLONES :- The material enter the preheater from the top and itthem enter the klim from bottom cyclone just before enteringthe klin the material attains. In subspention preheanter klim a temperature of 800degree 6 and 20% of co2 is removed from the limestone in theground material.In suspention preheanten klim a tempreture of 900 degree cand90-95% of co2 is removed from the limestone in the groundmaterial.Raw Material :- Mineral compound containing the main compounds ofcement limesilica alumina and iron oxide. Selclon are these components found in the needed therefore it is only one raw to select a measured mixture of high lineand low line which contains more silica alumina and iron.Lime Component :-
  19. 19. Limas stone :- Lime as calcium corbonate it is hard.Chalk :- Lime as calcium carbonate it is soft.Manl :- Lime stone as calcium corbonate of silica clay andironoxide.Clay componenet :- It is source of silica and aliumina .Iron component :- het erite or iron one.COMPONENT LIMES CLAY LATE ORE RAW TONE RIDE IRON MIXLoss of ignition 39.65 8.67 15.20 5.12 34.67Silicaoride 6.75 63.56 26.42 10.15 14.33Alumina oxide 0.71 15.77 24.34 3-90 3-50Iron oxide 1.47 4.47 0.16 55-75 213Lime 49.80 4.80 2.40 0.2-1.0 43.74Magnesia 1.40 1.38 0.2-1.0 0.5-1.0 1.30Sulbhurtri oxide Trace Trace ----- 0.3-0.5 ------Sodium oxide Trace 120 ----- 0.2Potassium oxide Trace 0.20 ----- ----- 0.5Sulphar drioxide Trace Trace ----- ----- 0.3-0.5Potasium oxide Trace 0.20 ----- ----- 0.5Grinding :- There are seprate hopper for clinker gypsumpozzalem stage below each hooper there is a gravitrc weighingequipment the rations of material are cheked for its chemetrywith the help of x-RT and x-RD and fed in to computer with the
  20. 20. help of large grinding palls minimum 30mm size and the particlesize and the particle size distribution is controlled by highefficiency saparators.High efficiency separators : (HES) :- Saparation is the division of a given materialstream in to two stream using air as the during medium here areother as for as possible only coarse purticals with the highefficency saparators the resulrant effect of the there forcesdoes the sepration. There fore it is usually necessary to select a measuredmixture of high lime and low lime which contain more silicaalumina and iron.Lime Component :-Lime stone : Lime as calcium corbonate it is hard.Chaik : Lime as calcium carbonate.Moral : Lime stone with admission of cilica day and iron oxide.Clay Component :- It is source of cilica and alumina.Iron Componat :- LAterite or iron are.
  21. 21. Component % Lime stone clay laterite iron one rowmixComponent Lime Stone Clay Laterite Iron one rowmixLoss of 39.65 8.67 15.20 5.12 34.67ignitionSilica oxide 6.75 63.56 26.42 10.15 14.33Alumina 0.71 15.77 24.34 1.90 3.50oxideIron oxide 1.47 4.47 10.16 55.75 2.13Lime 49.36 4.80 2.40 0.2-1.0 43.74Mgnesia 1.40 1.38 0.2-10 0.5-1.0 1.30Sodium Track 1.20 ----- ----- 0.2oxideThis os fourteenth step to word quality control :-Air force : bir0l cement works three rails with HES.Centrifugal force : Chittor cement works two cordimidon millwith HEC.Gravity : Durgapur cement works this is the unique proventyfour mills with HES.Row material :-
  22. 22. Mineralcomponents containing the main compoundof cement lime cilian alumina and iron oxide.Seldom are these components found in the neaded proportion inonly row material.43 Grade ordinary Portland cement :- This cement is chemically very similar to 33grade O.P.C. but is more finally ground and because of thisdevelops more strongh at early ages. Co-crct made with thiscement stiffness and initinany hardence at a similar this quicjerrate of strength development enables from work to be struckearlir.PHYSICAL BIS (is 8112-1989) BIRLA CEMENTPROPERTIES KHAJURAHO 43 GRADEFITNESS 2250 2800-3000BLDINESS(KG/CM2)3 DAYS 230 320-3607 DAYS 330 420-46028 DAYS 430 520-560Application :-
