Project report on e banking


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  • veri nicely & care fully & breafly done this report of the banking thanks to all submitters to give me a guidence regardding it
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Project report on e banking

  1. 1. BABU BANARASI DAS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY GHAZIABAD<br />PROJECT REPORT<br />ON<br />e-Banking <br />SUBMITED TO:- SUBMITTED BY:-<br /> Ms. ARUNA BHARDWAJ Vinay Prabhakar Sahni<br /> Ms. SUMITA TYAGI Roshan Kumar Singh<br /> Shubham Agrawal<br />S.No.i.ii.DescriptionAcknowledgementCertificatePage No.iii1Introduction of Project12System Study and Analysis2.1System Analysis2.2Proposed System2.3Feasibility Study43System Design3.1Introduction of design3.2Module Design3.3Database Design64System Development5Appendix166Conclusion267Bibliography27<br />Acknowledgement<br />We the students of Information Technology are submitting this Project to the CS/IT department as the B.Tech course.<br />This Project gave a chance to us to develop the communication, analyzing and Future Estimation skills of us about them we were unaware about them during the preparation of this report, We learnt a lot of things about the trends of current industry and learn how to do work in a IT industry.<br />Since a project to be the touch stone of testing a student's ability as technician its successful completion is a matter of great pleasure for us. It is not possible to cover all accepts of this project with detail and to extreme limits.<br />We have attempted to deal all the important point with sufficient knowledge, bookish description & proof of formula & unnecessary description has been avoided and only the practical part of the subject in detail.<br />We prepare this project after take the suggestion help and guidance from our faculty members.<br />Also we are thankful to Miss. Aruna Bharadwaj & Miss. Sumita Tyagi who provided a lot thing besides teaching that will be beneficial for us in near future life.<br /> Certificate<br />This is to certify that this report on ATM is developed by our team members Roshan Kumar Singh, Vinay Prabhakar Sahni,Shubham Agrawal under the guidance of Miss. Aruna Bhardwaj and <br />Miss. Sumita Tyagi. We have made every possible effort to make project successful.<br />Signature of Examiner<br />( )<br />System Development<br />4.1 SYSTEM SPECIFICATION<br />HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS<br />Processor: X86 Compatible processor with 1.7 GHz Clock speed<br />RAM : 512 MB or more<br />Hard disk: 20 GB or more <br />Monitor : VGA/SVGA <br />Keyboard : 104 Keys<br />Mouse : 2 buttons/ 3 buttons <br />SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS<br />Operating System : Windows 2000/XP <br />Front end : Visual Studio 2008<br />Back end : SQL Server 2005<br /> <br />8<br />DFD for e-banking<br />Verify User’s ID & PasswordInput ID & PasswordAdministrator ID & PasswordAdministratorCustomer <br />Banking system<br />Customer Activities Log in As Customer <br />Admin ActivitiesLog in As Admin<br />DB<br />