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This Presentation is on the Optimization of Social Media how you can use it 2 enchance your Organization's selling and growth...HOW CAN U TURN UR SOCIAL MEDIA VISITOR TO CUSTOMER !!

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Social media optimization by Anup Sukumaran

  1. 1. Optimization By- P1103 P1113 P1125 P1146 P1152 P1157
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• A new concept of changes in the implementation procedure of optimizing a website so that a website is more easily linked to and more visible in social media searches.• It can be in form of : Audio Text Images Video
  3. 3. Purpose of SMOMethod to drive huge amount of people to the website Driving traffic to the websiteMake the website visiblePotential group of people increase the business of the websiteowner.Business is promoted on the social networking websiteslike as mentioned earlier Facebook Twitter, RSS feed, Delicious, Diggetc.These are all the websites that can now be used to put yourmarketing message.Through Blog post or Post.Easy to spread than word of mouth.Post product development, recruiting, customersatisfaction, business development and more.
  4. 4. SMO vs SEO• Both SEO and SMO are part of online marketing• SEO is done to improve the visibility of web pages in search engine in organic (free) search results. SMO is done to bring traffic to website using other tactics except SEO.• SMO is through social media, online and community website for public dissemination of a set of methods.• SEO is more popular in recent years, network marketing, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase website visibility, thereby increasing sales opportunities.
  5. 5. Methods• Blogging• RSS feeds• Social Search• Social Bookmarking• Social Networks• Youtube
  6. 6. Blogging• Get users to visit your social accounts, subscribe to updates, and follow you socially.• Get users to follow you socially, click-through to articles, click-through to author pages, and share or rate content.• Get users to socially follow authors and click-through to their articles.• Get users to share, bookmark, rate, comment on, and link to the article.• Get users to comment, rate comments, and interact with other commenters.
  7. 7. Example
  8. 8. RSS Feeds• Daily Updates• Know the Competitors’ Strategies• Easy to know• Less Time Consuming• Easy for Customers• 1 Update will give Many Customers
  9. 9. RSS Feeds
  10. 10. Social Search• You should have a Social Page• Exposure of your site or business• Shares and Likes• Information about products/services• Feedbacks and Experience sharing• One of the Easiest way to reach to people
  11. 11. Example
  12. 12. Social Bookmarking• People rate the Products/Services• Easy to People• Feedbacks and Suggestions• Augment Rank/Top• Increase the Sales• Advertisement is done by its own
  13. 13. StumbleUpon• Based on your interests and community
  14. 14. Digg• Thums Up or Thums Down
  15. 15. Yahoo!Buzz• Editorial control for users to link to sites, stories, and more by therefore raising their "buzz"
  16. 16. Tweetmeme• Most popular retweet website, and is the simplest way to share a story once youve found it on a website
  17. 17. Reddit• Only site owned by Major News Co-orportion• Power in Users’ Hand
  18. 18. Mixx• Asks users to submit their favorite URLs while rating the recommendations of other users.• The more in-depth youre reviews and recommendations, the better results you get
  19. 19. Example• Isaac Marion was a Seattle-based blogger• Wrote “I Am a Zombie Filled With Love”• Story was also reviewed on the StumbleUpon• Cori Stern, a Hollywood Screenwriter and Producer• “Warm Bodies”(Short to Long Novel)• Summit Entertainment, the same production company behind “The Hurt Locker ” and the ”Twilight films”
  20. 20. Social Networks• People are in Group or Community• One Roof attack• Free to start with• Easy way for attracting Eye-Balls• Large Group/Community=Large Profit• Contacts• Referrals• Relationships
  21. 21. facebook• Define Your Target Market• Get the Tone Right• Identify which Types of Engagement are Effective• Long-Term Investment• Real, Relevant• Create a Schedule for Updates
  22. 22. Best Time to Post
  23. 23. How often should you post every day?
  24. 24. Length of posts
  25. 25. Post Structure• Eg: I Like…….
  26. 26. Ask Questions
  27. 27. Keep Posts SIMPLE
  28. 28. HOW ??• Page Title Tag Title• Page Meta Description Description of page in limited characters• Inbound Link Create Referral Traffic• Keyword-rich Post Use Keyword
  29. 29. Example
  30. 30. twitter• Promote products or services• Provide support for your customers• You can get opinions and critics about your product or service.• Get direct attention of the people.• Build the relationship between you and your customers.• Get new ideas about your venture or business.• Twitter helps with business development, if your prospects are online.• You can ask the questions about your products or services to the followers.• Twitter is the best tool to announce about your business or services.
  31. 31. Research
  32. 32. Steps• Treat your bio like a resume to get job• Link Your Twitter Profile• Follow users who follow you• Communicate well• Add value in your Tweets• Promote your Twitter Profile
  33. 33. #followfriday• #followfriday is one of the magic concept of Twitter.• On every Friday thousands of twitter users participates in this concept.• #followfriday is a game in which people suggest who to follow on Twitter• It can be best be explained as being an effective way to promote
  34. 34. Followers, Following, Tweets
  35. 35. Example
  36. 36. linkedin• Communicate Business professionals• 50 million members place to play.• Engage with the business leaders and executives then it is the first channel to turn to.• 47.6% of users use LinkedIn 0-2 hours per week• 26% use it from 3 to 4 hours a week• 12.2 % use it for 5-6 hours per week (that is nearly 1,400 minutes per month)
  37. 37. Example
  38. 38. YouTube• Two forms: User and Partner.• User channels are free, basic accounts that anyone can start.• Partner channels must be accepted as a YouTube Partner, either via an invite or an application.• Partners get a share of revenue from ads that run on their videos, and more control of their channel’s design.
