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ITFT - Delhi


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Introduction, Delhi Facts,Tourist places in Delhi,

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ITFT - Delhi

  1. 1. Delhi • Delhi is a city that bridges two different worlds. Old Delhi, once the capital of Islamic India. New Delhi created by the British Raj. • The Pandavas of the Mahabharata had their capital at Indraprastha, which is believed to have been geographically located in today's Delhi.
  2. 2. Delhi Facts Area: 1,483 sq km Latitudinal parallel: 28.3oN Longitudinal meridian: 77.13oE Altitude: 293 m above sea level Population: 1.68 Crores as per census 2011 Average Temperature: 45oC (Max) - usually in May - Jun, 5oC (Min) - usually in Dec – Jan. Best time to visit: October to March STD Code: 011 Rainfall: 714 mm Monsoon: July to mid-Septembe
  3. 3. Tourist places in Delhi • Akshardham Temple • India Gate • Jama Masjid • Jantar Mantar • Qutab Minar • Red Fort
  4. 4. Akshardham Temple
  5. 5. India Gate
  6. 6. Jama Masjid
  7. 7. Jantar Mantar
  8. 8. Qutab Minar
  9. 9. Red Fort
  10. 10. How to reach Delhi By road ,By Train , By Air.