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Common Areas Bairasandra


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Common Areas Bairasandra

  1. 1. Entrance area – Garbage is dumped right outside the compound wall
  2. 2. Main thoroughfare – Leading from the entrance area to the cemetary. This is the widest street in the settlement.
  3. 3. Common Water Tap Area – All settlement dwellers come here fro water. This is in front of the cemetery
  4. 4. Cemetery – The ancestors of the Thotimunniswamy family have been buried here
  5. 5. Shop – Parents and children come here to purchase household and food items
  6. 6. Internal streets – Young children usually play in these areas
  7. 7. Private space in front of the house used for storing belongings, socializing, children’s play, accommodating guests, etc
  8. 8. Paved open area outside the house used for household chores, playing, socializing.
  9. 9. Meeting Room
  10. 10. Children playing in the cemetery area
  11. 11. Young children playing outside the houses
  12. 12. Children – mainly girls playing ‘making food’ outside their houses