Impact of Employee Motivation


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It's no secret that happy, satisfied employees are a key ingredient to a successful company. But what really motivates people? Traditional thinking follows that the more you pay someone the more loyal and satisfied they are in their job.
But, the truth behind employee motivation is a more complicated mix including praise, autonomy, and leadership opportunities.

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  • @JaganGunja Yes Jagan, Rightly quoted that irrespective of study material people do not want to learn about motivational factors.
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  • Very good presentation indeed, Anuj. Well said to the point.
    While there is so much material everywhere on this subject: internet, books, classroom teaching, etc. people still do not follow leadership or managerial concepts. Example: one of my managers who had no idea of what everyone in his team did or their contribution to his team or our clients.
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  • This drive tends to be relative (we compare to others) and insatiable (we always want more).
  • Drive is associated with strong positive emotions (caring, friendship, love) and not negative (loneliness, anomie) Organizations that people are proud of engender this positively – feel part of the group People become bonded to their closest cohorts – leads to silo’s in the organization
  • Impact of Employee Motivation

    1. “Impact of EmployeeImpact of EmployeeMotivationMotivation””Researched & Prepared by:-Researched & Prepared by:-
    2. Why do some people climbmountains?
    3. While others run?
    4. And othersjust sit?
    5. And why do millions ofpeople go to work eachday?
    6. is the forcethat drives our actions
    7. And with therightmotivationWhatWhatcan’t we do?can’t we do?
    8. History has given us many models ofMotivation…Need for achievement(n-ach)Need for authority andpower (n-pow)Need for affiliation (n-affil)Need for achievement(n-ach)Need for authority andpower (n-pow)Need for affiliation (n-affil)McClellandNeeds Based Motivational ModelLocke & LathumGoal SettingBanduraSelf Efficacy
    9. MotiveMotive + ActionAction
    10. AcquireWe all have a drive toacquire money,things,prestige, power…
    11. BondWe also want to Bondwith others -and have positive,meaningful relationships
    12. ComprehendComprehendor Challengedor ChallengedWe also strive toWe also strive toUNDERSTANDUNDERSTANDand feeland feelCHALLENGEDCHALLENGED
    13. DefendAnd we need toAnd we need toDEFENDDEFEND thosethosethingsthings andandideasideas we BELIEVE INwe BELIEVE IN
    14. The Question is ???The Question is ???How DoesThisMatter?
    15. Because it…
    16. IncreasesEffortIncreasesEffortBecause it…
    17. IncreasesEffortIncreasesEffort AidsRetentionAidsRetentionBecause it…
    18. IncreasesEffortIncreasesEffort AidsRetentionAidsRetentionEnhancesPersistenceEnhancesPersistenceBecause it…
    19. IncreasesEffortIncreasesEffort AidsRetentionAidsRetentionDrivesCreativityDrivesCreativityEnhancesPersistenceEnhancesPersistenceBecause it…
    20. ImprovesFocusImprovesFocusIncreasesEffortIncreasesEffort AidsRetentionAidsRetentionDrivesCreativityDrivesCreativityEnhancesPersistenceEnhancesPersistenceBecause it…
    21. AcquireBondChallenge &ComprehendDefend Reward Systems Recognition Perks• Culture• Teamwork• Social events• Job Design• Training• Big picture• Reputation• Focus on competition• Transparency
    22. ImpactAcquire thruRewardAnything to dowith…RecognitionAnything to dowith…PerksAnything to dowith…• Salary• Incentives• Benefits• Time off• Specialallowance• Awards• Thank yous• Top of class
    23. CultureAnything to dowith…TeamworkAnything to dowith…SocialAnything to dowith…ImproveBonding by• Values• Norms•Daily behaviors• Job structure• Projects• Support• Gather• Sports/teams• Fun
    24. Challenge &ComprehendJob DesignAnything to dowith…TrainingAnything to dowith…GoalsAnything to dowith…• Skill training• People training• Coaching• Stretch goals• Employee input• Line of site• Job sharing• New challenges• Mentoring
    25. ReputationAnything to do with…ThreatsAnything to dowith…TransparencyAnything to dowith…Build the willto Defend• Current Issues /Success•Trust• Competitors• Environment• Outside• Company• Group• Personal/ideas
    26. And we’ve just touchedAnd we’ve just touchedthe tip of the…the tip of the…
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