  39. 39. Ways• Post your best• Original content• Manage and Promote your channel• Standing Out In The Crowd
  40. 40. Example
  41. 41. Pricing ??• User Generate• Fans Generate• User Interaction
  42. 42. HOW TO BE IN FRONT?? Establish a Brand and Raise Awareness. Listen to Your Customer’s Opinion Spy on the Competition Pitch Products in a More Human, Interactive Way. Bring Attention to Your Products Increase Customer Loyalty And Trust
  43. 43. CASE STUDIES
  44. 44. 1 2 Challenge Results • Built a community of• Revive brand recall value 20,000 members in 9 & market positioning weeks; current count through social media 50,000 +• Target the youth between • Re enforced the brand 18-28 years. recall around the theme of Stop@Nothing with regular wall posts , contests, apps, & viral videos
  45. 45. 3 Strategy•Integrated Social Media space with campaign of “Share Your Story” bydeveloping an FB app. Over 2,000 user participation, and winner chosenfrom FB entries•Creating a Viral Video “A-star Heroes”; downloadable such as wallpapers•Elevating the theme “Stop@nothing” with inspirational, knowledgeablecontent•Strategic media buying to increase the community size•Brand building exercises with regular contests, crowd sourcing, etc
  46. 46. Share your Story Contest; Based on the theme stop@nothing • It was a month long contest based on the theme stop@nothing • Users were asked to share their most heroic moment/story of their life. • Received huge response with over 2000 entries • The best entry won a reebok watch.
  47. 47. Share your video Contest; Based on the theme stop@nothing • It was a week long contest based on the theme stop@nothing • Users were asked to share a video that inspires them the most, could be a song, a movie clip or a speech. And give it a great caption. • The entry with max likes and best caption won reebok sunglasses.
  48. 48. 3 day Marathon for Republic Day; Based on the theme stop@nothing • A 3-day Marathon starting January 25, was run saluting all the brave heroes who helped give India its identity! • Every hour a story of an Indian hero was posted , continuously for three days.
  49. 49. PROMOTION @Brand Strategy | Communication Development | Interactive Digital Media | Distributed Co-creation
  50. 50. Link to the Video:
  51. 51. 1 2 Challenge Results• To educate the • Built a community of customers about the 8,000 members in 8 brand weeks• Increase brand awareness • Consumer engagement through interactive• Engage with the applications, contests customers through social and content. media platform
  52. 52. 3 Strategy•Consumer engagement through:•Contests on facebook on related themes like current world cup theme•Everyday wall posts : Brand centric Theme centric-Trust and dependability•Interactivity on popular blogging sites•Developing interactive applications like CAROLOGY
  53. 53. Contest on World Cup
  54. 54. Interactive Application
  55. 55. Media Milestones Time to reach Audience of 50 million:• Radio 38 Years• Television 13 Years• Internet 4 Years• iPod 3 Years• Face book 2 Years
  57. 57. Barack Obama John McCainMarketing messages “Hope”, “Change we can believe in” “Country first”, “The original maverick”Offline marketing TV, radio, print (including candidate’s TV, radio, print (including candidate’schannels books), direct mail books), direct mailOnline marketing E-mail, display, organic and paid E-mail, display, organic and paidchannels search, in-game advertising, mobile, search, social media social mediaBudget $150 million in Sept 2008 alone $ 84 million (public funds)Marketing strategies Energize young voters; spread Energize the right wing; attack Obama’s optimism and hope; emphasize weaknesses; emphasize experience and McCain’s similarities to Bush military service
  58. 58. Main body of text is like a blog
  59. 59. My. – Dashboard allows users to join groups, connect with other users, plan events, raise money, write own blogs and volunteer. Basic tools for grassroots organizing at your fingertips!
  60. 60. Innovations – Fight The Smears
  61. 61. Obama Everywhere• Obama has gained 5 million supporters in other social networks.• Obama maintained a profile in more than 15 online communities, including BlackPlanet,• a MySpace for African Americans, and Eons, a facebook for baby boomers.• On Facebook, where about 3.2 million (during the campaign) signed up as his supporters, a group called Students for Barack Obama was created in July 2007.• It was so effective at energizing college-age voters that senior aides made it an official part of the campaign the following spring.• And Facebook users did vote: On facebooks Election 2008 page, which listed an 800 number to call for voting problems, more than 5.4 million users clicked on an "I Voted" button to let their Facebook friends know that they made it to the polls.
  62. 62. Statistics• On, Obamas own social network, 2 million profiles were created• In addition, 200,000 offline events were planned• About 400,000 blog posts were written• And more than 35,000 volunteer groups were created - at least 1,000 of them on Feb. 10, 2007, the day Obama announced his candidacy
  63. 63. Obama YouTube Channel Obama McCain Videos 1,827 330 Views 120,479,084 25,995,773 Subscribers 149,258 28,343 Special features of Contribute to campaign via Google Find events; host events YouTube page Checkout; link to YouTube page on
  64. 64. Official Obama McCainMembers/Supporter 5,066,446* 583.518*s in largest groupNumber of Wall 572,383 nonepostsSpecial features of Videos, find out noneprofile page** where to vote, register to vote
  65. 65. 3.0 million contributors6.5 million online donations93% less than $100$80 Average online donation$500 million raised online
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