  23. 23. For all and semi- speciallised jobs vi2 masinaryplastering flooring & reinforced cement can certing ( precast and pre stread concrete etc.63 Grade ordinary Portland cement :- This cement is chemically deffrent from 33frade opc and is surface of the cement perticles. It ishydration strets on the area of cemet that length determinesthe rate of hydration and this the setting and hardening rateof cement. Higher finess of the cement ensures improced worksability and a achive mix resulting in beterPaving of inter locking blocks.Road runways & industrial buildingBridge piers, Rcc bridge.Portland pozzolona cement (P.P.C.) :- The addition of pozzolona is to improve the propertiesof cementing materials in an established practicle since romantime p.p.c. differs from opc mainly in that it is blendedpozzodona whicj is interground with clinkerand and gypsum inbirla cement fly ash is used aspozzolona th fly as used is partlymade by the company inits state of the aret capative power
  24. 24. plant which has sophisticalat dectro static precipitators andfluidded bed boilers ensuring that only facture in birla cement“khajuraho”.Specilal properties of birla cement PPC :-Setting :-Similar to 33,42,53 grade opc.Strength :-Higher than 43 grade opc.Work ability :-Due to special character istics of birla fly ash which is lowdensity high colume fine spherical particles shape improved theresult in improved bending bet ween steel and concrete.Sulphate Resisting, Properties :-Since the tri calcium aluminate (SA) of birla of birla cementclinker is very low it imparts special property.Corrosion resisting Properties :-Due to lower chloride content and highe fineness dozzolonacement can crete is ratatively more impervious than ODCconcrete it provides better protection from the ingress ofaggressive nature and salts.
  25. 25. Heat of hybridization :-Due to character istics of the fly ash and clinker the heat ofhybridization is lowest in BIRLA CEMENT when compares withother OPC.Durability :-The above unique Special Feature of birla cement P.P.C. .This is thirteeth step of word quality control :- Evary bag of cement under gose fifteenth regaraussteps of quality cheks before being despartched to theconsumer laboraories are manned round the clock with.X-RF - Flame photomerX-RD - Wet AnalysisPhysical testing equipment operated by well qualifiedexperiment chemists chemical engines civil ingeers and cementtechnology to ensure the quality as per in hours quality which isabove B.D.S. sheification.Cement control Room :- The process from problem ding yard to cement incement storage silo is automated compiler controlled and
  26. 26. oxcuted based on electronic data thus there are no room forhuman error.Satna cement orinding mills :- There are two cement millsFls comidin mill :- This mills is a unique mil here the cement isground with the hope of very small grinding ball of minimum toml climate for better partied size distribution.Will mill with high offence separators :- In this mill grindingof cement takes placeSatna cement grinding mills :-There are five cement mills four cement mills have highefficiency separator and long cement mill grinding of themotored takes place in the rotating ball mill with separator orwithout separator as the case in concrete cement sides everyhour samples are takes and analyses this is tweth step to wordquality control.Cement strange soil :-
  27. 27. The finished cement that is discharge from the grindingmill is stored from the grinding mill is storage in concrete sailof capacity between minimum proof and atmospheric air proof.Packing :- Packing of cement is done by automatic packer with everysprout having a micro processor controlled gravimetric weighingsystem to ansur accurate 50 kg cement in each bag.Grade coolers :- Rapid cooling of clinker is very important to attain a veryreactive clinker Birla cement have modified hese coobrs withlatest technology from gormany and demark now it has veryhigh efficiency coolers rapid quenching of clinker in the highefficiency cooler has further improved the qudity.This is eleventh step to word quality :-Cement grinding :- Clinker discharged from the klim has to be ground to a finespecific power with gypsum and or with pozzolan or stage is thefinished product the wale process cement. The object of grinding is more particulary ti in crease thespecific surface of the material while coriforming to a desiredparticules size distribution to obtain adequate reactivity in thefinished product ( the cement)
