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What is Time Management - The predictable control an individual can exercise over a series of events.

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  • Let us “THINK” ?
  • Time Management

    1. 1. Researched & Prepared by:-Anuj Tripathi
    2. 2. A Challenge:-To write a definition ofTo write a definition ofT I M E M A N A G E M E N T.T I M E M A N A G E M E N T.
    3. 3. Definition:-The predictable control anindividual can exercise over aseries of events.
    5. 5. Most of us find that:1. We are constantly under pressure chasingdeadlines.2. No time to think & make improvements.3. No time to learn new things.4. We are not caring enough for our families.5. Social life has practically come to a naught.
    6. 6. Most of us find that:6. No time for relaxation, nature watch,hobbies etc7. We have no time even to learn about ‘TimeManagement’8. We have no time to do any academic work9. We are not getting full joy & satisfaction outof life10. We feel that the circumstances are such thatwe have really no control over it.
    7. 7. “Sorry, I don’t have the time”We all have 24 hours in a day‘Nobody has more and nobody has less. YeNobody has more and nobody has less. Yewe find that some people find time to do manywe find that some people find time to do manythings in life, While others keep saying ‘Sorry, Ithings in life, While others keep saying ‘Sorry, Idon’t have the time.’don’t have the time.’““Even Nehru & Gandhi had 24Even Nehru & Gandhi had 24hours.”hours.”
    8. 8. Managing Time From RightBrainDevelop a passion in whatyou want to do.Time will fall in line..
    9. 9. Managing TimeIsManaging“ONESELF”
    10. 10. TIME ANALYSISStudies revealMost of the time busy with routine Rarely they are alone- too many interruptions Telephoning took most of their time Hopping from one job to another- Job highly fragmented- change of subject too frequent
    11. 11. TIME ANALYSISStudies Reveal Managing too many visitors- Inability to say ‘no’ Little or no time to think, plan, act & decide Spent most of their time in trivial manyrather than the vital few.
    12. 12. MANAGERS TIMEPlanning is key managerial function butresearch shows that less than 5% ofmanagement time goes on planning.Pareto Principle : Twenty percent of yourtime will produce 80% of your productiveoutput. Can you afford not to manage at-least that 20% ?Parkinson’s Law : Work expands to fill thetime available for it. Beware !
    13. 13. TOP TEN TIME WASTERS Telephone interruptions ‘Drop-In’ visitors Ineffective delegation Meetings Lack of objectives & prioritiesR. Alex Mackenzie, Author of‘Time Management Notebook’
    14. 14. TOP TEN TIME WASTERS Crisis Management Cluttered desk / disorganization Attempting too much simultaneously Indecision / Procrastination Inability to say ‘no’“Avoid meetings with time-wastingmorons.” -(Dilbert)
    15. 15. PURPOSE OF TIME MANAGEMENT To be effective in achievingprofessional and personal objectives inavailable time. To start treating time as a resource. To identify major time wasters andlearn how to plug personal time leaks.
    16. 16. .1)1) Think Win – WinThink Win – Win I win you loseI win you lose You win I loseYou win I lose Both winBoth win
    17. 17. . 2.2. DelegateDelegate Delegation is like a kite. Give people slack soDelegation is like a kite. Give people slack sothey can soar.they can soar. For better delegation one must be reparedFor better delegation one must be reparedto accept the ‘mistakes’ of the subordinates.to accept the ‘mistakes’ of the subordinates. Managers don’t realize their promotion andManagers don’t realize their promotion andadvancement depend upon their ability toadvancement depend upon their ability todelegate.delegate.
    18. 18. .3.3. PerfectionPerfectionPerfectionists can waste just asPerfectionists can waste just asmuch time as procrastinators.much time as procrastinators.
    20. 20. TIME MANAGEMENT THOUGHTS Inspire others to improve their ‘TimeManagement’ so that your effectivenessimproves on the whole. Develop urgency habit & move the jobsfaster. Encourage good work by appreciation &reward.
    21. 21. TIME MANAGEMENT THOUGHTS No loose talk or criticize anyone.No loose talk or criticize anyone. No bitterness under any circumstances.No bitterness under any circumstances. Books, pad, pen - permanent companionBooks, pad, pen - permanent companionat all times.at all times. Selective & faster reading.Selective & faster reading.
