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Community centered language teaching


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Published in: Education
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Community centered language teaching

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION A child’s social environment directly affects his language development. Interaction with your child is crucial in developing social and language skills. According to the Literacy Encyclopedia,“The verbal environment influences language learning, from ages one to three, children from highly verbal, professional families heard nearly three times as many words per week as children from low verbal welfare families”.
  3. 3. Each society has a unique vision about its future. The educational activities are to be designed on the basis of this vision values like democracy, secularism and social equality are the indicators to be considered while framing the principles of education. The society should respect cultural diversity, protect its own cultural traditions and would launch a strong resistance against the onslaught of consumerist culture.
  4. 4. VISION OF EDUCATION Every experience of life is the cause of developing a new idea. The ideas acquired in this manner are added to previously acquired/shaped ideas. This means that the child constructs knowledge by interacting with his/her environment continuously. This is a natural and continuous process. The child slowly integrates himself/herself with the society of elders. Through this the child is able to identify his/her personality and his/her place in the society as an individual.
  5. 5. Learning would be effective in an environment which recognizes learners as ‘individuals'. Social constructivism despires learning as a mental construct in a problematic social situation. The knowledge of crafts, arts and jobs are to be attained through practical experiences too. They should be made past of the curriculum after removing the caste and gender-based divisions in them.
  6. 6. COMMUNITY CENTERED LANGUAGE TEACHING Community centered language teaching views teaching as a social process . Language is seen as persons in contact and in response .It upholds two kinds of interaction, interaction between learners themselves and interactions between learners and knower's. The interactions among learners facilitate deep intimacy among them. The class becomes a community of learners. The learners eagerly try to keep pace with their peers in learning.
  7. 7. Community centered language teaching either student centered nor teacher-centered but rather teacher-student centered,with both being decision makers in the class.Role of the teacher is to provide a safe environment for learning.Building a relationship with and among the students is very important.In a secure atmosphere,students can continue their interaction with each other as well as their interaction with the teacher. In community centered language teaching the student functions independently.The students may become counsellors to less advanced students while profiting from contact with their original source.
  8. 8. The teacher should work with what the learner has produced in a non-threatening way. Teacher would encourage their students to self-evaluate to look at their own learning and to become aware of their progress. In community centered language teaching students should give an opportunity to assets themselves and be actively involved in the learning experience. Learners may engage in various group tasks. They analyze and study. They reflect and report on their experience in the class. Students engage in free conversation with teacher or other learners.
  9. 9. COMMUNITY CENTERED CURRICULUM ALSO ENABLE STUDENTS TO: Think logically Understand the world Promote aesthetic sense Maintain communicative efficiency Develop the ability to work and take part in the economic process
  10. 10. CHARACTERISTICS OF COMMUNITY CENTERED LANGUAGE TEACHING It is a humanistic technique for teaching and learning. It helps the students to be themselves to accept themselves, to proud of themselves. It helps to foster a climate of caring and sharing between the teacher and the taught. Students should work together in groups and this will give them a sense of not competition is encouraged. Teacher should work in a non-threatening way.
  11. 11. Students are more willing to learn when they have created the material themselves. Students should be able to take up more responsibility for their own learning. Students should be allowed to reflect on what they have learnt. In addition to reflecting on the language, students should reflect on what they have experienced.
  12. 12. ACTIVITIES FOR ENHANCING COMMUNITY CENTERED LANGUAGE TEACHING Field trip -provide direct learning experience Exhibition Survey Interviews Showing of films and dramas Visiting to language institutions Participate in the activities of literary club of other schools Participate in debates
  13. 13. EXAMPLES FROM TEXT BOOKS OF STANDARD VIII,IX,X In standard VII, in the lesson “A shattered dream” students wants to know about a living example of a person of their own society, Anil Kumar who challenge his life using his will power and determination. In the poem “Coromandal Fishes”, learners know about fisherman community. In standard IX, in the unit “Roots” children deals with the theme culture and they were asked to prepare brochure based on their village. By visiting old age homes they knew about the issues related to the aged.
  14. 14. In unit II, “Breaking barriers", students deal with the issues of marginalised. In this unit students were asked to conduct an interview with eminent woman personality. In the unit “Glimpses of green planet”, students deal with the issue of global warming. In this unit students were asked to conduct survey on farmers. In the unit “Guns and roses", students deal with the issue related to war and peace. In this students were asked to conduct an interview with a soldier. In standard X, in the unit “Generations”, students deal with the issue of universal humanism. In this unit they had to conduct debate, they had to form the concept of cordial inter generation relationship. They understands older generation must be given due consideration. In the unit “The world of mystery”, they had to conduct an interview, debate related to the topic “Scientific approach to health and public health”.
  15. 15. CONCLUSION The lack of speech community around has often been pointed out as the biggest hindrance for the child in language acquisition process. The lack of exposure to English certainly is a hindrance. So it is to be born in mind that it is not the quantity of exposure which matters but the kind of exposure that the child gets, which facilitates language.