  28. 28. Grinding is performed by impact and friction between thegrinding balls which hit one another as well as between thegrinding media and med lining it self continous blanding side of15000 is in each unit the ground raw meal mape available in doneby gravity mechanical aid and creatain all simultaneous.This is eigh step to word quality control :-Raw meal extraction :- The silo bottom is provided with seven extraction autelets the sequence of extraction from the seven duttels theopening of the flap value and by varying the discharge rates ofthe raw mix through each flap value further ensures ahomogenous material for buring Samples are analyss in ORFevery hour and result taken care by computer meedful.This is ninith step to words quality control :- In the klin the material is gradually headed to 1400dog. Cto make clinker from klin falls in coolor where it is cooledand stored in said classed fentry before it gase for staringsamples are collected for analysesThis is ninth step to words quality control :- Projected composition of the ground material –
  29. 29. This is the fifth step to word quality control raw materialGrinding :- Under other wise similar condition a substance willreact more rapidly the raw material for cement manufacturehave to be ground before buring grinding of raw material atbirla cement ehithrgrah and birla vikas satna cement it is donein vertical mill for very lime size reation birla cement haveinstalled very high efficiency separticales as finish product.This is sixth step to word quality control :- Every hour automatic samples are collected andanalysed for its chemistry in X-RF and result corrective actionfor fluctuation in chemistry ground raw meal.Raw mell silos :- In under to get every high degree of hemogenty inthe found raw meal composition and for minimum residualcariation in the chemistry birla cement have out by rectamingscaraper traveling alongaide and adjectment to the blinding bedin the transverse direction ie by cross cutthing there byminimizing further the fleventuation in the lime stonechemistry.
  30. 30. This is fourth step to word quality control :-Raw material happers :- Birla cement has three material.hopper for pre-blanded lime stone.hopper for pre-blanded lime stone.hopper for iron are.Onder each hopper there are weighing India tations exdusivelyequipped with load cells as the real weighire component analysisof each component in the computer projected composition ofthe ground material is also ped to the computer the computerhas the analysis of stock ground material with it as be weight togive the.Crusher :- Lime blashed in the mines are crushed in crushers to90% of the material passing 25mm siece sample are taken everyhour and analysis in X-ray result are automatically passed tocomputer which directs mines qulity incharge to do the need fulaccording to the projefcted chemical composition.
  31. 31. This is second step to word quality control :- This stock rilling of the crushed material isperformed by belt covear woth moved long wide the stock bilethe lime stock material layers deposite one upon the ather anda stock bile of 20000 is are made this minimizes the fluctuationin the time stone chemistry of this blanded bed.This is step to word quality control :- Readaming of the stock pile is comech bottem cyclonejust before entering the klim the material attains. In suspension precheater klim a temperature of 800degreee c an 20% of carbon dioxide is removed from thelimestone in the ground materian.In suspention precheater klima tempreater of 900 degree c and 90-95% of carbon dioxide isremved from the limestone in the ground material.Process :-Mines :- The first step in quality control is done byaccurate analysis of to pogaphical and bare hole data andreafiom of varius maps such as contour maps to pographic mapsgeological plams ans tomage.This is First step to word quality control :-Suspention preheater kim with calcinatory –
  32. 32. This ca be divided in two catagories –Single string cyclone preheator klim with calinator buid in riberduct calinator is a chamber justabove the intel of the klimhere60% of the total fuel is fried and the rest 40% is rired in theklim birla cement chittorgath and satna has this type ofprocess. Birla has indistalfed an additional alkali by pass bystem to with draw alkali from the system and there by canproduct low alkali cement this system consumed 16to19% coal tomanufacture clinker.Seprate lime calcimer :- Double string cyclow preheator klim riber duct itconsumers 16 to 19% coal to manufacture clinker in this brocessalso 60% of coal is fixed in the calcimer and 40% in klim birlavikas cement satna has this process.