    22. 22. TIME MANAGEMENT THOUGHTS Yoga & meditation for mind stilling.Yoga & meditation for mind stilling. Take fresh air while sleeping i.e. open windowTake fresh air while sleeping i.e. open windowetc.etc. Do not overeat. Eat 50-60% of your appetite.Do not overeat. Eat 50-60% of your appetite. Avoid noise as much as you can. Chatter is bigAvoid noise as much as you can. Chatter is bigtime drain.time drain.
    23. 23. TIME MANAGEMENT THOUGHTS Think deep & hard.Think deep & hard. Look for innovative ideas always.Look for innovative ideas always. Seek help where necessary.Seek help where necessary. Learn the art of deep contactingLearn the art of deep contacting
    24. 24. TIME MANAGEMENT THOUGHTS Cleanse yourselfCleanse yourself Cultivate PositivityCultivate Positivity Eradicate negativitiesEradicate negativities
    25. 25. SECRETS OF ENERGYSECRETS OF ENERGYIf I had more energy, I would doIf I had more energy, I would dowonders. Learn the secrets of ‘ENERGY’.wonders. Learn the secrets of ‘ENERGY’.Few tips are enclosed.Few tips are enclosed.
    26. 26.  Crises Pressing, problems Deadline-driven, project, Meetings, preparations Prevention PreparationValues clarification Planning Relationship building Interruptions, phone calls Some mail, Some reports Some meetings Pressing matters Junk mail Trivial, busywork Some phone calls Time wastersIMPORTANTURGENTIMPORTANTNOTURGENTNOTIMPORTANTURGENTNOTIMPORTANTNOTURGENT
    27. 27. TIME MANAGEMENTTIME MANAGEMENT9 OATHS9 OATHS I will not do anything which some one else cando for me. I will do only that which I alone cando. I will not blame anyone for any reason what soever. I will myself find solutions to difficultieswhich I come across. I will deal sweetly with all people irrespective ofhow they conduct themselves.
    28. 28. 9 OATHS (contd.)9 OATHS (contd.) Patience & perseverance are my mantrasin life. I will practice these more & moreat all times. I will not regret over past nor worry forfuture. I will always make best use ofpresent. I will not preach. My conduct has tospeak, not my words.
    29. 29. 9 OATHS (contd.)9 OATHS (contd.) When I have to punish some one, myhand will punish & my heart will weep. I will ever protect myself & others fromthe disease of excusitis (excuse making). I will remain ever happy, cheerful & joyfulirrespective of what circumstances befallmy way in life.
    30. 30. .STRATEGYSTRATEGYToday I shall resolve to safeguardToday I shall resolve to safeguardmy time from all pilferages, losses etc.my time from all pilferages, losses etc.becausebecause““TIME IS LIFE”TIME IS LIFE”
    31. 31. List of Good Books1-1- Time Management for ExecutivesTime Management for Executives Lauren Robert JanuzLauren Robert Januz2-2- How to Get More Done in Less TimeHow to Get More Done in Less Time Joseph D. CooperJoseph D. Cooper3-3- First Things FirstFirst Things First Stephen R. Covey &Stephen R. Covey &A. Roger MerrillA. Roger Merrill4-4- First Things FirstFirst Things First Patrick ForsythPatrick Forsyth5-5- How to Get Control of your Time andHow to Get Control of your Time andLifeLife Alan LakeinAlan Lakein6-6- Getting Things Done – ABC of TimeGetting Things Done – ABC of TimeManagementManagement Edwin C. BlissEdwin C. Bliss7-7- Time: The irretrievable AssetTime: The irretrievable Asset Richard C. DobynsRichard C. Dobyns8-8- Manage More by Doing lessManage More by Doing less Raymond LoenRaymond Loen
    32. 32. .9- The Time of Your Life Richard Armstrong10- Effective Time Management James Davidson11- Effective Time Management John Adair12- Perfect Time Management Ted Johns13- Time Management M. R. Pai14- Maximise your Time Ronald Bracev15- Managing Management Time Bill Oncken16- Tips for Managing Time Rajeev Sethi17- How to live 24 Hours a day Arnold Bennet
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