Wallpost Social Network- Empowering the People


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Wallpost.com is a highly advanced & secure social network, which helps on people entire social activities, as makes very simple & safe. It’s not only social network and also the blend of advanced photo sharing activities

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Wallpost Social Network- Empowering the People

  1. 1. Wallpost.com – New Generation Social Networking Website“Wallpost.com is a highly advanced & secure social network, which helps on people entire socialactivities, as makes very simple & safe. It’s not only social network and also the blend ofadvanced photo sharing activities.”It’s free registration, but user must have to take mobile verification for start their earlier activityon wallpost. The website strictly restricts spam accounts; because of the use wallpost wasadded mobile verification option to save many of user’s data from hacking & spam’s. User candirectly take the registration just by entering their names, email id and some other simplecolumns; or otherwise it is possible to take register with their facebook account. Currently thesite allows you to import your contacts from all the top & popular social networks & emailservices, and also just by entering alphabets on wallpost search box you will get thousands ofmembers list, just click on add friend and makes your wallpost journey as more interesting.Wallpost added a plenty of improved & user-friendly features to the option of social networkingand photo sharing, just by take look on what are thoseRecent Visitors, will provide the information of profile visitors that means who visited yourprofile in recent. The data will display with a screen of date selection and user profile picture,by default it displays weekly visitor’s information along with dates. As per user preference theycan view their weekly visitors and monthly visitors. Wallpost Recent Visitors (monthly) Scroll Down
  2. 2. Wallpost Recent Visitors (Weekly)Password protected albums, will allows you to set your albums with the protection ofpassword. The feature will benefit to share the album photos to specific member of profiles,just by giving guest password. The thing what user has to do is, just enter the memberusernames with whom you want to share picture and give a password on guest passwordcolumn. The system will automatically send the guest password to the people, that whom youhave entered. Scroll Down
  3. 3. Photo & Album Statistics, will offer the statistical information of photos and albums. This isever seen option in any other social networking sites, In general, we can see statistical graph fornetwork page updates along with this wallpost was introduced the statistics for photo albums.The information is providing in 3D graph, as include the details of country wise stats, photostats, album stats. Users can know their all time statistics history with a wide range of dateselection.Network Page Update Stats, it will also displays the information same like as album statisticswith the details of comments, likes, update description and total views and along with a 3Dgraph.Wallpost has oodles of other progressive options; these all are make the browsing on websitevery interesting like as customized themes, followers, location based events, HD audio & videochatting, short messaging services; For business people, social ads, network page, social groupsand more.Moreover, it was recently introduced 14 shortcut commands to saves user’s browsing time;these are same to all the browsers chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.Shift + H : Go to HomeShift + C : Create/Compose New Message Scroll Down
  4. 4. Shift + W : Wallpage in your wallpost accountShift + P : Photos or List AlbumsShift + M : Inbox/Messages you have receivedShift + F : Friends list in your accountShift + R : Friend RequestsShift + S : Search Results PageShift + N : Notifications PageShift + T : Themes PageShift + I : Invite FriendsShift + D : Profile DashboardShift + A : Account SettingsShift + E : Explore PageBy the way, social network lovers must have to know, wallpost will be go to launch android,iphone version in soon. In previous it release login URL’s for mobile and tabs,Mobile Login:www.m.wallpost.comTabs Loginwww.t.wallpost.comSo whether you are seeking for a secure & advanced social network that wallpost.com willperfectly suits to you.Take a subscription from wallpost blog for receive more updateshttp://www.wallpost.com/blog/blog.aspx END Scroll Down