  33. 33. Preheater is the name given to cyclones the material enterthe preheater from the to r and itthem enters the klim from. MARKETING STRATEG OF SATNA CEMENT WORKSMarketing strategy is the comple & unbeatable blam designedspecifically for arraining the marketing objectives of the firm themarketing objectives inducate what the firm wants to achieve themarketing strategy praids the design for achiving them. It is the marketing strategy that decides the success atthe business unit level which in turn decides the total corporationsuccess the linkage between marketing strategy and overallcorporate success is indeed and vital and in this linkage lies thesignificame of marketing strategy. Since realizing the marketing objectives in the burnooseof marketing strategy it is only logical that marketing strategytakes its direction and cure from the marketing objective of thefrom. It is well outlines game plan and there are difine waysstrategy consists og two main steps.Selecting the target market.Assembling the marketing mix ther are difine ways of formulating itbasically formulation of marketing strategy consists of two mainsteps.
  34. 34. Selecting the target market.Assembling marketing mix The sesame of the marketing strategy of any firm can begrassicst from the firm target and its marketing mix the targetmarket shows to whem the firm in tends to sell the products.Marketing mxi show how thw firm intends to sell together theyconstitute the marketing strategy platform of the film.As in commonly known the four ps of marketing mix comprise ofpriducts price placement and promotion an attempt is being made toexamine the product placement including target market selectionprice and promotion strategies of the company in the following.PRODUCT STRATEGYThe company commenced production of cement in 1982 with aninstalled capacity 8.00 lakes per annum.PLANT WISE AND GRADE WISE PRODUCTION IN 1996GRADE SCW BVC TOTALOPC 117938.954 30687.250 148626.20433 82804.050 177574.950 230379.000
  35. 35. 43 ----- 46606.050 46606.05053 2256.3000 ----- 22563.00 223306.004 224868.250 448173.254SALESThe sales of cement at 1996-97 are giving below.GRADE S.C.W. BV.C TOTALO.P.C 390929.05 129990.850 490919.90033 196818.00 267544.500 464362.50043 ---- 169492.200 169492.20053 61505.200 ---- 61505.200 619252.250 567027.550 1186279.800 As has been stated in chapter 11 of company profile satnacement works having would best technology comuteries miningplane and material mix designs in producing high quality Portlandcement of 33.43 and 53 grades and also puzzling Portlandcement as would be seen in the table 4.2 that S.C.M.concentrated more the production of ordinary Portland cementof 38 & 53 grade due to market dmand currently how ever thecompany is production all grade of cement.
  36. 36. The company is setting ordinary Portland cementunder the brand name :khjuraho cement” which has become verypopular over the year in the target of the company. Although the production of company is situatedeastern m.p. satna it target market is mainly up bihar thecompany export cement to Nepal & bangle desh the s.c.w.covers only the very small part of m.p. in the ambit of its targetmarket the self life of cement and the transportion. Costs are serious limitation in the industry to have a widermarket a large market spread all over India control be coveredby and company with a single production unit big compunies likea.c.c. and gujrat Abuja have their cement plants at differentplant a site only at satna therefore the market coverage islimited moreover several combetitors have come up who caterto the clement of cement in the rest of m.p. these units include.Maihar cement works limited include.J.P. cement limited Rewa.Prism cement limited satna.A.C.C. kymore.The company however is looking forword to increase its marketshare in Madhya Pradesh in coming year.
  37. 37. Distribution networksCompany has a very wide and well knife distribution network inthe entire largest market the company sells its productsthrough.Direvt dealersCompany depotConsignment agentsStockiest andGovernment tenders. The company has not ware house at a number of placebutter down have been established at strotegies location toensure prompt delivery at the customer door through adedicated network of sales prompters cleaning and forwordingagents of stockiest the depots are under the charge of deportholders appointed by satna cement works the regional officesprovide monitoring assistance to the deport holders. The dealerare appointment by S.C.W. in these areas as per deport holdersrecommendation the S.C.W. has its deports at Allahabad, banda,agra, patna, Saharanpur, and other major cities of m.p., u.p.bihar etc. handing cleaning agents are appointment by therailway station to the worehouse of agents of company of
  38. 38. agents of company deport sometime the handling of goods istaken case of by the deport holders and consignment agentsthemselves. The distribution channel of the provide distributionefficiency to the manufacture and also supply products inrequired assortment.Transport & handling Almost all the transport and handling works is contractualwhich contractual for which constracts are finalized at factorylevel however where the works is not contractual the freightrates periodically reviewed and revised by AVP (marketing) &AVP (sales) as per deport also under iso 9002 guideline forwhich a detailed manual is being prepared in an deboratemanner defining the record keeping and diresponsi bilities ofthe staft.Price & sales Strategy Price is the only element in the marketing mix the productsrevenue the other element produce cost price is also of themost flexible element of the marketing mix is that it can becharged weekly unlike product features and channelcommitments pricing is the key factor for any business of anybusiness of any root the price is the major factorinvolvedin of
  39. 39. cement with avery then difference in the quality of cementavailable in the market pricing become all the more important tocontrol the fierce competition in the market near the cementproducing belt the forces of demand and supply decide thepricing of cement as result in on a day to day basic in light ofthis situates avery flexible pricing policy should be a deportcompany has a deported competition market oriented pricingpolicy in order to meet its growth and objectives. The prices of33.33 and 53 grade varies significantly between Rs. 98 to 115per 50kg bag a number of competition are operating cementmarket S.C.W. has a deport competition and market pricingstrategyTrade Sales :- Looking to the competitive scanner is emerging due tocommissioning of new capacities in satna cluster it has becomemore important not only to retain but also to increase themarket share in the near by area falling In eastern U.P.Export To Nepal Sales are mainly made against rupee payment thought ourauthorized agent however supplies to other parties are alsomade against hard currency.Export To Bangladesh
  40. 40. Supplies to gone and singh abed continue against pendingLCS however SEC accepts L/sc only from those importers whohave got infrastructure to handle and transport material frommilder to sanamesjid/ Hilli through their own middlemen.PricingTrade sales :- All out efforts are being made to maintain the agreedprices. However whenever it is felt that sales are being onaccount of foul play by the competitions the sew takescorrective reassures to maintain sales level.NiLc sales :- Where the ordered quaintly is less than 500 tonesefforts are made of offer Rs.2/- per bag less than trade saleprices however where the quantity exceeds 500 tones SCWmay offer unto Rs. 5/- per bag less than trade sale prices. Where the ordered quantity is substantially high it will bedealt through potential mediators (stockiest and distributors)and the price will be negotiated looking to market trend and inanticipation of the possible action of competitors.DGS & SALES :-
  41. 41. Price is offerd in material under stated for wel andtender sales ever small orders are accepted againse advancedpayment as for possible.Power and authorities :- Power to takes decision as or as local sales areconcerned rests with the marketing chief GDD dalmia theKanpur distributor also takes decision on respect of his arealooking to company’s interest.Stokist’s network :- New appointment are made in unrepresented areasand in areas vacated by definer stockiest after necessaryscreening by distributors the company is seriously thinking toenhance the amount of security deposit to minimum of Rs.50000 at opportune time when there will be secarcity in themarket and the stockiest will not feel the pinch.Strategies of the company are statd belowNews papers :- Since the togift rate has incgasedsubstandtially limited newspaper insentions is being,
  42. 42. Souvening :- As per notmal practice advertisements will bereleased.Wall paintings :- It has been experienved that using only oneagency causes much of delay in completing the work timely andtherefore it is decided the work by giving budget todecentradise the work by giving budget to indibidual depot toget the work done in the territory locally as per approveddesign and gate howver wherever added to the price guatedcommission Is paid at nigher rate not exceeding Rs 50% hertonner for dwhich approved from factory is required looking tothe present comptitve market scenario the middlmen havecompeting agencies are not availables sactory will takenecessary action.Hoagding :-RAILWAY :- Permission has been abtained from control northem andnorth eastern rlys to but up our hoordign at ply. Stationoverbridges and the authersed agency will take up the job.Other Place :-
  43. 43. The company also probase to insalt hoordign to busdeports and important function are important places for whichautorised agencies have been assigred which the job.(e) Bus planets :- This year scw is planning to displayadvertisement through bus hands in m.p. and u.p. Roadwaysbuses through autorisedagent.Painting on ply bogies :- Work on G trains running throughmain marketing areas during day time has already been taken into hard through the authorized agents approved by therailways.In plants boards and stickers etc. :- All arrangement willbe made from factory as per regiment to be furnish ourdistributors for the area.Calenders a diaries :- It has been decided to print only single– sheet calenders for distribution amonst stockists in 1998 thepicture of :Lord ganapati” has been unanimously proposed bydistributors and according by the calenders will be printedbesides for muslim clients the scw shall pront single – sheetmuslim chlenders.As regards four – sheet calenders for distribution at factorylevel it will be finalized by management in due course.
  44. 44. (i) Diaries :- Being finallsed at corporate level added tothe price quoted commission is paid at higher rate notexceeding Rs50/-per to me for which approved from factory isrequired looking to the present competitive market scenaric themiddlemen have represent for increase in the middlimen rate ofcommission and the company also seels that case is instisied andthe therefore the commission gate should be increased by 10/-per tomne howver in case of orders being procured against fulladvance loagment considered the revised rates will as under. NORMAL Rs ADVANCE PAYMENT Rs 30 40 40 50 50 60WLCGovt’s tenders rates :-Promotional strotegies :-The promoti onalNote :- Stockists will be entitted to place their order foradditional requivement for which they will have to pay 50%ofthe cost.Gift Articles :-
  45. 45. Small pads key rings dot pents pouches etc will bearranged by the company at factory level for distributionamongst stockits at pertiodical meeting.Vidiovan :- Respective distribution finalise the movement of videovan in their area in consulment with the marketing chief of therespective state almost care has to be taken for movement ofthe cehiche synohroniging with melas at cerious places.Found management :- Regional distributors are responsible to chase forearly recovery dues and limely deposit of the same with thebank for onword transfer of payment immediately to satna.Credibility Assesment :- It is the prime responsibility of respectivedistributor to screen the stocksts asses their credibility underdisserent categories and submit their proposal to the companyas for as praticable essort should be made to obtain bankfuarantee for extended credit to them however the entiveresponsibility with regard to vecovery as dues rests with ourdistributors only.Dishorour of choques :- In the event of dishonour of acheque immediately either a pay order of demand draft should
  46. 46. be obatained from the concered stockist and at the secondonstant such facility should be discontinued till a writtenrequest duty recommended by distributor is received in casewhere the dishonor of the sheque happens unintentionally it willbe viewed accordingly.Reporting :-Stock Report :- All the dumps continue to send details of arrivalsonword stock transfer sale & closing stock on daily basis tosatna and state marketing headguarters.Remittance report :-Deports are sending daily report to satna and state marketingheadquarters about fund received and remitted in the bank andIFTS sent to satna.Distributors Report :-Distributors are sending their weekly report to satna about theactivities of our competitors price scenario prevailing in themarket as well as stocks deed –back with theirrecommerndation.Proformance appraisal :- The monthly meetings are convened in both the statesie u.p., bihar to make performance appraisal of the stockists
  47. 47. and their sales target and formulate marketing strategies inthe succeeding month besides a quarterly review mettingwillfactory authorities will also be convended wher in ourdistributor will also partibute.Monitoring of autsandinals :- Depost incharge distributors and state chief ofmarketing are monitoring the outstanding position of respectivedepot in their monthly review meeting and corrective action arebeing taken and inform the factory where ever. It is foundnecessary at factory level also menitorring is being done bymaintaining records of remittance desputches made to ensurethat the hand is on perennial basic.Sales Tax :- Each state marketing head quarter is monitoring thetimely payment of sales tax and deals with all local cases inconsulatation with our sales tax advocate.